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Ennui Bogotá

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Bebe de Ciudad Ennui Bogotá, Juan Soleno 02:53

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XV (En Vivo)

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Heavy rock power trio in Spanish, with grunge and metal nuances. Strong and aggressive sounds that speak of life, death, love and different mental and emotional conditions such as depression from a perspective of empathy and resistance. Winners of the Subterránica award for Best Rock Artist 2021. Their live show has earned nominations and special mentions for their energy, staging and contact with the audience. They have released 6 EPs and an album as proof of their constant work and love for rock since their founding in 2006. Ennui reflects and treats in his lyrics the deepest issues of the personal problems of the human being and how these difficulties or emotional abysses can transform us and give us the strength to continue standing, to get out of the mental hole one step at a time without letting ourselves fall, or to be able to get up.