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Consulting for Heightened Awareness's (CHA's) Truth Seeker Podcast is bringing you real world-connections to the spiritual realm, similar to what we do on the Patreon channel with the exception of several rabbit hole findings. You can also tune in for the live streams on YouTube only every Tuesday, God-willing, around 2:30 pm ET. The first 28 episodes are from the YouTube live streams while the rest are for these platforms. You can locate all the social media platforms by visiting CHA's social platforms below.CHA is all about trauma healing and spiritual growth with God's wisdom. We are just discussing real-life things we discover when we get into God's reality and more post-narcissistic abuse. Upsetting the apple cart jumps starts the conversation as we make connections between narcissistic abuse and spirituality, connecting the dots between the wicked behaviors God tells us about in scripture to narcissism and the abuse associated with it.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipsCHA's Social Platforms


Upsetting the Apple Cart
As we continue to navigate this new life in God's reality, the spiritual awakening, we begin to learn more about how we have been lied to since birth about a lot of things. We realize that we have been subjected to narcissistic abuse our entire lives and it takes time to sort through the confusion (aka cognitive dissonance) to make sense of what is happening all around us. We also learn that we co-create our reality in God's reality. As we begin to learn more of God's spiritual truths regarding the abuse, we upset the apple cart by exposing the wicked behaviors of narcissistic abusers. Bringing darkness to light is not for the faint at heart! WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipsCHA's Social Platforms
29:43 8/2/23
The Abundance Reality
In this episode, we are covering more about the importance of developing that abundance mindset to stop thinking of "less than" and recognizing that God is "more than enough." We stop believing the lies and deceit of the narcissistic matrix with their fear-mongering messages that trick many into playing themselves. Chosen ones know how to switch it up when God says to switch it up! There is no lack in God's kingdom. The abundance reality is God's reality. WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:38 8/2/23
Attention Seeking & Cutting off Distractions
Diving more into social media and attention-seeking! We are not bashing social media at all, we are exposing the narcissistic abusers on these platforms and the narcissistic behaviors of some platforms with inconsistency. Plus, we learn that their attention-seeking is to try and distract us from what God has called us to do and we don't let them distract us. Distractions are many and the enemy loves to use them as a tool to keep us from doing what God needs us to do. Narcissism is the work of the devil; it is his favorite game to play on the world stage. WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:33 8/2/23
Seeing Beyond the Physical with the Mind Games
Diving into seeing beyond the physical and into the spiritual post-narcissistic abuse regarding these mind games the fallen world and narcissistic abusers like to play. We learn to catch onto the enemy's games and we stop playing. As we become more aware, we notice more things and we learn how to be strategic like our Heavenly Father. We are not falling for mind games anymore!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:27 8/2/23
No Eye has Seen nor Ear has Heard!
We learn that many out here do not have the ability to understand sound doctrine. When God turns them over to a reprobate mind, they will not receive His spiritual truths. The sleepers will not hear sound doctrine and they will dismiss simplicity. Narcissistic abusers refuse to accept Jesus as their one and only Savior! They think that "man" can save them, staying dependent on all things external. Plus, more about the spiritual awakening to help you level up your healing and spiritual growth!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:23 8/2/23
Observing More & Speaking Less
Diving into more about the importance of observing more and speaking less when in the presence of evildoers. And when going about our daily lives as we keep our empathy and emotions under control. We have the power and authority to keep ourselves in check. The enemy hates it when we learn God's spiritual truths. But, as always, that's too bad. We can and do learn how to keep ourselves in check!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:58 8/2/23
Not Everyone Will Have the Spiritual Ear
Having the spiritual ear to hear means more than audibly. It is also hearing with intuition, which is part of how God speaks to us. Not everyone is going to understand our sound doctrine and God warns us about that too. We are to just stay in God's truth, in our truth, and in our own lane being all about our Heavenly Father's business.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:10 8/2/23
The evildoers Emotions & Reactions are NOT our Problem!
We learn that the evildoers' emotional reactions and emotional baggage are not our problems. They must do their own inner work if they so desire. We cannot do that for them. They want us to try and do it for them, but only Jesus can save them. It is not our responsibility to carry other people's emotional garbage. We have our own inner work to do and cannot be distracted by carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:23 8/2/23
The devil Cries Because...
