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The “Peak Hour” channel is the ultimate destination for those who thrive on the late-night dance floor vibes. Featuring an electrifying array of non-stop mixes, this channel brings the best of Tech House, Bass House, Breaks, Techno, and beyond. It’s where the energy peaks and the beats don’t stop, creating an immersive experience for everyone who loves to lose themselves on the dance floor. Whether you’re a night owl or a dance enthusiast, “Peak Hour” keeps the party going hard!


Spring Surge: Tech House & Techno’s Electrifying Current
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d34d70b = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d34d70b = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d34d70b"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d34d70b"); } Party Favorz is back with the latest Peak Hour set, jam-packed with the freshest Tech House and Techno tracks heating up the scene. We've thrown in some Breaks and Trance too, keeping things lively. Our new mix "Vibrate" was knocked out in one sitting. We kept it tight so you won’t get bored; the tracks flow smoothly but with surprises to keep the energy high. In other news, we've moved back to our old hosting spot, aiming to settle down. The cost of running our show has been crazy, with some service bills hitting the roof. Not all these services are worth their price, so we're cutting down where we can, but it's still a pricey affair. We hit a snag with our recent move, causing a 24-hour downtime and some missing files. I'm on it, fixing things even on a Sunday. If you're following specific categories on different platforms, hang tight; it might take a month to get everything sorted before they reappear. We're also shaking things up with our donation system, switching to a new provider. More details are coming soon. For now, the donation page is ready (albeit a little sluggish), and if you can chip in, it would really help us cover our costs. I want to apologize for dropping another set on a Sunday (Monday in some parts of the world). I’ve been juggling personal stuff with updating the website while trying to crank out new episodes, which has thrown off our schedule. We’re doing our best to get back on track and make it up to you in the next few months. Hope you all had a great weekend. Get ready for our annual Spring Edition for 2024, specially for our circuit boy fans. Depending on the final tracklist, that set could evolve into two volumes and it appears there will be a second volume of Spring Break 2024. So we've got a lot heading your way in a short amount of time. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: VibrateArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Techno, BreaksLength: 01:37:42 ACRAZE + Pickle feat. NKY - Runny (Extended Mix) Knife Party, Skrillex, Fred Again.., Flowdan & Lukas Vane - Internet Rumble (Agst Edit Intro Dirty) Riordan - While The Record Spins (Original Mix) MAKJ & Luis Torres - PSA (Extended Mix) DaniCW feat. NEIV - Dance All Night (Extended Mix) Jamback - Feel The Music (Original Mix) Alex Kenji & Jerome Robins - AMFM (Extended Mix) Piero Pirupa - Wishlist (Extended Mix) Super Flu - We You (Adam Ten Extended Remix) Joel Corry x Sidney Samson x Pajane - Riverside MF (Extended Mix) Hyperlogic - Only Me (Liam Wilson Extended Remix) Eli Brown & Layton Giordani - When I Push (Original Mix) Azzecca - Forget (Extended Mix) Zach Witness - Can't Get It Outta My Head (MK Ext...
97:42 3/17/24
Tech House & Techno Pulse: Dive into ‘The Underground’ for Late Night Euphoria
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d34ebda = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d34ebda = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d34ebda"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d34ebda"); } Embark on a sensorial odyssey with the latest offering from Party Favorz, "The Underground," a sultry blend of Tech House and Techno rhythms that promise to enliven your nocturnal adventures. A Seductive Start: The Remix that Reels You In The journey begins with the pulsating Vintage Culture remix of "Spring Girl" by Adam Ten and Maori which brightens the core of Tech House while weaving in a seductive mystery with its fast-talking, indecipherable lyrics. It's a siren's call, inviting you to a night filled with untold stories. "Prada," a Tech House gem by cassö, Raye, and D-Block Europe, receives a transformative White Label Techno remix. This fresh take on an already beloved track will rekindle your love for the beat, taking your connection to soaring new levels. Unexpected Twists: Breaks That Sweep You Away Dusky x Denham Audio's "Everything I Do" is a masterful stroke of breaks and euphoria. The track’s syncopated beats, overlaid with swirling synths, are a tribute to the underestimated power of Breaks—serving a more thrilling ride than even the current Dubstep trend. Refreshing Classics: Tech House with a New Heartbeat Deadau5 & The Neptunes' "Pomegranate," turned Tech House anthem by Jay Robinson, receives a Party Favorz touch—accelerating it to a heart-racing tempo that reignites the track's initial allure. Clever Fusion: Hip Hop Meets Tech House Gary Caos's "Smoke Everyday" is a genius fusion, layering Dr. Dre's iconic "The Next Episode" with electrifying Tech House beats, creating an irresistible dance floor magnet. Energetic Encounters: Techno That Commands the Dance Floor Hardwell and Nicky Romero's "I Wanna Dance" is a Techno powerhouse that’s followed by BENNETT's surprising "Vois Sur Ton Chemin" remix. With an unexpected choir over a Techno backdrop, it offers a novel twist that's as intriguing as it is infectious. Swedish House Mafia's "Ray of Solar" is elegantly remixed, balancing operatic vocals with a violin chorus against the grounded beats of Tech House, remixed to perfection by Mau P. Speaking of Mau P,  his latest offering "Dress Code" brings a playful "#Selfie" vibe, a lighthearted break amidst the set’s intensity. Hypnotic Rhythms: A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole VNSSA’s "One Pill," a mesmerizing twist on the psychedlic rock classic "White Rabbit,"  which layers Grace Slick's haunting vocals over trippy Tech House beats, offering a hypnotic escape. A Genre-Bending Closer: The Fusion that Defines the Set "Bowser" and MBreaks' "Analog Saw" is where Techno meets Breaks—a masterful concoction that epitomizes the innovative spirit of "The Underground" and just one more reason w...
123:56 11/4/23
The HOTTEST Tech House & Techno Songs of Summer
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d34fe34 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d34fe34 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d34fe34"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d34fe34"); } Party Favorz is back with an electrifying journey that'll leave you dancing 'til dawn. Get ready to "Break the Floor" with the latest Peak Hour set, a banging collection of some of the summer's hottest Tech House and Techno songs. Oh, and it's not just your ordinary set. Let me break it down for you: If you're craving that late-night vibe with a mix of Breaks, Bass House, and Big Room, this is the set for you. I'm talking tunes that'll practically blow a hole through your speakers! The energy in this Peak Hour compilation is through the roof, mixing fresh Tech House and Techno beats. CASSIMM's "In My Mind" is a standout, showing the artist's versatility, crossing over into House, Funky House, Tech House, and beyond. This is a Party Favorz favorite for sure. Then, there's the competition between Skrillex x Boys Noize "Fine Day Anthem" spinning the classic "It's a Fine Day" by Miss Jane into an unforgettable dancefloor gem. Ever thought about how classics like "Born Slippy" by Underworld could get a new twist? Meduza does just that, bringing their signature style with "Friends", and others like Sam Supplier & Marlon Sadler turn the Alice Deejay classic "Better Off Alone" into a Peak Hour Tech House sensation. Techno lovers, don't worry, Eli Brown's got you covered with "Love Is Free." It was only a matter of time before Los Del Rio's 90s classic "Macarena" got sampled and Dave Winnel's "Alegria" gives it a Tech House facelift that's pure fire! And don't get me started on "Eat Your Man" by Dom Dolla & Nelly Furtado – that's getting play EVERYWHERE. "Break the Floor" almost didn't see the light of day, but trust me, the final version's worth the wait. It's a testament to Party Favorz's commitment to only bringing the freshest tunes to the table. Whether you're a Tech House enthusiast, a Techno addict, or just someone looking to spice up your Peak Hour dance sessions, "Break the Floor" has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this one. Until the next time... ENJOY! Album: Break the FloorArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Techno, Bass House, Breaks, Big RoomLength: 02:48:28 1. MistaJam - Nothing Else Matters (Essel Extended Remix) 2. CASSIMM - In My Mind (Extended Mix) 3. Th;en - Magic Light (Extended Mix) 4. Kevin de Vries & Mau P - Metro (Extended Mix) 5. Steve Aoki & Quintino - Motor (Extended Mix) 6. Danny Avila - Chase The Sun (Extended VIP Mix) 7. Hardwell & Maddix feat. Luciana - Acid (Extended Mix) 8. James Hype & Major Lazer - Number 1 (Extended Mix) 9. Chris Lorenzo - Pump (Extended Mix) 10. Darude x Sterbinszky x Tame Impala x Dom Dolla - Sandstorm (Olive Oil New Gold Remix) 11. Klubbheads - Like This Like That (Original Mix) 12.
168:28 8/5/23
The Latest Tech House, Bass House and Techno
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d350f01 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d350f01 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d350f01"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d350f01"); } In the midst of moving this weekend, I was able to complete the Peak Hour "Throw Your Hands Up" - a set I finished over a week ago and features the latest Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and more! That being said, I can't help but notice a trend in the dance music industry. The volume of new releases is declining, particularly in commercial dance. Gone are the days when big music labels paid top-tier DJs to remix their tracks. Even remix bootlegs are getting scarce nowadays. Genres like Tech House, which once dominated dance floors, have been diluted, and now, Bass House and Big Room is stepping into the limelight. However, most of it echoes the sounds of Future House and EDM, which themselves were successors to Electro House. Personally, I see potential in the Breaks or Breakbeat genre, but I'm aware of its limited appeal. Even Techno can be a bit redundant but when it's done right — it's hot! This year hasn't seen many ground-breaking tracks capable of electrifying dancefloors worldwide. Billboard Magazine discontinuing its Dance Club chart could be a significant factor behind this. Instead, we're seeing songs primarily made for streaming, with no extended versions, and a lack of originality in the new releases that heavily rely on past hits. Let's face it — these songs are not paying homage rather they're being lazy in writing and creating new sounds. This scarcity of fresh content is likely to lead to shorter sets, with Dance Classics compilations being the exception. What's concerning is the growing trend of music charts being skewed by tactics like bundling CD sales with ticket sales and merch, and having all the tracks off an album by the biggest artists charting without official releases or videos. Frankly, Spotify is the bane of my existence and has been the worst thing for the entire music industry. Everything is about singles and streaming with only the biggest artists profiting from it. It's completely destroyed the validity of the Billboard Top 100 and album chart, with Billboard being complicit in how they're now ranking songs. With Spotify stuffing big releases into everyone's playlist no matter if they follow the artist or not — it's starting to give the appearance of RICO violations or what used to be known in the industry as pay to play but I digress because I'm not a lawyer only a music fan. This is NOT an indictment of their service, but if it walks like a duck... Despite these tectonic shifts, the role of Party Favorz remains the same. Our mission is to navigate through the dynamics of the industry, bringing you the finest and most innovative trends in Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and beyond!
