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The “Diva Hall of Fame” channel is where we celebrate and revere the fabulous women who inspire gay men to rise, dance and sweat with their commanding presence. It’s a space dedicated to those powerhouse voices and magnetic personalities that deeply resonate within the gay community. This channel is an ode to the divas who bring energy, emotion, and empowerment to the dance floor, captivating their royal subjects with every beat and melody.


Taylor Swift Dance Tribute: A Remix Journey Into Clubland Volume I [Updated]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b422ad1f = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b422ad1f = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b422ad1f"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b422ad1f"); } It's been a hot minute since the original induction of Taylor Swift into the Diva Hall of Fame, and oh, how the tables have turned since then. 2023 has been an exceptional year for powerhouse women in the music industry, with names like Miley Cyrus (who's due for an update) and Beyonce making waves. Yet, towering above them all is the unparalleled Taylor Swift. This year, she embarked on her monumental "Eras Tour," spanning an ambitious 151 dates across five continents. The tour, already etching records as the highest-grossing by a woman and second overall, is a testament to Swift's colossal impact and unwavering appeal. But wait, there's more. Swift didn't just stop at live performances. Her concert film broke records, dominating theaters worldwide and showcasing her transition from a country music prodigy to a pop culture icon. This strategic re-recording of her first six albums, originally recorded at a smaller label, wasn't just a gamble—it was a power move to regain control of the royalties for her music after it was sold to a private equity firm from underneath her. Each album's rerelease shot to #1 on the Billboard Hot 200, sidelining fresh releases from other artists. In her "Eras Tour," Swift ingeniously packaged 44 songs from her discography into a 3.5-hour extravaganza. This visual and auditory spectacle, divided into 10 acts, each representing an album era, garnered critical acclaim and fan adoration, solidifying her status as a true music industry maverick. Here at Party Favorz, we celebrate such groundbreaking artists, especially when their journey intersects with dance music. With the flurry of new remixes emerging from "Taylor's Version" albums, we found it imperative to revisit our original tribute and elevate it with a fresh, deluxe edition. Reworking the original volumes was no simple task. We dove back into the essence of Taylor's music, remixing both volumes from scratch while respecting the template of the original releases. New versions and new songs now infuse these collections, ensuring a unique and exhilarating experience for Swift's fans. A special shoutout to Dirty Disco is in order for their invaluable contribution to the first volume of this deluxe edition. Their remixes, particularly the "Blank Space" exclusive, are a nod to Taylor's diverse fanbase, particularly the LGBTQ+ community, who find a special connection with her music. Celebrating Taylor Swift in our Diva Hall of Fame with 'Club Taylor Volume 1' is more than an honor—it's a recognition of her immense contribution to dance music. With over 200 million records sold, Taylor Swift isn't just a figure in a male-dominated industry; she's a trailblazer who has touched t...
154:52 2/10/24
Taylor Swift Dance Tribute: A Remix Journey Into Clubland Volume II [Updated]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b422c2a2 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b422c2a2 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b422c2a2"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b422c2a2"); } Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift has singlehandedly owned 2023, controlling every aspect of her narrative. Dominating headlines across the pop culture landscape, her influence has even reached mainstream media stalwarts like the Washington Post. From re-recording her first six albums to the record-breking North American Eras tour, now on its multi-continent leg, Taylor's every move is a story of positivity and influence. Her relationship with Kansas City Chief's tight end Travis Kelce and her push for over 100,000 of her followers to register to vote are just a few examples of her profound impact and how she's been able to stay in the headlines while maintaining a positive image without controversy. At Party Favorz, we have seen Taylor Swift overcome various challenges, including copyright infringement claims and standing up for artist royalty payments against giants like Spotify and Apple Music. Her courage was also evident in her legal battle against a Colorado radio host, demonstrating her unwavering strength and commitment to justice. Now, as her Eras Tour is set to continue through the end of 2024, one can only wonder about Taylor's next steps. At 33, her potential avenues are limitless, from songwriting for others to philanthropy. Here at Party Favorz, we hold nothing but deep admiration for Taylor Swift. We appreciate her talent and artistry, which she possesses like no other. In this second volume of Club Taylor, we've expanded upon the original release with several new songs and alternate takes. This set is tailored for those who relish modern interpretations of her music, spanning genres like Future House, Dubstep, and more. We've made sure to reflect this diversity in the second volume, and we hope our efforts in recreating these sets are appreciated by all. As Party Favorz now highlights the prodigious talent of Taylor Swift in Club Taylor Volume 2, we celebrate her as the defining voice of her generation. Her journey, starting at 14 in Nashville, to a superstar with record sales surpassing 200 million worldwide, is nothing short of extraordinary. Taylor's ability to adapt to the evolving music landscape is remarkable. Her consistent top ranking on the Billboard charts, despite their complexities, is a testament to her talent and influence. Her resonance within the LGBTQ+ community, particularly among gay men, is a reflection of our affinity towards strong, empowered women. In our Diva Hall of Fame, Taylor Swift stands alongside other legendary figures like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Madonna. These women are not just icons; they are trailblazers who have left an indelible mark on the dance floor, a core part of our existence as gay men.
