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The “Circuit & Anthems” channel is a vibrant celebration of iconic gay circuit party music, featuring non-stop mixes that capture the spirit of the dance floor. This channel is a tribute to legendary Divas and timeless gay anthems, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and joy. From pulsating beats to soaring vocals, each mix is a curated journey through the heart of gay culture, offering listeners an exhilarating escape into a world of rhythm, energy, and pride.


Amp Up Your Training Season with the Hottest Circuit Anthems: Spring Edition 2024
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775e79ad = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775e79ad = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775e79ad"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775e79ad"); } Album: Spring Edition 2024Genre: Circuit, Tribal, HouseYear: 2024Total Time: 02:37:52 Forever Tel Aviv, Raz Danon & Coral - Letting You In (Original Mix) Mary Kiani - Giving Up, Giving In (Toy Armada Remix) Dua Lipa - Training Season (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) Nacho Chapado - The Drums Show (Ivan Gomez Remix) Beyoncé - Texas Hold 'em (Dario Xavier Remix) Troye Sivan - One Of Your Girls (Macau Remix) Pharrell Williams & Miley Cyrus - Doctor (Work It Out) (HenriqMoraes Mix) John Summit - Shiver (Rafael Daglar Remix) Brian Kent - Carry Your Light (GSP Anthem Remix) Sam Smith - I Feel Love (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) Daddies Home! - The Funky Bangalore (Club Mix) Barry Huffine x Jose Spinnin Cortes feat. Zhana Roiya - Looking For a New Love (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) Ariana Grande - We Can't Be Friends (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) Karol G & Tiësto - Contigo (Dario Xavier Remix) Edson Pride - Keep On Dancin' (Rafael Dutra & Junior Senna Bomb! Mix) Cajjmere Wray feat. El Rey - Hombres (Original Explicit Club Mix) Filipe Guerra & Tina More - Touch Me (Original Mix) Ice MC - Think About The Way (Andrea Govoni Remix) Kylie Minogue - Vegas High (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) Lula - The Light (Nick Harvey Main Mix) J. Velarde, Luque, Vitti & Giovanna - Sundays At Heaven (Jose Spinnin Cortes & Chris Stutz Remix) Jennifer Lopez - Can't Get Enough (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) Nick Rashad Burroughs feat. Alex Newell - Gym Crush feat. Alex Newell (GSP Remix) Olly Alexander - Dizzy (Dirty Disco Pillow Biters Remix) Ariana Grande & Mariah Carey - Yes, And (Dirty Disco Eagle Houston Remix) Ranny feat. Deepa Soul - Feva (Luis Erre Remix) Dani Brasil & Maya Simantov - Black Tears (Toy Armada Remix) Alfie Arcuri - Happy (Luis Vazquez Remix) Kylie Minogue - Hold On To Now (Nick Harvey Big Room Mix) Anyma x Micha Moor x Johnny Bass - Save Me (JUNCE Mash)
157:52 3/24/24
Celebrate the Holidays with the Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season!: UPDATED
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775e9350 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775e9350 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775e9350"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775e9350"); } Party Favorz is hitting you up with a special mid-week treat – our 2023 Holiday Edition series, packed with this season's most electrifying circuit anthems. It's that time of the year when the beats get bolder and the nights longer, perfect for some serious dance floor action. This year's mix is a rollercoaster of emotions and energy, starting with a mind-blowing mashup of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" and Beyoncé's "Summer Renaissance." It's a track that's more than just a song – it's a celebration, a nod to the legends who've shaped our world. Diva classics are getting a fresh circuit anthem makeover too. We're talking about Kim English's "Unspeakable Joy" and Tove Lo's "Habits," reimagined in a way that only true circuit anthems can. And Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" is hitting the circuit anthem scene with a new energy that's both nostalgic and exhilarating. But wait, there's more – we're talking about diva collaborations that are nothing short of legendary. Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus on "Wrecking Ball"? Yes, please! And Dolly Party and Beth Sacks giving us their unique spin on the mashup of 4 Non Blondes classic "What's Up" – it's like rediscovering these songs for the first time. Cher, the queen herself, is gracing our holiday circuit anthems lineup with not one, but two tracks. Her "Angels In the Snow" and "DJ Play a Christmas Song" are getting the circuit anthem treatment by Dirty Disco and Guy Scheiman, and they're bound to be the highlight of your holiday season. And for the grand finale, we've got a circuit anthem remix of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" that's so good, it'll make leaving the dance floor the hardest goodbye. The AI Factor in Music We can't ignore the significant role AI is playing in the music scene today. It's reached a point where AI-generated voices are singing tracks they might never have touched, including those by artists no longer with us. A prime example in our latest set is the AI rendition of Dua Lipa performing the Wham! and George Michael classic, "Careless Whisper," remixed by Henriq Moraes. The remix is impressive, but it's clear that AI still has a way to go in perfectly capturing an artist's unique vocal style. This phenomenon is widespread online, with music labels actively removing many of these AI-generated tracks from YouTube. The issue? Rights holders aren't seeing the revenue from these streams. This emerging trend is something artists and their representatives will need to address in future contracts. The situation brings to mind certain "Black Mirror" episodes – specifically "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" and "Joan Is Awful." In these stories,
188:07 12/13/23
Cranking Up the Heat with the Hottest Circuit Anthems: Fall Edition 2023!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775ea4f8 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775ea4f8 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775ea4f8"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775ea4f8"); } Folks, it's that time again! Party Favorz is turning up the volume with our annual Fall Edition for 2023, featuring HOT cowboys and, you guessed it, the most electrifying circuit anthems around. If you're ready to sweat, you're in the right place. The Bryan Adams Revival: A Circuit Anthem Feast Our journey begins with a new spin on Bryan Adams' iconic 80s anthem "Heaven," reimagined by Edson Pride and Annie Fox. This revamped version doesn't stray far from the classic but revs it up into a tribal house extravaganza. Sydney’s Oscar Jamo Revamps "Bulletproof" Next in line, Oscar Jamo from Sydney infuses La Roux's electro-pop sensation "Bulletproof" with a twist of Progressive House, eventually catapulting it into big room. This little creative detour lands the remix a well-deserved spot in our mix of circuit anthems. The Dirty Disco Mixes We Can't Resist As is tradition, we're injecting a dose of Tea Dance with the magic of Dirty Disco into the experience. This installment features new songs by Troy Sivan, Selena Gomez, Kylie, and even Sam Smith doing a duet with Christina Aguilera on her classic ballad "Beautiful." Oh, and let’s not forget LP’s “Golden”—an absolute gem. Smooth Moves with Kristine W and Dario Xavier Taking us down another groove, Kristine W takes on Sade's timeless track "Smooth Operator," and Dario Xavier lifts it sky-high with his unique Tribal House flair making this a worthy circuit anthem. Guy Scheiman: Israel's Hottest Circuit Anthems DJ Our playlist wouldn't be complete without the multi-talented Guy Scheiman, hailing from Israel. He adds his magic touch to David Bowie's "Let's Dance" and revisits the Steve Mac vs. Mosquito's early 2000s dance hit "Lovin' You More." To cap it off, he's got a brand-new track from Broadway star and LGBTQ+ ally Idina Menzel—“Move,” which is fresh off her latest dance album "Drama Queen." Nick "Harvey’s Double Feature Let's not overlook Nick Harvey, who rocks the floor with an original called "7 Days" and he brings the fun party joy of Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night (Away).” His dub mix of Kylie's latest, "Tension," is a pulsating dub masterpiece that simply can't be ignored. Award-Worthy Circuit Anthems Remixes Jace M & Toy Armada make an emotional impact with their Big Room take on Miley Cyrus' "Used To Be Young." On a different note, Steven Redant, Danny Verde, and Miss Nina Flowers hits us with its unapologetic queerness the circuit anthem "Arriba Maricones." Best Updated Circuit Anthems Classics The top honor for the best updated remixed classic is a tie! Kudos to the Weehs Michelini remix of "Absolutely Not" by Deborah Cox and Rafael Barreto's ...
231:51 10/21/23
SIZZLING HOT Circuit Anthems of Summer!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775ebcd7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775ebcd7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775ebcd7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775ebcd7"); } As if this hasn't been the hottest summer ever recorded, Party Favorz is back and ready to heat up your summer even further with our annual Summer Edition for 2023 featuring a pulsating lineup of circuit anthems with the biggest circuit tribal house! This time, the beat is wild, and the rhythm is tribal. We're here to take you on a sonic adventure that has everything from nostalgia to the latest big tribal house hits. We kick things off with a heart-rending tribute mix dedicated to an icon whose recent loss is still a heavy weight on our hearts. Who can forget the magnetic song "Nothing Compares 2 U" from 1990? Well, Israel's Tomer Maizner has turned this tear-jerker into an enormous big room remix. It's a tribute that manages to honor the original while turning it into a colossal sing-a-long for the broken-hearted. Not to be left behind, Kylie Minogue's unstoppable summer hit "Padam Padam" is transformed into a big room sensation by Toy Armada, an artist known for his creativity and flair. The essence of circuit tribal house is alive and well, especially with collaborations like the one between Toy Armada and Jace M on hits like "Alone" by Kim Petras, featuring Nicki Minaj. Their combination delivers a force that resonates with the dance floor, leaving everyone craving more. But what's a summer without some classics reinvented? Guy Scheiman makes a triumphant return with a progressive remake of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff," while Dario Xavier adds his unique touch to current hits and classic Eurodance sensations. These sounds, rich with the essence of circuit anthems, will have you dancing like never before. Party Favorz's commitment to innovation is also reflected in our efforts to blend the Circuit & Anthem series with our Tea Dance collections. The goal? To enhance the listening experience without becoming repetitive. And when we call upon our creative geniuses like Jace M & Toy Armada, they rise to the challenge. The mantle of remix duty, once filled by the likes of Hex Hector, Almighty, and 7th Heaven, now proudly resides with Dirty Disco, creating floor-stompers that are original and mesmerizing. Our love for the dance floor goes beyond one style, as Dirty Disco brings gems like Rita Ora's "You and I" and "GODDESS" by Keeana Kee and Ariana Castelli. These tracks encapsulate the spirit of the LGBTQ community, uplifting and empowering. Keep an eye on DJs like Ray Isaac, who's taken his game to a whole new level. With remixes of Eurovision winners and potential pop superstars, Isaac shows that Dirty Disco isn't the only game in town, as he carves a niche for himself in the world of circuit anthems and circuit tribal house.