I cover several reasons why the devil cries. After all, the enemy cannot procreate and has no mommy for the world has a mommy complex. Now we know why. Idolatry at its finest. Plus, this mommy complex is another trick of the enemy to get people to disobey Mattew 10:37.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:24 8/2/23
Let's Talk About Spiritual Health
It is important to take care of our spiritual health and mental health! Protecting our spiritual health requires less time around narcissistic abusers and for those who we can go 100% no contact with, so be it! With limited contact, we learn how to walk away and stay all about our Heavenly Father's business to protect our spiritual health and spiritual energy.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
28:46 8/2/23
The Trauma Bond: Fear & Confusion
We dive into the trauma bond and connect more dots to other things associated with the trauma bond, such as fear and confusion. A reminder about the How the Trauma Bond is Formed course at CHA Academy & more! Narcissistic abuse is designed to do many things and trauma bonding people to the world is one tactic that leads to living in fear and under a heavy cloud of confusion (cognitive dissonance).Website CHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
27:42 8/3/23
Inside the Narcissistic Abuse Matrix
We start to see more of what is going on inside the narcissistic abuse matrix the more we observe and speak less. I tell ya, this fallen world is full of stupidity when it comes to these narcissistic abusers. And many of them don't even know they are narcissistic abusers! Check that out. Crept in unawares as God tells us about. Stay vigilant and aware fellow warriors!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:06 8/3/23
When the Shiny Wears Off
Oh, when the shiny wears off of the new target for the narcissistic abusers! They have been conditioned to always seek the "new" for instant gratification. God is long-term and does not seek instant gratification. Narcissistic abusers are always in it for the short term as the enemy's time is always short. God is a God of longevity. Plus, some tips and examples to help you all put things into perspective for more trauma healing and spiritual growth!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
28:16 8/3/23
Spiritual Meaning of Luke 16:15 & Popularity
It was time to share with you all the verses that God speaks to confirm the message about Him not caring about popularity or numbers. The only numbers God cares about are scripture numbers. Plus, we have a brainstorming session towards the end as God helps us figure out why a particular narrative that floats around feels backward!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's. Social Platforms
31:07 8/3/23
The enemy & his Head Games
Once we realize that all the enemy has is mind games, the game of narcissism makes more sense. We no longer get duped by narcissism in marketing and we learn to listen to that God-given intuition more. We are better equipped as God's soldiers to let go of what the world lied to us about and get rid of old ways of thinking. The passing away of old things as God creates us a new creature in Christ!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
30:46 8/3/23
Spiritual Meaning of Matthew 24:7-10 & More
Breaking down more of God's spiritual truths with what Jesus is talking about regarding the spiritual awakening! We must remember that Jesus speaks in parables for a reason. Sleepers will never understand God's spiritual truths as they who have the spirit of religion continue to take scripture literally. Plus, some additional food for thought to help you move forward!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
28:35 8/3/23
More Examples of Narcissistic Behaviors
The more aware we become, the more narcissistic behaviors we notice in these toddlers in adult bodies out here on the world stage. I share a real-world example of how a narc behaves from a fellow warrior who also has limited contact during this season with the narc (who happens to also be a jezebel). Plus, additional inspiration and motivation to keep you all going!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
28:26 8/3/23
The World Stage & More
It takes a bit to let it sink in that the world is a stage and we co-create our reality in God's reality. When it is revealed to us that the world is a stage, we realize we have to unlearn a lot of worldly garbage to make room for God's spiritual truths. We become truth seekers in God's reality. So, truth seekers, here you go! More spiritual truths to help you make sense of what is going on around you to level up your trauma healing and spiritual growth.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
29:21 8/3/23
Let's Talk About that Intuition & More
We must learn to listen to our God-given intuition when it comes to this spiritual battle for the mind. Narcissistic abusers rely on their targets to ignore their intuition because when we ignore it, we fall into their web of deceit. Mind you, some of us are assigned the task of turning narcs into case studies too. All about discernment! And we must always listen to what God is telling us through our intuition as it becomes stronger. Our intuition is our spiritual radar!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
41:07 8/3/23
True Chosen Ones are Not Impressed
True chosen ones are not easily impressed by glitz and glam. True chosen ones do not covet thy neighbor and we don't care about lavish styles. Narcissistic abusers are all about glitz, glam, and fortune. They walk by sight and not by faith so they are the ones who will be easily impressed by glamorous-looking things. Chosen ones see things as they are, not bigger than they are. Narcissistic abusers will always perceive things as bigger than they really are as they remain easy to 'impress.'WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
48:08 8/3/23
Observing Narcissistic Abusers in their Natural Environment
I dive into more details about the case study of a different flavor of a jezebel to help you put into perspective how we get confirmation of what we sense in the spiritual when we observe the narcissistic abuser in their natural environment. Loads of red flags did not go unnoticed! Plus, I share some additional information for you all about how God has us remember our training in other areas of expertise we are not to sit on.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
31:58 8/3/23
Underestimating the Power of God is a Bad Idea!
