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Welcome to "The Dang Good Show," a podcast about unravelling the complexities of our digital lives to rediscover our authentic selves. Hosted by Christine Dang, affectionately known as C-DANG, this show takes you on a captivating journey into the world of self-awareness and self-love amidst a landscape dominated by social media's likes and shares.Each episode is a unique exploration, from the transformative power of gratitude journals to the wonders of 'hope molecules' unleashed through exercise. Christine combines insightful facts with personal experiences to inspire and foster positive change in your life. The show covers various topics designed to enhance social skills, boost self-awareness, and sprinkle in some humour along the way."The Dang Good Show" is more than just a podcast; it's a movement towards a more fulfilling life. It dives deep into culture and society, emphasizing personal growth and self-education. Whether seeking practical tips for emotional balance, heartfelt conversations to connect more profoundly, or that little push towards embracing change, this show is your go-to guide.Tune in to "The Dang Good Show" and embark on a journey towards living your Dang Good Life – a life where being social, self-aware, and well-advised leads to joy and fulfillment. Embrace the change, find peace, and start living your Dang Good Life today!Disclaimer: Everything discussed in the podcast is based on Christine Dang's personal experiences, extensive studies, and research. It also includes insights gained from numerous interviews and conversations with a variety of people from different parts of the world. While she strives to provide valuable and accurate information, consulting with a professional for specific advice tailored to your circumstances is always essential. Thanks for listening.


Embracing Self-Awareness and Self-Love in a Digital World
In this episode of The Dang Good Show, we dive deep into "Embracing Self-Awareness and Self-Love in a Digital World." I'm your host, Christine Dang, and we'll uncover how to maintain inner peace and happiness amid the constant connectivity of likes, shares, and viral trends. In a world that's increasingly online, it's easy to lose ourselves and question our worth.But don't worry – we've got a roadmap to navigate this digital maze! I'll share how cultivating compassion, practicing gratitude, and moving towards confidence can help us stay grounded and connected to our authentic selves. We'll talk about:Gratitude Journals: How they shift our focus and boost well-beingExercise and Hope Molecules: The fascinating link between physical activity and mental healthMindfulness/Meditation: Practical tips to declutter your thoughts and find emotional balanceI'll also share personal stories and give you practical steps to help you thrive in this interconnected landscape while staying true to yourself. So grab your favorite cozy drink, settle in, and let's embark on this journey together.If you're curious about balancing your digital life with real connections, check out Episode 14, "Mindful Tech: Balance Between Digital Life with Real Connections." Notes00:00 IntroductionMindful Tech: Balancing Digital Life with Real Connections01:36 Segment 1: The Digital Dilemma of Self04:06 Segment 2: Cultivating Compassion & the Power of Gratitude14 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude (Incl. Journaling) - PositivePsychology.comCan expressing gratitude improve your mental, physical health? - MayoClinicHealthSystem.comIs Gratitude Good for Your Health? - Berkeley University07:45 Segment 3: The Journey to Self-Awareness10:53 Segment 4: Moving Towards Confidence13:34 Segment 5: Mastering Emotional Balance16:37 ConclusionSupport the Show.
18:23 5/10/24
Discovering your Passion: Paths to Personal Fulfillment
Welcome back to "The Dang Good Show" with your host, Christine Dang, or CDang, as you know me! Today's episode, "Discovering Your Passion: Paths to Personal Fulfillment," is about finding the spark that inspires your soul. Whether mentoring others, creating art, or engaging in activism, finding your passion can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. I'll share my experiences from Seoul, where mentoring university students opened my eyes to my passion for emotional intelligence and social awareness. Plus, we'll dive into the science behind passion and how it can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. Get ready to explore, reflect, and even reinvent how you engage with your deepest interests.Notes:00:00 Introduction00:53 Segment 1: Understanding PassionThe role of passion in sustainable psychological well-being01:32 Segment 2: My Journey to Discovering Passion03:06 Segment 3: Research on Passion and FulfillmentNational Library of Medicine: The Role of Passion in Psychological and Cardiovascular Responses: Extending the Field of Passion and Positive Psychology in New Directions06:10 Segment 4: How to Find Your Passion10:20 ConclusionSupport the Show.