183:05 8/12/23
The Biggest Gay Pride Circuit Anthems
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775ecdd9 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775ecdd9 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775ecdd9"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775ecdd9"); } Party Favorz is thrilled to return with our annual Pride Edition for 2023, stepping back into the limelight with the most heart-pounding Gay Pride circuit anthems that are taking center stage at festivals and gay events worldwide. Our last offering of an unforgettable collection of circuit anthems was during our 2023 Spring Edition. Unfortunately, we had to bypass the Winter Edition due to unexpected circumstances. However, we are actively looking forward to regaling you with another explosive Summer Edition towards the end of July or the beginning of August. World Pride 2023 has already set a captivating precedent in Sydney, Australia. Nevertheless, the biggest, most anticipated events in the U.S. are yet to happen, scheduled for the weekend of the 25th. This gives you ample time to delve into our diversified, gay-themed offerings. Immerse yourself in the buoyant spirit of the season, perfect to kickstart any Pride celebration. After an exhausting marathon of curating some of the most incredible Pride sets, I must admit I'm slightly gayed out. However, the spirit of Pride never wavers. I extend my sincerest wishes to all of you for a fantastic Gay Pride celebration. Celebrate who you are, and let the music set your spirit free. Stay tuned for more sonic delights from Party Favorz. Until then, soak in the joy of Pride, revel in the rhythms of our playlists, and above all, ENJOY! Album: Pride Edition 2023Genre: Circuit, Tribal, HouseYear: 2023Total Time: 03:06:29 1. Tommer Mizrahi feat. Adi Varsano - Proud (Intro Mix) 2. Lewis Capaldi - Wish You The Best (Yerko Molina Lola's Remix) 3. Loreen - Tatto (Brian Solis Circuit Mix) 4. TFD - Magia (Pride Remix) 5. Oliver Heldens & Kylie Minogue - 10 Out Of 10 (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 6. Leomeo - Muscles (Alberto Ponzo & Marcelo Almeida Remix) 7. Billy Porter - Baby Was A Dancer (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix) 8. Sam Smith & Madonna - Vulgar (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 9. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez - Energy (Extended Mix) 10. Black Flamingo & Soraya Naoyin - Sundance (Extended Mix) 11. Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Hixel Mashup) 12. Bette Midler - From A Distance (TANNER + Toy Armada The Royal Remix) 13. Beyonce - Cozy (Alan Capetillo & Alex Acosta Remix) 14. Kylie Minoguie - Padam Padam (Dirty Disco Pillow Biters Remix) 15. Cheyenne Jackson - Celebrate Your Face (GSP Pride Anthem Remix) 16. Ultra Nate - Free (Guy Scheiman Remix) 17. Vaschon feat. Audrey Valentina - This One Is for You (Extended Mix) 18. Yerko Molina - Higher (Red Roy Remix) 19. David Guetta & Sia - Let's Love (Taylor Cruz Future Remix) 20. Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares To Wrecking Ball (Yerko Molina Private...
186:29 6/15/23
Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023 Volume 2
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775ee156 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775ee156 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775ee156"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775ee156"); } As the wave of Gay Pride celebrations swells across the globe, Party Favorz is set to keep the rainbow connection alive and kicking with the release of Volume 2 of the 2023 Gay Anthems For A New Generation series. This sequel compilation is brimming with reimagined gay anthems by industry legends such as Donna Summer, ABBA, Kylie Minogue (who, incidentally, is riding high with a chart-topping hit as we speak), Adele, Pet Shop Boys, Ultra Nate, Robyn, Cher, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and countless more beloved divas. The roster of tracks in this collection doesn't warrant a detailed introduction — each song and artist holds a distinctive place in the heart of the LGBTQ+ community and has contributed significantly to its vibrant culture. With resources permitting, Party Favorz has ambitious plans in the pipeline — a Gay Pride circuit and anthems set slated for launch next week. Creating these music sets can often run up a bill north of $100. The challenge lies in the fact that the songs earmarked for these special circuit compilations are not readily available on the DJ service we rely on. Most of these need to be procured from alternate online platforms like Beatport or directly from the DJ's Bandcamp page (though several are free on Soundcloud). Nevertheless, we are committed to making it happen and will do our utmost to deliver a fresh set for our devoted circuit boys. Remember to stay proud and keep the celebration going. Let the anthems of unity, love, and acceptance echo in every corner of the world. Until the next time...ENJOY! The transition between "When Love Takes Over (David Michael vs. Almighty 2K20 Pride Remix)" by Kelly Rowland and "Vogue (Division 4 Extended Mix)" by Madonna has been corrected. Album: Gay Anthems for a New Generation 2023 Vol. 2Genre: House, Future House, EDM, CircuitYear: 2023Total Time: 03:06:20 1. Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real (GhostMasters Extended Mix) 2. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (Vicetone Original Mix) 3. ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (HÄWK VIP Edit) 4. Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Outta My Head 2018 (Barry Harris Dance Mix) 5. Heather Small feat. Dirty Disco & Matt Consola - Proud (Division 4 & Matt Consola Remix) 6. Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (Tommer Mizrahi Remix) 7. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (TMC's Heartbroken Club Update) 8. Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Shawnee Taylor - Live Your Life (Dirty Freek Remix) 9. Ariana Grande feat. Zedd - Break Free (Barry Harris Remix) 10. Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Reidiculous Remix) 11. Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (Block & Crown & Paul Parsons 2021 Nudisco Mix) 12. Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Kaktuz Remix) 13.
186:20 6/10/23
Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023 Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775ef195 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775ef195 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775ef195"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775ef195"); } Party Favorz returns with our much-anticipated annual release: Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2023! This compilation celebrates iconic modern Gay Pride anthems and their importance to the LGBTQ+ community. The 2023 selection revitalizes legendary anthems from the past half-century, presenting them in an updated format for today's dancefloors. We bring you the most emblematic, compelling songs that echo the universal messages of love, unity, resilience, and defiance within our community. Kicking off this collection, we've selected the ever-resilient anthem, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. It's featured in an exquisite, previously unexplored version - Eric Kupper's House remix, offering a gentle start before escalating into high-energy beats. The list also highlights Whitney Houston's timeless hit, "I Will Always Love You" in a Julian Marsh remix, and Diana Ross' empowering track "I'm Coming Out," remixed by Barry Harris. Each song carries significant meaning for our community, often becoming soundtracks to personal stories of love, acceptance, and identity. Other standouts include Lizzo's "Everybody's Gay" and Miley Cyrus' "Flowers," showing the continual evolution of queer music. Toni Braxton's heart-wrenching "Un-Break My Heart" and CeCe Peniston's classic "Finally," both in revamped remixes, add to the rich tapestry of our anthems. To ensure these powerful messages resonate with listeners, we've chosen remixes that retain the essence of each anthem while injecting a modern energy, making these tunes relatable to the current LGBTQ+ generation. The curation of these modern Gay Pride anthems of 2023 was a challenging task due to the abundance of choices, but we are confident we've selected the most impactful tracks that resonate globally. Our goal was to craft a collection that honors the past while embracing the future, mirroring the continual progress within our community. So, turn up the volume, let the music inspire you, and remember: these songs aren't just anthems; they're a testament to our journey, resilience, and pride. Stay tuned for the release of volume 2 of the 2023 Gay Anthems For A New Generation collection, filled with more modern Gay Pride anthems to soundtrack your celebrations. Enjoy and keep the pride alive! Album: Gay Anthems for a New Generation 2023 Vol. 1Genre: House, Future House, EDM, CircuitYear: 2023Total Time: 03:11:22 1. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive 2020 (Eric Kupper Remix) 2. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (Julian Marsh Remix) 3. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out (Barry Harris 2018 Remix) 4. Lizzo - Everybody's Gay (Barry Harris Remix) 5.
