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We now have released eight singles: four dance songs, one Jazz-Rock piece, one pseudo-Classical work, one Latin Salsa piece and a Soul song. We have evolved in our strengths and musical sense, and that's something we enjoy. Work in various genres has involved fascinating creative experiences and challenges. Seeing successes from chosen compositional angles and avenues is humbling & really fulfilling. Feedback from fans & others has been extremely meaningful to us. There is much awareness of truly new realms of both compositional approach and production/engineering approach that stand to propel us into new galaxies of musicality. Please, massive thanks & appreciation go to all our fans around the world. The beginning was many years of loving many genres of music, pursuing instrumental studies & playing in little known bands. A dream of decisively doing more in music existed a long time. An unbelievable opportunity arose to begin developing music with Ableton Live. Rey advanced this to the point of founding Cosmic Protocol as a publishing and copyrighting band. We started off wanting to do different genres. It was always desired to be flexible, adaptive and intelligent in the approach to any process in music making. A stern attempt at very high quality is always paramount. We use no samples at all & all musical parts are original. A lifelong love for powerful & beautiful music comes through in all of the band's work.