Episode cover of How Do We Attract Our Wants?

How Do We Attract Our Wants?

The Dang Good Show

  • 02/25/2021
  • 19 min

About this Episode

How do we attract the people we want in our life? What is the word attract? And how does it ties in with words of affirmations? The whole thing of believing in yourself entails having confidence. The belief that you are and that you will. That energy is a powerful source and would only act as a magnet to attract. But there is a secret to getting what you want quicker. That’s by doing more (finding steps to learn how to get a goal) and being the person you strive to have in your life. Like, you can’t be fit and skinny without working out and eating healthy. You can’t be a movie star if you don’t go to auditions. You can’t wish your kid to be an honest person if all you did was lie to your kid. Catch my drift? Lol.Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at c-dang.com.Follow me on Instagram @christine_dang