191:21 6/9/23
The Biggest Circuit Anthems of Spring
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775f0136 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775f0136 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775f0136"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775f0136"); } Party Favorz is excited to announce the release of the 2023 Spring Edition, featuring the hottest gay circuit anthems of the season. This set includes two tribute songs to Irene Cara: "What A Feeling" by Mor Avrahami and Ran Ziv featuring Ilor Bar, and "Fame" by Black Flamingo and Mar Shine featuring Choir+. The updated versions of these classics with new vocals are outstanding and pay homage to the originals. Many of you may remember the excellent rework of "Fame" by DJ Bill Bennett and Suzanne Palmer back in the day and recently featured on The Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics volume 4. These updated versions with new vocals are stellar and do the original justice. Miss Cara would be honored. The legendary Suzanne Palmer has also featured in the Tony Moran and Guy Scheiman collaboration of "Praise Up" with various remixes to suit all tastes making it the ultimate circuit anthem. Debby Holiday, another favorite of Party Favorz, has a new remix by Dirty Disco and Matt Consola of her remake of the Soul and Disco classic "I Can't Stand the Rain" and a blazing remix of "Love & Peace." Party Favorz believes that Miss Holiday and Miss Palmer deserve an induction into the Diva Hall of Fame due to their contributions to the gay community, which can't be overstated. Still, these are big circuit anthems from a diva with a huge voice that shouldn't go unnoticed. Additionally, Disco Queen Carol Jiani returns with Sammy X on the super gay "I'm A Diva Baby," and Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, and P!nk's latest hits are included with Dirty Disco and Zambianco doing remix honors. While Party Favorz maintains a big tribal house sound throughout the set, plenty of progressive sounds and mainstream songs are Tea Dance tracks included to mix things up making for the ultimate circuit anthems of spring. Finally, Party Favorz asks for your support to sustain our current level of growth. Though streaming and downloading are not dependent on your donation, we greatly appreciate any contributions to support our efforts to bring you the latest from the world of dance. You can donate here: I'll be back next week with a fresh new Disco House set. Until then...ENJOY! Album: Spring Edition 2023 Genre: Circuit, Tribal, Progressive HouseYear: 2023Total Time: 03:11:24 1. Mor Avrahami & Ran Ziv feat. Ilor Bar - What A Feeling (Intro Mix) 2. Sagi Kariv & Micky Friedmann feat. Jennifer Takoh - Where Are You (Original Mix) 3. Yerko Molina - Higher (Original Mix) 4. J.Velarde, Luque & Vitti feat. Giovanna - Sundays At Heaven (Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado Remix) 5. Masters At Work - Work it (Zambianco 2023 Mix) 6.
191:24 3/11/23
Holiday Edition 2022 — Get Filthy with the Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775f1217 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775f1217 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775f1217"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775f1217"); } Brace yourselves for a thrilling musical journey as Party Favorz leaps ahead of the calendar to bring you the annual Holiday Edition for 2022, a heart-pounding compilation of Circuit Anthems that is certain to make your year-end celebrations unforgettable. Designed to ensure that we fulfill all of our commitments to you, our dedicated music lovers, this edition is dropping earlier than promised. Rest assured, this surprise will only add to the anticipation and excitement. With the Holiday Edition 2022, we’re laying out a spectacular array of pulsating beats and sensational tunes that have shaped the year's circuit soundscape. As we inch closer to bidding farewell to another year, it's the perfect time to rewind, relish, and rejoice in the rhythm of circuit tribal house music. Kicking off the tracklist, we have Filipe Guerra & D'Layna's 'We Got the Power'. The intro mix sets the stage with an energizing aura, invigorating the listeners and priming them for what lies ahead. This is quickly followed by the unmistakable vocals of Beyoncé with 'Cuff It', remixed into an electrifying version by Guy Scheiman. The Bent Collective teams up with Nina Flowers to create 'Arriba Maricones', a track that raises the stakes with Steven Redant's Big Mix. Siege's 'Waiting' gets an extended mix by Nick Harvey, while Todrick Hall's 'Pre Madonna' is transformed into a dance anthem thanks to Alan Capetillo's brilliant remix. Russ Rich & Debby Holiday’s 'I Can't Stand The Rain' gets a club mix revamp by Stephen Jusko, and Lizzo's 'About Damn Time' receives the Nick Harvey treatment, resulting in a surefire party hit. As we move further into this dance paradise, Klaas × Matthew Tasa take us on a nostalgic trip with their house remix of 'Take on Me'. France Joli's 'Let Me Love You' gets a house makeover by Dirty Disco & Matt Consola, adding to the overall groove of the compilation. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez urge you to get up and move with 'U Wanna Get Up', an original mix that carries the undeniable vibe of the dance floor. David Guetta & Sia's iconic 'Titanium 2k23' gets a fresh remix by HenriqMoraes, giving the song a modern twist. Dave Matthias' 'Stay With Me Tonight' gets a festival-ready remix by Elof de Neve, and Edson Pride & Junior Senna take 'Good Vibrations' to the next level with their original mix. The list goes on, with each song better than the last, including remixes of tracks by Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Pink, Offer Nissim, and many more. Each one has been meticulously selected and crafted to produce a unique sound that captures the essence of the year. Capping off this Holiday Edition 2022,
199:17 12/14/22
The Biggest Circuit Anthems of the Season! : FALL EDITION 2022
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775f23ee = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775f23ee = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775f23ee"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775f23ee"); } The ATL has finally started to cool down while Party Favorz keeps heating up with our annual Fall Edition featuring the biggest circuit anthems of the season! I decided not to make everyone wait another week for this drop because I was able to get a couple of major things out of the way earlier in the week. A lot is going on in this set that features something for everyone. Of course, we've got all the latest circuit hits and pop hits remixed into circuit anthems, but I'm starting to pull in some mashups for this series and a couple of unexpected 80s throwbacks threw me off track but were so good they had to be included. The Journey x Edson Pride remix of Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) is monumental. We closed out the set with another one of Joel Dickinson's (a.k.a. Thee Werqn B!tches) deliciously devilish mashups featuring the unlikely casting of Lizzo, 4 Non Blondes, and Barbra Streisand mixed into a delightful confection of hi-energy glitterama. Jace M & Toy Armada have graced us with an uplifting tribute mix of Everyday by Kim English which has been one of the top circuit anthems for the ages. This version is their signature style, which suits the track and its positive message. With the recent passing of Olivia Newton-John, I thought it was fitting to pay tribute to this gay icon. The woman has a treasure trove of music with five #1 hits, a multitude of Top 10 hits, two #1 albums, and she's a 4-time Grammy winner who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Many people aren't aware that her career (much like Taylor Swift) started in country music, then country pop before moving to pop music. Most of you do know that she starred opposite John Travolta in Grease, whose soundtrack is one of the world's biggest-selling albums. Newton-John battled breast cancer three times and was an advocate for breast cancer research as well as environmental and animal rights. As a gay icon and ally to our community, she appeared in the 1996 drama It's My Party — a movie about AIDS and dying with dignity. I noticed that there weren't any remixes for Miss Newton-John other than Physical (thank you Leo Blanco) so I dug out the Victor Calderone remix of Hopelessly Devoted To You from the Grease soundtrack, which — despite its age — fits perfectly into this circuit anthems set. Barry Harris had recently reworked Xanadu but I thought that wouldn't quite fit in and only a few of my followers would get it. I just wanted to pay my respects and give love to this woman who was a big part of my life. Now, I'm officially taking this next week off and will be back the following week with one of my bucket list series. Until then...ENJOY!
244:15 9/24/22
Summer’s Hottest Circuit Anthems! — Summer Edition 2022
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a775f3bc0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a775f3bc0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a775f3bc0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a775f3bc0"); } It's been a hot minute since our last Circuit & Anthems set and for a good reason. Party Favorz was doling out a marathon of gay anthem classics that 1) there wasn't enough time to complete a circuit set for Pride and 2) there weren't enough worthy new tracks to compile a Pride set. The good news is that good things come to those who wait. Summer Edition 2022 features the cream of the crop in circuit anthems for your summer workouts and/or pure enjoyment. This one is for the boys that enjoy that big room tribal sound with progressive elements sprinkled throughout. Speaking of progressive elements — Mor Avrahami has been on a roll with his releases. It's always good to mix these sets up and Avrahami in the vein of Offer Nissim and Yinon Yahel — has been churning out the goods one right after another. Don't be surprised that he shows up here quite a bit. Just know that some of his great releases had to be cut out to keep this set tight. I also want to point out that "Daddy" by Sleepsleep & Tahlia Paris takes on a new life once Jace M & Toy Armada got their hands on the song. They've sampled the disco classic "Relight My Fire" by Dan Hartman. To my knowledge, this song has never been sampled before because it doesn't lend itself to a specific hook. It's one of those epic disco classics that starts with a prelude and three minutes later veers into the actual song. In this case, neither has any association with the other but merely connects the two parts. Jace and Toy sampled the prelude for the basis of "Daddy" turning the darker original into a fun tribal-disco romp that's bound to pack floors around the world. I don't think most DJs would have thought to sample that aspect of the song because it's just okay but damn if it doesn't work so well here. There's a lot to get excited about in this latest circuit anthems release but I'll let the music do the talking. I should be back next week with our Summer Melt series featuring the latest Dance Club hits and club tracks heating up dance floors. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Summer Edition 2022 Genre: Circuit, Tribal, Progressive HouseYear: 2022Total Time: 04:14:12 1. Amuka - Dont Apricciate Me (Daniel Zadka x Mike Soriano Remix) 2. VMC, Ale Porto & Sereia do Amazonas - B.I.T.C.H.E.S (Original Mix) 3. Mobin Master - Stand Up (Pavblo Ibarra Private Remix) 4. Becky Hill & Topic - My Heart Goes (La Di Da) (Roberto Ferrari Remix) 5. Mabel x Jax Jones x Galantis - Good Luck (Brenno Ferrari Remix) 6. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez - I Feel Lola (Esteban Lopez & Binomio Remix) 7. Shannon - Let The Music Play (Mike Soriano & Robi Cohen Club Mix) 8.