140:52 5/28/23
The Latest Tech House for Peak Hour
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d352072 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d352072 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d352072"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d352072"); } Looking for some Peak Hour mayhem for your Spring Break with the latest Tech House? Look no further than Party Favorz! Our latest episode, "All F!@#$%^ Good In Here," features the biggest and boldest Tech House, Bass House, Techno, and Breakbeat tracks that are sure to keep you pounding the clubs after midnight. While this episode almost didn't make it due to some backend website work, we managed to squeeze it in and deliver the raw energy that Party Favorz is known for. For those of you who have been asking about alternative ways to listen to our podcast, we've got you covered. We're officially listed on Apple Podcast and iTunes, where you can subscribe to our main RSS feed that has all the latest episodes. We've even set up categories so you can focus on specific areas of interest. We're also listed on Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, PocketCasts, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. If none of these works for you, you pick your app for Android as well. Now, there are more ways than ever to enjoy your favorite podcast. Lastly, we wanted to share some news about our friend DJ Freddy Greene, who is fighting cancer. Freddy was instrumental in helping us create the Ultimate Trash Disco series, and we couldn't have done it without him. If you're able to help, Freddy's ModSquad has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his treatment. Our healthcare system in the United States is run by for-profit corporations, and the cost of treatment can be crippling. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. For now, soak yourself in sweat with the latest Tech House and assorted Peak Hour tracks. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: All F!@#$%^ Good In HereArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Bass House, Breakbeat, TechnoLength: 02:47:47 1. Pickle - Crank That (Extended Mix) 2. Michael Bibi & KinAhau feat. Audio Bullys - Different Side (Original Mix) 3. Fred Again.., Skrillex & Four Tet - Baby Again.. (Original Mix) 4. Jerome Robins - You're Not Alone (Sinner & James Remix) 5. Johan S & Oliver Knight - Talkin' Good (Extended Mix) 6. Torren Foot & Azealia Banks - New Bottega (Extended Mix) 7. Eden Prince - Take It To The Rhythm (Extended Mix) 8. Genesi - Everything You Have Done (Meduza Extended Edit) 9. Fletcher Kerr - Gotta Be Real (Extended Mix) 10. Noizu & Westend feat. NoMe - Push To Start It (Original Mix) 11. ACRAZE - Take Me Away (Extended Mix) 12. Solardo x Idris Elba - Big Talk (Extended Mix) 13. Ship Wrek vs. Kendrick Lamar - Drank (Original Mix) 14. Chris Lake & Green Velvet - Deceiver (VIP Extended Mix) 15. Hotswing - Work It (Extended Mix) 16. John Summit - In Chicago (Danny Avila Remix Ext...
167:47 3/25/23
The Ultimate New Year Dance Party Mix for 2023!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d352fb7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d352fb7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d352fb7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d352fb7"); } Party Favorz is capping off 2022 with our annual Blow Your Own Horn series making it the ultimate New Year Dance Party Mix to carry you into the next. Well, folks, after climbing out of the pandemic only to be hit by high inflation with rising costs in gas, food, and housing, you name it — I'd say 2022 has been an uneven year at best. Our household capped the year off with flooding of our unit from the 4th floor down. It reeks to high heaven of mildew in here and the complex is moving us into a hotel later today because our home is in complete disrepair. We managed to save our furniture and my workstation but the smell is so bad it's messing with my sinuses and I need to leave before my right eye starts bulging out of the socket. I have previous experience in this area and mold and mildew are not something you want to mess around with. While the Blow Your Own Horn series is typically meant to be created as a giant end-of-year celebration that's created in one sitting to give it a live feel — I had to piece this together over a few days just to finish it. I haven't had a chance to preview most of it yet so, fingers crossed. I want to thank every one of you that has stuck with Party Favorz through thick and thin. The future of my baby is still up in the air and those decisions will be finalized by the spring. Until then, I hope everyone stays safe and piss off your neighbors by turning up the ultimate New Year Dance Party mix. In short, play this mother fucker LOUD! See you next year. ENJOY!!! Album: Blow Your Own Horn 2023Genre: EDM, Tech House, Future House, Big RoomYear: 2022Total Time: 02:55:59 1. Pitbull feat. Anthony Watts & DJWS - I Feel Good (R3hab New Years Remix) 2. Block & Crown x Lissat - Her Name Is Billie Jean (Original Mix) 3. Sharam Jey - Move Out (Original Mix) 4. Rihanna vs. Jake Tarry - What's My Name (Pat C's 'The Music' Edit) 5. Danzel - Pump It Up Zombie Nation (SOUNDCHECK Mash Up) 6. Oliver Heldens feat. Nile Rodgers & House Gospel Choir - I Was Made For Lovin' You (James Hype Extended Remix) 7. Punjabi MC vs. Will K - Mundian to Bach Ke (Pat C's 'The Way' Bootleg) 8. Sam Smith & Kim Petras - Unholy (LUSSO Remix) 9. Journey x Avicii x PBH & Jack - Don't Stop Believin (Cream 'Levels' 2022 Edit) 10. Tiesto x Black Eyed Peas - Pump It Louder (Extended Mix) 11. Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer - No Beef (Steve Aokis 11 Years Later Remix Clean Extended) 12. Queen - We Will Rock You (Division 4 Remix) 13. Marten Horger & BIJOU - I Know (Extended Mix) 14. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us (Angelo The Kid x Vandal On Da Track Remix) 15.
175:59 12/27/22
The Ultimate Peak Hour Dance Mix You Can’t Miss
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d354079 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d354079 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d354079"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d354079"); } As the weekend comes alive, "Turn Out the Lights" is your go-to set for the Peak Hour vibes. This compilation is a sonic adrenaline rush, rich in various elements from Tech House, Bass House, to Techno and Breaks. Forget the mundane; we're talking tunes that get your pulse racing and your body moving. Fred Again.. and Swedish House Mafia's collaboration featuring Future, "Turn On The Lights Again," serves as a masterstroke in Tech House. It brilliantly fuses Future's signature vocals with uplifting electronic beats. Switching gears to Bass House, Ondamike's "Din Da Daa Bass" offers a resounding bassline that could awaken a slumbering beast. The track brings a raw edge that's simply irresistible for your peak hour mayhem. For those who like Breaks, D.O.D's "Two Caps" doesn't disappoint. It mixes old-school breakbeats with modern electronic elements, resulting in a piece that's nostalgically new. In the realm of Techno, no playlist is complete without a bit of Adam Beyer. His production with Layton Giordani of Sam Paganini's "Rave" stands out as an aural masterpiece, a veritable journey through late-night peak hour sonic landscapes that you'll not soon forget. Noteworthy mentions include Maickel Telussa's "Lose Control," which perfectly showcases the blend between Tech House and Bass House, and Marco Lys x Tube & Berger's "Starter," a peak hour marvel that will surely become an anthem for many. You'll find all of this and more in the expansive 2-hour-19-minute long set. Yes, we're diving deep this time, but isn't that's what our Peak Hour sets are all about. I'll be back next week with the annual Fall Edition to keep the circuit boys entertained. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Turn Out the LightsArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Bass House, Breaks, TechnoLength: 0219:32 1. Fred Again.. & Swedish House Mafia feat. Future - Turn On The Lights Again.. (Original Mix) 2. Ondamike - Din Da Daa Bass (Exclusive Mix) 3. Fred Again.. - Jungle (Extended Mix) 4. Jake Tarry - The Music (Extended Mix) 5. Castion & Mairee - Make It High (Extended Mix) 6. AKER feat. Mr. V - Addicted To Drums (Extended Mix) 7. D.O.D - Two Caps (Extended Mix) 8. Crazibiza - Desert Storm (Cheesecake Boys Back To Punjab Mix) 9. Matt Sassari feat. CHRSTPHR - Boom Boom (Extended Mix) 10. Gary Caos & Peter Kharma - Smoke Everyday (2k22 Rework) 11. Tammy Andre - Set Me Free (Extended Mix) 12. Fisher (OZ) feat. Meryll - Yeah The Girls (Extended Mix) 13. Maickel Telussa - Lose Control (Original Mix) 14. Mau P - Drugs From Amsterdam (Original Mix) 15. Billen Ted feat.
