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The Action Sports Podcast is designed to drive stoke and exposure to the action sports industry by empowering one rider at a time. Each week, we tap into the minds of industry leaders, enthusiasts, and action sports companies so they can share how they created results for themselves, and get an insiders perspective on what they do and what they look for when it comes to sponsorship, and ultimately how to spend more time riding. So grab your headphones, connect your Bluetooth, or crank up your computer speakers and tune into each episode. Don't forget to smash the subscribe button so you are notified about new episodes every single week! Want to join The Action Sports Army so you can land and develop sponsorships the right way, and see how riders just like you are turning their Action Sports passion into careers? Go to and request your invite today!


Brandon Wiesener Backcountry Snowmobile
"I started spending more time in the mountains where all I did was ride". We all want to spend more time riding. To go out to the park, track, lake, or mountains and spend most of our time doing what we love. As often as we can, we make it happen, that is just what we do! Brandon spends his hard earned time in the mountains when the ground is frozen and work is slow. He has figured out like so many others to work hard when he can, put money aside and use it for what he loves to do. He's also found a career that will give him the time he needs to be out in the mountains progressing on his sled. Though not all of us are as fortunate with our careers, however there are enough backcountry athletes that make it happen, we see that it is possible to make it a reality.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
36:01 12/22/22
Cody McNolty Backcountry Sledder (Refresh from 2021)
Really excited for today's episode. This is a refresher episode from 2021 with Skidoo Ambassador Pro Backcountry Sledder Cody McNolty. The conversation with Cody was so good, I spent around 3 hours with the guy and learned a ton. It was tough to break down which bits and pieces I felt were needed to share for 2023, but this episode is basically just that. If you have not already listened to the original episodes 34 and 35 from 2021, head back there and take a listen. Great value without a doubt. So this episode Cody does break down some amazing thought processes when it comes to being sponsorable. I mean why not learn from an individual that works hard on his passion. And yes... he is rewarded for his efforts. Enjoy!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
59:54 12/15/22
Jayden Londerville ATV MX
"I truly believe I can do it. Which other people may not think that... but I have faith in myself. I know if I work hard enough, I can!" I am truly convinced that once you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. Whatever goal it may be, whatever dream you desire, whatever outcome you crave, you are capable of making it a reality. The truth is, it takes a little bit of faith and a fair amount of hard work and anything is possible. The mindset of today's guest is a winner's mindset. Jayden is only 18, and in high school when this episode was recorded. This rockstar believes he has what it takes to become number 1! In today's episode we get a chance to dive into this dude's mind and dreams. With many wins under his belt, he is pushing the envelope in his industry and I am stoked to see how his future unfolds. This is a good one. Enjoy!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
38:09 12/8/22
Building Relationships in Action Sports
I believe one of the most overlooked opportunities in an Action Sports career is relationship building. I have fallen short so many times in my career with relationships. From missed opportunities because I didn't believe (at the time) there was value in spending my time with individuals to completely leaving a door wide open and not stepping through because I didn't know how to overcome a personal challenge.Today my hope is that this episode will help move the needle in your life. I KNOW if it wasn't for building a relationship with certain individuals, my career would look very different today. It's because of others in my life and me taking action, I have built some amazing relationships that will be lifetime long and continue to serve me in the coming decade and further. The flip side is true too, I KNOW if I mess it up, my career could be over quickly. Fortunately I have a good feeling about the future.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
27:35 12/1/22
Duncan Lee Alpine Assassins