11:48 4/26/24
Beyond the Surface: How Clean Spaces Shape Our Mental Health
Dive into "Beyond the Surface: How Clean Spaces Shape Our Mental Health" with your host Christine ‘C-Dang’ Dang on The Dang Good Show. This episode peels back the layers on why a tidy environment is more than a neat trick—it's a crucial component of our mental well-being. Christine shares insights from scientific research, personal anecdotes from her time at Chanel, and practical tips for maintaining cleanliness. Discover the profound impact of decluttering on anxiety, focus, and overall happiness. Whether you're looking to enhance your mental health or find more joy in the everyday, this episode is your guide to embracing cleanliness as a pathway to a more mindful, present life. Grab your favorite drink, settle in, and get ready to transform your space and mind.Notes:0:00 Introduction00:54 Segment 1: Chaos to Clarity - What Mess Does to the BrainPrinceton University Neuroscience Institute: Psychology: Your Attention, Please.02:20 Segment 2: A Clean Slate - The Benefits of Tidy Spaces03:20 Segment 3: Present and Accounted For - Cleanliness and Mindfulness08:50 Segment 4: Personal Story09:42 Segment 5: Tidying Up for Mental Clarity - Here’s How to Start TodayUCLA Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin: No Place Like Home: Home Tours Correlate With Daily Patterns of Mood and Cortisol14:11 Segment 6: Creating New Habits for a Cleaner Home14:44 ConclusionCleaning and Mental Health: Benefits and How to Get MotivatedSupport the Show.
16:34 4/12/24
Resilience in Adversity: Bouncing Back Stronger
Join Christine Dang, aka CDANG, on a heartfelt journey through "Resilience in Adversity: Bouncing Back Stronger." In this uplifting episode of "The Dang Good Show," Christine dives into the transformative power of resilience, sharing personal stories, insights, and practical tips to help you navigate life's challenges. From her life-changing solo trip to Seoul to navigating job loss and relationship hurdles, Christine opens up about finding strength in adversity. This episode is a treasure trove of encouragement and wisdom for anyone looking to embrace change, cultivate a positive mindset, and emerge from challenges stronger than ever. Gear up for an episode filled with learning, and a lot of heart.Notes:0:00 Introduction0:50 Segment 1: The Essence of Resilience01:43 Personal Story: A Leap into the Unknown04:11 Segment 2: Building Resilience Today11:01 Segment 3: Real-Life Application with Job Loss14:55 Segment 4: Navigating Heartbreak: Building Stronger Bonds Through Resilience19:27 ConclusionSupport the Show.
21:21 3/29/24
The Power of Kindness: Small Acts, Big Impact
Dive into "The Power of Kindness: Small Acts, Big Impact" with your host, Christine Dang, on "The Dang Good Show." This episode shines a light on the transformative effect of kindness, not just on others but on ourselves too. Discover the science behind why kindness feels so good, hear heartwarming personal stories, and learn simple, actionable ways to incorporate kindness into your everyday life. From genuine compliments to active listening and leaving heartfelt notes, get ready to be inspired to spread joy and connection in a world that needs it more than ever. Tune in for an uplifting exploration of how small gestures can create big waves of positivity.Notes:00:00 Introduction00:37 Segment 1: What Is Kindness Really?‘Love hormone’ - Stanford University03:00 Segment 2: The Ripple Effect of KindnessUniversity of Cambridge05:40 Segment 3: Small Acts, Big Impact Expanded08:34 Segment 4: Kindness In Action – A Personal Story10:33 ConclusionSupport the Show.
