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A JOURNEY THROUGH THE COLD WINTERS FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT. On his latest single, «Blått Hjerte - Live from Meistersaal Berlin», John Vegard Schow encourages the listener to indulge in the emotions brought out through the music, and join him on the journey through the songs. The song Blått Hjerte (Blue Heart) is a journey through the cold winters from darkness to light. It is a story of reaching out a hand, it is about being blue - and about being royal. He askes the question: Am I giving or receiving the helping hand that is reached out towards me? Schow brought this composition to the legendary Meistersaal in Berlin to see what could be captured alone by the grand piano. The Meistersaal have been the host to numerous great recordings from David Bowie and U2 to classical performers. It was a moment for life and he had a blast behind the grand piano, in the beautiful hall, together with the marvelous technicians. Schow talks about the song in this video. John Vegard Schow has been composing and producing music for a wide audience for many years. He specializes in conveying meanings through instrumental music and constantly explores how far he can draw the listener. In this music he re-invites the listener to an oasis of emotion, mood and tranquility. He encourages the listener to take part in the journey, grasping the surroundings and indulging in the sensory impressions we are exposed to while listening to the music. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Website: // YouTube: // // // //