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Selling Smart: Strategies & Innovations with David Kurkjian
In today's episode, seasoned sales expert David Kurkjian shares invaluable insights into the common pitfalls of sales professionals and offers practical solutions. He highlights the tendency to overshare information and stresses the importance of maintaining focus on solving the prospect's specific problem. David also introduces innovative approaches, such as incorporating whiteboarding in virtual meetings, to set sales professionals apart in a crowded market. As the conversation progresses, he delves into the art of storytelling, emphasizing its power in creating memorable and impactful sales conversations. The episode further unravels the intricacies of value propositions, contrasting them with value positions, and explores the significance of negotiation strategies. David provides practical tips on avoiding common negotiation pitfalls and ensuring a mutually satisfying outcome for both the salesperson and the prospect. Tune in for engaging discussions and expert insights to elevate your sales game.
51:20 12/5/23
5 Ways Community Bank CMOs Enable LinkedIn for Prospecting
In this episode, "5 Ways Community Bank CMOs Enable LinkedIn for Prospecting," Jack delves into key takeaways, covering the significance of Deep Selling, the use of polls, and emerging trends for 2024, setting the stage for community bank CMOs to enhance their LinkedIn strategies. As Jack shares experiences from the Sales and Marketing School, he presents five actionable tips for CMOs aiming to elevate their bank's LinkedIn presence. The discussion spans consistent branding through banker profiles, strategic use of LinkedIn backgrounds, personalized content optimization, unlocking the potential of Creator Mode, and maximizing the impact of LinkedIn Company Pages. Whether you're a seasoned CMO or diving into the world of community banking, this episode provides practical guidance and thought-provoking questions to navigate the evolving landscape of LinkedIn for effective prospecting.
22:31 12/4/23
Unleashing Creativity in Finance and Marketing Leadership
In today's episode, our host, Jack Hubbard, sits down with Allison Netzer, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Nymbus, to discuss her groundbreaking book, "Think like a Brand, Not a Bank.” Together, they delve into the transformative power of shifting mindsets, challenging traditional strategies, and embracing brand thinking in the financial services sector. Allison shares insightful anecdotes, such as the amusing skit she co-wrote about bankers turned baristas at Starbucks, and highlights success stories from banks that are effectively blending digital and physical experiences. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern banking and discover actionable strategies to enhance your approach to branding and marketing. In this thought-provoking episode, Allison introduces practical exercises from her book, encouraging listeners to cancel routine meetings and explore new ways of engaging their teams. She also unveils the "sing your song" exercise, a creative approach to presentation preparation that fosters authenticity and engagement. This episode empowers you to challenge the status quo, infuse creativity into your daily routine, and cultivate a brand-focused mindset that can revolutionize the way you lead in the dynamic world of finance and marketing. Tune in for inspiring conversations, actionable insights, and a roadmap to reimagine your role in the financial industry.
41:03 11/28/23
5 Triggers That Your Bankers NEED LinkedIn for Prospecting
In this episode, Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman discuss the importance of leveraging LinkedIn for effective prospecting in the banking industry. The episode covers various topics, including the challenges faced by seasoned bankers in getting referrals, strategies for young bankers to build connections, and the significance of adapting to changes in job positions within client companies. In this insightful episode, Brynne Tillman emphasizes the power of social connectivity and highlights practical strategies for bankers to enhance their prospecting efforts on LinkedIn. From connecting with clients and leveraging referrals to utilizing social listening for effective calls, the podcast provides valuable insights for bankers looking to optimize their LinkedIn presence. Tune in to discover how LinkedIn can be a game-changer in the world of banking, helping professionals build meaningful connections, identify prospecting triggers, and ultimately drive business success. Don't miss out on the valuable tips and strategies shared by Jack and Brynne in this timely and engaging episode.
34:00 11/27/23
Revolutionizing Small Business Financing: A Conversation with Patrick True
Dive into the dynamic world of small business financing with our latest podcast episode featuring Patrick True, President of Lendovative. In this enlightening conversation, Pat shares insights from his extensive banking career and reveals the fascinating journey that led him to co-found Lendovative in 2022. From his early days as a riverboat pilot to shaping innovative solutions for small businesses, Pat's passion for the entrepreneurial spirit shines through. Tune in and learn about the essential role community banks and credit unions play in supporting the backbone of the U.S. economy. Gain valuable insights into asset-based lending, uncover the challenges small businesses face, and explore the exciting future of financial innovation in this engaging discussion on the forefront of small business financing.
