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Freddy Apple is an '80s-inspired children's rock music artist and alter ego of Chris Martland. The Freddy Apple character was created to inject energy, enthusiasm, and positivity into the lives of others. Given Martland’s love of '80s music and culture, as well as his being born in 1982, it was logical for his alter ego to possess an '80s persona. While Martland has dabbled in music and songwriting for the vast majority of his life, in the summer of 2020, Martland began writing children’s music. These songs were directly influenced by his first-born son’s interest in subjects such as dinosaurs, rockets and outer space, worms, lobsters, elephants, and sharks. While the songs are geared towards children lyrically and melodically, Martland sprinkles in content for adults. For example, significant focus is put into the musical elements of the songs, including the surf rock-inspired guitar solos, to help ensure the music is enjoyed by children and adults alike. These songs are performed by the Freddy Apple character, and all music videos include unusual and unorthodox dancing. While entertaining and humorous, this dancing is also symbolic of the importance of having fun and bringing energy and enthusiasm into everyday life.