Begin again.

songs for getting back into the swing of things. | curated by the Topshelf Records' staff and roster.

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  • 120 tracks
  • 7 h 44 min

Playlist Tracks

Powerful Man Alex G 03:39
Big Fists Azeda Booth 04:01
I Feel Like The Mother Of The World Smog 03:09
Higher Ground Weekend Players 06:00
New Bikini Cassandra Jenkins 04:22
Anhoi Polloi The Most Serene Republic 04:45
Flashlight On Told Slant 03:07
9 to 5 Dolly Parton 02:42
Try Again Andy Shauf 03:48
I'm Not In Love Kelsey Lu 06:54
Where The Good Ones Go Fust 03:22
Strawberries ADDY 03:53
syruphands B. Cool-Aid 03:30
Girigiri Surf Rider HALCALI 04:50
F.X.N.C. The Samps 02:17
Unwind With Me Active Bird Community 03:45
In My Room


Frank Ocean 02:14
Latitude -remix Nujabes, Five Deez 03:56
Darling Ora Cogan 02:56
Funiculi Funicula Haruomi Hosono 04:35
Ponta de Areia Wayne Shorter 05:15
Mythological Beauty Big Thief 05:06
Pews Nadine 04:44
Deeper Than the Holler Randy Travis 03:39
MilionĂ ria


RosalĂ­a 02:18
You Be You Jon Bap 02:44


Daniel Caesar 03:14
Absent Mind (Unknown Version) Stephen Steinbrink 02:38
Yesterday's Coffee Fire is Motion 04:30
Doboom Soom Slumbers 02:36