130:22 12/2/23
Aretha Franklin: Legacy | Modern Dance Reworks of Her Iconic Hits [Expanded]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b422d570 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b422d570 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b422d570"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b422d570"); } Aretha Franklin first earned her spot in the Diva Hall of Fame back in 2016. Diving into her extensive discography—much of which predates my own musical awakening—left me utterly captivated. It's not just house music or the dance genres celebrated on Party Favorz that fascinate me; I'm a music aficionado through and through. My love spans everything from Motown to Stax, Soul, Disco, New Wave, Hard Rock, Punk, Country, and Pop. Franklin stands out as a monumental figure in my musical landscape. Whether I need a boost or I'm already riding a high, her songs are my go-to. Her vocal prowess and stylistic versatility are unmatched, and her influence during the politically charged 60s—when civil rights and anti-war protests were front and center—makes her deserving of her title, the Queen of Soul. Although Party Favorz focuses predominantly on dance music, Franklin's contributions to the genre shouldn't be underestimated. While she wasn't initially part of the dance music scene, her foray into it began in the early 80s with the disco classic "Jump To It" and later in the decade after switching Clive Davis' Arista Records on hits like "Freeway of Love," "Who's Zoomin' Who," and "Another Night." These songs showed her knack for genre fluidity. By the early 90s, Franklin had truly ventured into House Music, thanks to the C + C Music Factory's remix of "A Deeper Love" from the "Sister Act 2" soundtrack. This track has not only become a staple in DJ sets but is also an iconic anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. Worth noting is how today's DJs are reviving many of Franklin's earlier hits for new audiences. These songs are often sampled and remixed, creating a bridge between her legacy and contemporary dance music. This updated set is an extension of her original Diva Hall of Fame induction, and it incorporates new releases and alternate versions that weren't initially featured. As I heard about Franklin's illness, I felt compelled to revisit and expand this collection. I won't lie; blending these diverse genres was a complex undertaking, but it's been a labor of love. Today, Party Favorz honors Aretha Franklin, an undisputed icon in American music history, in the only way we know how. With utmost love and R-E-S-P-E-C-T, ladies and gentlemen, I present the incredible Aretha Franklin. Until the next time...ENJOY! Since the passing of Miss Aretha, there were several more remixes that dropped and suddenly, the second edition of her Diva Hall of Fame (and now Legacy) entries felt incomplete. I've since gone back and reworked the entire mix with the new entries and remastered everything for an overall better listening experience.
137:32 10/12/23
Celebrating Tina Turner: A Tribute Dance Mix Honoring the Queen of Rock & Soul
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b422e87b = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b422e87b = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b422e87b"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b422e87b"); } Tina Turner (born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939) — the trailblazing, irrepressible "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll" — has passed away. Her impact on music and pop culture cannot be overstated. In her honor, Party Favorz is reposting her induction into the Diva Hall of Fame, celebrating a life and career that transcended and redefined boundaries. From the turbulent beginnings as Ike & Tina Turner's dynamic frontwoman, she rose from the ashes of an abusive relationship to shine as a solo performer. Tina's influence reached across genres, nations, and generations. Her 1984 breakthrough album, "Private Dancer," catapulted her to the apex of music stardom, establishing her as a powerhouse with an indomitable spirit and a voice that left an indelible mark on the world of music. Throughout her career, Tina Turner accrued an impressive list of accolades: 12 Grammy Awards, recognition as the first black artist to grace Rolling Stone's cover, inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and standing among the best-selling artists of all time. Turner never stopped pushing boundaries, not even in her twilight years. She embarked on a worldwide tour from 2008 - 2009, followed by the "Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour," which stood as the 9th highest grossing tour of 2009. Tina Turner's contribution to music wasn't confined to rock and roll. Her work found resonance on dance floors in the 80s and 90s, thanks to extended dance versions and remixes of her songs, which bridged the gap to the emerging house music scene. Notably, "When the Heartache Is Over" from her final album "Twenty Four Seven" found major success after being remixed for the dancefloor. Not just a musical phenomenon, Tina Turner also emerged as a gay icon, commanding a massive fan following within the LGBTQ+ community. This recognition led to her well-deserved induction into the Diva Hall of Fame. As we remember Tina Turner, we acknowledge her vast musical catalogue that encompassed various styles, genres, and tempos. Her music was a testament to her talent, transcending boundaries and blending effortlessly into various musical landscapes. Tonight, as HBO re-airs the documentary "Tina," we bid farewell to this musical maverick. At 80, Tina Turner leaves behind a legacy that is as grand as it is inspiring. She gifted the world six decades of her unique sound, leaving an indelible mark on music and culture. As we honor the incomparable Tina Turner's entry into the Diva Hall of Fame, we remember and celebrate her life, her exceptional career, and the joy she brought into our lives. Tina, you will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Queen.
