Episode cover of How Stubbornness Blocks Happiness

How Stubbornness Blocks Happiness

The Dang Good Show

  • 07/15/2021
  • 21 min

About this Episode

Let's talk about Stubbornness and how it could affect your happiness. What happens down the road if these stubborn folks keep up their attitude? People will make it a point to avoid them because nobody wants to be around negative vibes. Learn how to deal with stubborn people to make life a wee bit easier. There was a point where we were all very stubborn, and if we could learn to recognize them in ourselves and others, we bring awareness. And with awareness comes peace and, dare I say it, happiness. It's just around the corner. Thanks for tuning in to The Dang Good Show! :)Visit my website at c-dang.com.Follow me on Instagram @christine_dang