139:32 9/17/22
The Latest Tech House & Techno: “Hot In Here — Peak Hour Summer Mix”
If the summer heat's got you in a fix, Party Favorz is here to elevate your spirits. Say hello to "Hot In Here" a Peak Hour Summer Mix and genre-spanning compilation that promises to keep your energy levels at an all-time high. With a focus on Tech House and Techno, this mix is perfect for any late-night setting where the crowd is eager to let loose. Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3551b3 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3551b3 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3551b3"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3551b3"); } A Masterful Blend of Tech House and Techno One of the standout tracks that offer a masterful fusion of Tech House and Techno is John Summit's "In Chicago." Known for his genre-bending capabilities and tracks like "Deep End," Summit delivers once again. "In Chicago" melds raw Techno elements with textured Tech House beats, making it an indispensable component of any Peak Hour playlist. Adding to the Tech House portfolio is Ben Kim's "Tear The Club Up." A thumping bassline and invigorating rhythms make it an easy pick for a dance floor eager to live up to the track's title. Ben Kim's unique take on Tech House has been making waves, and this song exemplifies his skill in igniting any venue. Iconic Reworks for the Modern Dance Floor Kate Bush’s iconic "Running Up That Hill" receives a fresh treatment by KREAM included in the set. This transformation brings an 80's classic into the modern era with a Tech House touch. It's a prime example of how time-tested tracks can receive new life while respecting their original spirit. Another delightful nod to a classic comes in the form of Mark Knight & Gene Farris's "I Can't Go For That." A Hall & Oates evergreen, this rendition is spun into a Tech House delight without losing its original flavor, capturing the nostalgia while catering to modern sensibilities. A Melting Pot of Genres and Vibes This mix isn't just limited to Tech House and Techno; it spreads its wings to include other forms of high-octane dance music. Tracks like Shouse's "Won't Forget You" remixed by Felix Jaehn offer an interesting detour, blending emotive vocals with contagious rhythms. Such tracks add depth to the overall Peak Hour experience, showing the range of what Party Favorz can offer. The Ideal Companion for Peak Hour Energy There’s a reason why "Hot In Here" deserves a spot on your summer playlist. It encapsulates everything you'd want from a mix designed for Peak Hour. From the infectious beats of Tech House to the relentless energy of Techno, this compilation has something for everyone. And as we head into August, don't forget that Party Favorz is cooking up more surprises to keep your summer electrifying. So,
168:27 6/25/22
Peak Hour Dance Mix Spring 2022 — Give the People What They Want
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3562c7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3562c7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3562c7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3562c7"); } Party Favorz is back with the latest in Peak Hour mayhem and this one is a scorcher! That being said, 'Give the People What They Want' is exactly what this latest Peak Hour set does, and in spades while featuring the biggest Tech House, Breaks and Techno songs for spring. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Give the People What They WantArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, House, Breakbeat, TechnoLength: 03:11:31 1. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (KaktuZ RemiX) 2. Tuff London - Take You Up (Extended Mix) 3. Morsy & Darryl D'Bonneau - Get Out (Alaia & Gallo Extended Remix) 4. Eden Prince - Back To The Sound (Original Mix) 5. Adruss & Juarez - Pump Up The Volume (Extended Mix) 6. Alex Kenji - Can U Feel It (Extended Mix) 7. Analog Hustlers - Real O.G. (Original Mix) 8. FISHER & Shermanology - It's A Killa (Extended Mix) 9. PEACE MAKER! & Fab Massimo - Ready 2 Go (Extended Mix) 10. Volkoder & Yolanda Be Cool - Work Your Body (Extended Mix) 11. Knober - Love Shaker (Original Mix) 12. Moby, Apollo Jane & Deitrick Haddon - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Extended Mix) 13. Poolhaus & Rowetta - Feel The Rush (Wh0 Extended Remix) 14. Junes & BÄTO - Voelen (Original Mix) 15. DONT BLINK - All Around You (Extended Mix) 16. Piero Pirupa - We Dont Need (Extended Mix) 17. Sander van Doorn - Breakfast In Vegas (Extended Mix) 18. Del Bianchi - I Feel In Love (Extended Vocal Mix) 19. Carl Shawn - Bad Feeling (Original Mix) 20. Barry Obzee - Antidote (Extended Mix) 21. Dave Winnel - Saxamaphone (Extended Day Mix) 22. Chapter & Verse - People In The Middle (Extended Mix) 23. Truth x Lies - Understand (Extended Mix) 24. Dexter Troy - Sweat! (Original Mix) 25. Basement Jaxx - Fly Life (Paco Osuna Remix) 26. PAX - Is It You (Extended Mix) 27. CID & Joshwa - How We Do (Original Mix) 28. Deeperlove - Work My Body (Qubiko Extended Remix) 29. Khia vs. Corrupt (UK) - My Neck, My Back (CHAAP Edit) 30. Sonny Fodera & Biscits - About You (Extended Mix) 31. Masters At Work vs. Joel Corry & Da Hool - Work x The Parade (Adam b Edit) 32. P&ME - It's Alright (Original Mix) 33. Chapter & Verse - Synchronize (Extended Mix) 34. Truth x Lies & Cloverdale - Nothing Gonna Stop This (Extended Mix) 35. Giusy Consoli - All Night Long (Original Mix) 36. Camille Jones - The Creeps (Sansixto & Nando Palau Remix) 37. Croatia Squad - The Beat Goes (Extended Mix) 38. DJ Diass - White Horse (Qubiko Remix) 39. Paul Adam - Tell Me Now (Original Mix) 40. Babert & The Cube Guys - Situanionism (Club Mix) 41. Hotswing & Matteo Dentone - My Way (Extended Mix) 42.
191:31 4/1/22
The Latest Peak Hour & Tech House Bangers for Winter 2022
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3574fe = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3574fe = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3574fe"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3574fe"); } Party Favorz is back in action with a Peak Hour set that's been a long time coming. Our last Peak Hour compilation dates back to October, and you can bet we've been hustling to compile a set that lives up to the hype. In fact, we skipped November entirely to focus on December, a month that, contrary to popular belief, does indeed have its share of hidden Tech House gems amidst the late-year releases. While many DJs tend to stick with what's popular, we've made it our mission to deliver an eclectic mix that spans not just Tech House, but also other sub-genres, thus embodying our mantra of "digging in the crates." The Curatorial Process Creating a Peak Hour set is more than just throwing in the latest hits. It's a craft, a skill that demands acute attention to detail. Notably, the set features tracks like "Huxley - Waiting" and "Darius Syrossian - Love One Another" which weren't just randomly tossed in; they were carefully selected to elevate the entire set. Another gem is Gary Caos' "Work It," a song that brings a touch of freshness to the lineup. This process often takes up half the time invested in curating these mixes. So, if you're wondering why this set stands apart from others, it's because we're committed to not just spinning the same tracks you'd hear from any DJ but to introducing you to brilliant but lesser-known songs. Why Tech House Dominates this Set Although the set leans heavily into Tech House and House Music, we also add a sprinkle of Indie tracks, songs that are flying under the radar but deserve a broader audience. It's this diversity and willingness to venture into lesser-known territory that makes our sets distinct. The Art of Mixing The final product is a tightly-knit musical tapestry clocking in just under three hours. One of the standout features of this set is its flow, made seamless by meticulous overlaying techniques. Transitioning from one song to the next is smooth, so much so that you'll wonder what just swept you off your feet. The set includes a track called "Bring the Noise" by Dance System which encapsulates this concept. It's about maintaining a rhythm that keeps you guessing and engaged, from start to finish. What's Next? I hope everyone's weekend was fantastic. While you groove to this Peak Hour set, keep an eye out for what's coming next. Party Favorz has an exciting 2022 Dance Club set lined up for next week that promises to be just as thrilling. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Bring The NoiseArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, House, Indie DanceLength: 02:48:23 1. Huxley - Waiting (Extended Mix) 2. Darius Syrossian - Love One Another (Original Mix) 3.
168:23 2/13/22
Peak Hour Dance Party: Shiny Disco Balls
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3585b5 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3585b5 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3585b5"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3585b5"); } Not happy with some of the supposed 'top' Tech House songs that sounded liked they were slapped together from a 1980s beat machine and dropped in a Classic Rock sample from the 1960s and called it a day — Party Favorz shook the Alternative House Music tree until far superior tracks dropped from its golden leaves to create our latest Peak Hour dance party set. The end result is a masterpiece that was a grueling process of track selection in Tech House, Bass House, Breakbeat, Electronica, Techno, and Big Room sprinkled with classic edits, mashups, and bootlegs that will keep your after-hour Halloween party moving well past midnight. This peak hour dance party mix will be the last of the Halloween-themed sets as we're gearing up for what looks like a MASSIVE Disco House drop next week. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Shiny Disco BallsArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Bass House, ElectronicaLength: 03:31:40 1. Devault feat. Bipolar Sunshine & Njomza - Don't Be Alarmed (Original Mix) 2. Crazibiza + Cheesecake Boys - Negra (Original Mix) 3. 50 Cent x Bingo Players x Felguk x Fafaq x Inndrive - Disco Inferno (Rivas Devotion 2021 Edit) 4. OFFAIAH - Up All Night (Extended Mix) 5. Yuga & Leandro Da Silva vs. Sak Noel - Da House Loca (Bigardi & Mariotto Vocal Mash) 6. DONT BLINK - Dancing (Extended Mix) 7. Laidback Luke & DJs From Mars - Call It House (Extended Mix) 8. Biscits - Wait A Minute (Original Mix) 9. Groove Salvation - Get Up (Original Mix) 10. The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix) 11. James Hype - Dancing (Extended Mix) 12. GUZ & Ferreck Dawn - Kush (Extended Mix) 13. Shouse - Love Tonight (David Guetta Extended Remix) 14. Gorgon City & Aura James - Oxygen (Franky Wah Extended Mix) 15. SLANDER feat. Dylan Matthew - Love Is Gone (Armin Van Buuren Remix) 16. Reflekt feat. Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (Cristoph Remix) 17. Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson vs. Avicii Halloween Edition Mix) 18. Tiesto x Alice Deejay x WeDamnz - Business x Better Off Alone (Benny Cool x Switch Disco Mashup) 19. Tiesto & Killfake - Money (Extended Mix) 20. Tita Lau - Into The Groove (Extended Mix) 21. Sllash & Doppe - Check Yourself (Original Mix) 22. Block & Crown x Hutch - Damager (Clubmix) 23. Fisher vs. Masters At Work - Just Feels Tight x Work (Adam B Edit) 24. Fisher x Wiz Khalif - Ya Kidding x We Dem Boyz (Adam B Edit) 25. SKIY x Richard Vission - I Like Flawless (DanFX Mashup) 26. Return Of The Jaded feat. MELLY OHH - I'm In Love With You (Extended Mix) 27. Cloonee - Love You Like That (Original Mix) 28.