"Fort Hall Casino jumped on board and sponsored the film one year!" The opportunity to do more of what we love doing is closer than ever! Today's guest hops on and we get to learn more about the good old days previous to social media and what they had to do as a brand to create the content we so easily have at our fingertips, let alone in our pockets! What an advantage we have living today and being able to accomplish so many amazing goals and dreams. Duncan Lee is a crusader looking to enjoy his passion for riding snowmobiles and mountain bikes as often as possible. As we dive into this episode we get a glimpse of his life and what struggles and successes he's had as an Alpine Assassin.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
50:48 11/17/22
Kyle Allred Snow Bike Nation
"I always knew I was going to be doing some things, in a specific niche". We all have a passion for the industry. We absolutely love doing what we do. And so many of us are chasing the rush of adrenaline, getting that dopamine hit as often as we can. That is what makes our industry so unique! So knowing what direction you want to take your life and even creating a career doing what you love is so awesome. Not many people really know what they want in life or they will chase different careers without knowing where they want to end up. That is why it's awesome to have Kyle with Snow Bike Nation hop on today's show and really talk about his drive for Snow Bike Nation, how it has consumed his life, in a good way. Tons of knowledge dropping in todays episode!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
79:09 11/10/22
JT Cox Fox Racing MTN.Top Snowbike
"Someone recommended I try riding a Snowbike in 2011 and I laughed in their face!" It's funny to see what happens when we say one thing and then later in our life it ends up happening anyways! If we could just short cut the journey, I think we'd find ourselves more successful quicker! However, without learning how to pivot and make changes I don't believe we'd learn and grow. So watching JT's life continue to unfold and change each year has been awesome. Becoming friends with the once Timbersled Ambassador and now a Fox Rep and MTN.Top Snowbike Ambassador was a great idea. I've seen what happens when I leave a door closed, I usually miss an opportunity. But when I leave it slightly open, the world is my opportunity. And today we learn more about JT leaving the door open slightly and getting to reach his goals he's set for himself.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
41:01 11/3/22
Quinn Amyotte Pro Motocross
"I ride pit bikes more than I ride big bikes".  It's awesome to learn more about a rider and their background. So many things that otherwise are left unknown to a majority and yet they may be local legends. Quinn is one of those guys. On today's episode we get a better look at Quinn's life and how it began. Some funny stuff has gone on in that dude's life and it's still in the beginning. He has been influenced like most of us, from a sibling or parent to push ourselves and reach goals we set. Some of the best feelings in the world come from crushing it in your life and then helping others do that same. Quinn is a stellar dude and can't wait to have him back on the podcast in the future.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
42:11 10/27/22
Greg Hitchko MX YouTuber
"I did wheelie a Harley". Now that is not something most have ever seen let alone done in their lifetime! Greg though is not the typical MX rider either. A drive of passion and love for the industry has helped Greg shape his current career. Today you can see him blowing it up on social media with his content around bike builds, primarily 2-strokes. A bunch of us older guys and gals remember when 2-strokes were the only bikes you would consider buying. However, with demand in our economy and certain advantages, 4-strokes are now the bike to buy and race on the MX or SX track. There are tons of two strokes out there and Greg has found a passion picking them up, restorings them back to the way we saw them on the big screen, racing around the track, bringing back some nostalgia for each one of us and why we started riding in the first place. I'm stoked to hang with Greg and learn more about his lifestyle and career in the industry and cannot wait to see what comes next for this awesome dude.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
44:34 10/20/22
Josh Mouzakis Pro Motoclimb
We are ready to rock today's episode. We've got a return guest ready to drop some great perspectives and thoughts about the industry. Passion runs deep with Josh. His drive to pursue a career inside the action sports industry is very transparent. This guy eat, sleeps, breathes all things action sports. From deep ruts climbing up hills to crushing it at the bmx park or jamming at the skatepark, Josh isn't one to sit around for long! He admits though that life isn't always blue skies and perfect weather. You've got to do your best with what you have and make up the rest when you can. He's the dude that can make things happen when he puts his mind to it and won't stop till he's happy with his results.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
70:14 10/13/22
Stoked For What's Next!
