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Propaganda Fabri Fibra, Colapesce, Dimartino 03:33
Caos Fabri Fibra, Lazza, Madame 02:59
Stelle Fabri Fibra, Maurizio Carucci 03:06
Contrabbando TROPICO, Cesare Cremonini, Fabri Fibra 03:34
Non Me Ne Frega Un Cazzo Ernia, Fabri Fibra 03:29
Panico Fabri Fibra, Neffa 04:13
Fenomeno Fabri Fibra 03:19
Pronti Al Peggio Fabri Fibra, Ketama126 03:24
Tranne Te Fabri Fibra 04:00
18 ANNI SLF, MV Killa, Geolier, Fabri Fibra 03:02

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With three number one albums to his credit, the Italian rapper Fabri Fibra can rightfully claim to be one of Italy's premier hip-hop and rap performers. He was born Fabrizio Tarducci in the small coastal town of Senigallia on October 17, 1976, and began writing songs in his late teens. After recording the self-funded CD Dei Del Mare Quest'el Gruv, Tarducci established himself as a new talent in the Italian underground rap scene, and at the age of 24, he formed his own label, Teste Mobili Records (Nodding Head Records), and began touring and recording.

Like many rap stars, Tarducci's life wouldn't be complete without a rival rapper to rail against, and, in his case, it's been the fellow Italian rapper Grido (of Gemelli Diversi fame) and for a period the two men metaphorically traded blows through releasing a series of so-called 'diss tracks.' Tarducci also had a well-publicized fall-out with his rap artist brother Nesli who had previously been an active collaborator in the Tarducci's recordings.

Tarducci has now recorded nine albums as a solo artist, with his most recent release being Fenomeno, which came out in 2017 and reached Number 1 on the Italian charts. After leaving Universal Music in 2020, Fabri Fibra signed with Sony Music and returned two years later with his tenth studio effort Caos, which went to Number 2 in Italy.