12:01 3/15/24
Cultivating Courage: Overcoming Fear to Live Fully
Join Christine Dang, aka CDang, on a heartfelt journey through "Cultivating Courage: Overcoming Fear to Live Fully." This episode delves deep into the heart of courage, blending personal stories with cutting-edge research to explore how we can stand tall in the face of fear. From the inspiring tale of a first-generation Canadian navigating the legacy of brave immigrants to overcoming childhood fears and finding strength in unexpected places, Christine shares insights on embracing your unique path with bravery. Discover practical steps to cultivate your courage, backed by scientific studies, and learn how to transform fear into a force for growth. Tune in for an episode filled with wisdom, warmth, and encouragement to live your fullest life.Notes:0:00 Introduction00:50 Segment 1: Understanding CourageUniversity of California - Courage in Education02:02 Segment 2: The Role of Fear; Our Unlikely TeacherHarvard psychology expert shares the No. 1 thing she sees holding people back from success03:58 Segment 3: Finding Courage in Unlikely Places06:22 Segment 4: Cultivating Courage Today; How Do We Get Brave?UMass Memorial Health Center for MindfulnessMindful Tech: Balancing Digital Life with Real Connections08:03 ConclusionSupport the Show.
09:55 3/1/24
Breaking Free from Comparison: Finding Joy in Your Journey
Dive into an uplifting episode with C-DANG as she unravels the trap of comparison that plagues our mental well-being. Discover the transformative power of self-compassion, the celebration of personal milestones, and the art of savouring the present moment. This episode is an invitation to liberate yourself from the weight of societal expectations and bask in the light of your unique path, fostering a space of contentment and joy in your journey.Notes:0:00 Introduction00:52 Segment 1: The Comparison TrapSix ways social media negatively affects your mental health02:43 Segment 2: The Effects of ComparisonPathological Internet Use04:38 Segment 3: Cultivating Self-Compassion Dr. Kristin Neff, a self-compassion researcher09:13 Segment 4: Embracing Your Unique Journey12:14Segment 5: Finding Joy in the PresentWhy Gratitude Is Good by Robert Emmons14:29 ConclusionSupport the Show.
15:52 2/16/24
Heartfelt Conversations: Mastering the Art of Deep Listening
In this episode of The Dang Good Show titled “Heartfelt Conversations: Mastering the Art of Deep Listening,” Christine Dang delves into the transformative power of deep listening. She explores the essence of truly listening to others, the common barriers that prevent us from doing so, and the profound benefits of being a deep listener. Christine provides practical tips for integrating deep listening into daily life and encourages self-reflection to improve listening skills. This episode is an invitation to enhance personal relationships and foster genuine connections through the art of listening deeply. In hopes that you'll be equipped to forge stronger, more meaningful connections through the power of deep listening.Notes:00:00 Introduction00:51 Segment 1: Unlocking the Power of True ListeningActive Listening by Carl Rogers03:26 Segment 2: Barriers to Deep ListeningHarvard Business Review: How to Become a Better Listener08:00 Segment 3: The Benefits of Being a Deep ListenerPsychology Today: Deep Listening in Personal Relationships13:27 Segment 4: Practicing Deep Listening in Daily Life16:26 Segment 5: Self-Reflection for Better Listening18:48 ConclusionSupport the Show.
20:26 2/2/24
Mindful Tech: Balancing Digital Life with Real Connections
Dive into the world of 'Mindful Tech' with Christine and learn how to balance your digital life with real, meaningful connections. This episode unpacks the paradox of digital connectivity, offers strategies for an effective digital detox, and guides you in forging authentic relationships in an increasingly online world. Learn practical tips for practicing mindfulness in the digital age and reflect on your digital habits for improved well-being. Get ready to rediscover the joy of real-life interactions and find balance in your tech usage.“The most powerful forms of connections are love and belonging - Both a huge need for men, women and children.” - Bréne BrownNotes:00:07 Introduction 00:41 Segment 1: The Digital ParadoxUniversity of Pennsylvania - Social Media and Mental HealthBrené Brown’s: Daring Greatly. How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead05:06 Segment 2: The Art of Digital DetoxStandford Universal - Screen time: The good, the healthy and the mind-numbing08:25 Segment 3: Cultivating Real ConnectionsHarvard Business Review - An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction11:40 Segment 4: Mindfulness in a Digital AgeUniversity of Miami - New UM Study Finds Mindfulness Training Can Improve Cognitive Performance in U.S. Special Ops ForcesUMass Memorial Health Center for MindfulnessMBSR Training 15:14 Segment 5: Reflecting on Our Digital Habits15:58 ConclusionSupport the Show.