36:59 11/21/23
Bankers- Start Trust-Based Conversations and Create Content
In this episode, our hosts, Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman explore the power of eBooks in initiating trust-based conversations within the banking sector. Reflecting on his extensive banking career, Jack discuss the foundational elements of eBooks, emphasizing the need for topics that resonate with the audience's genuine concerns. They highlight the strategic use of graphics, collaboration with marketing teams, and tools like Canva and Sybill to streamline the eBook creation process. The episode concludes with practical advice on disseminating eBooks through various channels, offering a long-term approach to building credibility and fostering meaningful client relationships.
33:32 11/20/23
Buyer First Revolution: Shifting Sales Mindsets with Carole Mahoney
In this episode, host Jack Hubbard brings you actionable insights from Carole Mahoney, author of "Buyer First: Grow Your Business with Collaborative Selling." Listen and delve into the transformative Buyer First mindset, emphasizing active listening, collaboration, and buyer-focused language to elevate sales strategies. Carole shares insights from research studies, tackles effective hiring processes, and offers actionable tips on crafting compelling messages to break through the noise. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or a business owner seeking growth, this episode promises practical takeaways to transform your sales approach and achieve success. Tune in and join the conversation that's shaping the future of successful sales strategies.
47:49 11/14/23
Converting Content to Conversations
In the latest episode of Jack Rants with Brynne - Converting Content to Conversations. Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman delve into the art of making content resonate with audiences for meaningful engagement. Brynne introduces her five essential elements for successful content conversion, emphasizing the need for resonance and generating compelling moments that drive audience interaction. The episode explores various types of content, such as original and curated content, highlighting the importance of delivering value and relevance to the target audience. Jack shares his unique approach of dedicating days to specific influencers, to build rapport and engagement. The hosts also discuss posting frequency, cautioning against sharing content for the sake of it and emphasizing the significance of quality over quantity. The episode concludes with insights into collaborative articles, LinkedIn's AI-generated content encouraging thought leaders to contribute and engage with prospects. Join Jack and Brynne as they unravel the secrets of converting content into meaningful conversations and building lasting connections in the realm of social selling.
29:26 11/13/23
Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Banking with Lauren Sparks
Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Agility Bank, a groundbreaking financial institution led by Lauren Sparks. Discover how Lauren's passion for community banking and her commitment to gender equity inspired her to create a bank that challenges traditional norms. In this podcast, we explore the bank's unique approach, its mission to empower women in finance, and the innovative technology shaping its future. Lauren saw the need for a bank that challenges the status quo and empowers women in finance. Discover how she rallied a diverse team, with a remarkable 66% female ownership, to raise capital, even during the challenges of a pandemic. In this podcast, we delve into the innovative tech stack, the bank's focus on supporting underserved communities, and the strategic use of Minority Depository Institution (MDI) status. Whether you're a banking enthusiast or interested in progressive financial institutions, this podcast promises an inspiring journey into the world of modern banking.
41:11 11/7/23
How Bankers Can Spot Fake Profiles
In this episode, we delve into the world of fake LinkedIn profiles and how to identify them. Unfortunately, fake profiles are on the rise, and it's crucial for bankers to be equipped with the knowledge to spot them and protect themselves from scams. Brynne Tillman and Jack Hubbard discuss various red flags, such as unrealistic profile photos, unprofessional messaging, connection count, third-degree connections, inconsistent dates, and unrelated skills. They also emphasize the importance of due diligence before accepting connection requests and how to engage with potential connections effectively. Join us in this informative episode to sharpen your skills in detecting and handling fake LinkedIn profiles, ensuring a safe and productive networking experience on this professional platform. Don't fall victim to scams; learn how to protect your online presence as a banker.
27:03 11/6/23
Banking on Community: Leading Life on Life with Neil Stevens
In this episode, we dive into the world of community banking with Neil Stevens, the President and CEO of Oconee State Bank. Neil shares his insights on innovative community banking and discusses his new book, "Leading Life on Life." Discover how Oconee State Bank has set itself apart by creating a remarkable studio inside one of its offices, redefining how they connect with their community and prospects. Learn how Neil and his team are reshaping the concept of leadership, focusing on love, equipping, affirming, and developing others. Whether you're a seasoned banker or a new associate, this episode provides valuable takeaways on tailoring leadership, building trust, and fostering a culture of intentionality within your organization. Join us for this inspiring conversation with a thought leader in the world of community banking and leadership development. Don't miss out on the innovative ideas and strategies shared by Neil Stevens in this episode of Jack Rants with Modern Bankers.