I'm stoked to make a pivot in the podcast right now.There will always be days when you will need to make a change.I just hope those that do make a change, it is the right thing to do!I've been paying attention to our industry more and more each year. Though I still might not know everything about the community, I can tell you that one thing is for sure. Nothing is guaranteed. So how do we prepare for seasons like that? Jim Rohn taught that "winter always comes after fall and spring always comes after winter, it's been that way for at least the last 6,000 years!" So preparing for the winters (metaphorically) are always necessary in business. Just make sure it's the right thing for you.I'm stoked to discuss some awesome changes in the podcast. It's been an awesome run for the last almost 150 episodes in the span of a couple years. The time has flown by and so many things have developed and changed. Change in my opinion is a great thing as more doors will open up for each of us that embrace the change. In this episode I break down what are the changes that are to be expected and where the podcast is heading. I'm stoked to be sharing this episode with all of you, and can't wait to see what is next!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
18:22 10/6/22
Top 5 Episodes
We always see a top 10 or top 5 or top 3.My question is, who is choosing those top choices?I know who chose this episodes top 5!This episode is different than most episodes. In this episode I decided to break apart 5 athletes and their perspectives when it comes to landing sponsorships. This episode has Brett Turcotte, Mat Cox, Cody McNolty, Cody Webb, and Colby Crapo. Each one of these athletes have different perspectives when it comes to landing sponsors, but at the same time, you can see there is so many similarities with each athlete. This was a fun episode to put together and I am pumped to have each of you listen.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
45:25 9/29/22
Jim Wilterdink MotoProHQ
"Made in Freakin America"How often are you proud of something you've built?When WAS the last time you built something you've been proud of?I really enjoyed having the owner of MotoProHQ on the podcast today. He was a fantastic guest and I learned so much more than I anticipated about their products that they provide for the motorcycle and bicycle community. There are ideas that we have each day but it's not common to be like Jim and put those thoughts on paper then make them come to life. Jim had a problem that was driving him crazy and so finally he put it down on paper and made it happen. And thanks to him, we have another great product that meets our needs!Filling a need in our industry is what keeps our industry alive and progressing forward. That is why bikes, sleds, boards, boards, etc. are refined with new "updated" models each year. OR you will see variations that fit a particular style of riding. We must progress in our industry and continue to innovate or we may find ourselves fed up and bored with the same old same old. Fortunately as humans we love to make things easier and more convenient which drives more innovation for inventions and new products that we can use that really do make our lives better and easier. Let's get out and enjoy it!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
48:05 9/28/22
Marten Devlieger Polaris Ambassador
"Everybody in the world should live... the perspective I have in my mind, because nobody knows when their cards are up"Do you live your life like today is your last?Or are you living for tomorrow and taking today for granted.What a profound thought by today's guest. Marten Devlieger is a guest unlike any other guest I've had on the podcast to date. This guy truly lives every single day as if tomorrow he won't be around. In reality, it very may well be true! None of us truly know. However, Marten lives with this pressing on his mind day in and day out and I can assure you, it is exhausting but this dude does not let it stop him or slow him down. He crushes it every single day!I'm stoked to find special guests like Marten. He gives us a perspective that most think about once in a while but not often enough to push ourselves to our fullest potential. So what would it take to push yourself a little more, spend those few extra moments with your family, hit that drop one last time, climb that hill before the sun goes down, or say good night to those you love. Life is so short. If you ask anyone in their 80's, not a single one will tell you it took too long to get there. But rather life came and went like the blink of an eye. What are you doing to capture those moments?Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
41:47 9/27/22
Jake Versey Pro UTV Athlete
"What ever you can do to save money... reinvest it back into the race team".When it comes to racing, do you treat it as a hobby or a business?Or maybe you are like so many, it once was a hobby but now is a business.You might be surprised to learn how the top athletes look at racing. Jake Versey has an amazing mindset when it comes to building his brand. He is laser focused on what he wants to achieve and he is willing to grind and go through some major growth pains to get there. He's been crushing it on the track which takes time and effort but also a certain mindset to keep you at the top. Jake Versey is making sure he doesn't lose that edge.Racing has so vast spectrum of riders that participate. A majority of individuals you see out on the track are amatuer riders, unless you are watching the main event. Then of course it's all professionals. But those pros started in the amatuer class and moved their way up. Some can do it faster than others, but once you are up competing with world class individuals, then it comes down to the differences in how each athlete sets himself up to be #1.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
46:29 9/22/22
Chris Johnson Backcountry Athlete