146:18 5/25/23
Donna Summer the Queen of Disco — The Casablanca Years Revisited
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b422fbd1 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b422fbd1 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b422fbd1"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b422fbd1"); } Donna Summer, the queen of Disco, a name synonymous with the divas of the music industry, has rightfully earned her place in the prestigious Diva Hall of Fame. Alongside icons like Diana Ross, Cher, and Madonna, Donna Summer's legacy as the Queen of Disco is undisputed. With the recent release of the Neil Bogart biopic "Spinning Gold," which chronicles the illustrious career of this visionary pop music hitmaker, who also happened to be the head of one of the most successful music labels capitalizing on the Disco trend of the 1970s, and the upcoming HBO documentary titled "Love To Love You," which features never-before-seen photographs and video footage shot by Miss Summer herself and has extensive involvement from her daughter Brooklyn Sudano, Party Favorz, felt it was finally time to pay tribute to the most important part of Donna Summer's career and her timeless songs that earned her the title "Queen of Disco." Previous tribute sets to Donna Summer by Party Favorz featured the original versions of her songs. However, due to the nature of the way songs were created in the past, with live orchestras and bands, the tempos were not always conducive to modern DJ mixing. This was evident in her retrospective album "On The Radio" released in 1980, where the label released a mixed version of the songs in an edited format, using synthesized effects in between songs to create the illusion of a mix. Party Favorz, took on the challenge of editing the original versions into a continuous mix that utilized more of the lengthy originals, staying true to the original sound of Donna Summer's music, and the result was fantastic. This revisited series of Donna Summer's music also delves into her often-overlooked repertoire from the 1980s, a mixed bag of hits and misses. However, when Donna Summer nailed it, she did so with great fanfare, and Party Favorz wanted to showcase these gems, allowing listeners to experience more of her songs as they were originally released for the dance floor. With some dramatic tempo changes in the songs, Party Favorz got creative in finalizing the track order to ensure a seamless listening experience for Donna Summer's devoted fans, who are sure to be pleased with the final product. Donna Summer's career had a resurgence in the late 1990s, resulting in an entirely new era for her music. While Party Favorz has previously released what was thought to be the ultimate collection of this period, the continuous release of new modern-day remixes of her biggest hits has prompted a second volume, set to drop later this year, to capture this ongoing evolution of Donna Summer's music. It's worth mentioning that Party Favorz relied heavil...
145:58 4/9/23
KD Lang | The Diva Series | Updated
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4230e4e = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4230e4e = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4230e4e"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4230e4e"); } KD Lang is Canadian pop and country singer known for hits such as "Constant Craving" and "Miss Chatelaine" from her Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum album "Ingénue ."  She came on my radar in 1989 riding high on the "cowpunk" trend of the late 80s that included BoDeans and Lone Justice.  For me, that label wasn't fitting for her style as she was a classic country crooner. But, like Maria McKee of Lone Star fame — there was something unique about her and lordy that voice. While already receiving praise for her first two albums "Shadowland" and "A Truly Western Experience," and "Angel with a Lariat" (the latter two with the Reclines), it was her album (also with the Reclines) "Absolute Torch and Twang," that blew me away. The comparisons between KD Lang and Patsy Cline were well deserved and "Pullin' Back the Reins" remains one of my all-time favorites. By 1992, she moved in a more pop-centric direction that still retained elements of her folk roots and released "Ingénue." This album and the lead single "Constant Craving" brought her not only acclaim but the worldwide recognition she rightfully deserved. Her performance of the Leonard Cohen classic "Hallelujah" at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Colombia is only bested by Whitney Houston's "Star Spangled Banner" in live event vocal performances. Her rendition was not only stirring but heartfelt, which mesmerized me at the same time. If there ever was any doubt about this woman's talent — this performance was proof of the contrary. It wasn't until a year later that Abigail covered "Constant Craving" and made the song an underground Eurodance hit. Her label subsequently commissioned remixes for several of her new releases going forward. You know how us gay folk operate. If we latch onto someone — we're gonna remix it and put it on the dancefloor. K.D. Lang's induction into the Diva Hall of Fame represents all the singles that were remixed by her label in various iterations (save "Constant Craving," which is an edit of the original).  It is with great pleasure to include one of our own in the Diva Hall of Fame as Miss KD Lang takes her rightful place among the many talented women that have filled up this ever-expanding series. I don't know how KD feels about her music being remixed but we adore this woman and it's our way of showing our gratitude for sharing her talent with the rest of the world. I cannot think of a better person to represent the LGBTQ+ community. We love you. The original release of Ms. Lang's induction contained an edit of "Constant Craving". Party Favorz expressed our disappointment that there were no viable remixes of this great song at that ti...
