Phase Distorter 4: A Math Rock Playlist

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  • by topshelfrecords
  • 170 tracks
  • 11 h 43 min

Playlist Tracks

Crumb Kitchen Date Stuff 05:46
Ooo-Yum Make Believe 03:48
Red Socks Pugie Foals 05:15
Cut Self Not Faraquet 02:54
Anchors Tom's Story 04:55
Nao Is My Driver Tangled Hair 04:11
parachute Covet 06:13
Right This Way, You Maverick Renegade


Meet Me In St. Louis 05:29
Put Some Wings on That Kid Braid 02:24
Ineffable Dolphin Communion Yowie 06:23
The Hive Melt-Banana 02:14
Balloon LITE 03:45
Light Tom's Story 02:44
Sometimes, I See Colors Too Just Neighbors 05:20
Six Parts Summer CSTVT 03:07
New Year's in Warsaw Marvins Revolt 02:53
Keep it Simple So Many Dynamos 02:51
Stomach Tile Baths 01:48
Esoteric Toe 04:14
Travelers Insurance Their/They're/There 04:36
May Standards 03:03
The Perfect Me Deerhoof 02:39
Triptych TTNG 03:07
Exposure To Heavy Metal Causes Whatever We Were Skeletons 03:47
A Chase of Sorts TTNG 02:54
Everybody Loves Screamo Duck. Little Brother, Duck! 04:08
Overly Verbose Email Series, Pt. III Pool Kids 03:08
Skytop Path Cattle Drums 06:15
Cigar Mom Americas 09:13
Big Bopper Anthems Maps & Atlases 04:42