"I'm about 70 to 90 days depending on the snow".Could you imagine dedicating your life to your sport?What would you be willing to give up to make your dreams happen?Chris Johnson has not always been a backcountry sledder. Did you know, he actually cut his teeth on the mountains on a board! Such a cool background he brings into this story. There are so many twists and turns that we take during our lives and Chris has found himself like so many others, loving his riding lifestyle in the backcountry! You'll be surprised the line of work he is in that allows him to spend so much time in the backcountry. We choose what we want in our lives. I strongly believe there are few that have those choices taken from each of us. Typically we rob ourselves on what we can truly achieve in our industry. If you apply yourself, get out and do the work, you will find out quickly that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Don't rob yourself of pushing yourself, getting out of your comfort zone and get out there and ride!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
48:55 9/21/22
Grant Whitaker Pro Watercross
"It feels like riding in the deep powder and riding a stand up jetski at the same time!"Have you ever wondered what it was like to ride a sled on water?Our guest on the podcast has a pretty good idea!Stoked to have Grant Whitaker, a dude that is "making waves" on the show. Grant's story is not A typical and he drops some mega fun things talking about this particular sport most others don't know much about. He is finding himself on the podium more and more each year. When he sees an opportunity, he is sure to jump after it. Plus he has some mega support that is always with him racing. Grant is the first of to be more in the future watercross pros. His start in racing is interesting but so relatable and most will find it similar to their own lives. We love the diversity of our industry. It's basically a industry "if you can think it, you can do it" set up. So when you see snowmobiles out on the water, you know somebody somewhere at some time said "hold my beer, I'm gonna try somethin", though that was not Grant! I am sure glad we have more people that love this industry enough to think outside the box and make it more enjoyable for all. Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
39:40 9/20/22
Chase Yach Backcountry Athlete
What strategy have you taken to get your foot in the door?Have you exhausted your resources and are about to give up?What if one more conversation could be the last conversation that changed everything for you?So many times I've talked with an athlete that has shared his/her experience landing a dream position with a company they admire. One of many shared advice from these individuals "don't quit till you get it". That's powerful. It could mean you are one conversation away from talking to a person that can help you land that perfect position, or land that dream sponsor, or become part of the dream team. It's crazy that we are just one step away from tremendous success. It's amazing!Hanging out with Chase Yach was super fun. Learning about his past and honestly, getting confused for a minute made this episode a good one. Chase literally gave it his all and did what it takes to get that opportunity so many dream of. It came from saying "Yes" to something he wasn't even sure he knew he could do, but he was willing to give it his all and do it. This attitude is what brought him success with Freshies Built.With a strong background in the industry and a drive to ride as often as possible, Chase is literally chasing his dreams! Or maybe you could say riding his dreams. Though if you ask him if it's easy, he will likely say "No, but it's worth it". These are words coming from somebody that truly loves what he does. We get to hear some fun stories and some surprising acquaintances of his that help us get closer to our goals and ambitions we have for our own growth. This is a good one.  Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
51:22 9/15/22
Ryder LeBlond Pro Hard Enduro
How soon do dreams come true?Or maybe you feel that dreams are too far away?Are you even dreaming at all?I constantly wonder about athletes and their dreams and goals in life. So many find themselves in positions of notoriety and fame but that is not typically what they were wanting to achieve. Most are like everyone else. Just want to ride each day and enjoy their lives. I believe what separates these athletes from the rest is being relentlessly pushing for what they want, never entertaining a Plan B.Ryder is absolutely crushing it in the Hard Enduro world. At 20 years old, this guy has his heart set on being #1, and he pushes hard every single year to get there. The difference between Ryder and most others is that he KNOWS he can win. He has won many times and he knows he can continue doing it. Once you know, you know. Ya know? It's the same rule with everything else in life. For a young racer like Ryder to step on the podium multiple times a year is not unheard of. But typically the background of most other riders is vastly different from his. We get to dive into some details about his life that most don't see or expect, but once you understand some of the key facts to life as a racer, you too can compete at a level he does, and maybe one day step on the podium with him. Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
43:35 9/14/22
Landon Pavan Backcountry Sledder
What are your strategies with social media?There are so many ways to get attention, have you found the ones that work for you?I mean everybody has some type of strategy that works, right?When it comes to social media, there seems to be a variety thoughts and ideas that go around. Some seem to find a great strategy that works really well for them, others seem to really struggle. However, there are proven strategies that work and have been proven over and over with great results! So it's up to each of us to decide what our goals are and what we want to gain from the social platforms. Landon Pavan has a fascinating approach he has adopted over the years, and it has worked for him. It's awesome to hear that he is stoked with the success he has seen but he has also noticed that there is still more improvement that he would like to see on his channels. This is the case for the majority as well. But Landon is stoked each year to gather as much content as possible so he can continue to share the stoke of riding sleds.In this episode I'm stoked Landon took time out of his life to chat about his current lifestyle. There are some very unique things going on in his life I did not anticipate to learn and some knowledge I walked away with that is better for me. I don't believe this guy is planning on slowing down either. He has some great goals that he wants to accomplish and I'm stoked to see him do it!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
56:11 9/13/22
Ty Hennessy & David McKinney 509 Inc.
What are you doing to prepare for the next dream job?Are you making connections so you are ready to take the leap if something comes up, like your dream?Or are you one to believe only the “lucky” get those jobs..Our industry without a doubt is more accessible when you become part of a network. But what have you been doing to connect with others that work at big companies? Or those businesses that you love but are still too afraid to approach? I strongly believe that anyone can network and build relationships with the big companies or the big name athletes if you stick with it. Most guests on the show tell you how to do it. So hanging with some of the crew over at 509, primarily a snowmobile company but creating more products in the dirt industry, we get to hear more about their perspective, especially from a big business perspective. Ty Hennessy, the International Sales Manager, and David McKinney, the Creative Marketing Manager, hanging out on the podcast today and diving into their lives working at 509. This episode could have lasted soo much longer, however we dived into some great details about these two “regular” people and really how they got their start at a big company. Now if you know them, you might not actually know their stories completely. There were some things they didn’t know about each other which made this episode fun and I am stoked to share their stories with each of you. At the end of the day, don’t stop making connections and stepping closer and closer to getting your foot in the door, you never know where you will end up.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
66:05 9/8/22
Alex Parker Cobequid Mountain Sports
Why do dealerships have race teams?Is it because race teams are rad? (YES THEY ARE!)Or is it to just give free stuff out to racers?I've wondered for years on the topic of race teams or sponsorships. Why they would give gear and machines to these individuals and watch them race in a completely different location. I didn't see how that would make sense or why anybody would travel miles or kilometers to get to a dealership. And then some dealerships would create race teams and dump thousands of dollars traveling and machines built for those races. It just bewildered me.Until I met Aaron at The Action Sports Club. Then it made sense. So with some knowledge and understanding, having a guest like Alex Parker with Cobequid Mountain Sports on as a guest, I was pumped to have the opportunity to chat with him about his perspectives. He's had a few big name individuals as sponsors for his race teams. And when I asked him why he did it... Well I was a little surprised to hear his answer.We get into some great conversations during this episode. Like I mentioned, he is a dealership owner for starters! Oh, and he's only 29! Dreams do come true you know. We had a great time talking about sponsorships, his lifestyle, and off camera we talked about some of the issues he is currently dealing with as a business owner. (Check out the dealership's IG account around when this episode is released to know what happened) I'm stoked to have the time to sit down and learn from someone that is killing it in the industry.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
43:50 9/7/22
James Burry Risk Racing
Have you ever had an idea that would fix a need in the industry?You know it's a great idea, and you have the tools and knowledge to get it done.So what stops you from going for it?Risk Racing was born with a fix to a need in the dirt bike industry. We've all had ideas and thoughts that could fix an issue that we come across on a regular basis. But maybe we get too afraid that it might have already been created, or that somebody will tell us that that our idea is dumb or not practical. So many negativity has destroyed ideas and dreams in this world. I'm stoked though that our guest today didn't let that negative thinking stop him from creating products that fixes needs in the industry. James Burry is for sure an entrepreneur in our industry making amazing products have have seen at the track or in the back of a truck. But there is way more to James than just creating the Lock-N-Load that secures your bike by clamping onto the foot pegs. He has more than one business he is currently running! And his desire to keep innovating is because of his passion for our industry.James shares so many fun thoughts about his products but also about innovating and creating new products that help make our lives better. The best thing about having James on is that he is completely real about the opportunities that come to everybody but so many don't take advantage of the opportunities when they are knocking at your door. He shows each of us listening to this episode, it's worth the hard work, long nights, and headaches to do something others appreciate and enjoy having in their lives.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
44:21 9/6/22
Lindsay Oien Mudhunniez & VIDRA President
Have you ever had doors open to you when you least expect it?And you are not sure if you should step inside to take a look?Or are you the type of person that leaps in and with confidence it will work out?Each one of us have our limits and expectations right? So many people will stay in their comfort zones and do their best to stay in there. It's hard to move individuals out of that zone too! It's where the comfy couches are, nice soft bean bags, and there is an awesome movie on that you've always wanted to watch! Of course it would be hard to leave that.Now if you stay there, is it worth missing out on opportunities and go places you dream about? That's the question we all ask ourselves at some point. So making the decision to either stay comfortable or get out of your comfort zone can be life changing. And that is why Lindsay is crushing it in the industry, and even voted President of VIDRA!With purchasing a bike later in her teens, Lindsay has been ambitious about learning how to race and enjoy all aspects of the industry. She even created a race team which has really been leading the industry for women. She is an awesome example showing others that you can be stretched, pulled here and there, and still manage to put your head down, do your work, and even get on the podium. Stoked to share this episode with you today!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
57:31 9/1/22
Zach Stewart HDS Offroad
What has been a passion of yours?Most of us are passionate about one thing or another. Some look at our industry as only a hobby. So what's the difference between the two? I find this definition interesting: "A hobby can become a passion. And similarly, a passion can become a hobby. The ultimate difference is that a passion is something you can’t live without while a hobby is just to fill your free time." - Kayla Matthews. So many individuals that I meet are hungry for more time on their machines and so they are willing to do almost anything to spend more time riding. But not many actually do.Zach is an awesome example of pursuing your passion. He does have a life outside of riding, but he loves the industry so much he spends a ton of time making videos about riding, both off-road and enduro, hill climbs, and does some reviews in the dirt bike world. Because of his passion, he is creating content that gets attention and continues to grow bigger and bigger. I was stoked to come across Zach and learn more about what he does to grow his accounts. His thoughts and strategies have been working well for him and he doesn't mind expressing his thoughts about riding places left unknown to the majority. But he is a nice guy and willing to help just about anyone out if they have questions and want to learn something new. Having Zach on the podcast was a good time and I'm stoked to see where his content goes from here. Things are always changing and opportunities are always coming up, so it's good to keep on track and learn as much as fast as possible, so you are not left behind!Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
51:44 8/31/22
Victoria Poohachoff Dirt Bike Ambassador
Have you ever met somebody that makes life more enjoyable?We all have that friend we want to be around because of their energy.Maybe you are that friend that is the life of the party!No matter where you go, there is always a friend you can find that is like that! Always a good time to be around. Helps you when you feel down and builds you up when you are already doing great! Could be anyone really in your life too. So I'm stoked to sit down with an individual that is completely like that.Stoked Victoria Poohachoff sat down to record a podcast. It was a great time sitting down with her and learning more about her life and place in the industry. Before she even came on the show, she was a pure delight to chat with. So when she came on, I knew it would be a good time. In this episode we get to learn more about being an ambassador for a company like Timbersled. But also learn more about working with others companies. There are so many opportunities out there and some don't work out as you expected. It's still a good learning experience and you can grow so much after you have spent time building yourself into a great ambassador of a company. Victoria is a blast and I am sure out on the snow she is even more fun. But on the show she has a great energy that I believe others will enjoy. It's people like her that help so many others enjoy the industry in a completely different way. Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
39:56 8/30/22
Chris Lillis Olympic Freestyle Aerial Skier
