Indie Electro

A selection of our favorite electronic infused indie tracks out there!

Playlist Tracks

The Divine Chord The Avalanches, MGMT, Johnny Marr 03:07
On My Mind (Short Version) Roosevelt 03:57
Domino Myd 03:35
Shadows Bonobo, Jordan Rakei 04:45
Loverini Myd, L'Impératrice 03:22
GOOD TIMES Jungle 03:01
Hall of Mirrors


Let's Eat Grandma 05:11
Forever Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 04:28
It's good to be back Metronomy 03:53
Nobody Scared Porij 03:39
Bunny Is A Rider Caroline Polachek 03:17
Birds (feat. Emmanuel Jal) Folamour, Emmanuel Jal 04:02


Biig Piig 02:31
Elevation Braxe + Falcon, Alan Braxe, DJ Falcon, Sunni Colon 03:34
Mass Appeal Franc Moody 03:23
Keep Moving Jungle 04:00
16-18 (Why You Lacking Energy?) (Myd Remix) Cassia 03:35
Good Girls


Sisyphus (Single Version) DC Gore 03:59
Trouble Agar Agar 03:39
Nice Try Patrick Holland 03:22
Force majeure Gaspard Auge 03:26
All Of The Time Jungle 03:02
Let You Speak Myd 03:07
Pause James Righton 02:52
Submarine L'Impératrice 04:45
Ooo La La Brijean 02:38
Losing Touch Franc Moody 03:55
Remedy Breakbot, Irfane 04:28
There's Only One (feat. Genesis Owusu) Winston Surfshirt, Genesis Owusu 03:09

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