88:32 1/29/23
Madonna — The Ultimate Bootleg Collection Volume I & II
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4232098 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4232098 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4232098"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4232098"); } This past month, we've been immersing ourselves in the music of Madonna, celebrating her birthday with a series of mixes that showcase her timeless talent. The latest and final set in this series is a five-hour extravaganza that seamlessly blends classics and bootlegs, displaying the versatility and vitality of the Queen of Pop. Party Favorz delved deep into the world of Madonna remixes, navigating through a maze of hundreds of bootlegs to bring you the best of the best. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill modernizations of the original tracks, but unique reinterpretations that retain the spirit of the song while adding a fresh perspective. Standouts include the Parralox remix of "Borderline" which infuses it with a New Wave vibe, and the Luxar remix of "Justify My Love" that lends it a grittier, Nine Inch Nails-esque aesthetic. Our mix journey includes notable mashups like DJ Bill Bennett's 'Erotica vs. Cafe Del Mar', and the infamous "Music Sounds Better On Holiday", a White Label Stardust vs. Madonna mashup from 1998. While the latter's quality wasn't perfect due to its vinyl origins, we've done our best to clean it up for your listening pleasure. The magic of this final set is not just in the individual tracks, but in how they flow together. From the high-octane Sultan & Shepard mix of "Give Me All Your Luvin'' to the tribal-infused Dirty Disco remix of "La Isla Bonita", every transition is crafted for optimal cohesion. We understand that everyone has their favorite Madonna tracks, and while we may not have included every single one, we're confident that the range of familiar tunes and exciting new remixes will leave you pleasantly surprised. This series, as expansive and exhaustive as it is, represents some of our best work yet. Party Favorz believes that not setting artificial timelines for completion has allowed us to exceed expectations in terms of quality. Thank you for joining us on this musical journey. We'll be back soon with our next Club Dance set. Until then, enjoy the music, the memories, and the magic that is Madonna. Album: The Ultimate Bootleg Collection Vol. I & IIGenre: Electro House, House, Future House, EDM, ProgressiveYear: 2022Total Time: 05:22:09 1. Into The Groove (Luca Debonaire Omerta Mix) 2. Music (Nobody Knows Bosich Remix) 3. 4 Minutes (Eldar Stuff Remix) [with Justin Timberlake] 4. Like A Virgin (Jet Boot Jack Remix) 5. Causing A Commotion (Deep House Remix) 6. Who's That Girl (Skin Bruno Latino 2014 Mix) 7. Like A Prayer (Block & Crown Remix) 8. Hung Up (Ranny ReWerk) 9. Turn Up The Radio (Sartori Italian Style Remix) 10. Borderline (Parralox Bootleg Remix) 11.
