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Join me on a weekly journey to explore what it means to be a spiritual rebel in a chaotic and bustling world. The goal? To help you awaken your wisdom so that you can lead a more peaceful, creative, and inspired life regardless of your circumstances or how much time you have to meditate or practice. Your time is valuable, so here’s my promise: In less than 15 minutes each week, the insights you gain will not only expand your mind but also bring more ease into every area of your life. Wisdom doesn’t follow rules, rebel; let’s break some!


Are you Running a Covert Contract?
This week, we unravel 'covert contracts', & unveil the hidden expectations in our relationships. What's on the other side? Transformed interactions, self-awareness and genuine connection on the spiritual path.
06:29 5/20/24
Feeling Guilty About Doing 'Nothing'?
This week, we explore the guilt we often feel around doing 'nothing'. It's time to debunk the myth that constant busyness equals productivity on the spiritual path.
09:45 5/13/24
How to Stop Worrying
Join me on Rebel Spirituality as we explore the spiritual insight that stops worry in its tracks - no effort required!
08:38 5/6/24
You can't feel the future!
On this week's episode of Rebel Spirituality, we're exploding the truth bomb that NO ONE can feel the future – it simply isn't possible. We're always experiencing thought in the present moment - period. Realising this spiritual fact is what brings true alignment and ease into our spiritual path and lives.
06:14 4/29/24
Spiritual Rebel Series: Alexander Pauwels
Join Sam and his good friend Alexander Pauwels as they unpack transformative plant medicine journeys, wrestling with the darkness on the spiritual path, and seeking authenticity in spirituality.
44:35 4/22/24
Find Mental Freedom: Poke Holes in Your Beliefs
Join me on an introspective journey as I discuss the transformative power of poking holes in your mental narratives for greater spiritual growth. This episode will inspire you to challenge your beliefs and embrace the wisdom of the formless spiritual space of Universal Mind.
05:52 4/15/24
The POWER of now
Join me as I explore the extraordinary power of living in the present moment on the spiritual path. Discover the freedom and peace that comes with embracing the only time there is.
06:30 4/8/24
Spiritual Corrosion: Allowing Negative Energy to Dissolve
This week, we're diving deep into the concept of corrosion on the spiritual path. Join me, as we explore the power of vulnerability and the impact of sharing our innermost thoughts and beliefs (in a wise way). Just like rust on metal, our negative ideas and stories can corrode when we bring them into the open. I'll share personal experiences and insights on how allowing these thoughts to air out can lead to powerful transformations.
05:50 4/1/24
Are You 'Doing' Life Right?
This week, we're delving into a common question on the spiritual path - Am I 'doing' life right? We'll explore the dichotomy between 'doing' and 'being,' and how our focus on the former might be holding us back from experiencing the fullness of the present moment. Join me as we reflect on the power of just being and the secret sauce it holds for a more creative, peaceful, and inspired life.
07:37 3/25/24
How to Break a 'Negative' Pattern!
Let's talk about breaking free from your unconscious patterns so you can live like a spiritual rebel. Discover that the power of love, compassion, and non-judgment is key to creating a more peaceful and inspired spiritual life.
09:23 3/18/24
Is Conditioning Bad on the Spiritual Path?
This week, we challenge the idea that conditioning is inherently 'bad' on the spiritual path. Discover how awareness and choice can transform your conditioning for a more vibrant and rebellious spiritual life!
06:20 3/11/24
Trust the Body's Wisdom
This week, we explore the timeless wisdom held deep within your body. Have you ever stopped to consider the ancient intelligence that resides within you, far beyond the reach of the intellect (which was late to the party)? I'll guide you through a journey of reconnection with the deep wisdom of the body, inviting you to trust in its innate ability to heal and transform.
08:32 3/4/24
How to be Less Overwhelmed
This week, I share my personal journey of overcoming overwhelm and finding peace in creativity. Discover how to outsource many of the things that have seemed so stressful until now and tap into Universal Mind for a more inspired life.
08:48 2/26/24
Beyond Fear of Failure
This week we explore the idea that fear of failure is often rooted in fear of feelings, rather than immediate threats to our physical safety. Is it time to stop playing so safe, rebel?
07:28 2/19/24
Life is a Mystery!
This week we dive deep into this mystery we call life! Isn't it just so easy to get caught up in the malaise of modern life All those things we have to do that keep us out of the beauty of this moment. Come pause in the mystery with me - just for a moment.
06:29 2/12/24
Break Free from Bypassing!
This week, we dive into the importance of accepting where you are on your spiritual journey. We can feel conflicted when our current emotions don't align with what we think we 'should' be feeling based on our intellectual understanding of the path but it's important to honor our true emotions and allow them to flow through us, rather than resisting or bypassing them.
08:22 2/5/24
Feelings are not transactional
Let's talk about this 'feeling our feelings' thing for a minute! Isn't it so easy to try and 'get rid' of your feelings? To attempt to 'feel them away'. As I see it, this is the 'transactional' model of feeling and feelings don't want to to traded, they want to be felt. Come see!
06:34 1/29/24
Are you a self-help junkie?
Are you a self-help junkie? Are you constantly on the personal development treadmill? Would you describe yourself as a perpetual seeker? Then this is the episode for you!
08:40 1/22/24
Stay in Your Lane!
It's just so easy to get caught up in other's business. Maybe it's that 'people pleasing' or 'rescuer' part of us that takes over from time to time. But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could truly stay in your lane?
09:06 1/15/24
There is no there!
Today we're exploring another truth that often eludes us in our day-to-day experience. There is no there!
04:56 1/8/24
6 Months From Now...
Happy New Year, rebel! It's straight to the point this week. It's time to get real and ask yourself a powerful question to set things up for the next six months. Let's go...
08:14 1/1/24
Forgiving Your Past 'Mistakes'
Merry Christmas one and all! Okay, so today we're diving into an aspect of forgiveness that has the potential to change your life and release you from a lot of self-recrimination!
06:26 12/25/23
Releasing Emotional Knots
Maybe it was an event that happened 30 years ago that you never fully felt, or something that happened yesterday that you're afraid to feel. Whatever the emotional 'knot', life is doing its best to help you release them and return you to wholeness. Come and find out how!
11:24 12/18/23
Conquering Fear of the Unknown
Fear of the unknown is so common for us humans, and it's often something that stops us from moving forward and doing the things we really want to do! Join Sam as he shares a new way of thinking about that unknown that is a gamechanger once realized.
08:36 12/11/23
Feelings are Not Problems
Do you find yourself relating to your feelings and emotions as if they're problems? You're not alone...
06:18 12/4/23
Coming from the heart 🔥❤️🔥!
Today we're talking about coming fro the heart and how to access the wisdom space...
06:34 11/27/23
You don't have to be zen all the time!
Do we need to be 'zen' to be with our feelings and emotions? Come and find out...
08:28 11/20/23
Are You Trying to Control Your Feelings?
Let's explore a powerful distinction that will bring a lot of peace into your life; control vs. liberation!
08:20 11/13/23
The World is NOT Here to Make You Happy!
So where does lasting happiness come from then? Come and find out on this week's episode of the podcast!
08:48 11/6/23
Spiritual Rebel Series: Jamie Smart
This week Jamie Smart joins the show to talk about living life with clarity and heart! Jamie's depth of understanding of the inside-out paradigm runs deep, and his insights into being a spiritual rebel are not to be missed.
39:22 10/30/23