42:08 10/31/23
LinkedIn Profile Security for Bankers
In this episode, Jack and Brynne dive into the critical topic of LinkedIn profile security for bankers. With the increasing importance of LinkedIn in the banking industry, it's vital to ensure the platform's security. Brynne shares her expertise on LinkedIn security and the proactive steps bankers can take to safeguard their profiles. They discuss essential features such as two-step verification, managing active sessions, and how to spot fake profiles. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of LinkedIn security and empower bankers to protect their online presence.
18:07 10/30/23
How Bankers Leverage LinkedIn Polls to Start Trust-Based Conversations
In Episode 22 of "Jack Rants with Brynne," titled "How Bankers Leverage LinkedIn Polls to Start Trust-Based Conversations," Jack and Brynne dive into the effective use of polls on LinkedIn to foster trust-based conversations. They discuss the power of polls in gaining insights from prospects without coming off as too salesy. Brynne emphasizes the importance of crafting well-positioned questions and engaging with your network effectively. They also touch on the value of collaboration within a team and how follow-up actions, such as blog posts and ebooks, can extend the reach and impact of these polls. Join Jack and Brynne as they reveal the secrets of using LinkedIn polls to drive trust-based conversations and provide value to your network in a fun and informative way.
29:01 10/23/23
Episode 23: Navigating Change and Building Resilience in Banking with Joe Sullivan
Join us for insightful conversations on resilience in the banking industry with Joe Sullivan, an experienced consultant with a unique perspective on navigating change and building resilience in the ever-evolving financial landscape. In this podcast, we delve into Joe's journey, from the inception of his resilience project during the pandemic to its impact on the banking world today. Discover how individuals, managers, and organizations can foster resilience, adapt to rapid industry changes, and find purpose in their roles. Gain valuable insights into the intersection of personal growth, empathy, and the future of banking in an era of constant transformation. Don't miss this engaging exploration of the strategies and stories that shape the resilient leaders of tomorrow.
48:42 10/23/23
Get Your "Masters" in LinkedIn Referrals
Join us in the 20th episode of Jack Rants with Brynne as we unravel the secrets behind the power of referrals and LinkedIn connections in the world of banking. Discover how to effectively build relationships, nurture connections, and turn handshakes into hugs as we guide you through the process step by step. Get ready to leverage the full potential of LinkedIn and make your networking efforts more fruitful. Don't miss out on this practical and insightful discussion, where we share real-world experiences and tips to help you excel in the art of relationship-building. Tune in and master the art of LinkedIn referrals with us.
31:31 10/17/23
Episode 21: Unlocking the Power of Personal Notes: An Interview with Elizabeth Cottrell
In the 11th episode of Jack Rants with Modern Banker, your host, Jack Hubbard engages in heartfelt conversations with Elizabeth Cottrell, an author and advocate for the power of personal notes. Together, they explore the profound impact of handwritten letters, sharing touching stories of how these small gestures can connect, comfort, encourage, and inspire, fostering deeper human connections in an increasingly digital world. Discover the psychology behind keeping treasured notes, learn the art of crafting meaningful messages, and find inspiration to double down on being human in an age of technology. Tune in for a journey into the world of handwritten notes and the magic they bring to our lives.Whether you're a seasoned note writer or someone looking to rekindle this meaningful tradition, this podcast offers insights, inspiration, and a reminder of the beauty in human connections crafted through pen and paper.
42:50 10/16/23
Nurturing Your LinkedIn Connections
In this episode, Jack and Brynne dive deep into the art of nurturing your professional connections on LinkedIn, drawing parallels to nurturing personal relationships and sharing practical tips for building trust-based conversations without being salesy. They discuss strategies for identifying and reaching out to connections you may have been neglecting and offer insights on how to use LinkedIn tools effectively. Discover how Sales Navigator can help you pinpoint ideal prospects, especially CFOs and other key decision-makers. Join them and get valuable strategies and concepts that can help you nurture meaningful connections and unlock new opportunities.
32:46 10/10/23
LinkedIn's Algorithm for 2023
In Episode 18 of the Jack Rants with Brynne Podcast titled "LinkedIn's Algorithm for 2023," hosts Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman dive into the intricacies of LinkedIn's algorithm and how it impacts your content's visibility and reach on the platform. They discuss the importance of engaging with the algorithm, the power of comments and questions, the value of followers versus connections, the role of emotion and impact in content, and the dos and don'ts of sharing personal photos on LinkedIn. Join them for an insightful discussion on navigating LinkedIn's algorithm for better results in your professional networking and content strategy. Tune in to learn practical tips and strategies to make the most of LinkedIn in 2023, with insights derived from the algorithm report by Richard van der Blom.