17:23 1/19/24
New Year, True you: Embracing Authenticity in 2024
   In this uplifting episode, join C-DANG as she explores the transformative journey of embracing authenticity in the new year. Discover the true meaning of being authentic, learn how to overcome the fear of judgment, and find ways to build authentic relationships. C-DANG will guide you through practical steps to stay true in a digital world and daily practices for living authentically. Expect to walk away with insights on self-awareness and tips to align your actions with your true self for a fulfilling 2024.0:05 - Introduction1:13 - SEGMENT 1: Understanding Authenticity3:45 - SEGMENT 2: Overcoming the Fear of Judgment8:19 - SEGMENT 3: Building Authentic Relationships10:50 - SEGMENT 4: Authenticity in the Digital Age12:30 - SEGMENT 5: Living Authentically Every Day14:48 - ConclusionNotes:Dr. Brené Brown - Cuddy - of Social and Personal Relationships - the Show.
16:23 1/5/24
The Power of Self-Awareness and Self-Love
Ready to take your life and relationships to the next level? Tune in to "The Power of Self-Awareness and Self-Love" podcast with host Christine Dang. In this episode, we're breaking down the benefits of practicing self-love and self-awareness and how it can transform your relationships and help you conquer the challenges of modern life. You won't want to miss our expert insights and practical tips that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. So, buckle up and prepare for an episode that's truly Dang good!Support the Show.
17:48 6/21/23
Building a Marketing Agency Post-Pandemic: A Conversation with Rosa Tang
In this podcast episode, C Dang interviews Rosa Tang about life after the pandemic and her new business venture of co-owning a marketing agency. They discuss the challenges and opportunities of starting a business during a pandemic, as well as the key principles and strategies behind their marketing approach. Rosa shares insights into the importance of creativity, collaboration, and customer engagement in building a successful marketing campaign. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, and navigating the post-pandemic world.Check out Rosa Tang aka creepin’ purposes lolDisruptor Creative Group disruptorcreativegroup.comInstagram @Thisgirl_rosaWebsite Support the Show.
40:55 4/28/23
Patience is the new chill.
In this episode, we talk about the value of patience: the 4 major benefits that include having better relationships and how it can greatly improve your mental and physical health. Then dive into how we can learn to be more patient. Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
16:11 2/24/23
How Stubbornness Blocks Happiness
Let's talk about Stubbornness and how it could affect your happiness. What happens down the road if these stubborn folks keep up their attitude? People will make it a point to avoid them because nobody wants to be around negative vibes. Learn how to deal with stubborn people to make life a wee bit easier. There was a point where we were all very stubborn, and if we could learn to recognize them in ourselves and others, we bring awareness. And with awareness comes peace and, dare I say it, happiness. It's just around the corner. Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
21:52 7/15/21
4 Worst Habits That Are Toxic.
Habits make us who we are. Good habits could earn you honors and admiration while bad habits could frankly earn you a bad reputation. Replacing bad habits with good ones, not only helps you live a well-balanced life, but they shape you to become better versions of yourself. In this video, I've listed and explained the 4 worst habits people have that are toxic. And went through how you could turn these 4 bad habits into good ones!Links mentioned: Watch the Video: Confronting The Divide Between Black and Asian Americans │ RedTableTalk.comSupport the Show.
19:01 5/26/21
The Best Relationships
Episode 007 - How do we have the best relationship? Who should you have the best relationship with? Who should be most important? And how do we set standards? Sadly for most, we don't know. It took me a while to realize it, and when I started to put that person first, magic happened. ;)Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
19:51 5/6/21
How Do We Attract Our Wants?
