Episode cover of Brad Roberts BeRAD Part 1

Brad Roberts BeRAD Part 1

The Action Sports Podcast

  • 07/22/2022
  • 52 min

About this Episode

Stoked for another 2 part episode coming your way!There was so much to discuss that 1 episode wouldn't be able to handle it.Let's get into Part 1!So it's taken roughly a year to sit down with Brad and talk about his life he has created for himself. In today's episode we get a glimpse into his life. There is so much you can learn from an individual that pushes himself/herself to the next level. From machine shop to full time business owner Brad is doing his best to inspire others to reach for the stars. It really begins with each individual and what goals they want to accomplish, (we get to hear a little more about this in the next episode).Enjoy.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding.