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The Action Sports Podcast is here to help Action Sports Enthusiasts navigate their way into sponsorships, get paid, and turn their passion into a career. Each week we will release an episode and each episode we will be sure to bring great value that will help each person listening to the podcast. We believe that ”you can be the absolute best rider in the world, but if nobody is looking at you, nobody cares” - Aaron Fraser. So grab your headphones, connect your Bluetooth, or crank up your computer speakers and tune into each episode! Don't forget to smash the subscribe button to get notified about new episodes every single week! Also head over to and pick up a copy of The Action Sports Enthusiasts Guide. You won't be disappointed!


Michelle Salt Skidoo Ambassador Paralympian 41:37 10/23/2021
Brendon Raymondi SxS Rally Racer 39:09 10/21/2021
Adam Morgan ATV Racer 41:55 10/16/2021
Ryan Breece Pro Supercross Racer 33:12 10/14/2021
Cody McNolty Pro Backcountry Snowmobile Rider: Part 2 49:41 10/09/2021
Cody McNolty Pro Backcountry Snowmobile Rider: Part 1 39:40 10/07/2021
Shelby Turner Pro Hard Enduro, Endurocross, Motocros, ISDE Champion 41:04 09/30/2021
Jess and Ryan Britt Snow Bike Enthusiast and Former Pro Snowmobile Freestyle 39:27 09/23/2021
Leif Lujan Pro Mountain Biker 36:11 09/16/2021
Troy Horbaty Snow BikeCross 33:56 09/09/2021
Shawn Widdicombe Pro Moto Hillclimber 45:36 09/02/2021
Kevin Kinrade Mongoose Machine 44:52 08/26/2021
Dustin Johnson Timbersled and 509 Ambassador 38:04 08/19/2021
Barrymore Scott Coming Up Next Time Podcast 56:13 08/12/2021
Jon Ferrian Live Large Universe 53:04 08/05/2021
Darren Skovmose Timbersled & Klim Ambassador 44:34 07/29/2021
Shane Cuthbertson Red Bull Rocks and Logs 51:20 07/22/2021
Tyson Gunter Marketer Black Label Supplement 50:55 07/15/2021
Chris Leatt Founder of Leatt 56:06 07/07/2021
Austin L Jacobs Crazy Weird Productions 33:30 07/01/2021
Craig Thompson SRT Offroad 49:37 06/24/2021
Anett Meszaros Action Sports Photographer 35:32 06/17/2021
Skyler Adams Pro Arenacross Racer 50:43 06/10/2021
Broc Urban Supercross Mechanic 42:40 06/03/2021
Buddy Grandstaff ATV Motocross & ATV Monster Truck 47:59 05/27/2021
Aaron Case (Part 2) Boondockers Film Backcountry Snowmobile Rider 43:56 05/21/2021
Aaron Case (Part 1) Boondockers Film Backcountry Snowmobile Rider 39:05 05/20/2021
Brad "The Bullet" Baker Pro Flat Track Racer 34:41 05/13/2021
Nasty Nate Jr. Stunt Bike Rider 44:07 05/06/2021
Sara Redfield Hard Enduro Racer 33:51 04/29/2021