211:40 10/23/21
Lose CTRL | Summer Peak Hour Party
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d359605 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d359605 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d359605"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d359605"); } After a long gay slog through June where our Gay Pride dance podcasts are currently residing in the top two spots (again) of the Top 10 — Party Favorz is ready to get your summer party started with a brand new Peak Hour set that's going to burn a hole through your earbuds. We've picked an additional DJ service to add to our arsenal, which gives us a broader selection of the latest floor scorchers. The result is Lose CTRL, which has been on repeat for the past week because it's that good! Diplo performed his magic on the massive "Marea (We've Lost Dancing" by The Blessed Madonna taking the track to new levels. Bright Lights takes Britney's "Trouble For Me" and turns it into a progressive burner that's worth the price of entry. Since the original is from 2012, we're hoping Britney will unshackle herself from her father and his merry bandit of grifters and leechers who've been bleeding her dry. It may even be time for a new Diva Hall of Fame entry from Miss Spears in honor of the #freebritney momentum she's receiving. There are some hot Hot HOT crossover tracks out at the moment: Goodboys' "Bongo Cha Cha Cha" adds some Latin summer flavor while Marshmello and Nitti Gritti team up with Megan Thee Stallion who delivers the epic battle of sexes takedown with "Bad Bitches." [youtube v="B1PksqFrUAM"] Other winners included are "Free" by Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc & Roland Clark, "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" with Deeper Purpose doing the remix honors for Piero Pirupa's chart-topping ode to the Rozalla classic, and "Emergency" by Tommy Trash & Yolanda Be Cool, which has the 80s kinda feel that beckons us to the dance floor. With the recent success of "Slim Is Alive" by Richard Grey and Lissat, Eminem and Dr. Dre have had a bit of a resurgence lately but on the dance floor. This set includes "Forget About Dre" and Em's "Without Me," which begs the question why his music hadn't been remixed sooner. All of these songs give a whole new vibe and feel fresh for those who didn't grow up in the early millennium when Emenim struck gold. We also have a valiant stab at the 2Pac (featuring Dr. Dre) classic "California Love," which makes heavy use of the original while tacking on a deep progressive groove on both ends of the song. 80s mega rock stars Dire Straits (a personal favorite) have also enjoyed a comeback in the unlikely venue of House Music. In the spring Block & Crown and Lissat released "Swingin' Sultan," which is a housed-up version of "Sultans Of Swing." It was in every DJs top 10 for months but we never included it in any of our sets because as good as it is, it just seemed to drag the set.
174:16 7/17/21
Don’t Stop The Music | Your Latest Dose of Peak Hour Tech House
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d35a739 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d35a739 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d35a739"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d35a739"); } Kicking off a marathon of sets is our latest Peak Hour mix "Don't' Stop the Music," which is loaded to the hilt with the latest Tech House and a smattering of Break Beat. Sorry, no Bass or Electro House this go around. I'll be dropping the next Dance Club no later than Sunday, followed by a new Disco House and then capping off the month with the Pride Edition. Once June rolls around — expect "The Ultimate Gay Anthems" series to drop as a massive refresher to earlier releases. This is going to be EPIC! As usual, the 2021 "Gay Anthems for A New Generation" will drop just before Pride and the month will capped off with the annual "Catch-up" series featuring the biggest Dance Club songs of the far. There's a lot of content heading your way so be sure to keep up. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Don't Stop the MusicArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Break BeatLength: 02:45:36 1. Bad Intentions - Work That (Extended Mix) 2. Amorhouse & Tonix - Give It To Me (Original Mix) 3. Lawrence Friend - Nobody Else (Extended Mix) 4. Nari - Africana (Original Mix) 5. Laugix - Loko (Original Mix) 6. Digital Base & Andy Vibes - Good Influences (Original Mix) 7. DJ Santana & Huda - Fine Day (DJ30A & Huda 2021 Remix) 8. Endor - Sway (Extended Mix) 9. Redux Saints & DJ IDeal - Chills (Extended Mix) 10. Jonathan Ulysses - Buffalo (Original Mix) 11. Major Lazer feat. Guaynaa - Diplomatico (Geses Remix) 12. Chapter & Verse - Lights Go Out (Extended Mix) 13. Flash & Dash & Notlegal - U Got (Intro Clean) 14. Glack! - Music (Original Mix) 15. Gary Caos - Mammals (Original Mix) 16. Hannah Wants x Chris Lorenzo - Rhymes 2021 (Dave Delly, Umberto Balzanelli & Michelle Bootleg) 17. Dunmore Brothers feat. Ayaba Poetic - Step Closer (Original Mix) 18. Montel - Out There (Original Mix) 19. Space Motion - Feel My Body (Extended Mix) 20. Crazibiza - Higher (Original Mix) 21. KVSH & Shillist - Sicko Drop (Original Mix) 22. Bingo Players x Felguk vs. DJ Jose x Spankox - Hesitate To The Club Devotion (BNM Bootleg) 23. Viky (IT) - Baby Work It (Original Mix) 24. Martin Ikin x Biscits feat. Anelisa Lamola - Ready 2 Dance (Extended Mix) 25. CID & Westend - Jumpin (Extended Mix) 26. Nightfunk - Wonderland (Original Mix) 27. Kid Panel - Bring The Funk Back (Original Mix) 28. Breaking Beatzz x Riton - Electric Rinse & Repeat (DanFX Mashup) 29. Kideko & Saffron Stone - The Music (Extended Mix) 30. Crazibiza - Fresh (Frank Caro & Alemany Remix) 31. Riva Starr feat. Imaginary Cities - Ride This Sound (Biscits Extended Remix) 32. Tim Cullen - Take This (Original Mix) 33.
165:36 5/20/21
Let’s Go Dancing | Peak Hour Mayhem!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d35b7f0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d35b7f0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d35b7f0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d35b7f0"); } Party Favorz is back with our latest Peak Hour set featuring the biggest Tech House, Bass House and Electro House tunes currently on our radar with "Let's Go Dancing." This set will fuel your late night parties and is perfect for a intense workout. While there are few surprises here — there are a few tracks that come out of leftfield. Most notable of these is The Sponges "Jerry Brain." The track is considered Bass House but is really more of a Glitch Funk track that jerks you back and forth with a unexpected funky twist that's hard to put into words. I'm fairly confident in stating that there's no other song like it in this set. By infusing modern synths, bass with funky house — The Sponges have set the bar for the future of electronic music. Honestly, I haven't been this excited about a single song since DJ Kid Stretch's breakbeat classic "Get Away" as remixed by Basement Freaks. I may even resurrect in a future set because that song is fresh as when it was first released. I may end up taking a deep dive to see who else is recreating fresh sounds that aren't getting enough attention because I'm banking there's a lot out there. Stay tuned to see what I turn up at a later date... Until then ENJOY! Album: Let's Go DancingArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Electro House, Bass HouseLength: 02:39:18 1. Kill Your Heroes feat. Dave Giles II - Lo©ked In (Darius Syrossian Remix) 2. Bibi & Sami Dee pres. Da Slammin' Phrogz - Somethin' About Da Music '21 (Qubiko Remix) 3. Mister H - Dhamaka (Extended Mix) 4. Harry Romero - Say Yeah (Extended Mix) 5. Vanjanja - Shake That Ass (Original Mix) 6. Dom Dolla - Pump The Brakes (Extended Mix) 7. John Summit - Make Me Feel (Original Mix) 8. Shiba San - Let's Go Dancing (Original Mix) 9. Mike Williams - Get Dirty (Extended Mix) 10. Valentino Khan & Alison Wonderland - Anything (Malaa Remix) 11. Maximo Quinones & Santeli - Workout (Extended Mix) 12. FOLEY - Twisted Disco (Preacher Mix) 13. Tita Lau - The Sequel (Extended Mix) 14. Diplo & Sonny Fodera - Turn Back Time (Noizu Remix) 15. Ekoboy - Can't Feel A Thing (Original Mix) 16. SIDEPIECE - Temptation (Extended Mix) 17. The Sponges - Jerry Brain (Extended Mix) 18. Sander Dellariva - Stab Jam (Supernova Remix) 19. AmyElle - Feel The Heat (Extended Mix) 20. Gigi Camporeale - Lets Do It (Original Mix) 21. Flashmob - Closer (Extended Mix) 22. Riaz Dhanani - Rewind (Original Mix) 23. Ruben Mandolini & Catsinka - No Diggity (Extended Mix) 24. Aloka - Concave (Original Mix) 25. AXMO - Paralyzed (Extended Mix) 26. Afrojack & DLMT - Wish You Were Here (Karim Meknassi Extended Remix) 27.