322:09 9/3/22
Madonna — The Ultimate Dance Collection Volume 3
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4233487 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4233487 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4233487"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4233487"); } Madonna, the undisputed Queen of Pop, has now entered the fourth chapter of her illustrious career. This phase, which is still unfolding, sees her working in collaboration with Warner Brothers to produce deluxe anniversary editions of her expansive catalog. Fans can look forward to the inclusion of her last three albums - MDNA, Rebel Heart, and Madame X - in the Warner Brothers collection starting in 2025. What's more, an autobiography movie is also in the pipeline, with Madonna herself set to direct. This venture promises to bring new insights into her fascinating life and career, and is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. Even as she undertakes these new projects, the rumor mill suggests Madonna might be silently crafting a new album. Known for her love of touring and interacting with fans, it wouldn't be surprising if she's been channeling her creative energy into fresh music amidst her familial commitments. Despite the modern musical landscape shifting towards a 90s House revival, Madonna's influence on the dance genre over the decades is undeniable. Whether she'll choose to revisit her dance roots in this current era remains to be seen, but knowing Madonna, any endeavor will be executed in her distinctive, spectacular style. Although her reign as the Queen of Pop was most dominant in the 80s and 90s, Madonna's success has never been confined to these decades. Her global hit "Hung Up" reached #1 in 41 countries, despite less enthusiasm from American radio, which often overlooks aging pop stars in favor of younger talent. Regardless, her success on Billboard's Dance Club chart is testament to her enduring appeal and ability to craft irresistible dance hits. With a staggering $1.31 billion grossed in touring revenue, Madonna is the third highest-earning touring act, surpassed only by The Rolling Stones and U2. Her iconic 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour set a new standard for live performances, becoming a blueprint for many subsequent artists. Madonna's most recent release, "Finally Enough Love", celebrates her 50 #1 Dance songs. This Ultimate Dance Collection, a compilation of her biggest hits, is a treat for fans and is available for streaming on Spotify. The third volume of this collection features remixes from the albums Confessions on a Dance Floor through to Madame X, and includes fan-favorite tracks such as "God Control", "Devil Pray", "Future Lovers", "Forbidden Love", "Heartbreak City", and "Masterpiece", amongst others. For those who can't get enough of Madonna's music, Party Favorz has been curating The Ultimate Bootleg Collection, which promises to be a fan-made extravaganza of Madonna remixes.
170:26 8/27/22
Madonna — The Ultimate Dance Collection Volume 2
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4234ed8 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4234ed8 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4234ed8"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4234ed8"); } Get ready Madonna fans, because Madonna Month is still in full swing! And this time, we're taking you on a journey through time with The Ultimate Dance Collection Volume 2. This collection is an absolute treasure trove of Madonna hits, so let's dive right in. This second volume comes with a unique twist – we're revisiting hits like "Like A Prayer," "Express Yourself," "Keep It Together," and "Vogue," but this time in the form of Shep Pettibone's remixes. As an influential figure in the House Music scene, Shep's remixes gave these Madonna classics a fresh new sound. His collaborations with Madonna, starting with remixes of her "Like A Prayer" album tracks, marked a significant shift in Madonna's musical style, paving the way for her to experiment further with her work. Madonna's venture into the 90s was marked by not just musical growth, but also her ability to stir up controversy. Her greatest hits album, "The Immaculate Collection," included the provocative "Justify My Love" – a video so controversial that MTV only aired it after midnight. But it wasn't just about the controversy. This decade also saw Madonna delve deeper into House Music, Trip Hop, and Electronica, and collaborate with the likes of William Orbit. The 90s also saw the release of Madonna's "Erotica" and the controversial coffee table book "Sex." Despite the backlash, Madonna remained unfazed, even addressing the criticism in "Human Nature" from "Bedtime Stories." The 90s and early Millennium brought us two distinct phases of Madonna, each marked by the influence of different DJs and producers. From Shep Pettibone's era, we move to William Orbit, then onto Junior Vasquez, and finally to Victor Calderone and Peter Rauhofer – all staples of Madonna's reign on the dancefloor. In curating this set, I've tried to retain the original flow of the songs, with minor edits to improve clarity and cohesion. Notable mentions include "Bedtime Story," "Secret," and "Human Nature," where certain segments have been edited to fit better into the overall landscape of the song. One particular addition that's worth mentioning is the Hex Hector remix of "The Power Of Good-Bye." While this unofficial remix was not his style until the early millennium and likely created as part of his private collection, this version fits perfectly into the Trance and Progressive House era, making it a suitable addition to this collection. Aside from the that, the original limited release remixes were not exactly stellar. This era of Madonna's career holds a special place in my heart as it coincided with my own journey of self-discovery as I slowly stepped out of the closet.
