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An Apple a Day: Public Health Inquiry Podcast

An Apple a Day raises awareness of public health issues in an engaging way through conversations with various public health professionals, including a public health physician, an infection control practitioner, and an art therapist. Whether you’re a seasoned epidemiologist or someone wanting to dip their toes into public health, you will find this podcast a great way to learn more about this exciting and growing field!


Episode 7: A Life in Public Health Leadership
In this week’s episode, Tiffany and Payton are joined by Dr. Bradley Stoner, Head of the Department of Public Health Sciences at Queen’s University and a proponent of the MPH IPAC specialization. Dr. Stoner shares his career journey from anthropology to internal medicine to infectious disease fellowship training, and clinical care and epidemiological analysis of […]
55:55 8/15/23
Episode 6: Infection Control in a Changed World
In this week’s episode, Tiffany and Payton are joined by Heather Candon, Director of Infection Control at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and an adjunct lecturer at Queen’s University, spearheading the new MPH IPAC specialization. Heather tells us her story of what brought her into IPAC, including how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the influence of […]
56:53 8/4/23
Episode 5: In the Life of a Public Health Physician
In this week’s episode, Tiffany and Payton are joined by Dr. Sam Buttemer, Director of the Master of Public Health program at Queen’s University and Acting Program Director for the Public Health and Preventive Medicine program at the Queen’s School of Medicine. Dr. Buttemer explains what it means to be a public health physician, discusses […]
57:55 8/4/23
Episode 4: A Biostatistician’s Journey in Public Health
With technology and the media landscape advancing at ever-increasing rates, there are tantalizing—and overwhelming—opportunities to elevate public health data collection. In this week’s episode Tiffany and Payton are joined by Dr. Wei Tu, a Senior Biostatistician and Data Scientist in the Canadian Cancer Trials Group as well as Assistant Professor in the Queen’s Department of […]
57:54 8/4/23
Episode 3: The Story of a Public Health Professional
For today’s episode we ask, “what inspires someone to pursue a career in public health”. In answering this weighty question, Tiffany and Payton are joined by Dr. Duncan Hunter of Queen’s University. Tune in for an inspiring discussion of self-motivation, globetrotting academia, and innumerable contributions to public health. Like all of our episodes, this is […]
57:17 8/4/23
Episode 2: A Tale of Two Cities…and an Epidemiologist
When populations are diverse and health needs are complex, how do public health leaders know what decisions to make? Queen’s University’s own Dr. Maria Ospina joins Tiffany and Payton to address that very question, and describes her career journey in the field of epidemiology. Listeners will also be treated to engaging discussions of work-life balance, […]
58:34 8/4/23
Episode 1: An Art Therapist’s Mission in Public Health
Have you ever wondered about the people behind the public health decisions that govern our lives? Additionally, how does one become involved in public health in the first place, and what strategies do they use to keep people safe? If you have, then CFRC’s new podcast An Apple a Day: Public Health Inquiry Podcast is […]
59:00 6/26/23