159:18 4/10/21
Peak Hour [February 2021]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d35c87c = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d35c87c = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d35c87c"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d35c87c"); } Party Favorz is back with a Peak Hour set to get you over the mid-week doldrums. Yet again, I worked this motherfucker out and it's bound to please our late night dancefloor dwellers. Nothing to explain here because it speaks for itself. If I had one bit of advice — that would be to TURN UP THE VOLUME! Enjoy. Album: Peak Hour [February 2021]Artists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Electro House, EDM, Bass HouseLength: 02:30:44 1. Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious - Loneliness (No Hopes & Pushkarev Remix) 2. Sllash & Doppe - Pepper Shaker (Original Mix) 3. Alex O'Neill - Synthesizer (Extended Mix) 4. GUZ - Set U Free (Extended Mix) 5. Alaia & Gallo feat. PabloRita - Get Down (Original Mix) 6. Bingo Players, Felguk & Fafaq - Devotion (Will Sparks Remix) 7. Teknova - Push The Feeling On 2k19 (Melbourne Bounce Mix) 8. CJ - Whoopty (James Hype VIP Remix) 9. Icona Pop & Sofi Tukker - Spa (James Hype Remix) 10. Laidback Luke feat. David Goncalves - Rolling Stone (DJs From Mars Remix) 11. Travis Scott & HVME - Goosebumps (DJ Intro - DJ Outro 1 Dirty) 12. Billie Eilish vs. Oxia - Therefore I Am Domino (DJs From Mars Bootleg) 13. Bingo Players & Bonxo vs. Flo Rida & T-Pain - When I Dip Low (HayaT & Mukonda Mashup) 14. Panjabi - Beware Of The Boys (Hypelezz Mashup) 15. Sikdope x Gentlemens Club feat. Tima Dee - Ballin (Original Mix) 16. Beki M - I Feel That Love (Original Mix) 17. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons - Tricky Love (Original Mix) 18. Space Motion - Feel My Body (Extended Mix) 19. London Grammar - Strong (PAGANO 2021 Remix) 20. Charles D (USA) - You (Original Mix) 21. Chris Lake & Armand Van Helden - Work (Extended Mix) 22. DONT BLINK - Vibration (Original Mix) 23. 2Lovers - It's Like That (Original Mix) 24. Andruss & Juarez - Pump Up The Volume (Extended Mix) 25. Dino Brown & Paky Francavilla - Make The World Go Round (Pussy Dub Foundation 2K17 Remix) 26. Johan S & HP Vince - Touch Me (Extended Mix) 27. Miane - Who Are You (Chris Lake Extended Remix) 28. CID - No! (BYOR Extended Remix) 29. Gene Farris - Keep Pushing (Extended Mix) 30. Merk & Kremont x Buzz Low - Do It (Extended Mix) 31. DJ Kuba & Neitan x Bounce Inc. - Cream (Extended Mix) 32. Pitbull x Lil Jon Vs. DJ Kuba x Neitan - Krazy Cream (PeteDown 2021 Bootleg) 33. David Guetta & MORTEN feat. Lanie Gardner - Dreams (Extended Mix) 34. Triple888 - Groove (Roger Sanchez Dirty 90s Mix) 35. Ellis Moss - The Shake (Original Mix) 36. Max Esposito - Deep (Original Mix) 37. KC Lights - Girl (Tribal Edit Extended Mix) 38. Freejak x Josh Hunter - Keep This Thing Rolling (Original Mix)
150:44 2/24/21
RAGE | Peak Hour Stress Relief
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d35d80a = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d35d80a = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d35d80a"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d35d80a"); } With only 9 days left until the elections — Party Favorz is offering up RAGE the next episode in Peak Hour mayhem! I find that the harder the better when I need to let it out without going off on everyone else. Initially, this set was to be posted yesterday but due to some issues with the new PWA pounding our servers that caused some massive memory issues — the stellar original post couldn't be saved. Since I'm in no mood to recreate the original — may I suggest you just download, hit play, and let the music do the rest? Don't be fooled by the first track, which is more House Music than anything (even though it's listed as Tech House) because right after, everything heats up and stays that way until you get to the end with a new rework of the 90's Robert Miles Trance Classic "Children" to close it out. I've already compiled a new Dance Club for release next week and will then start work on the next two years (1992 - 1993) of The Ultimate 90's House Music Classics series for November release. I hope everyone has a great weekend...until the next time...ENJOY! Album: RAGEArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, Electro House, EDMLength: 02:45:41 1. Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers with Marc E. Bassy - Let It Go (Dom Dolla Extended Remix) 2. Amorhouse - My Body (Original Mix) 3. Dario Nunez - Is Like (Original Mix) 4. Bonka - R.A.G.E. (Club Mix) 5. Krunk! & Andy Lambert - Get Down (Original Mix) 6. Eduke - One House (Original Mix) 7. BACATME - Shake It Girl (Club Edit) 8. Alaia & Gallo - Okay (Original Mix) 9. Huxley - Who Sez (Original Mix) 10. FEX (IT) - Keep The Party Loud (Original Mix) 11. David Penn - The Heat (Qubiko Remix) 12. Aluna - Envious (JME-LFY Remix) 13. Endor - Fur (Extended Mix) 14. Fickry - Dirty Son Of A Gun (Original Mix) 15. Michael Jackson - Thriller (AndyRave 2K20 Bootleg Mix) 16. Blackbear & Chunky Dip x DJ Kuba & Neitan & Kris Kiss x Mo Falk & Siks - Girl In A Helicopter Mashine (Yassin Kayadi & Loïc Jaminet Mashup) 17. Will Sparks & Luciana - 5 Minutes (Extended Mix) 18. Jack Harlow - What's Poppin' (Phon Remix) 19. Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains - Don Dada (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomons Extended Alcazar Remix) 20. Now O Later - Calligraphy (Extended Mix) 21. TCTS & Todd Terry - Get Freaky (Extended Mix) 22. Chelina Manuhutu - Big G (Original Mix) 23. Avicii feat. Onne & Dave Delly - Levels 2020 (Sebastian Bayl Mash-Boot) 24. Matt Kerley - Destination What The Fuck (Extended Mix) 25. Bingo Players, Felguk & Fafaq - Devotion 2020 (Extended Remix) 26. Bubba Sparxxx feat. Ying Yang Twins & Mr. Collipark - Ms.
165:41 10/25/20
Turn Up The Volume | Maximum Peak Hour House Music
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d35e7dc = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d35e7dc = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d35e7dc"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d35e7dc"); } Party Favorz is back with our next installment of Peak Hour mayhem! Turn Up the Volume features the latest in Tech House, Late Nite House, EDM, and Bootleg mashups that are bound to turn some heads. This set starts off with a simmer and heats up rapidly before boiling over. Lots of fresh originals here like Norman Doray and Piem's "Give It Up," Husko & Stephan Duy's "Hands In The Air," HUGEL's "Cool," and Prok & Fitch's "Indiance." You may also remember back in February I declared Soffi Tukker's "Good Time Girl" as one of the biggest songs of the year that actually came out last year. Our good friends at Ultra apparently agree and commissioned some official remixes for the song and the Leandro da Silva remix is included here. You better believe the more commercial Benny Bennasi remix will be making its debut on the next Dance Club set. My only complaint is that they dropped the white girl rap by Charlie Barker, which added a lot of flavor to the original. Nevertheless, these are stellar remixes coming on top of ST's recent collab with Gorgon City on "House Arrest." We also have a lot of familiar classic songs that have either been updated ("Gypsy Woman" by Maurizio Basilotta, "Phenomenon" by Sweetpower, "Turnin Me Out" by Chapter & Verse, and "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa). We even have a rock classic song by Santana "Oye Como Va" being given the House treatment which works oh so well. Block & Crown deliver "Good For Critics," which uses one of the countless loops and samples in their catalog that is so vast — it's hard to keep up with muchless remember where the samples came from — even though you know you've heard it before. Finally, Italy's DJs From Mars can always be counted on for mashing up two to three memorable dance classics with something current. Their concoctions are always guaranteed to raise the roof. Here we get the excellent "Not Exactly Boss Bitch in San Frandisco" featuring Doja Cat, Deadmau5 and, Dom Dolla — "All Around the Roses" by SAINt JHN & Imanbek, and R3hab & A Touch Of Class — "Sweet Start Now" by Dua Lipa, The Temper Trap, and Axwell & Dirty South. In all, Turn Up the Volume demands you do exactly that. Piss off your neighbors or have a late night balcony party. This set is designed for maximum pleasure. ENJOY! Album: Turn Up the VolumeArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, House Music, EDMLength: 01:50:10 1. Max Millian & F.A.T - Maori (Original Mix) 2. Norman Doray & Piem - Give It Up (Extended Mix) 3. Maurizio Basilotta - Gypsy Woman (No Hopes & Pushkarev Remix) 4. Block & Crown - Good For Critics (Original Mix) 5. Faul & Wad - Oye Como Va (Extended Mix) 6.
110:10 8/14/20
Come Together | Peak Hour Tech House for Party People
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d35f7a3 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d35f7a3 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d35f7a3"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d35f7a3"); } Party Favorz is back with our latest Peak Hour mix that's bound to have many of you salivating. This set continually evolved until the right mix of tracks were released to meet the high standards this podcast strives for. For the most part, Come Together leans heavily into Tech House with a generous side portion of dark House Music. We threw in a couple of dreamy Breaks tracks (Franky Wah's "Come Together" and Sub Focus & Wilkinson's "Just Hold On") to open and close the set and added only one techno and progressive house song. A LOT OF CLASSIC SONGS BEING SAMPLED There are a litany of classic Disco, 90's House and even pop songs that are sampled in this set. So many, that it would take forever to point them all out to you. Some, you'll pick up straight away, while others will sound familiar but you can't quite put your finger on them. No matter — it's all good. THE REMAKE OF A CLASSIC TRACK Perhaps the biggest song of at the moment is the PAX remake of the Rui Da Silva (featuring Cassandra) early millennium classic "Touch Me." It took awhile for me to really appreciate it as the vocals kept throwing me off. Cassandra had this distinctive rasp in her voice that really gave the original its deep, dark, and sexy appeal. In fact, the original was so well done that it would fit nicely in any set today and no one would none the wiser that its 20 years old. However, the version on YouTube that has over 31 million views is considerably faster than the original, which ruins the whole song. So, I'll show the PAX version since it's still stellar and what's included here: In short, I kept this set tight and mashed-up a lot of the transitions to keep the flow moving. That's not really your concern but just know that this is one set that should keep the party moving until the next release. DIVA HALL OF FAME COMING SOON Speaking of which, I think it's time for some new Diva Hall of Fame inductees. There are a ton of new leading ladies that are making a name for themselves and some that should have been inducted awhile ago. Not sure how many I'll get to and in what order but I've got some special ones y'all are gonna really like. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Come TogetherArtists: VariousGenre: Tech House, House Music, BreaksLength: 02:11:40 1. Franky Wah - Come Together (Extended Mix) 2. Ben Rainey & Felix Leiter - Good Times (Original Mix) 3. Daniel Stefanik - Deep Inside (Andrea Oliva Remix) 4. Martin Ikin - Good Feelings (Original Mix) 5. John Summit - Forgotten One (Original Mix) 6. Croatia Squad - The Vibe (Extended Mix) 7. D'YOR - Freshhh! (Extended Mix) 8. Tenacious - Rabbit Hole (Original Mix) 9.