248:01 8/20/22
Madonna — The Ultimate Dance Collection Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4236702 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4236702 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4236702"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4236702"); } Party Favorz is ecstatic to unveil The Ultimate Dance Classics, a dazzling celebration of the inimitable dancefloor queen... MADONNA! Only two sets have been mastered thus far, each posing its unique set of challenges, yet presenting a fantastic journey through Madonna's iconic dance hits. The first set revisits all her 80s dance hits, with a few extending into 1990. This period marked the genesis of Madonna's career, where she not only etched her name in the annals of music history but also paved the way for women to become outright superstars. From the nude photos published in Playboy, the tumultuous marriage with actor Sean Penn, to the Pepsi tour deal controversy surrounding the "Like A Prayer" video, Madonna was a master at creating or adeptly managing controversy. Volume 1 of The Ultimate Dance Classics encapsulates these years with a stunning array of dancefloor burners and chart-topping pop songs that defined the decade. One of the unique aspects of mixing 80s music is its reliance on electronic music based on a simple snare drum that maintained perfect timing. This pattern, consistent in mixes from Disconet, Hot Tracks, and Ultimix, facilitated seamless transitions for DJs, eliminating the worry about the key of a song. My primary focus was on the flow, diligently curating and arranging tracks to ensure a cohesive and purposeful transition. This is my second attempt at crafting an 80s set for Madonna, and I'm delighted with the result. The way these sets have materialized, including the upcoming Volume 2, far surpassed my expectations. For those not in the loop, Madonna is gearing up to release "Finally Enough Love," a celebratory compilation of her 50 dance songs that topped the Billboard Dance Club chart. While these tracks are edits, some of which are incredibly rare, I urge you to support her work, as fans have been eagerly waiting for this release. All of her hits, including this compilation, are available for streaming on Spotify. I'll return next week with Volume 2. Until then...ENJOY! Album: The Ultimate Dance Classics Vol. 1Genre: Dance, ClubYear: 2022Total Time: 01:50:00 1. Open Your Heart (Shep Pettibone Mix) 2. Express Yourself (Ultimix pt. 1) 3. Everybody (Digital Visions Re-Edit) 4. Where's The Party (Extended Remix) 5. Lucky Star (Select Mix Remix) 6. Angel (Digital Visions Re-Edit) 7. Burning Up (Select Mix Remix) 8. Dress You Up (Digital Visions Re-Edit) 9. Material Girl (Select Mix Remix) 10. Like a Virgin (Digital Visions Re-Edit) 11. Physical Attraction (Digital Visions Re-Edit) 12. Borderline (Select Mix Remix) 13. Holiday (Digital Visions Re-Edit) 14.
110:00 8/13/22
Adele: From Grammy-Winning Newcomer to Diva Hall of Fame Dance Remix Goddess
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b42380a0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b42380a0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b42380a0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b42380a0"); } English singer Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) won two Grammys for her debut album 19 in 2009 and it’s been nothing but uphill since then. After the success of that album, if you still didn’t know who she was, you couldn’t avoid her after her sophomore album release 21. Her amazing performance of “Rolling In the Deep” on the Letterman Show further solidified her name and went on to win an additional six Grammy’s including Album of the Year. By the time 25 landed, all bets were off when she won a contentious battle of the Grammy for Album of the Year beating out another one of our favorite divas Beyoncé. While heartfelt, her acceptance speech may have been slightly over the top but all is forgiven because she was (as in past interviews) genuinely sincere if not surprised by her win. While lacking the vocal gymnastics of her predecessors, Adele has put herself in a position to wrangle the mantle away from Celine Dion who stole it from Barbra Streisand. She has the qualities of Celine’s overly genuine and heartfelt gratitude and sincerity with Barbra’s street smarts, honesty, and use of frosty language to express her views. Combined with her outstanding beauty and talent, she IS the ultimate DIVA. Party Favorz is proud if not downright giddy about inducting one of our favorite artists of the 21st century into the DIVA Hall of Fame. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our newest DIVA, Adele. It's been six long years since one of our favorite divas Adele released an album and we now have word that her next single will be dropping on October 15th. So, Party Favorz thought we would go back and revisit her original induction into the Diva Hall of Fame to get everyone caught up because y'all know there are gonna be slamming remixes (official and unofficial) accompanying her album. So damn good. ENJOY!    Album : Adele – The Diva Series     Genre : House Music   Year : 2017   Total Time : 1:26:40.00 1. Hello (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) 2. Turning Tables (Xeva Bootleg) 3. Rolling In The Deep (Downtown London Remix Extended) 4. Hometown Glory (Axwell Club Mix) 5. Make You Feel My Love (Pivotao Dance Version) 6. When We Were Young (DJ Strobe Extended Vocal) 7. Skyfall (Cosmic Dawn & Andy Reese Remix) 8. Rumour Has It (Gabriel Batz Remix) 9. Remedy (The Pengwin & DJ EU Remix) 10. Set Fire To The Rain (Moto Blanco Club Mix) 11. Cold Shoulder (Out of Office Remix) 12. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (Ranny’s Peak Hour Mix) 13. Someone Like You (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat Remix) 14. All I Ask (Lord N’ Remix) 15. Hello (eSQUIRE Bootleg Remix) 16. Chasing Pavements (Ultimix Remix) 17.
