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Against The Wall Jerome, Neptunica, Fabian Farell, Jon Paul 02:11
Love Is Gone Neptunica, Matthew Clanton 02:37
Overdose Mike Candys, Neptunica, Marmy 02:20
San Francisco Neptunica, Ellipso, Emy Perez 02:32
Marble Neptunica, Shockz, Rebecca Helena 02:18
Back In Those Days Georgie Keller, Neptunica, Lizot 03:03
Scream Neptunica, LANNÉ, Micano 02:36
The Hills Neptunica, New Beat Order, BASTL 03:06
Never Neptunica, NeoTune!, Neea 03:26
That Saturday Neptunica, Emy Perez 02:55

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