254:12 7/16/22
Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2022 Volume 3
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77600a51 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77600a51 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77600a51"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77600a51"); } We've reached the end of our 2022 Gay Anthems For A New Generation series, and this final set is truly explosive. To bring a contemporary twist, I delved into the past 10 years and mixed in some newer gay anthems, blending them with reworked versions of beloved gay anthem classics. The result is a collection that feels fresh and relevant for today's dancefloors. I couldn't resist throwing in a couple of recent tech-house tracks that sample the iconic gay anthems "The Underground" by Celeda and "Work" by Masters At Work. These near 20-year-old floor-scorchers have been given new life and will ignite any party. Every aspect of this series has been meticulously crafted, from scouring through decades of modernized classics to curating outstanding tracks that truly shine. When it comes to comprehensive compilations, you won't find anything like this on Spotify or Apple Music. We've left no stone unturned in our quest to deliver the ultimate collection of gay anthems. Others may try to imitate, but they can't touch what we've achieved. However, there will always be those who attempt to pass off our work as their own. But let's not dwell on that. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Party Favorz. Your support has been invaluable as I dedicated countless hours to create these compilations that celebrate our life, love, and history. As Gay Pride approaches, I wish everyone a joyous celebration. And to all the allies out there who have never experienced a Pride parade, I urge you to attend and make a day out of it. Trust me, you won't regret it. As promised, Party Favorz will be back next week with our regularly scheduled programming. Until then, ENJOY! Album: Gay Anthems for a New Generation 2022 Vol. 3Genre: Dance, House, NuDisco, Gay AnthemsYear: 2022Total Time: 03:52:43 1. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Dance Remix) 2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love (Cutmore Club Mix Alt. Intro) 3. Ellie Goulding - Burn (Tiesto's Club Life Remix) 4. Sean Finn, Robin S, Bodybangers & Luxe 54 - Show Me Love (Original Mix) 5. The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Kees Sjansen Remix) 6. Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Rivas On Top Of Mine Edit) 7. Heather Small feat. Dirty Disco & Matt Consola - Moving On Up (Division 4 & Matt Consola Remix) 8. Doja Cat - Boss Bitch Dance Now (Joey C Mashup) 9. Bingo Players vs. Sak Noel vs. White Stripes - Seven Loca Rattle (DJs From Mars Mashup) 10. Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion - WAP (Ranny Extended Remix) 11. Brokenears - Don't Worry (Original Mix) 12. Masters At Work vs. Joel Corry & Da Hool - Work x The Parade (Adam b Edit) 13.
232:43 6/9/22
Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2022 Volume 2 — Modern Queer Anthems
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77601b6b = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77601b6b = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77601b6b"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77601b6b"); } Hey there, party people! Get ready to turn up the heat because Party Favorz is back with the much-anticipated volume 2 of the 2022 edition of Gay Anthems For A New Generation featuring the biggest modern queer anthems. And let me tell you, this set is absolutely sizzling! We've packed this compilation with all the iconic gay anthems you'd expect from a series of this magnitude. But that's not all—we've also unearthed some hidden gems from the past 12 years that deserve their time in the spotlight. I've personally combed through this release with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and buttery-smooth listening experience. Now, here's some exciting news: when the 3rd volume drops next week, you'll find that we've left no stone unturned. This time capsule of music celebrates both our vibrant past and our vibrant present, capturing every aspect of gay life. But wait, there's more! I want to introduce an additional sub-category to the gay anthem list—one that we didn't cover in the previous post: teenage angst. While it's true that growing up gay has become more accepting and easier in many places, there are still regions where repression persists. We all recall those high school years when we couldn't come out, fearing the consequences of being ostracized or bullied. Perhaps you even had a crush on your straight best friend. This set includes a few songs that touch on the themes of teenage longing, anger, and frustration. For me personally, after binge-watching the latest season of "Stranger Things" on Netflix and hearing Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" on repeat, it got me reflecting on the music that brought me solace during those times. It felt like Kate Bush belonged to me and spoke directly to my soul. Later, Sinead O'Connor's "The Lion and the Cobra" took that place in my heart. But even before that, there was the debut album from the Pretenders. In the new millennium, Emo music became the anthem for angst-ridden teens. While anyone can relate to the isolation and depression that comes with this stage of life, being gay added an extra layer of social anxiety and the longing for acceptance from peers. So, I want to dedicate this set to all those kids out there, assuring them that it does get better. It may not be perfect, but it definitely gets much, much better. I'm aware that gay pride events are already in full swing, so I'll be dropping the third and final volume of modern queer anthems around Thursday to keep the party going strong. Unfortunately, there won't be an official Gay Pride release this year for the circuit boys, but don't worry—I've got you covered. The pride-themed tracks will be included in part 1 of ...
272:13 6/4/22
Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2022 Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77602c71 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77602c71 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77602c71"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77602c71"); } Welcome, to the 2022 edition of Gay Anthems For A New Generation! We've delved deep into the realm of gay anthems, exploring what makes a song truly special to the LGBT+ community. Brace yourself as we embark on a journey through the generations, from GenX to GenZ, to uncover the essence of these empowering tunes. You see, not every song cherished by our community was originally penned as a gay anthem. Yet, for various reasons, these songs have found a special place in our hearts. The core principles that define a gay anthem remain intact: First, we have those powerhouse divas, whose big voices resonate with our spirits. Then, there are the heartfelt ballads that encapsulate the triumphs and struggles of love, inspiring us to persevere. In the spirit of carefree liberation, we celebrate songs that encourage us to throw our worries aside. And let's not forget the anthems that fuel our hard-won self-esteem and embrace our unabashed sexuality. We seek acceptance and find solace in the torch songs of the world-weary, all while believing that love conquers all and refusing to apologize for who we are. Even songs that may seem trivial in subject matter can find their way onto our cherished list because they simply bring us joy. Additionally, we recognize the contributions of gay artists who create music that transcends boundaries and speaks to audiences of all orientations. As we carefully curated this three-volume set, we made sure to include timeless classics that have resonated across multiple generations. We've also included a selection of recent favorites from the past 12 years, ensuring a well-rounded and unexpected musical experience. While we celebrate the strides we've made toward equality, we must acknowledge that our work is far from over. There are challenges on the horizon, threatening to undermine the progress we've fought so hard for in the past two decades. Personally, this weighs heavily on my mind as my partner Rick and I contemplate whether we should continue residing in this country. Although I am physically disabled and limited in my ability to directly effect change, I am committed to documenting the unfolding realities. In the final volume of the Gay Anthems For A New Generation series, I will delve deeper into these concerns. But for now, let's set aside the Debbie Downer vibes and focus on celebrating. So, regardless of your generation, I invite each and every one of you to crank up the volume, transport yourselves back to the magical kingdom of gay anthems reworked for today's generation , and revel in the electrifying beats of this first volume. Stay tuned for more exciting editions to come. Until then...
278:39 6/2/22
The Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics — Volume 5
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77603d5f = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77603d5f = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77603d5f"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77603d5f"); } Welcome to the phenomenal finale of the Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics series. With this fifth volume, we complete our exploration of the most iconic gay anthems that have soundtracked the LGBTQ+ community's history and celebrations. The journey of curating and mixing this extensive series has been challenging and rewarding, with decisions on which songs to feature proving particularly painstaking. However, any tunes you feel have been overlooked will likely find a place in the upcoming Ultimate Gay Anthems For A New Generation series. This compilation, planned for release next week, will showcase fresh remixes of our beloved gay anthems, tracing the evolution of these songs since the inception of the original series. This current concluding volume reflects a unique musical epoch from the 90s through the first 15 years of the new millennium. It includes an array of updated classics from this era, along with some extraordinary gems from the 80s. Special acknowledgement goes to the DJs who have enriched our lives with their musical craftsmanship, skillfully reinterpreting artists' tracks to create new gay anthems. Over the course of this five-set series, we have celebrated many of the most influential names in our Legacy series. This tribute recognizes the contributions of both living and departed members of this esteemed community. Renowned DJs such as Hex Hector, Junior Vasquez, Ralphi Rosario, Tony Moran, Freemasons, Almighty, 7th Heaven, DJ Barry Harris, Thunderpuss, Victor Calderone, Toy Armada & DJ Grind, Wayne G, and Jonathan Peters are at the heart of the gay anthems presented here. Their transformative music has given us immeasurable joy, for which we are eternally grateful. While the Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics series is comprehensive and extensive, it does not discount or ignore other artists, DJs, and allies in the LGBTQ+ community. The worthiness of all contributors to this rich tapestry of music is acknowledged, and any unintentional omissions are deeply regretted. Stay tuned for more exceptional gay anthems next week. Until then... ENJOY! Album: Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics Vol. 5Genre: Circuit, House, Hi NRGYear: 2022Total Time: 04:30:48 1. Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love (Jonathan Peters' Tight Mix) 2. Céline Dion - I Drove All Night (Hex Hector Extended Vocal Import) 3. Divine - Lately (Jonathan Peters' Full Mix) 4. LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live (Cahill Remix) 5. Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night (Soulshaker Club Mix) 6. 7th Heaven feat. Katherine Ellis - Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (7th Heaven Club Mix) 7.