86:40 10/10/21
Madonna Dance Music Tribute 2021: Celebrate!
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b42394e8 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b42394e8 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b42394e8"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b42394e8"); } As well all know, Monday the 16th is the queen's birthday, and to help launch the various festivities and celebrations that this woman elicits from her millions of fans all over the world — Party Favorz is dropping "Madonna Dance Music Tribute 2021: Celebrate!" featuring another round of fabulous bootlegs of her biggest hits and fan favorites from her 40 years as one of the world's biggest stars. I realize I had promised the 'Ultimate Madonna Series' this year but decided to flesh out all these bootlegs that have either never appeared on previous releases in this celebratory series and with over two thousand tracks in my collection — there was a lot to choose from. One of these may be official but I can't say for certain with the way remixes are released these days. In addition to these bootlegs, several others were recently released and I wanted to ensure those get the attention they deserve as well. Since 2022 will be Party Favorz 15 year anniversary, I promise to release comprehensive sets of the official remixes plus the best of the best in bootlegs. I'll just have to get a head start months in advance because these compilations take considerable time and I don't like to rush them. In the interim, you can go to the official Madonna page on Party Favorz and download past efforts that take on the official remixes and various bootlegs that are not included here. There's more than enough here to fulfill even the hardest of the hardcore fan that you won't find all in one place anywhere else. I'm near burnt out since running a marathon of releases since the end of May but still have two more offerings for you folks through Labor Day. After that, I'll be taking a much-needed break. I also want to mention that I had a falling out with Cloudflare who was delivering edge service for Party Favorz to ensure the fastest possible speeds abroad. I've since dropped them and have found another company to pick up the slack but it hasn't been implemented yet. I may do it this weekend or next week so if you experience any wonky behavior from the site, please be patient and just keep checking back because these things usually get fixed within 24 hours or less. I hope everyone is staying safe, cool, and hydrated because we're not quite done with summer just yet. I also want to wish Madonna a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send X0X0 to her and all of her fans around the world with "Madonna Dance Music Tribute 2021: Celebrate!". Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Celebrate! Madonna 2021Genre: Dance, ClubYear: 2021Total Time: 04:49:58 1. Celebration (Studio Acapella) 2. Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Extended Mix) 3.
289:58 8/14/21
Sylvester Diva Series Tribute: Celebrating a Pioneering Gay Disco Icon
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b423acc0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b423acc0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b423acc0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b423acc0"); } Sylvester James Jr., popularly known simply as Sylvester, carved a unique space in the American music scene with his pulsating disco hits, soulful melodies, and unparalleled flamboyance. Renowned for his androgynous allure and falsetto vocal chops, Sylvester rose to stardom in the late '70s and early '80s, turning heads and filling dance floors. Sylvester's musical journey took off with his self-titled debut album in 1977, featuring the moderately successful disco hit "Over and Over," beautifully showcased in DJ Meme’s nostalgic tribute mix. The following year, he dropped the seminal album "Step II," giving us timeless dance classics like "Dance (Disco Heat)" and "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)." These hits featured backup vocalists Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes, known together as Two Tons O' Fun, who later gained gay icon status with the unforgettable "It's Raining Men" as the Weather Girls. It's imperative to recognize the influence of Patrick Cowley in shaping Sylvester's sonic landscape. Invited to participate in these sessions, Cowley's synthesized arrangements became a cornerstone of Sylvester’s most iconic songs. Later, Cowley would become an even more significant contributor to Sylvester's legacy, particularly during his ventures into NRG music. Although the album "Stars" had its moments, particularly with the track "I (Who Have Nothing)," it couldn't match the seismic impact of its predecessor. Sylvester faced subsequent challenges, including the decline in popularity of disco due to the "disco sucks" backlash. This led him to part ways with his label and take greater control over his artistic direction. Reuniting with Patrick Cowley, Sylvester released music on Cowley's Megatone Records. At a time when NRG music was taking gay clubs by storm, the duo released "Do Ya Wanna Funk," a track that would become an enduring gay anthem. Tragically, during a tour in the UK, Sylvester was rocked by the news of Cowley's passing due to AIDS. Sylvester continued to release music, achieving varying degrees of success, until his final album "Mutual Attraction." Distributed through Warner Brothers, the album yielded chart-topping dance hits like "Someone Like You" and "Living For the City." Unfortunately, his declining health prevented him from completing his next album. Creating this tribute set was an emotionally taxing endeavor. The tracks span five decades, incorporating various remixes and tempos ranging from 147 to 106 bpm. The challenge was monumental, but the final result is a tribute that I believe does justice to Sylvester’s indomitable spirit and incomparable talent. Sylvester wasn't just a disco sensation; he was an Amer...