131:40 7/11/20
Wanna Go Dancin’ | Peak Hour Party Mix
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d360722 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d360722 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d360722"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d360722"); } Party Favorz is dropping a surprise peak hour party mix that shakes up our normal release schedule. "Wanna Go Dancin'" is packed to the hilt with slamming new Tech House tracks, a smattering of Bass House, and a healthy serving of deeper House Music tracks that ride the happy train. CLASSICS REWORKED Kicking things off are two well-known 90's classics reworked for today's dance floor. King Joshua's "Professional Widow" is a new version that evokes the original Tori Amos/Armand Van Helden collaboration with new vocals, while The Cube Guys stay true to the original version of the monster track "Plastic Dreams" and adding their own modern-day flavor to this classic. Kevin McKay & Moreno Pezzolato have been dropping massive floor bombs lately and their rework of the 49er's House music classic "Touch Me" hits it dead on. Kevin's "Such A Good Feeling" is reminiscent of another classic but I can't quite put my finger on it as of this writing. There are so many updated or sampled classics in this set it's mind-boggling how they translate so well into today's music scene. Jake Would's "Pump It" delivers a housed up version of "Pump Up the Jam," while Brothers of Funk deliver an alternate Breaks version of the same song using a different sample called "Make My Day." Michael Gray take's on the disco classic "Push (In the Bush" by Musique, and JL & Afterman take on the unexpected "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash and deliver a massive floor-filler that would get anyone bouncing. Someone's been digging into mom and dad's record collection. DO IT IN A DISCO Perhaps the two biggest surprises are the Carlos and Vicente Fas remake of the 1980 disco classic "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. This is song is no stranger to being reworked but once again, taking a silly disco song and turning it into a floor favorite for a new generation is no easy task. It's no wonder it sat atop the DJs top downloaded list for several weeks. This leads me to one other dance classic from 1979. Ian Ossia takes on the "M" New Wave dance classic "Pop Muzik" titled "Living In a Disco" and does wonders with the song. While he kept the original 120 bpm of the original, I sped it up to give it an easier flow. I've never heard anyone attempt to sample or rework this song so for me this is a big deal. Sadly, none of the other DJs felt the same way I did about this remix so I'll let y'all decide. Absent of new material, Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On" gets another House music rework by Nader Razdar, which is always a guaranteed hit no matter how many spins you put on this Hip Hop classic. HOT ORIGINAL TRACKS You might think this set is all about classic reworks but i...
147:29 5/9/20
Red Alert | Peak Hour Music For the After Hours Crowd
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3617ed = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3617ed = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3617ed"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3617ed"); } Party Favorz is back with some deep peak hour music for those who start their party later in the evening. Red Alert features the hottest Tech House tracks at the moment with some funky surprises thrown in to mix things up and tingle your spine. Claptone & Mylo's "Drop the Pressure" kicks things off and sets the mood for subsequent tracks before all hell breaks loose. This track is currently sitting at the top of most DJ sets but it's the lesser known songs that are the real winners here. The Cube Guys have recently re-entered the scene after years of success in the commercial and underground space of the electronic music scene in the early millennium. Actually, they never went away but they're definitely making their presence felt these days. The joined up with Bando and re-grooved Dee-Lite's early 90's smash "Groove Is In the Heart" turning it into a deep Tech House track that would fill any dancefloor if we had any. Norman Cook a.k.a. Fatboy Slim is another master class producer and his infectious "All the Ladies" hits that deep groove spot and holds steady before we launch into another Cube Guys remix of the 90's alternative House classic "Red Alert" by Basement Jaxx. Johan S delivers the funky Tech House stomper "Smoke This" and Salt N Pepa's 80's classic "Push It" get's another rework by Safety First!, which is one of two versions currently out for 2020. "Push It" is just one of those songs that delivers in any environment and it would be really difficult to NOT make it a crowd pleaser. Trance megastars Above & Beyond take a stark turn and resurrect New Order's 80's alternative dance classic "Blue Monday" turning it into a massive roof-raising monster with it's signature synth. The always diverse Lucas Debonaire delivers a funky mashup that samples Michael Jackson's famous hook in "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and mashes it with the 80's M|A|R|R|S Acid House classic "Pump Up the Volume" and creates an all new booty shaker that's bound to please. Another track blowing up at the moment is the Riva Starr remix of the 2009 Dennis Ferrer low-key House classic "Hey Hey." Here, Riva Starr drops in a familiar Giorgio Moroder groove, bumps up the BPM by 5 and flips this track 360 degrees. Buzz Low's "Thong Song" is a track I just can't get sick of no matter how many times I listen to it. It's definitely a crowd-pleaser with an infectious hook. If things weren't the way they are at the moment, Spinnin Records would have a smash on their hands. Roger M's "Discosizer" lifts the 80's Miguel Brown Hi NRG classic "So Many Men, So Little Time" and mashes it with our favorite DIVA Loleatta Holloway. In fact,
126:57 4/4/20
Keep Control | After Hours Party Mix
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3627f3 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3627f3 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3627f3"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3627f3"); } Party Favorz has a surprise mid-week drop for all you Tech House and alternative dance music fans. Keep Control is a continuous mix of all the hottest tracks currently spinning at the coolest clubs around the globe. It's namesake derives from the Sono classic originally released in 2000. That song went straight to #1 across the globe and delivered a bevy of remixes that propped it up at the time. Here, Artbat takes the original and gives it a Techno makeover with a progressive bent that hearkens back to the early millennium complete with an elongated drop. As soon as I came across the release in my DJ service — I knew it was a smash. In fact, it's been sitting atop Beatport's top 10 for weeks now. Even though the Underground series is probably the least popular of what I put out — I enjoy creating these sets because the songs allow me to stretch my skills by mashing up and slicing and dicing my way through the mix keeping it tight while giving the songs an entirely new feel. Better yet, it allows me to show off even if you have no idea what I did. When I started the Deep Edition in 2007, it was to pick up on a bunch of tracks that weren't considered "commercial" at the time that I thought was great. It really didn't find its grounding until around the Spring of 2008 but solidified its direction by the summer of that year. I realize these sets are not for everyone but a select few of you who are hard core about their music and this is as much for you as they are for me. So indulge me until... I've also got the next Disco House (formerly Funky House) in the can and will be dropping that on Saturday to keep everyone happy. I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. After that, I'm working on updating some past Dance Classics series by putting everything into one ultimate collection much like the Trash Disco and 80's Dance I just completed. If you're a fan of 90's Eurodance — this will be your wet dream come true. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Keep ControlGenre: Tech House, Techno, Bass House, Electro House, Progressive HouseYear: 2020Total Time: 01:36:13 1. Griz - Could U (Original Mix) 2. Mirco Martini & Alessio Mosti - Studio 54 (Original Mix) 3. Nari & Crazibiza - Push Up (Original Mix) 4. House Of Pain vs. Toby Green - Jump Around vs. In To Deep (Sedliv Mashup) 5. Funkagenda & Mark Knight - Good Times (Petkis 2020 Bootleg) 6. Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc - In The Dark (Wh0 Extended Remix) 7. Leftwing Kody & Camden Cox - Without You (Extended Mix) 8. Josh Wink & Lil' Louis - How's Your Evening So Far (Chris Lake Remix) 9. Blue Boy - Remember Me (Franky Rizardo Remix) 10.
96:13 2/27/20
For The People | Songs From The Underground
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d363754 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d363754 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d363754"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d363754"); } And the music keeps rolling with our final Underground House set of the year. Once again, this newly minted set pulls from a wide variety of genres to keep listeners, ravers and party-goers engaged. From Tech House, Bass House, Trance, Drum and Bass, and everything in between — "For the People" delivers the party and then some. Things kick off slowly with the Danny Darko and Julien Kelland remake of the Rolling Stones classic "Paint It Black." This is one of the darker tracks in the Stone's catalog (next to "Gimme Shelter") and Danny Darko takes it even darker. There was a remix contest for the original and frankly, all the remixes officially picked for this release were excellent. "Paint It Black" is followed by NERVO & Skazi's rework of the more recent "Faded" by Zhu — an equally dark track that put Zhu on the map. It's rare that a recent hit song like this gets a remake but this version is better than the original. From there, things pick up as we move into the warehouse rave party you came here for. There are plenty of twists and turns in this set with much of it mashed to keep things flowing until we get to the next hard break and switch gears. I enjoy making the Underground House mixes because the music options are limitless and it gives me greater creative control over what to use and decide on the direction I want to take. Not complaining about the other sets I make, which are by far more popular but I enjoy being able to stretch things to their limit. Here in the United States, everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving and I hope y'all have an enjoyable holiday with friends and family. I plan on dropping something special for Black Friday to help everyone get in the mood for power shopping, putting up holiday decorations, or just zoning out. I'm fairly certain y'all can figure it out. Just know that I plan on making it extra special this year. Until then...ENJOY! Album: for the peopleGenre: Tech House, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Electro House, Progressive HouseYear: 2019Total Time: 02:05:30 1. Danny Darko feat. Julien Kelland - Paint It Black (SHYHiZZLE Remix) 2. NERVO & Skazi - Faded (Extended Mix) 3. Kid Panel - My Bassline (Original Mix) 4. Lucky Vegas - Yaz (Extended Mix) 5. Martin Ikin - Hooked (Original Mix) 6. Hott Like Detroit & Kathy Brown - Get Home (Respect) (Original Mix) 7. MorganJ - Let It Go (Extended Mix) 8. Akon x Wax Motif - Smack That (Angelo The Kid Wet Edit) 9. Bram Fidder - Bentley (Extended Mix) 10. Alt-A - Hold Back (Original Mix) 11. Meduza, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control (WeDamnz Bootleg) 12. Mart Under Sanctions - Pump Up The Volume (Extended Mix) 13. DNF x James Brown - I Feel Funky (Criminal Noise & Mairee Mashup) 14.