270:48 5/20/22
The Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics — Volume 4
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a7760525c = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a7760525c = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a7760525c"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a7760525c"); } Party Favorz is back with volume 4 of the Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics and the end result is nothing short of perfection, particularly appealing to GenX and early Millennials. In this volume, I decided to focus on a big room circuit without going overboard, making it a bit easier to curate. You'll find plenty of gay anthems and high-quality classic gay pride cuts that are sure to delight. As I mentioned before, this series is the closest thing you'll get to the best of the Diva Hall of Fame, which many people have requested from me. What's truly great about it is that I've included all those leading ladies whom I never got around to inducting or felt unsure about including. Artists like Jeanie Tracy, Kimberly Davis, Anastacia, Suzanne Palmer (who truly deserves recognition), Paula Cole, Shania Twain, Heather Small (of M People), Judy Cheeks, Alison Limerick, Lara Fabian, Nelly Furtado, Debby Holiday, Amber, Goldfrapp, Sarah Atereth, Deborah Cooper, Beth Sacks, Pepper MaShay, Andra Day, Latanza Waters, CeCe Peniston, Sabrina Johnston, Shawn Christoper, Soraya Vivian (Degrees of Motion), Thelma Houston, and many more have touched our little gay hearts at different moments in our drama-filled lives. It's truly a shame that I can't personally acknowledge each and every one of them. Consider this series as their honorary induction and a heartfelt acknowledgment of what they've meant to so many of us. We extend our deepest gratitude from the bottom of our little queer hearts. We have one more set to go, which will feature the remaining Hi NRG and house music tracks, before we dive into the annual Gay Anthems For A New Generation. This way, we can wrap up our 2022 Gay Pride offerings before the festivities kick off. Until next time...ENJOY! Album: Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics Vol. 4Genre: Circuit, House, Hi NRGYear: 2022Total Time: 05:00:07 1. DJ Bill Bennett & Suzanne Palmer - Fame (Bill Bennett & Pete Masitti Video Mix) 2. Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix Full Extended Mix) 3. Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Junior's NY Xtended Vocal) 4. Shannon - Give Me Tonight (Hex Hector & Dezrok 2000 A.D. Club Mix) 5. Lara Fabian - I Will Love Again (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Main Mix) 6. Shades Of Love - Body To Body (Keep In Touch) (Junior Vasquez Club Mix) 7. Deborah Cox - Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector's Club Mix) 8. Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird (Junior Vasquez Club Remix) 9. Debby Holiday - Diva (Chris Cox Club Anthem) 10. Amber - Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) 11. Britney Spears - Work Bitch (George M. Extended Mix) 12.
300:07 5/15/22
The Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics — Volume 3
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77606785 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77606785 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77606785"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77606785"); } I'm excited to announce that The Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics Volume 3 is finally ready for its mass release. Just like its predecessors, this volume continues the tradition of delivering a fantastic blend of Hi NRG and Big Room classics. To my surprise, I ended up compiling more tracks than I initially anticipated, which means this four-set series will now expand to five sets. Not to worry though, as I've already got volume 4 almost finalized. I just need to make a few last-minute changes to the track versions before dropping it tomorrow, speeding up the release process. My goal is to have the final volume, as well as the highly anticipated two-volume set of The Ultimate Gay Anthems For A New Generation, out by the end of this month. This way, we can smoothly transition to regularly scheduled programming. Speaking of which, it's still uncertain whether there will be an official 2022 Gay Pride set. For now, let's keep that as an open question mark. In other news, you can now follow Party Favorz on Apple Podcasts. It's a convenient way to access the show as well as follow your favorite categories including Gay Anthems independent of the entire podcast. I'll be back tomorrow with more updates. Until then... ENJOY! Album: Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics Vol. 3Genre: Circuit, House, Hi NRGYear: 2022Total Time: 04:15:02 1. Diana Ross - Touch Me In The Morning (Almighty Definitive Mix) 2. Cher - Believe (Almighty Essential Club Mix) 3. Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (Hex's Momentous Club Mix) 4. Barbara Tucker - Love's On Time (Junior Vasquez Remix) 5. Rosabel with Jeanie Tracy - Cha Cha Heels (Tony Moran + Warren Rigg Remix) 6. Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Ralphi's Hot Freak 12" Vox Mix) 7. Kimberly Davis - Get Up (Oxford Hustlers' Arena Anthem Remix) 8. Anastacia - I'm Outta Love (Hex Hector Main Club Mix) 9. Suzanne Palmer - Muscles (Club 69 Future Mix) 10. Deborah Cox - It's Over Now (Hex Hector Club Mix) 11. Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Ok (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) 12. Paula Cole - I Believe In Love (Jonathan Peters' Club Anthem Mixshow) 13. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Peter Rauhofer Mixshow) 14. Britney Spears - Toxic (Lenny Bertoldo Mix Show Edit) 15. Shania Twain - You're Still The One (Soul Solution Extended Club Mix) 16. Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix) 17. Inaya Day - Nasty Girl (Peter's Reconstruction Mix) 18. Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (DMC 2017 Remix) 19. Liza Minnelli - Losing My Mind (Almighty Mix) 20. Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Barry Harris 2021 Remix) 21. Heather Small feat.
255:02 5/14/22
The Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics — Volume 2
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77607bf7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77607bf7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77607bf7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77607bf7"); } Party Favorz is back with volume 2 of the Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics, and let me tell you, the gay factor is off the charts! To be honest, I had a vision for this 'ultimate' gay anthems series, but it wasn't until I started putting it together that I realized the challenges ahead. While I aim to stick with the original versions in most cases, I've found that opting for more current remixes of the same track helps maintain a tight pace and overall flow. You'll see this even more in volume 3, dropping later this week. Don't worry though, these updated remixes stay true to the essence of the originals. Given the diverse styles featured in this compilation, I discovered that key mixing works for some songs, but it becomes necessary to change directions to avoid sticking with the same style for too long. This is where matching the percussive elements of each song comes into play, even when the styles differ. There's no software for that; it's a skill I learned a long time ago when I needed to shift gears or inject new energy into the mix. I also found myself having to re-edit some overly ambitious remixes that had extended drops leading nowhere. It only happened twice in this set, but you can expect more in the upcoming volumes. However, I decided to leave Toni Braxton's 'Un-break My Heart' as is this time. It's the first Hex Hector remix that propelled him to stardom (even if he worked on it with Soul Solution), but it's clear he hadn't fully developed his drop technique yet. Editing this song is a breeze, but I thought it was time to let it play in all its full glory since it's not overly long. If any of you have been following the Roe v Wade issue currently making waves in the United States, you'll know how passionate I get about political matters. Ever since the leaked draft opinion by SCOTUS surfaced before its official release in late June, I've been deeply concerned—and you should be too. The repercussions of what's to come affect everyone, not just women. I'll have more to say about it, likely at the end of all these Pride mixes, because I want to provide a clear and precise understanding of the fallout from this decision and emphasize how seriously we should all be taking it. But for now, my main aim is for everyone to embrace their freedom, be proud of who they are, and find happiness. There's a lot of fantastic stuff heading your way. Until next time...ENJOY! Album: Ultimate Gay Anthems & Pride Classics Vol. 2Genre: Circuit, House, Hi NRGYear: 2022Total Time: 04:16:40 1. Annie Lennox - A Thousand Beautiful Things (Peter Rauhofer Beautiful Strings Anthem) 2. Hannah Jones - You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Jame...
256:40 5/7/22
The Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics — Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a776090e0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a776090e0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a776090e0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a776090e0"); } I'm thrilled to announce that Party Favorz is officially kicking off the 2022 Gay Pride season early with the first volume of our Ultimate Gay Anthems & PRIDE Classics series. We're super excited to share these amazing sets with you, as they are a massive update to the original Gay Pride Classics sets that were initially released in 2014. We called them "It Get's Better," "Love Sensation," "True Colors," "Together Again," and "We Are Family." With this new series, we're primarily focusing on gay anthems released from the 90s through the first half of the millennium. We believe this era is the golden age of club music, with an abundance of incredible tracks that made it challenging to choose just one for inclusion. However, we also recognize the importance of newer anthems that have become staples in the Gay Pride arsenal. So fear not, we have a special release called "Ultimate Gay Anthems For A New Generation" coming later this month, which will feature the majority of those newer tracks. Since the original release, there has been a flood of remixes for instantly recognizable classics. Some of the original versions didn't quite fit with the overall flow of this release, so we opted for the updated versions. It's important to note that this series is not the same as the original releases. Our main contributors, Barry Harris and Dirty Disco have done an exceptional job preserving and modernizing many of our favorite gay anthems. Speaking of contributors, you'll find an impressive lineup of legends on this set. The likes of Hex Hector, Junior Vasquez, Ralphi Rosario, Freemasons, Victor Calderone, Wayne G, Almighty, and 7th Heaven have all lent their incredible talents to these tracks. Over the years, we've received numerous requests for a "best of the Diva Hall of Fame" series. While we currently have no plans to create such a series (as it would be somewhat redundant), we encourage you to consider these final Gay Anthem releases as exactly that. The tracklist alone reads like a who's who of our favorite divas who've been inducted into the Diva Hall of Fame, including those one or two-hit wonders who never received the recognition they deserved. You'll also notice something special in this initial tracklist – a fantastic remix of "Constant Craving" by one of our personal favorites, K.D. Lang. When we originally inducted her into the Diva Hall of Fame, the remix we included was not up to par. We apologize for that. However, the fabulous and legendary Tracy Young came to the rescue. She created an incredible remix of "Constant Craving" in late 2021, after the release of our Diva Series. We may update that series later this year to include Trac...