What is it like to compete on a world stage?Not everybody in their lifetime will have this opportunity.However, there are many that have the goal to compete against so many in the world.I believe each one of us have dreams about being famous at some point in our lives. For the majority, that dream comes at an early age. Especially when we gather around the tv and have the opportunity to watch our respective countries are competing on the world stage for the gold medal and really, bragging rights for that year, and there's nothing wrong with that!Chris Lillis is part of the United States Ski Team. He has busted his butt for so many years to become an olympian. From an early age, he has taken on the challenge to dedicate so many years to learn the discipline of competing and doing it on a world level. Such a great opportunity that does not come to every person. Talking about competing on a world stage, it was awesome that Chris has competed well enough that he has found himself on the podium in 2022. What an accomplishment this is for any athlete! During his time of competing, Chris has found a passion for the industry and isn't ready to stop pursuing more gold medals. When you are ready to take on your dreams, know that it takes time and effort. Any worthwhile goal takes dedication and effort on your part and support from others. It's ok if you don't have it figured out right away, but if you begin working on your goal early on, you will find that it's worth the effort when you finally make it, and that you have that many more years to enjoy the fruits of your labors.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
55:43 8/25/22
Tim Coleman Pro Trials Bike
Have you tried cross training?You might be like me, "What the heck is cross training"?Or you are a seasoned pro and have been cross training your entire life!No matter what stage you are at, cross training has its advantages. Let's focus on one discipline. Hard Enduro and Trials. Two different sports and yet they both can benefit each other. One can benefit the other quite a bit, but they are both useful to each other when one is wanting to increase their riding skills on a bike. It was cool to hang with Tim Coleman, a Trials Bike Pro that has been riding trials since a young age on a compound. (The same compound he met his significant other!) So to learn more about the discipline advantages of riding trials and how to convert them over to Hard Enduro was fascinating to hear. Tim has also been working in the industry putting on clinics and shows for fans of riding. At one time, you could find Tim chilling with another guest I've had on the podcast! His passion for riding has taken him many places including over here in the United States. Oh I didn't mention before, he's from Australia! There are some amazing riders that come out of that country. Anyways the cross training piece is important for athletes when they are wanting to hone in their skills on a bike. Tim knows the discipline learned on a trials bike and how they are applicable to the Hard Enduro world. That is why he teaches so many the skills necessary to do better each time they get on a bike. Hanging with Tim was a great opportunity I'm excited to share with all the listeners. Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
48:02 8/24/22
Spenser Wilton Pro Dirtbike Racer
What would it be like to go pro quickly?From a young age we all have watched the professionals on TV, Films, YouTube, or Radio. And we know that going pro can happen as early as 16, at least down in the U.S.When Spenser Wilton came on to the show, I expected the guy to be at least 27 or 28 years old with the way he presents himself and the hard work he puts into his career. I mean the conversation we had was fantastic around racing, business, and sponsorships. Then he dropped that he was still in his early 20's! Wow that was a shocker.Spenser went pro not long after he began his age eligibility. After going pro, he has climbed his way to be one of the best riders in Hard Enduro and Endurocross. But most people don't know him from his racing career. In fact most people know him from his Vlogging.Once he discovered the opportunity to fill a need in the industry, Spenser jumped on documenting his racing through the Hard Enduro series. This has brought him recognition online and more people are enjoying his content he's creating. He believes that there has been so much left on the table when it comes to working with companies, he knew he could create a brand and pursue his passion on a different level.Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
58:56 8/23/22
Cameron Beck Pro Backcountry Sledder
What does delayed gratification look like?Seems most of us are part of the "I want it now" lifestyle.But what could happen if you began delaying the instant gratification for something bigger?With cell phones in our pockets, credit cards in our wallets, instant millionaires from crypto, or over night social media superstars, it's no wonder so many are programmed to be satisfied right here, right now. I know I am guilty of this. It's easier to be instantly gratified than wait and work for something I can't have in the moment. Cameron Beck though is a man that learned quickly what he wants in his life. Today this awesome dude is surfing every day in the summer and riding sleds almost every day in the winter. He has delayed his gratification long enough to open up opportunities at a young age that most won't see until they are in their 70's. So let's figure out how he did it, and how we can do it too. Join The Action Sports Club at ASCARMY.COM/PODCAST so you too can land sponsors and spend more time riding. 
35:06 8/19/22