32:24 10/3/23
Bankers + Collaboratives Articles = Thought Leadership
Welcome to "Jack Rants with Brynne Podcast," where we dive into the world of modern banking and thought leadership. In this episode titled "Bankers + Collaboratives Articles = Thought Leadership," Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman explore the exciting world of collaborative articles on LinkedIn. They discuss how these AI-generated articles can help bankers become thought leaders in their industries. From finding relevant topics to earning badges and upvotes, they share valuable insights on leveraging this powerful tool. Join them as they explore the potential of collaborative articles and how they can elevate your banking career. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation!
33:28 9/26/23
7 Profile Updates All Bankers Need to Make
In this episode, Jack and Brynne discuss key strategies to optimize your LinkedIn profile, starting with the importance of a compelling banner that represents your personal brand and bank. They cover elements like crafting a customer-centric headline, leveraging the call to action button, and utilizing the featured section to showcase recent successes. Plus, they dive into the art of giving and receiving recommendations, reinforcing your professional reputation and credibility. Tune in to learn how to transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool for banking success.
30:58 9/19/23
To Follow or Not to Follow (On LinkedIn)
Are you confused about whether you should follow or connect with someone on LinkedIn? Or are you unsure if you should have the Follow button or the Connect button on your profile page? Let us help bring some clarity to your LinkedIn social selling strategy! Watch this episode to learn more about LinkedIn's Follow feature and how to use it wisely to put yourself on your buyer's radar and become a stepping stone to start conversations with your target opportunities. In this episode, they explore the nuances of following and connecting on LinkedIn, shedding light on the often misunderstood difference between the two. Discover why strategically following influential figures in your industry can boost your visibility and engagement, and learn practical tips for leveraging your company page's followers. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion that can elevate your LinkedIn game and help you build your own LinkedIn Hall of Fame. Tune in now!
24:47 9/12/23
21 Tenets of Social Selling - The Philosophy for Relationship Bankers
Join Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman as they unveil the secrets to mastering social selling on LinkedIn. In this episode, they explore 21 invaluable strategies, from building rapport to engaging effectively with your network, transforming your LinkedIn profile into a resource, and earning the right to meaningful conversations. Learn how to connect with prospects, surround them with valuable insights, and personalize your approach to different stakeholders. Plus, discover the pitfalls of random acts of social and why consistency and effort are key to LinkedIn success. Tune in for actionable tips to level up your social selling game and drive meaningful results!
36:25 9/5/23
LinkedIn for In-Person Networking Events
Join us for an engaging discussion on leveraging LinkedIn for in-person networking events! In this episode of 'Jack Rants with Brynne.' Tune in as we dive into the world of networking both online and offline. We'll discuss how to make the most out of your in-person networking events using LinkedIn as a powerful tool. Discover the importance of optimizing your LinkedIn profile, connecting with event attendees, engaging with their content, and effectively following up to nurture valuable relationships. Whether you're attending industry conferences or local networking meetups, learn how to leverage LinkedIn to expand your network and build meaningful connections. Don't miss out on valuable insights and actionable tips to enhance your networking game. And remember to download our free eBook to get a comprehensive guide to mastering networking events using LinkedIn. Tune in next Thursday at 12PM for another enlightening conversation on the Jack Rants with Brynne Podcast!
35:05 8/29/23
From Commercial Banker to Thought Leader
In the second episode of "Jack Rants with Brynne," titled "From Commercial Banker to Thought Leader," Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman delve into the concept of thought leadership in the world of commercial banking. They discuss the essence of thought leadership, which revolves around leading others to think differently and better. They emphasize the importance of being authentic and maintaining a unique perspective that others find valuable. The episode covers various strategies for bankers to establish themselves as thought leaders, including engaging more with others' content than posting their own, anticipating industry trends, surrounding oneself with thought leaders, and using platforms like interviews to showcase expertise and connect with prospects. By offering practical advice and actionable insights, the podcast aims to guide bankers in transforming their roles from mere bankers to influential thought leaders within their industry.
37:38 8/22/23
7 Mistakes Bankers Make on LinkedIn
Join Jack Rants with Brynne, hosted by Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman as they delve into the world of LinkedIn for bankers. In this engaging discussion, Jack Hubbard and Brynne Tillman explore the common pitfalls that bankers encounter on LinkedIn and offer practical solutions for building meaningful connections. Discover how to transform your LinkedIn profile from a traditional resume into a valuable resource, engage with relevant industry content, and establish authentic relationships. Learn the art of leveraging your network to gain access to ideal clients and prospects, while avoiding the pitfalls of cold calling. Tune in to uncover actionable insights that will help you navigate the world of LinkedIn and connect with potential clients in a more impactful way.