245:34 4/30/22
Spring Into Action with the Hottest Circuit Anthems
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a7760a624 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a7760a624 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a7760a624"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a7760a624"); } Ahh yes, it's that time of year when the dead foilage comes alive and pollen fills our membranes wreaking havoc on our sinuses while covering our outdoor belongings in fluorescent dust that seemingly never goes away. I'm talking about spring the often most desired and detested time of the year. It's that transition from a cold dank winter (milder and milder year over year) to temperate days with lots of sunshine, rain and in the United States — tornadoes. Put all of that aside for a moment and distract yourself with the Party Favorz annual Spring Edition 2022, which features the hottest circuit anthems and is chock-full of big tribal beats, big room progressive heat, and the biggest divas. Someday, I should make a calendar of all the cover art from our annual series because this guy is sizzling! I'm dropping a double-hitter this weekend for a couple of key reasons: 1) this set came together flawlessly and if I sit on it for a week — new tracks will drop during that time making me compelled to add them, which just mucks everything up. 2) Our lease is up on July 3rd and since we have to give a two months notice, I'll be hitting up the glutton of new properties in our county this next week so I can be locked and loaded when I start negotiations early. All signs indicate that our complex is raising rent by $300, which in this area makes no sense. We have a 2/3 occupancy rate and dozens of new housing complexes have been built in the past couple of years here. Add to that a sizeable amount that was already built between the 80s and just 10 years ago and there are a lot of options. We never bought a house because there are too many responsibilities involved and frankly, we don't have any kids. Truth be told, we've lived here since this place was under construction in 2017 and would like to remain here for a couple more years. Rick has talked about moving back to South Texas where we're from to be closer to his family but the reason I left the entire state was to get away from there. My father is deceased and my mother and sister now live in North Texas about a 10-hour drive from there (yes, Texas is a big ass state) but that wouldn't be for another couple of years if we decided to. My goal is to be able to negotiate a new 24-month lease with a moderate increase that buys us enough time (because we hate moving) and by then, our plans could change depending on what direction the United States takes in its governing. I see things going south quickly, which is why we'll be renewing our passports shortly to be prepared for the worst. Touring these properties and gathering information, rates and desirable locations takes a lot of time.
242:47 4/17/22
Spring Tea Dance Edition 2022: Spring Forward with the Hottest Poolside Dance Party
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a7760b827 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a7760b827 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a7760b827"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a7760b827"); } Party Favorz has landed a new Spring Tea Dance Edition just in time for spring. This set offers a whole lot Sunday afternoon power tracks to compliment your cocktails. Lately, Dirty Disco has been on a tear with one solid remix after another and the Spring Tea Dance Edition 2022 is chock-full of them. I had more Disco Gurls, Block & Crown, and Ghostmasters but most of those tracks have been moved to either the next Disco House set or Thank God It's Disco series. This set begins with a low simmer but quickly sizzles to a low boil before finally cooling down with two notable entries to close it out. We have the excellent Eric Kupper remix of Reba McEntire's 'Does He Love You' and a new Diana Ross track 'I Still Believe' with Purple Disco Machine at the helm. Reba sounds stronger than ever on this 2009 classic and while still excellent — Diana's voice is beginning to show strain. Both ladies are DIVAS in their own right and the fact that they're still making great music is a testament to their iconic status within their industries. I had started working on the next Funky House installment but to be honest, the music just isn't there...yet. It's generally the easiest series to whip up but too many of the biggest songs just fell flat (IMHO). So, I've pushed that back to its original scheduled release for two weeks from now and will begin compiling the set list for the Spring Edition 2022 to be released (fingers crossed) next week. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Spring T-Dance 2022Genre: Vocal House, Disco House, Pop HouseYear: 202Total Time: 03:35:07 1. Amfree & Stefane - Passion (Sean Finn Remix) 2. DJ Dan, Ant Brooks & MASiiVO - Body Movin' (Hunty Soundsystem Remix) 3. Alesso & Katy Perry - Alesso & Katy Perry - When I'm Gone (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 4. Fragma - Toca Me (Ben Rainey Extended Mix) 5. Robyn - Indestructible (RAY ISAAC Extended Remix) 6. Lorenzo Doryon - Truth (Dave Matthias Classic House Remix) 7. Leanh, Nat Valverde & Nikki Valentine - Dolls (Leanh Summer Extended Mix) 8. Kim Petras - XXX (Dirty Disco Eagle Houston Remix) 9. Charli XCX feat. Rina Sawayama - Beg For You (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 10. Jusko & Blacklow feat. Audrey Callahan - Shadows of the Night (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 11. France Joli & Joel Dickinson - Heart Of Stone (Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Mainroom Remix) 12. Regard x Years & Years - Hallucination (Dirty Disco Pillow Biters Remix) 13. Return of the Jaded vs. Booty Luv - Some Kinda Reason (BNM Bootleg) 14. Richard Grey - Don't Stop The Music (Original Mix) 15. Max Millan, SWS & Wild Joker - Deeper Love (Original Mix) 16. BLVD.
215:07 4/8/22
The Latest Circuit & Anthems for Winter 2022!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a7760caf9 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a7760caf9 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a7760caf9"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a7760caf9"); } Get ready, dance music lovers, because Winter Edition 2022 is here and it's jam-packed with pulse-quickening tunes that you won't want to miss. This Circuit & Anthems blends iconic diva vocals with thumping tribal beats that guarantee a good time. Crafting the Perfect Mix Building a high-quality playlist is far from a cakewalk, and this latest set is no exception. After some uphill battles with constructing my new workstation, I finally triumphed and plunged headfirst into the musical fray. I spent a full Friday diving deep into new releases across platforms like Beatport, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. While it might sound like a leisurely scroll through a musical library, it's a day-long commitment to separate the gold from the chaff. A Saturday Well-Spent On the following day, it was time to blend these selected gems together. Mixing this entire set of circuit & anthems in one sitting, the result exceeded even my lofty expectations. I consider it a point of pride to recognize when a job is well done, and this set meets that bar and then some. It's not just the painstaking effort; the set required an investment—more than $80 to be precise. Yet what truly elevates it to the next level are the immaculate remixes from a medley of international artists and DJs. Stellar Tracks in the Spotlight Among the standout tracks in this release are "Here I Stand" remixed by Tony Moran & GSP, and Kim English's "Everyday" brought to life by Brett Oosterhaus. Then, of course, we have "The Motto" by Tiesto & Ava Max, also remixed by Brett Oosterhaus, that simply cannot be ignored. Let's not forget Dan Slater & Zoe Badwi's "I've Been Waiting," which received the Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Mainroom Remix treatment. These tracks, among many others, are the building blocks that make this set of circuit & anthems an unforgettable club experience. The Road Ahead Now that this release is out in the ether, I've got my sights set on other tantalizing projects. The Trance Classics I've been hinting at? They're next on the agenda. Moreover, I've got an Electro House Classics series in the pipeline, and let's not forget the upcoming House Classics set that takes us back to the early millennium. Each of these projects represents a colossal undertaking, but they're challenges I'm eager to tackle. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Winter Edition 2022 Genre: Circuit, Tribal, Progressive HouseYear: 2022Total Time: 03:37:06 1. Vasil Garvanliev - Here I Stand (Tony Moran & GSP Anthem Remix) 2. Kim English - Everyday (Brett Oosterhaus Remix) 3. Tiesto & Ava Max - The Motto (Brett Oosterhaus Remix) 4. Micky Friedmann & Heidi Stober - Misunderstood (...
217:06 2/27/22
Holiday Tea Dance 2021: Put Some Jingle in Your Jolly
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a7760e3f7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a7760e3f7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a7760e3f7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a7760e3f7"); } SURPRISE! Hot off the heels of yesterday's Holiday Edition 2021 — Party Favorz is dropping our year-end Holiday Tea Dance set and man this is a whopper! We've been throwing tracks into this folder since our last Tea Dance release in August hoping to build up enough to complete a new set by year's end. It wasn't looking good but we went back and pulled several tracks from the scrapped Block & Crown Legacy set we had planned, and added several brand new Purple Disco Machine tracks (two of which appeared on the recent Catching Up with Purple Disco Machine release) and a whole slew of great vocal house along with classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that have been re-worked for today's modern music scene plus some current Club Fusion releases. The result is the perfect culmination of fun afternoon party tracks for any crowd on any given Sunday, any time of the year. If fun is what you're looking for — then look no further. We want to give a HUGE thank you to Joel Dickinson and Dirty Disco for forwarding Joel's upcoming release titled 'Heart of Stone' with the fabulous France Joli. The full release is currently available for pre-order on Beatport and other popular platforms and contains remixes by Wayne G & Porl Young, Luca Debonaire, Dirty Disco & Matt Consola, Elof De Neve, Twisted Dee & Diego Fernandez, and Cajjmere Wray. There's a separate release of the radio edits and a third release of the original. You can also stream the original version on Spotify. Frankly, every version is fantastic and Miss Joli has never sounded better. Tea Dance never sounded so fabulou! Check out the original below. Even with everything going on, we're going to go ahead and try to get the Top Dance Songs of 2021 out these final two weeks before capping the year off with our annual New Year dance party set Blow Your Own Horn. It's a lot to take on in a short period but it's doable. So make sure you subscribe to Party Favorz to ensure you don't miss out on these highly anticipated releases. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Holiday T-Dance 2021Genre: Vocal House, Disco House, Gay AnthemsYear: 2021Total Time: 04:03:19 1. Cheri Moon - Ain't I A Woman (Soulshaker Remix) 2. Ed Sheeran - Shivers (Jax Jones Extended Remix) 3. Cactushead & Rowetta - Life's What You Make It (Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Mainroom Remix) 4. Georgie Porgie - Life Goes On (Stefano Pain & Francesco Pittaluga House Mix) 5. Katherine Ellis & Lee Dagger - Stronger Together (Larry Peace Happy House Mix) 6. Adeva - In & Out Of My Life (Michael Gray Remix) 7. Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Purpl...