125:30 11/27/19
Change The Situation
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3646e7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3646e7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3646e7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3646e7"); } Party Favorz is back with one of our most ambitious sets from the underground with Change the Situation. This set is intended to be more immersive as you take a journey through underground house music's finest offerings at the moment. Think of it like a rollercoaster that starts at the top, immediately drops only to slowly climb back up, do a half drop before taking a sharp left that leads you through a corkscrew only to slowly ascend one more time before taking another terrifying dive into the abyss. OH HELL YEAH! I love doing these sets because of the large playground they offer me in terms of whatever direction I feel like taking at the moment. Change the Situation features a bevy of genres Bass House, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Electro House, Progressive House, and the always favorite Tech House. It starts off with the Robbie Rivera remix of the Dave Winnel banger "Smoke Machine," which is just a tease of what you think is coming but doesn't really make an appearance until much later in the set. HA — fooled you! There are plenty of chill moments but at the same time, this is not a chill set. For all those that like to shake up their musical listening environment from one week to the next — this set is definitely for you. As for the cover art — expect more of these Resist images in future sets. With the world quickly moving towards fascism and protests throughout the globe from Hong Kong, Russia, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Venezuela, and likely soon the United States — The Underground is the perfect vehicle for conveying my support for the resistors throughout the world who have had enough of the lies, deceit, power-hungry, greedy politicians that are destroying our planet for profit all the while suppressing people's voices, sowing division between the races, enacting policies that solely benefit the haves while the have nots pay for their money lust. We've had enough. Putin, Trump, Johnson, Maduro, Bolsonaro, Netanyahu, and on down the line — you've been given burn notice. I'm going to have a lot on my plate these next several months but I should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time so I can keep delivering the goods you folks expect. I've already compiled the next Funky Disco House set due to drop next Saturday, then the Ultimate 80's Dance collection I've been teasing, followed by a new Legacy entry all before we get to our annual Halloween fare. Then, I have a multi-set surprise Diva Hall of Fame that's going to wrap up one of our most prolific inductees. I'll just let you guess who that's going to be. As you can see, there's a lot going on and just know that I'm on it. Until next the time — ENJOY!
130:29 9/14/19
let’s get ill
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d365684 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d365684 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d365684"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d365684"); } let's get ill is chock-full of underground party favorites from a variety of genres currently circulating on the party circuit. As usual, the inspiration for many of these tracks comes from the past eras of disco all the way up to house music and everything in between. Originally, I did this set in one sitting and created my edits and mashups on the fly. I had a few more worthy entrants that came in after it was set and dry and added a couple to the final set. Because of the way I structured this set, it's designed to move fast and keep listeners engaged. There aren't many long drawn-out passages and when there are, they aren't really that long. You'll also notice that Loleatta Holloway — once again — is at center stage on three of these tracks with two samplings of her #1 disco hit "Love Sensation" from 1980 — the most sampled song in the history of house music. Both deliver a blistering floor-scorcher but with a different approach. Nevertheless, HEY MR. DJ, Loleatta has an extensive catalog with a ton of adlibs and worthy material ripe for sampling. Why not get off the "Love Sensation" bandwagon and try being original for once? It'll separate you from the pack. Don't be lazy. I'll start compiling for the next Dance-Club and Circuit-Tribal-House sets dropping sometime this month. I've been on such a whirlwind of releases that I may take a one-week break depending on how far I get into the next set. Compiling is always the biggest challenge and definitely takes the longest. It's a process. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'll be back soon enough. Until then...ENJOY! Album: let's get illGenre: Tech House, Breaks, Drum & Bass, House MusicYear: 2019Total Time: 01:43:30 1. Sopran X Lexu - Waving Crazy (Original Mix) 2. Laidback Luke & Keanu Silva - Oh Yes (Rockin' With The Best) (RetroVision Remix) 3. FISHER - You Little Beauty (Original Mix) 4. Chris Lake & Lee Foss - Lies, Deception, And Fantasy (Original Mix) 5. Loopers - Feel It (Extended Mix) 6. Mutantbreakz & Yo Speed - There Is It (Original Mix) 7. Benny Benassi & Chris Nasty - Inside (Extended Mix) 8. KC Lights - SOL (Extended Mix) 9. Axxis - Ceylan (Original Mix) 10. Wax Motif - Wet (Original Mix) 11. Rich B feat. Marcella Puppini - Revolution 2019 (Original Mix) 12. Don't Blink - Let's Get Ill (Original Mix) 13. Michael Aidala - Release Me (Extended Mix) 14. Catz 'n Dogz feat. ZENSOFLY & Maxville - Wave (Justin Martin) 15. Vito Trix - You Realized (Original Mix) 16. Mike Catherall - I Feel The Night (Mike & Georgie's Tech House Mix) 17. Carnao Beats - Sex Talk (Skapes Remix) 18. George Privatti & Guille Placencia - The Sonic Busters (Original Mix) 19.
103:30 7/5/19
Start the Party
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3665b8 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3665b8 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3665b8"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3665b8"); } Happy Friday to everyone! While we sit here under tornado and flash flood warnings — I decided to go ahead and drop the latest Peak Hour House Music set Start the Party. I really worked this set-out and pulled from a variety of styles including Breaks, Drum & Bass, Techno, and of course the always-popular Tech House. Start the Party takes you on a journey through the underground house scene in what is likely one of my favorite sets in a long while in this series. Keep in mind that the inclusion of Frank Wah's "Get Me High," which is a repeat from Rave Machine is not an error. Even though the track itself feels incomplete and I had to rework the ending, it's one of my favorite tracks at the moment. In other news, I realize there have been some issues with the site not fully loading and the download links not working as expected. I made some late-night corrections that are in the process of propagating throughout the system. In most cases, they're likely finished but in other parts of the world may take a little more time. If you get a page with the logo and the contact information at the bottom but empty posts, try clearing your browser's cache (not your passwords) and refreshing the page by hitting F5. If the download link doesn't work automatically and takes you to another page with a different audio player — click on the three dots to the right of the player and the episode should download automatically. Equally, you can right-click the download link and click "save as" and it should also download directly. As I said, I'm aware of these issues and have already implemented the fixes — they just need a little time to correct themselves worldwide. If you're still having issues by tomorrow, please reach out to me via the contact section of the site or Instant Messenger and I'll see what I can do. Just know that I appreciate every bit of feedback I receive to ensure things work as expected. In the interim, enjoy this fantastic set of Peak Hour House Music. This one is for the adventurous folks. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Start the PartyGenre: Tech House, Techno, Breaks, Drum & BassYear: 2019Total Time: 01:59:31 1. King Arthur & Big Pineapple - Friends (Extended Mix) 2. Lil'M & Jok - We Come To Party (Piem Remix) 3. Stanton Warriors & Taiki Nulight feat. Danny Dearden - What You Got Now (Extended Mix) 4. CamelPhat & Cristoph feat. Jem Cooke - Breathe (Original Mix) 5. Thomas Schumacher - Golden Hour (Original Mix) 6. MING - Underground Sound (Original Mix) 7. Jack Back vs. Cevin Fisher - 2000 Freaks Come Out (Original Mix) 8. Qubiko - Benozal (Ariano Kinà & Marco Bruzzano Remix) 9. Example - All Night (Extended Mix) 10.
119:31 4/19/19
Rave Machine | Underground with the Latest Tech House
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3674cf = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3674cf = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3674cf"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3674cf"); } As promised, I'm dropping "Rave Machine," the latest from the Peak Hour House Music series and this one is a thumper! It's definitely darker than past efforts but looking back, that seems to be the norm around this time of year. I did my best to flesh it out with some Prog-House and Techno to keep it interesting. However, I'm beginning to wonder if the Tech House genre has maxed out its potential. You, folks, know that over the years I bitch and moan about the state of the "hot dance genre" of the moment. Whether it be big room EDM anthems with the anticipated drop, the commercialization of Deep House which peaked in 2014 before rebranding itself "Future House" and the more recent Reggaeton trend, which wore out its welcome over a year ago (at least after "Despacito" was a worldwide hit). While Tech House hasn't actually crossed into the mainstream, its popularity has swelled considerably to the point that there's just not a lot of originality coming out of its ranks. To be clear, there are some great tracks (included here) but it's best to try to mix in other genres to keep things interesting.  I may even go back and take a stab at the "Spin Me Around" set I put out in 2017, which incorporated a HUGE swath of genres that normally don't work well together in a set but for whatever reason, I managed to pull off. I enjoy the whole unpredictable nature of sets like that, which also lend themselves to what my music sets are mainly about: having a party. We'll see. If you want a better take on my thoughts, read "The Epic of Passable Tech House" by Michael Sundius. He touches on the very same things I've been whining about for years but does it with more panache and colorful writing than I can muster. To any of the artists included in this set, please do not be upset. I ain't ragging on you. You wouldn't be included if I didn't think these tracks were stellar. Quite the opposite. Take this writing for what it is but don't let it sway your opinion. I worked this motherfucker out and if you're a fan of this series, you won't be disappointed. As I promised yesterday, I'm going to start work on the next commercial Dance-Club set, which you can expect to drop sometime late next week. Until then...ENJOY! Album: Rave MachineGenre: Tech House, Techno, Progressive HouseYear: 2019Total Time: 02:05:53 1. Ilija Djokovic - Atom (Original Mix) 2. Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Agent Orange DJ 2018 Rework) 3. Martin Ikin feat. Hayley May - Following (Original Mix) 4. The Deepshakerz feat. Robert Owens - Reach (Cassimm Remix) 5. Qubiko - Benozal (Alvaro Smart Remix) 6. Go Freek & Playmode Feat. Dances With White Girls - Elevate (Extended Mix) 7.
125:53 2/15/19
Drop It!
