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Playlist Tracks

Hybrid Swingrowers 03:02
Lone Digger Caravan Palace 03:49
Fallen World Riff Kitten, Kumiho 03:48
Horny (Electro Swing Version) Pisk, Nastazya 03:30
Pink Dragon Parov Stelar 04:22
Rapper's Delight Atom Smith, Burkey, Deploi 03:48
Connected The Electric Swing Circus 03:56
The Little Man Who Wasn't There Odd Chap 03:26
Red Cat Parov Stelar 04:20
Supersonics Caravan Palace 03:21
Comin' Up Swinging Atom Smith, Miss Emmma, Elliot Deutsch 03:35
Nine Lives Riff Kitten 03:10
Catatonic Riff Kitten, Alanna Lyes 03:16
Bright Like Hollywood Atom Smith, Burkey 03:56
Swinging Melodies Little Violet 03:09
Ridin' Dirty Atom Smith, Burkey, Miss Emmma 03:33
Let's Face It I'm Cute (Roaring Twenties Mix) 11 Acorn Lane 02:53
Snake Charmer (1930 Version) Parov Stelar, Kovacs 03:05
Dirty Dazzler Balduin, Masha Ray 03:07
Minnie the Moocher Pisk, Cab Calloway 03:41
Let's Start Again (Odd Chap Electro Swing Remix) Cut Capers 03:26
Limits Little Violet 03:11
That Man (Atom Smith Remix) Caro Emerald 05:06
Mais Non (1920 Version) Klischee 03:11
Mr Magpie (Jamie Berry Remix) The Electric Swing Circus, Jamie Berry 03:44
My Mood Swingrowers 03:59
Seppeliner Swing Republic 03:01
Troublesome Trumpet (Murder on the Blue Notes) [Radio Edit] Bart&Baker 03:28
Dreamland (Say Goodbye Bye Bye) Swingrowers 02:56
Shake Like It's Coming On The Swing Bot 04:40