243:19 12/19/21
The Latest Circuit & Anthems for the Holiday!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a7760fe0a = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a7760fe0a = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a7760fe0a"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a7760fe0a"); } It's the most wonderful time of the year when Party Favorz rolls out our annual Holiday Edition featuring the latest circuit anthems and beefy Santas adorn the cover. We've pulled out all the stops to ensure our humble subscribers are getting the latest and greatest in the circuit & anthems. Our only issue is that a few DJs who'll go unnamed are getting a bit sloppy by forcing the vocals onto premade instrumentals as opposed to creating the beats to fit the structure of the song. There are a few instances here and you'll know it when you hear it. A couple of these are by veterans who should know better but we'll just leave it at that. Otherwise, the set gets an A- for overall quality, song selection, and flow. It looks like there will be a new Tea Dance set dropping sometime this week, which is almost done. We have some computer upgrades and reconfigurations to make over the next couple of days so it's highly likely the Top Dance Songs of the Year will not drop until early January 2022. This is not unheard of around here but it hasn't happened in a very long time and is completely out of our hands. That being said, the annual New Year's Eve dance music blow-out Blow Your Own Horn is still scheduled to drop just in time for your New Year festivities. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Holiday Edition 2021 Genre: Circuit, Tribal, Progressive HouseYear: 2021Total Time: 03:54:11 1. India - Tacalacateo (Isak Salazar ARENA Intro Mix) 2. Yerko Molina - Body Move (Adrian Lagunas Remix) 3. Tiësto & Karol G - Don't Be Shy (HenriqMoraes Tribal Mix) 4. MEDUZA feat. Hozier - Tell It To My Heart (DJ FUri DRUMS eXtended Tribal House Club Remix) 5. Edson Pride - Show Me Drums (Adrian Lagunas vs. Ivan Barres DIVAS Mashup) 6. Tina Turner - Private Dancer (Guy Scheiman, Diego Santander & Greg Gould Club Mix) 7. Guy Scheiman & Rafael Barreto - Odyssey (Original Mix) 8. Erick Ibiza - Control (Original Mix) 9. Yerko Molina feat. D'Layna - Release (Original Mix) 10. Janet Jackson - Together Again (Jace M & Toy Armada Mix) 11. Adele - Easy On Me (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix) 12. Rozalla - Everybody's Free (DJ Dimitri Remix) 13. Guy Scheiman & Diego Santander - Miss You When You're Gone (Original Mix) 14. Ariana Grande - Just Look Up (DJ João Remix) 15. Amannda & Shine feat. Zambianco - Every Night (Adrian Lagunas Remix) 16. Anitta, Walter Caminha & Santiago Cardona - Faking Love (Dani Brasil MASH!) 17. David Guetta & MORTEN feat. Lanie Gardner - Dreams (Marcelo Almeida & Rafael Daglar Private Bootleg) 18. Britney Spears vs. Jair Sandoval - Criminal (Isak Salazar Mash) 19.
234:11 12/18/21
Circuit Anthems: The Season’s Hottest Cool Down Mix
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77611702 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77611702 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77611702"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77611702"); } Every once in a while, a set just comes together without effort and is so flawless that it makes you just want to scream HALLELUJAH! The Fall Edition 2021 featuring the hottest circuit anthems is one such example. It appears that many top circuit DJs have been switching up their remixes and moving towards a more progressive big room sound, not unlike several tracks you may have heard from the latest Ultimate 90's Classics [1998 - 1999] series. Hell, even Stewart Who? makes an appearance here. Is it anything new? No. Is it a refreshing change from the redundant big tribal beats that have permeated the scene for the past several years? A resounding YES! Granted, Dirty Disco has been at the forefront of the change for over a year now and it seems other DJs are just now following suit. Toy Armada has dropped his big room uplifting anthems in favor of a more progressive house style. There were three new works from him: one was with his longtime partner DJ Grind, another with Jace M (who he's worked with in the past), and a solo offering for Leanh. The last two are a good sampling of his mindset but the one with DJ Grind missed the mark (and was subsequently dropped from this set). Party Favorz looks forward to where he's taking his music because he's a master in the circuit anthems arena. Even Offer Nissim, who has always stood out from the pack with a very specific progressive sound often emulated by other big-name Israeli DJs has switched things up by housing up his staple sound on his latest collaboration with Deborah Cox on the stellar "Summer of Love. Up-and-coming fellow Israeli DJ Michael Benayon delivers on what is otherwise a mediocre song "Snow In the Sahara" by Bouvier & Barona featuring Akazi. The song itself sounds like a Eurovision cheesy euro-pop track that Dirty Disco and Wayne G capitalized on but we just weren't feeling it. Micahel Benyon flips the track with a deeper progressive groove that not only gives the song a deeper meaning but actual purpose. Speaking of Dirty Disco and circuit anthems, the boys have updated the Celeda classic "The Underground" in a variety of flavors that is certain to light up dance floors across the globe. The original track was a former #1 Dance Club hit on Billboard, which was originally released on Peter Rauhofer's Star 69 label in the earlier part of the millennium. I fully expect you'll be hearing this tune in its various incarnations shortly — if you already aren't. We've got a stellar release schedule lined up for October with the annual Halloween dance mix HW21 dropping next week and it's lining up to be a surefire banger. Until the next time...ENJOY!
261:41 10/8/21
Last Splash 2021 | T-Dance Edition
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77612fa4 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77612fa4 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77612fa4"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77612fa4"); } Well, f∩ck me twice on Sunday! Party Favorz (i.e. me, myself, I) has been in a pissy mood all week trying to get this CDN and caching plugin configured to my liking and it's turned into an obsession of defeat. I don't know what that means but it seems to fit the situation. Since Last Splash was already in the bag and I had planned on taking a much-needed break afterward — I decided to go ahead and drop this Labor Day weekend party set 7 days early. You'll notice a lot of Block & Crown remixes in this set as I've only recently gotten access to an entire catalog of their work through one of my DJ services. Many of these songs never see the light of day on Beatport or Traxsource but are DJ exclusives (likely because of licensing issues). There's not a lot known about this duo other than they appear to be filling the gap left behind by Almighty and 7th Heaven who have been staples in the gay dance arena for several decades. While their brand isn't strictly geared towards gay audiences as you'll notice their work ends up on our Dance Club, Disco House, and Peak Hour series — they're remarkably agile and easily adapt to whatever they're working on. In the last couple of years, they started remixing other artists' tracks and have recently embarked on creating original songs for the ZYX Music label (another blast from the past that's still pumping out great dance music). Other notable duos that have more recently entered this arena are Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez whose Guareber Recordings produced earworms with big tribal circuit beats and have now expanded into power disco house tracks and mashups much like Block & Crown are doing with great success. It's not clear if their Disco Gurls and Ghostmasters monikers are indeed themselves or ghost DJs working under the Guareber Recordings label but they've hit on something as there's lots of room and plenty of source material to sample and mashup from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the early millennium. Then of course there's the Party Favorz favorite Purple Disco Machine, whose remixes and remakes of historical dance classics and current pop and Indie songs bring everything into his own little disco universe has exploded on the dance scene making him one of the most sought-after DJs right now. Throw all this together with brand new dance gems and cheesy remakes of 80s love songs and you got yourself the most EPIC T-Dance set I've put out to date. As mentioned earlier, I plan on taking a couple of weeks off from the podcast to recharge my batteries and hopefully get this g*ddamned caching plugin properly configured as well as the app for Party Favorz, which was all working great until it wasn't.