Diving into some real-time examples of how narcissistic abusers underestimate the power of God! They will always underestimate the power of God because they deny the power thereof and because they think more highly of themselves than they ought to. True chosen ones know better than to underestimate the power of God! Narcissistic abusers dig their own graves when they underestimate the power of God and doing so backfires on them every single time.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
50:36 8/3/23
The Snail Crawl of the Matrix
When in God's reality, we start to see just how slowly the world really moves. We were under the impression that it moves fast because the appearance of the enemy is to be "quick." God doesn't move quickly all the time. Nope. The enemy knows his time is short so he has to give the appearance of moving fast. Just like the narcissistic abusers know their time is short cause we will eventually see through their facade. Plus, I offer some action steps and tips to help you in your healing and spiritual growth!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
26:24 8/3/23
Careful What You Tell Yourself!
Proverbs 23:7! We must learn to be mindful of what we tell ourselves about ourselves. The enemy loves to trick people into negative self-talk. We, as chosen children of God, must unlearn that behavior. God is not a negative God. Our subconscious is the battleground in the spiritual battle for the mind. What we think in our hearts, so are we and that is not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
60:08 8/3/23
Illusions on the World Stage & More
As the enemy continues to play head games with numbers and illusions, we start to notice them more often in God's reality. We learn that a lot of things in this world are just fantasy and made-up stuff to make an "appearance" of things that don't exist. We truly do live in a narcissistic matrix that is an upside-down world. A lot of things we were taught before God awakened us to and from the narcissistic abuse are incorrect and backward from the way they should be.WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
33:19 8/3/23
How to Deal with Toxic Coworkers & More
Diving more into how to deal with toxic coworkers and providing some examples about how to modify the steps for whatever environment has toxic narcissistic abusers. The tried and true steps for how to deal with toxic coworkers apply to dealing with toxic narcissistic abusers in any environment. CHA Academy is linked below for quick access and you will find all the courses by clicking on 'All Courses.'WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms
34:01 8/9/23
The Game of Narcissism Inside the Matrix
We learn more about the game of narcissism inside that matrix every day! It is intriguing how the matrix uses radio frequency to make things appear as though they are not, yet not surprising as the enemy is all about appearances. The matrix markets a lot of things to cater to the toddler mindset of the sleepers, keeping them hypnotized so they don't see what is really in front of them. Chosen ones, spiritual warriors for Christ, we can see what is really in front of us, down to the tiniest detail.WebsiteCHA AcademyCHA's Social Platforms
51:29 8/16/23
Why narcissists see the color gray as blue & more!
Covering why narcissistic abusers see the color gray as blue and more. They cannot see things as they truly are with their double minds and unstable ways. Their emotions control them and in turn, their behaviors. The color gray represents 'balance' as God is a God of balance. The links to the website, academy, and more are listed below for quick access!WebsiteCHA AcademyCHA's Social Platforms
38:09 8/23/23
The enemy targets our nutrients & more!
Announcing the CHA's Truth Analyzer podcast on Patreon and the new operation for CHA's Truth Seeker podcast! We still go live on YouTube with the Truth Seeker podcast every Tuesday around 2:30 pm ET, God willing, but we are bringing independent Truth Seeker episodes here now. I am not a big fan of refurbishing content unless it is a promotional video or urgent message from God, although the messaging is consistent so our content does branch out from other content elsewhere. You will learn about the spiritual truths behind the enemy targeting our nutrients and more in this episode as we explore this new life in the spiritual awakening where God is revealing all to us. You can always learn more about this ministry and work by visiting the links listed below! The Patreon channel link is on the social platforms page of the website. WebsiteCHA Academy & MembershipsCHA's Social Platforms
30:04 8/26/23
The Matrix: Low vibration, misery, & more!
We learn that all that narcissistic abuse is designed to do many things and keeping people in doom and gloom is just one of them. We hear that misery loves company and that's true! Inside the narcissistic matrix, that is all you find is doom and gloom that represents misery and we can see the microexpressions on people's faces that clearly indicate they are not happy. Chosen ones are naturally happy and it shows because we don't have demon spirits controlling us since we learn to rebuke them in Jesus's name! Plus, I share some story time about all this and more. You can always learn more about this ministry and work by visiting the links listed below! WebsiteCHA AcademyCHA's Social Platforms
30:10 8/30/23