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Stone Cold Rage Gov't Mule 05:59
Thorazine Shuffle Gov't Mule 06:47
She Said, She Said Gov't Mule 06:57
Soulshine Gov't Mule 07:47
Make It Rain Gov't Mule 06:41
Beautifully Broken Gov't Mule 06:01
Good Morning Little School Girl Gov't Mule 07:27
Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy, Part 1 Gov't Mule 03:24
Mule Gov't Mule 17:57
Banks Of The Deep End Gov't Mule 05:56

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A group which initially started out as a hobby for legendary rock guitarist Warren Haynes has grown into a band which has become etched into the North American festival culture. Prior to forming Gov't Mule in 1994 and releasing their self-titled debut album a year later, Haynes had spent six years as the guitarist in the reconstructed Allman Brothers Band alongside bassist Allen Woody. Haynes and Woody decided to form a jam band to play during downtime in between The Allman Brothers Band's touring and recording schedule. They recruited drummer Matt Abts, the trio having previously played together in the acclaimed Dickey Bett's band.

In 1997 the absence of new material from The Allman Brothers Band prompted Haynes and Woody to launch Gov't Mule as a full time project. The band's third studio album 'Life Before Insanity' was released in 2000 and met with enthusiasm from music critics but unfortunately enjoyed only limited commercial success and was overshadowed by Woody's untimely death later that year. Haynes went back to playing with The Allman Brothers Band but maintained his commitment to Gov't Mule. Since then the band continued to grow, mainly through a series of interesting collaborations with other artists and became one of the most popular rock acts on the US tour circuit. In 2017 they released their tenth album, 'Revolution Come... Revolution Go'.