30:50 8/16/23
Episode 10: Phil Simon
In the 10th episode of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," we have the privilege of hosting the brilliant Phil Simon, a distinguished expert in workplace collaboration and technology. With a wealth of knowledge, academic accomplishments, and a string of best-selling books under his belt, Phil brings a fresh perspective on reshaping the workplace. His latest book, "The Nine: The Tectonic Forces Reshaping the Workplace," is a game changer and essential read for bankers and business leaders. In this riveting interview, Phil discusses the future of automation, the impact of generative AI, and the challenges of physical dispersion. Gain valuable insights into performance measurement, fractional roles, and how real estate owners are adapting to the changing workspace landscape. Don't miss this enlightening episode as we explore the cutting-edge ideas and practical solutions that will transform the workplace as we know it.
48:30 8/8/23
Episode 9: Martin Wise
Get ready for an empowering and transformative dialogue with the remarkable Martin Wise in the 9th episode of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers." With a career in financial services and a prestigious educational background, Martin's journey led him to launch RelPro, a game-changing system that has become a must-have for bankers across the nation. In this episode, Martin discusses the catalyst behind RelPro's inception and how his experience at Merrill Lynch influenced its development. Dive into the power of relationship mapping and how this invaluable tool shapes banking success. Learn about buyer intent and its role in identifying triggers for key opportunities. With a vision for the future, Martin also shares insights into the integration of AI and chat GPT technology in the RelPro system, paving the way for revolutionary advancements in banking. Don't miss this episode that promises to redefine the way you approach banking and propel you towards excellence.
46:03 8/8/23
Episode 8: Amber Farley
Join us for a captivating and informative eighth episode of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," featuring esteemed guest Amber Farley, a distinguished branding and marketing expert in the banking industry. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that marketing professionals face today, Amber shares her wealth of knowledge on a variety of critical topics. From tackling the complexities of branding and rebranding in a rapidly changing environment to harnessing the potential of social media for personal and professional growth, Amber's insights provide a roadmap for success in modern banking marketing. Tune in to discover strategies for effective communication, budgeting, and measurement, as well as practical advice on navigating your path to the C-suite. Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or an aspiring leader, this episode offers valuable guidance and inspiration to enhance your marketing efforts in the banking sector.
48:07 8/8/23
Episode 7: Tom Morris
In the captivating seventh episode of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," Tom Morris, a renowned philosopher, prolific author, and sought-after speaker, takes the spotlight to engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with host Jack Hubbard. With a background that spans philosophy, academia, and the corporate world, Tom offers unique insights into a wide array of topics. From discussing the practical applications of ancient wisdom in today's complex business landscape to sharing his perspectives on true success, confidence, and the power of a growth mindset, Tom's wisdom is as illuminating as it is actionable. Tom shares insights on the practical applications of philosophical wisdom in areas such as success, leadership, and personal growth. Delve into the evolution of his teachings, from his early days of teaching to his recent books like "Socrates in Silicon Valley," offering a fresh perspective on Steve Jobs. Tune in to gain valuable insights on confidence, transforming challenges into opportunities, and the role of philosophy in navigating the complexities of the modern world. Whether you're a banker, a business leader, or simply seeking inspiration, this episode promises a journey of wisdom, introspection, and meaningful change.
49:14 8/8/23
Episode 6: Jeff Marsico
Episode five of "Jack Rants With Modern Bankers," features respected sales consultant and bestselling author, Colleen Stanley. With an impressive background and using a trailblazing approach, Colleen is the author of two groundbreaking books, "Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success: Connect with Customers and Get Results" and "Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership: The Secret to Building High-Performance Sales Teams." Colleen has trained countless sales professionals and influenced organizations of all sizes, earning her recognition as a top sales influencer of the 21st century. Colleen shares her unique perspective on the interplay between emotional intelligence and the art of sales, discussing her influential books and her extensive experience in training sales professionals. Explore the nuances of virtual selling, the crucial role of empathy, and the strategic adaptation to ever-evolving challenges. Delve into the world of sales leadership, resilience, and effective communication strategies that enhance client relationships and foster success in the banking industry and beyond. This conversation helps listeners redefine the role of emotional intelligence in shaping the future of sales and leadership.
44:47 8/8/23