How do we attract the people we want in our life? What is the word attract? And how does it ties in with words of affirmations? The whole thing of believing in yourself entails having confidence. The belief that you are and that you will. That energy is a powerful source and would only act as a magnet to attract. But there is a secret to getting what you want quicker. That’s by doing more (finding steps to learn how to get a goal) and being the person you strive to have in your life. Like, you can’t be fit and skinny without working out and eating healthy. You can’t be a movie star if you don’t go to auditions. You can’t wish your kid to be an honest person if all you did was lie to your kid. Catch my drift? Lol.Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
19:28 2/25/21
CHANGE: Why we need to get used to it
In this episode, we touched on the depth of changes and why we need to get used to it. Change is gonna happen; I might as try to understand and embrace it.Notes & Mentions: Book: Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ By Daniel GolemanHarvard Business Article: How to Get Better at Dealing with ChangeThanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
20:57 2/1/21
Eric Jordan - Culture, Relationships, Life & Mindfulness
Welcome to my guest Eric Jordan. A DJ/Radio Personality and amateur chef from San Diego, California who wants to leave a positive impression on the world through food, advice, and usefulness through tough topics and information.  In this episode, we had a great conversation about relationships, culture, life and mindfulness. Lot's of great tips and good stories to learn from. Check Eric out and support!Instagram: @Kuyaaaa.EricMixCloud: Greens: for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
58:28 10/16/20
Rosa Tang - The Value of Time and Hard Work
Hello :) It's not every day we get to sit and try to understand the life of a Content Creator. Enter, Rosa Tang. A self-made expert who's been in the marketing industry for 10 years. In this episode, she will break down what her job entails - this is super good for business or anyone who wants to build their brand. Her purpose is to tell stories and articulate them through content in the most beautiful way. You can catch her on Instagram @thisgirl_rosa. Rosa puts in a lot of hard work to achieve what she wants because she believe nothing is impossible. The best part? We get to shoot talk about the value of TIME and HARD WORK. Thanks for tuning in The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at c-dang.comFollow me on Instagram @christine_dangSupport the Show.
30:18 9/23/20
How you treat others say a lot about you.
We've all experienced it: people who treated us so well and people who treated us like crap. Most of the time, how we treat others is a reflection of who we are. This topic runs deeper into how you treat yourself sets the tone for how others could treat you. In this episode, I shared my findings and experiences to provide you with insights, and different perspectives on how you treat others say a lot about you.  And I will share 5 tips on how to get others to treat you better.Know your worth and be kind Understand and respect that your perspective is different from others. Everyone has a story. Try not to judge people by their past, instead of support and show some love.Always be curious. Listen with curiosity, speak with candour and act with integrity.Treat everybody with kindness not because they are kind-hearted, but because you are. Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :) Visit my website at c-dang.comFollow me on Instagram @christine_dangTo check out the links mentioned in this episode, visit: > Under Show Notes.Mentions: Headspace App for Meditation - LIFE CHANGERVideo: How to deal with AssholesSupport the Show.
18:21 8/26/20
The Power of Choice
The power of choice is a small but powerful habit that could transform to live a positively better life. It's easier said than done, but we need to be conscious of how we feel and choose if we want to feel good or bad. In this episode, I shared my findings and experiences to provide you with insights and different perspectives on the way we think. Visit my website at c-dang.comFollow me on Instagram @christine_dangTo check out the links mentioned in this episode, visit: > Under Show Notes.Mentions: Book: Mindset by Carol Dwek, Ph.DBook: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, Ph.DFree E-Course by Laurie Santos from Yale University: The Science of Well-BeingVideo: How to Achieve Ultra-High-Performance l, Dr. Michael Gervais, on Impact Theory.Video: Why it's important to be PoliteVideo: How a positive attitude will make your life betterSupport the Show.
20:11 8/15/20