Play Pause DownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d3683c8 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d3683c8 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d3683c8"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d3683c8"); } Party Favorz is back to help you get over the mid-week hump with Drop It featuring the latest Tech House and Techno sounds from the underground! This set harkens back to some of the earlier sets I created when I resurrected the Deep Edition. That is, it's darker than most but still, party worthy. It kicks off a bit slow with a remake of the early 90's underground rave classic "DJ's Take Control," which has several updated remixes including the remastered original. The original would fit nicely in any set today but I decided to go with the Shadow Child remix. Frankly, the remixes really didn't bring anything new to the table. In fact, you'd never know what song it was if it wasn't labeled. Regardless, consider it a warmer before things start to heat up and boil over before simmering down at the end. The creation process for this set is the most challenging I've had in years. So much so, it took me over a week to get it where I thought it should go. Several songs were heavily edited to keep the listener engaged and moving along at a rapid pace. The final version takes you on a journey that leaves you wanting more. Pat on the back for working this bitch out! I still have my birthday gift I'll be sharing with everyone on Friday. That is a mix created for myself featuring one of the most talented and promising DJ/producers of the moment. I know a lot of you are big, big fans of this guy and I can't wait to drop it. Until then...ENJOY! Album: Drop It!Genre: Tech House, TechnoYear: 2018Total Time: 01:36:32 1. SL2 - DJ's Take Control (Shadow Child Extended Remix) 2. Green Velvet & Chris Lake - Deceiver (Extended Mix) 3. Johannes Albert - And Then Some (Original Mix) 4. Illyus & Barrientos - Scream (Extended Mix) 5. Block & Crown - Betty Never Sleeps (Original Mix) 6. Guille Placencia - Nobody (Original Mix) 7. Dusky - Amongst The Gods (Original Mix) 8. Nhan Solo - Shout (Original Mix) 9. Paul Woolford feat. Kim English - Hang Up Your Hang Ups (The Only One) (CamelPhat Remix) 10. Wh0 - Hypnotizing (Original Mix) 11. Skinnybit - Still Hot (Original Mix) 12. CamelPhat - Drop It (Mason Maynard Extended Mix) 13. Shiba San & Tim Baresko - All I Need (Extended Mix) 14. B.Traits - People's Nation (Original Mix) 15. Kelis X Freejak - My Milkshake (Leftwing & Kody Remix) 16. B.Traits - I Feel the Music (Original Mix) 17. Vato Gonzalez - Wavy Riddim (Extended Mix) 18. Jack Back - (It Happens) Sometimes (Extended Mix) 19. Eli Brown - In The Dance (Original Mix) 20. Alaia & Gallo - Sunday Morning (Original Mix) 21. Calvin Harris & Sam Smith - Promises (OFFAIAH Extended)
96:32 10/31/18
Feel It!
Play Pause DownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d369286 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d369286 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d369286"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d369286"); } The title "Feel It | Deep & Dark Tech House Sprinkled with Power House is exactly what this set claims to be. The first half is full of some fairly dark Tech House before I break up the monotony with some funkier Power House tracks and go back and forth from there. This won't be for everyone but give it a chance and you might be surprised. FYI, I am aware that there were some ads inserted into my last two posts. Clearly, that was an accident by Podbean and they have since gone back and corrected it. You should be able to stream and/or download Fall Edition 2018 and Summer Farewell 2018 pt. 2 without the annoying ads at the beginning. In other news, I've gotten a few requests for a boatload of tracks that I use in my sets and I have to be pretty frank. I've spent a great deal of my time cultivating relationships with labels and individual DJ's to get some of the exclusives that I use. My agreement with them is that I do not share these tracks, even though many often end up on various free download sites. Most of the time, I have a lot going on in my life and frankly just don't have the time nor am I interested in violating any agreement I have with those artists and labels. Sorry, that's just the way it is. However, if you scour SoundCloud, you will often find that many of them give away their bootlegs for free. So that's a good place to start but it's not really my place to become a conduit for uploading a bunch of songs for folks to download. In Fact, if you follow my account on SoundCloud, you'll see what I've favorited which are usually tracks that I plan on using in my various sets. Sorry, but that's just the way it has to be. I did receive a special request to for a particular Diva Hall of Fame entry by Gene and I am seriously considering it but I can't make any guarantees. I'll have to see what I can pull together. I want to thank Paul F. for his donation, those are always welcome. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and as always...ENJOY! Album: Feel It!Genre: Tech House, House MusicYear: 2018Total Time: 02:40:26 Size 9 - I'm Ready (Original Mix) Tommy Bones - So Nervous (Original Mix) Wolves By Night - Playing Around (Original Mix) Hot Since 82 feat. Jem Cooke - Buggin' (Original Mix) Absolut Groovers & Mike Ivy - Religion (Original Mix) David Guetta feat. Anne Marie - Don't Leave Me Alone (Tom Staar Remix) Supernova feat. Gene Farris - Ass On The Dancefloor (Original Mix) TR-MEET - Dancefloor (Original Mix) Mike Vale & Angel Anx - Back to You (Original Mix) Rogue D - Chains (Original Mix) Julie McDermott - Don't Go (Ejeca Remix) Kevin McKay & Matt Fontaine - Get Get Down (Original Mix) Alessandro De Tuglie - Mood (Original Mix)
160:26 9/14/18
Play Pause DownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d36a2ce = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d36a2ce = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d36a2ce"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d36a2ce"); } Anyone that goes to Beatport, Traxsource or even JunoDownload can easily glance at their Top 10 or 20 and preview what is "supposedly" the top-selling tracks overall or by genre. Probably the worst offender here is Beatport who's charts reflect nothing but utter shit leading me to believe that their charts, more than any other, are manipulated by the labels that release them. I consistently see a bunch of repetitive droned-out garbage that wouldn't catch the attention of a gnat much less an entire dancefloor perched at the peak. Sure, there are few gems that rightfully show up there but not many. I probably spend more time digging through their new releases and archives trying to find the songs that are worthy of inclusion in one of my underground house sets. I don't always get it right, but I know what I like and can easily gauge what followers of Party Favorz like as well; meaning, I am usually on-target with my picks. When I'm coming up short, I'll look beyond these services for dubs or alternate versions of popular songs which are catchy but stray so far from the original; you'd never know it was a particular song. I like those finds. Dopamine is one of those sets. While still tech and house it does lean towards a more funky vibe that I tend to favor. I had a lot more songs than what's represented here but cut the shit out of it to keep the vibe I was going for consistent throughout, while (hopefully) not losing your attention. I think I hit my mark. There are flourishes of Latin house throughout this set, which is relevant given the recent revival of 60's era Pete Rodriguez' "I Like It Like That" which was re-worked into a number one club anthem in the 90's by Blackout Allstars, and now by Cardi B whose "I Like It" has gone on to be the #1 song of the summer. Overall, I'm pleased with this set though with stronger releases it could have been even better, but it literally takes hours to scour all of these services to find the right batch of songs for inclusion, which I don't have. Leaving it at that, if you enjoy what I've been playing in the underground series since Sweat On the Dancefloor or Push the Tempo, you're gonna love this. I may start working on a new batch of Happy House classics from the Millennium shortly, but we'll see. Until then...ENJOY! Album: DopamineGenre: Tech House, Funky HouseYear: 2018Total Time: 01:20:03 Paul Jockey - It's Just Begun (Pic Mix Edit) Seamus Haji pres. Big Bang Theory - Do U Got Funk (Gianni Bini Remix) CamelPhat & Ali Love - Dopamine Machine (Club Mix) Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Mousse T.'s House Masters Re-Rub) Willy William - La La La (Extended Version) Janet - Throb (Larry Peace ReRub)
80:03 8/4/18
Push The Tempo
Play Pause DownloadShare var srp_player_params_664a86d36b21d = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_664a86d36b21d = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-664a86d36b21d"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-664a86d36b21d"); } Quick question: What do Salt N Pepa, Martha Wash, Mary J. Blige, The Jacksons, a cheesy Hi-NRG song from the 90's, Loleatta Holloway, and one of my all-time favorite house tracks from the early millennium have in common? If you said Push the Tempo, you get a gold star. Some of the origins of the tracks are obvious, while others not so much. Have fun playing "where have I heard that before?" I had several tracks spread out in folders for the next Underground House and Funky Disco House set(s) but not enough to complete either. So I threw them all together and the result is one slamming party mix appropriately titled Push the Tempo. With so much on my plate and some promising news coming my way (hopefully sooner than not), I've decided to go ahead and start dropping the 2018 Pride Editions early. Though not completed yet, I've already compiled the tracklist and expect to start rolling those out soon. That will give me a lot of breathing room in June to focus on other "things." I'll post more about it this later this week. In the meantime, if you need a good pick me up, Push the Tempo is a great place to start. ENJOY! Album: Push the TempoGenre: Tech House, Funky House, TechnoYear: 2018Total Time: 01:28:16 Block & Crown - Push It Good (Original Mix) Yo Speed feat. Javo Scratch - Classic (Original Mix) Mat.Joe - Dayum (Extended Mix) Menini & Viani - Get Up (Original Mix) Davide Mazzilli - Very Well (Original Mix) Styline - You Know (Original Mix) Hoxton Whores & HXTN - Just One More Time (Original Mix) Hoxton Whores - Everybody Dance Now (Original Mix) DEL-30 - You Won't Regret (Original Mix) Juiceppe - Testify (Original Mix) CamelPhat & Elderbrook vs. Craig Knight & Robin Schulz - Cola (Buzzin Lights Edit) MC Fioti, J Balvin & Future - Bum Bum Tam Tam (Tiesto & SWACQ Remix) DJ Snake - Magenta Riddim (Lumberjack Remix) Chris Lorenzo & Taiki Nulight - Don't Stop (Original Mix) Block & Crown - Feel Galactic (Original Mix) Purple Disco Machine - Dished (Male Stripper) (Extended Mix) Mark Knight feat. Mr. V - We Get High From The Music (Original Mix) Beico & Mt93 - Let There Be Dark (Original Mix) Shiba San - Back To Funk (Original Mix) Croatia Squad - Deep Dish It (Original Club Mix) Me & My Toothbrush - Push the Tempo (Original Club Mix) Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love (Dr. Packer Extended Remix)
88:16 5/22/18

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