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Composer, audiovisual producer and Spanish multi-instrumentalist specialized in the creation of Soundtracks for TV, Radio and Advertising. More than a hundred productions, both Spanish and international, have his compositions. Musically, the Critic connected David from the beginning with the 'New Age' aesthetic due to the impressionist character of his works. His first album, entitled 'Campos de agua', considered today a classic of the genre, placed him in the forefront of international 'New Music' at the beginning of the 90s; and his subsequent project, entitled ‘El Sonido del Tiempo’, with more than 100,000 physical copies sold, is listed as a reference work of the “New Age” in Spain. His discography has seven solo albums, four singles and four other compilations (such as the acclaimed 'Music to disappear inside, Vol. III'). In addition to his classical musical training, David has a degree in History, a specialty in Anthropology and a Master's in Cultural and Natural Heritage, specializing in musical repertoire from the second half of the 20th century and ethnography. Occasionally he works as a teacher and trainer. Currently, he is also dedicated to the production of other musical artists and audiovisual projects for the independent group of creators Golden Harp Project, of which he is a founding member.