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Horror Dance Squad centre their mission around creating musical collisions. Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, they’ve been delivering bangers and beguiling crowds around the Baltics since 2014. The band evolve their impromptu riffs into intricately orchestrated anthems, merging unorthodox influences of metal, pop, and electronic rock. Horror Dance Squad push the limits of collaboration and creation to establish their own trademark style. 2020 has been a big year for Horror Dance Squad, with five single releases. Happy Face is pure pop-punk, whilst Cancer, their heaviest song to date, delves into the darkest depths of Death Metal. Horror Dance Squad are no one-trick pony but promise to stay true to their punk and metalcore soul whilst alluding to bigger and bolder musical statements to come. Horror Dance Squad have always aimed to deliver a message of positivity and hope in a genre that often feels shrouded in doom and gloom. Despite this, singers Karl and Ian never shy away from tackling difficult topics in their lyricism and are unafraid to make political statements - exploring social and personal issues, justice, injustice, philosophy & spirituality - ones that concern us all on both an individual and humanitarian level. Ultimately, their message is to embrace every single moment - the peaks and the troughs.