Panorama Bar Playlist 07 | Paramida

Panorama Bar resident and Love On The Rocks label head Paramida delves deep into house, trance, disco, Italo and beyond, compiling tracks that outline her P’bar sets.

  • by Ostgut Ton
  • 49 tracks
  • 5 h 43 min

Playlist Tracks

Ride Out The Wave Paramida, Massimiliano Pagliara 06:42
French House 2000 Paramida 07:42
Cry Freedom Romie Singh 10:21
State Of Mind (Slack Mix) Peyote Dreams 06:20
Cola Beach Youandewan 05:58
Return Of The Hooligans DJ Normal 4 09:55
Phantasya Abdul Raeva 07:23
Trust Corrado 05:43
Human Condition (Defense Mix) Liquid Earth 07:09
Love In London (Piano Mix) Capricorn 07:35
Acid Etch (Original Mix) Redeye 05:55
Contemplation (King Britt Funke Remix) Josh One 10:10
Radiant Reality Bliss Inc. 06:22
Slingshot Solar Suite 05:51
Slingshot Solar Suite 06:38
Yours (Original Version) Steffi, Virginia 05:40
So This Is Love Mental Cube 04:53
Elevation (Sonic Love Radio Mix) GTO 03:50
Quazi Yage 06:34
When The Morning Comes ('89 Mix) Love Decade 05:38
Primitive Love (Pt. 1) Ultrahigh 07:58
Don't Drop the Bomb Astralasia 13:58
Let Go Spooky 07:26
Theme (Mix 2) Sublime 07:02
Betongbonus Telephones 08:48
Soweto Stomp Paul Trouble Anderson, Lenny Fontana 07:44
Yesterday E.B.E. 05:34
Street Corner Symphony Street Corner Symphony 14:08
Fountain Gate Fantastic Man 07:12
Anthem (The Six Day Nightmare Mix) N-Joi 04:30