230:21 8/22/21
Summer Edition 2021 | Beat the Heat with the Summer’s Hottest Circuit Anthems!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a776149a0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a776149a0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a776149a0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a776149a0"); } Keeping up the pressure on our summer release schedule, Party Favorz is dropping the annual Summer Edition 2021 featuring summer's hottest gay circuit anthems. Enjoy! Album: Summer Edition 2021 Genre: Circuit, Tribal, HouseYear: 2021Total Time: 03:57:09 1. Rafael Barreto feat. OXA - Great Wall (Leanh Club Remix) 2. Molly Sanden - Husavik (Jose Spinnin Cortes White Label Remix) 3. Lil Nas X - Montero (Call Me By Your Name) (Neto Figueredo Cocaine Remix) 4. Bakermat - Baianá (Andrei Stan Remix) 5. Unknown - Besame Mucho (Ronald Rossenouff & RÁSIL Remix) 6. Plumb - In My Arms (Junior Senna Tribal Remix) 7. Tony Deluca - Athena (Original Mix) 8. Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me 2K21 (Elias Rojas Tribalism Mix) 9. Jessie J - I Want Love (HenriqMoraes Remix) 10. Tommer Mizrahi & Guy Scheiman - One Of Those Days (Club Mix) 11. Topic feat. A7S - Breaking Me (Dom de Sousa & Jason Conti Remix) 12. Britney Spears - Circus (Lobinha Remix) 13. Britney Spears - Gimme More (Alexander 2021 Mix) 14. Dua Lipa - Love Again (Dario Xavier Remix) 15. Olivia Rodrigo - Good 4 U (Dario Xavier Remix) 16. Unknown - Banana (Dan De Leon Remix) 17. Diego Santander & Leanh - Scream (Original Mix) 18. Brian Justin Crum + GSP - Crazy (Toy Armada Remix) 19. Bebe Rexha x Alex Gaudino - Watch Out This SACRIFICE (MDMATIAS Mashup) 20. BTS - Butter (Dario Xavier Club Remix) 21. Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (Dirty Disco Eagle Houston Remix) 22. Mabel - Let Them Know (FUri DRUMS eXtended House Club Remix) 23. Galantis, David Guetta & Little Mix - Heartbreak Anthem (Brett Oosterhaus Remix) 24. Strappa - My Love (Bruno Bassi & Diego Santander Remix) 25. Headrocka feat. Jozay Luis - Echoes (Michael Benayon Remix) 26. Madonna - Burning Up (Cajjmere Wray Remix) 27. Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande - Met Him Last Night (Leo Blanco Remix) 28. LACES - Breaking My Heart (Hector Fonseca & Thiago Dukky Extended Remix) 29. Jipsta - Get You Home (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 30. Haifa Wehbe - Waheshny (Jose Spinnin Cortes' White Label Remix) 31. Crystal Waters vs. J Balvin - In The Guetto (Mark Alvarado Mix 2021) 32. Nightbirde - It's OK (Brian Cua Circuit Anthem Remix) 33. Madonna - Get Together (Victor Cabral & Alberto Ponzo Dub Mix) 34. Donna Summer - Faster And Faster To Nowhere (Cajjmere Wray 44th Anniversary Club Mix) 35. Offer Nissim feat. Zehava Ben - Elai (Club Mix) 36. Weytton Silva - For Live (Rafael Daglar Remix) 37. Ava Max - EveryTime I Cry (Carlos Martinez Remix) 38. Offer Nissim feat. Maya - Alone (John W Respect Mix) 39. Regard feat.
237:09 7/31/21
Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2021 | Modern Gay Anthems
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a776162be = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a776162be = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a776162be"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a776162be"); } Cher's anthemic track "Believe" leads the list with its modern touch by Liam Pfeifer, reminding us to keep faith in ourselves and our journey. Rihanna's "We Found Love" inspires us to hold onto hope, even in the darkest times. These tracks embody the essence of modern gay anthems by offering solace, joy, and an avenue for self-expression to the LGBTQ+ community. Classics like Ultra Naté's "Free," and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," given a fresh spin, are timeless anthems that uplift the spirit, emboldening individuals to embrace their identity fearlessly. They encapsulate the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of the gay community, serving as powerful rallying cries at Pride parades and celebrations. Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," remixed by Liam Pfeifer, echoes the message of acceptance and self-love, reinforcing its status as a modern gay anthem. Similarly, Robyn's "Dancing On My Own," Lil Nas X's "Montero Call Me By Your Name," and Madonna's "Vogue," each with their unique remixes, represent the community's journey towards self-empowerment, inclusivity, and liberation. Several tracks on the list, like "YMCA" by Village People, "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge, and "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, have been pillars of the gay community for decades. These songs have evolved into modern gay anthems, celebrating the diversity and unity of the community. Moreover, new additions to the gay anthems pantheon, like Dua Lipa's "Levitating," Miley Cyrus' "Midnight Sky," and Ava Max's "My Head & My Heart," incorporate contemporary sounds and themes that resonate with younger LGBTQ+ generations. They reinforce the inclusivity of the gay community, ensuring its musical heritage remains fresh and relevant. Songs like "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston and "It's A Sin" by Years & Years address the complexities and challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, offering solace and solidarity. Their inclusion in this list ensures these narratives remain central to the discourse of gay anthems. In conclusion, the collection of Modern Gay Anthems for 2021 by Party Favorz is a testament to the evolution of gay anthems. From nostalgic classics reimagined to new anthems with their infectious beats and powerful lyrics, they underline the resilience, diversity, and unity of the LGBTQ+ community. Music continues to play an instrumental role in this journey towards acceptance and equality, with each song offering an echo of the community's past, a snapshot of its present, and a glimpse of its promising future. H A P P Y   P R I D E   E V E R Y O N E! Album: Gay Anthems for a New Generation 2021Genre: Dance, House, NuDisco,
307:51 6/19/21
Revamped Gay Anthems — Pride Tea Dance Edition 2021
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77617de9 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77617de9 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77617de9"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77617de9"); } The Pride T-Dance Edition 2021 serves as both a nod to our history and a current playlist for anyone seeking dance tracks with emotional depth. This set is flush with revamped gay anthems and modern House Music tracks, perfect for any chill Sunday afternoon vibe or moments demanding less intensity than our typical anthems. Our early release anticipates the upcoming "Gay Anthems For a New Generation 2021," set to enliven your playlists hopefully by this Sunday. This also helps to set the celebratory mood ahead of the official U.S. Pride dates and international festivities in the following week. Gay Anthems Reimagined Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," re-envisioned by Dirty Disco's Rainbow Remix, remains a modern-day gay anthem, promoting self-acceptance and community pride. The remix adds a fresh vibe, giving it a contemporary dance floor-ready feel. Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," especially in the 2020 Eric Kupper Remix, still packs an emotional punch, emphasizing self-empowerment as she forcefully turns her back on a past lover. It's a universal tale that resonates strongly with the LGBT community and beyond. Madonna's "Vogue," now as the Division 4 Extended Mix, offers a rich cultural narrative, essentially serving as an anthem for expression and identity. The song, with its invigorating remix, still urges everyone to strike a pose and embrace who they are. Diana Ross' "Love Hangover" in the Dirty Disco Classic Tribute Remix remains a cornerstone of both romance and heartache, serving as a reminder that love is a journey, often with highs and lows. Heather Small's "Moving On Up," reimagined by Division 4 & Matt Consola, offers a sense of empowerment and triumph, capturing the essence of breaking free from societal chains. Ultra Nate's "Free," in the Jet Boot Jack 2019 Remix, continues to be an anthem for liberation and self-expression, encapsulating the core message of being free to live one's life openly. Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" as remixed by Ralphi Rosario, still resonates with the euphoric sense of authentic self-expression and happiness. Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way," turned anew by Jet Boot Jack, expresses the universal anguish of being left by someone you love, a feeling many in the community know all too well. Erasure's "A Little Respect," transformed by Dirty Disco’s Mainroom Remix, encapsulates the longing for acceptance and respect, something continually sought by the LGBTQ+ community. The song "Proud" by Heather Small, modified into a Dirty Disco Classic House Remix, serves as an evergreen encouragement for being proud of who you are and your accomplishments.
295:58 6/10/21
Pride Edition 2021 | Celebrating 14 Years of GAY PRIDE!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6658a77619901 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6658a77619901 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6658a77619901"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6658a77619901"); } It's been one hell of a year but we're finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel due to this long national nightmare. Party Favorz has been here through it all delivering the finest in club music to help you maintain a sense of normalcy. With most major artists holding back remixes and out-of-work DJs transitioning to fee for remixes — it's been tricky if not expensive delivering the goods month after month but somehow, we managed. Pride Edition 2021 is the most expensive set ever put together clocking in at over $150. We do it to support the DJs and the work they usually give away for free to support their live shows. Out of all these DJs there is one who deserves our biggest gratitude. That DJ is Brazil's Dario Xavier who has been a virtual remix factory of all the latest hits and gay anthems. Like India, Brazil has been one of the hardest hit countries by COVID-19 and the work he puts into his remixes that make up a healthy portion of this set is phenomenal. If you enjoy his remixes — please support his work at There you'll find everything in this set and a whole lot more. Climbing on my soapbox I want to call attention to what's going on in the United States at the state level. Many states like my home state of GA have passed Jim Crow-style style laws that are designed to suppress the vote. Not just the votes of Black and Brown people but young people (think college-age) and persons with disabilities. These groups typically vote democratic and these laws have been written in such a manner that they surgically carve out policies to make it more difficult for these groups to vote. While many people are up in arms about not being able to hand out food and water for voters waiting in long lines to exercise their Constitutional right (typically in areas that are heavily populated by — you guessed it — Black and Brown voters because Republicans in those states have shut down the majority of polling stations, there is so much more to these new laws that are going unnoticed. Issues like this are a red herring designed to distract from the true anti-democratic parts of these bills. Indeed, the one thing they all have in common is that they give the state legislatures or some appointed body by the legislature to remove the head of elections and the entire election board in heavily democratic counties and appoint their people giving them the right to overturn the will of the people in those counties for virtually any semblance of fraud, which has been proven in the last election to not only be rare but by the hands of Republicans. You literally can't make this shit up. By doing this,
248:04 6/5/21

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