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The Action Sports Podcast is designed to drive stoke and exposure to the action sports industry by empowering one rider at a time. Each week, we tap into the minds of industry leaders, enthusiasts, and action sports companies so they can share how they created results for themselves, and get an insiders perspective on what they do and what they look for when it comes to sponsorship, and ultimately how to spend more time riding.So grab your headphones, connect your Bluetooth, or crank up your computer speakers and tune into each episode. Don't forget to smash the subscribe button so you are notified about new episodes every single week! Want to join The Action Sports Army so you can land and develop sponsorships the right way, and see how riders just like you are turning their Action Sports passion into careers?Go to and request your invite today!


Marcel Michitsch One Legged Racer 39:45 07/01/2022
Dustin Phares Moto Trainer 58:37 06/30/2022
Nic Hilton Pro BMX Rider PT2 51:00 06/25/2022
Nic Hilton Pro BMX Rider PT1 48:03 06/24/2022
Justin Serna Communications Director Jarvis Global Enterprises 40:14 06/23/2022
Justin Dacey Timbersled Ambassador 43:54 06/18/2022
Luke Youngberg Pro Snowmobile Hill Climb Athlete 43:13 06/17/2022
Chrisma Wortley Enduro Girl 38:58 06/16/2022
Riley Sprunger Polaris Snowmobile Hill Climb Athlete 42:14 06/11/2022
Jan Welkerling Pro Snowmobile Guide 37:36 06/10/2022
Aaron Bernasconi Owner Mountain Motorsports B.C. 43:57 06/09/2022
Sebastien Racine MX Factory Pro KTM Redbull 37:26 06/04/2022
Sam King Pro Trial Enduro and Snowbike 44:25 06/02/2022
Sarah Bulford (MountainDarlin) Leatt Athlete 42:20 05/26/2022
Riley Suhan Backcountry 509 Athlete 46:36 05/19/2022
Mat Cox Yeti Snow Bike Athlete 60:29 05/12/2022
David Wagner Iron Dog Racer 42:38 05/05/2022
Kyle Smaine Pro Skier 45:37 04/28/2022
Mitch Robinson Business Owner iRide & Fit4Moto 51:29 04/21/2022
Colby Crapo Pro Snowmobile Hillclimber 49:53 04/14/2022
Kris "Smasher" Kaltenbacher Boondocker Films Part 2 48:08 04/07/2022
Steve Mini FMX Nitro Circus 48:07 04/02/2022
Taylar Anderson Davies Backcountry Guide 35:25 03/31/2022
Logan Huff Pro ATV Racer 54:35 03/26/2022
Leah Bauer Polaris Athlete Iron Dog 45:30 03/24/2022
Todd Campbell Mindset Mastery Coach 47:58 03/19/2022
Jared Stock Canada ISDE Athlete Part 2 39:18 03/17/2022
Jared Stock Canada ISDE Athlete Part 1 30:49 03/12/2022
Andy Messner Shredder Dad 48:25 03/10/2022
Julie-Ann Chapman She Shreds Mountain Adventures 42:31 03/05/2022