151:16 1/31/21
First Choice: From Philly Soul to Diva Hall of Fame – The Unsung Pioneers of House Music Remixes
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b423c0a5 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b423c0a5 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b423c0a5"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b423c0a5"); } ¹ First Choice is an American girl group vocal music trio from Philadelphia. The group produced the Soul/disco hits "Armed and Extremely Dangerous", "Smarty Pants", "The Player", "Love Thang", "Let No Man Put Asunder" and "Doctor Love". They were signed to soul label Philly Groove Records and to disco label Gold Mind in addition to Warner Bros. Records and Salsoul. Though the group went through various lineups, Rochelle Flemming and Annette Guest were the two consistent members up until they disbanded in 1980. Other members included Wardell Piper, Joyce Jones, Ursula Herring, and Debbie Martin. Though they never had a major Top 40 hit, they did generate two big Soul hits "Armed and Extremely Dangerous" (#11) and "The Player" (#7). Salsoul Records who had acquired their back catalog released "Let No Man Put Asunder" from their 1977 album Delusions, which was highly regarded and considered their best. That song was later sampled by Mary J. Blige sparking renewed interest in the group who had a massive influence on 90's House Music from renowned DJs Todd Terry, Danny Tenaglia, and David Morales. Soon the majority of their hits were remixed by other well-known DJs including the more recent faithful renderings by Dr. Packer (a personal Party Favorz favorite). After listening to this set multiple times, it became clear to me that these songs are better suited for House Music and now Funky House no matter how simple some of them may be. There's no denying the infectiousness of tracks like "Doctor Love," "Love Thang," and "Ain't He Bad." The songs included in this tribute set are timeless classics no matter how they were received at the time of their release. After all, good music is simply just that and these ladies deserve all the accolades they've received. It is with great pleasure and immense respect that Party Favorz inducts First Choice into the Diva Hall of Fame. ¹ Wikipedia Album : First Choice | The Diva SeriesGenre : Disco HouseYear : 2021Total Time : 1:54:45 1. Let No Man Put Asunder (That Work Remix) 2. Love Thang (David Morales Remix) 3. Doctor Love (WhiteNoize Remix) 4. Armed And Extremely Dangerous (Full Intention Mix) 5. The Player (The Boris & Mousse T. Classic Vocal) 6. Dr. Love (Dr. Packer Remix) 7. Double Cross (Danny Tenaglia Remix) 8. I Can Show You (Better Than I Can Tell You) (Phonk D Edit) 9. Are You Ready For Me (T-Groove Uplifting Remix) 10. Ain't He Bad (Ralphi Rosario Disco Mix) 11. Hold Your Horses (Take The Reins Re-Edit) 12. Let No Man Put Asunder (Love To Infinity Yellow Cab Mix) 13. Smarty Pants (Redsoul Groove Mix) 14. Guilty (Full Intention Mix) 15.
114:45 1/29/21
Lady Gaga’s 2020 Remix Revolution: Just Dance — The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b423d430 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b423d430 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b423d430"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b423d430"); } Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and businesswoman. She is known for her consistent image reinventions and versatility in both music and entertainment. The Fame (Monster) [2008 - 2010] We will stop right there because Lady Gaga has been a persistent presence in our lives since 2008 when she broke through with her album "The Fame," which featured two #1 songs ("Just Dance" and "Poker Face") and two top ten songs ("Love Game" and "Paparazzi") followed by supplemental EP that featured three more top tens ("Bad Romance," "Telephone" [with Beyoncé], and "Alejandro"). 2008 - 2010 was a dizzying time for Lady Gaga as she catapulted from an unknown to a worldwide superstar seemingly overnight. Every appearance and every sitting featured her in a new outfit designed to keep her name in the news. Born This Way [2011] She built on her credibility with fans (especially young gay fans) with the release of "Born This Way" whose self-titled single shot to #1 on the charts and embraced the diversity of all stripes but none more than the LGBTQ community who embraced the song as our own. Artpop, Cheek To Cheek, Joanne [2013 - 2016] By 2013, she released the uneven "Artpop," which while filled with more dance anthems — was conceptually overthought, and the build-up to its release was a bit of disappointment but fans remained by her side. She quickly followed up the next year with a duets album with the classic crooner Tony Bennett on "Cheek To Cheek" album which garnered positive reviews and netted the pair Grammy for "Best Traditional Pop Album." It was precisely at this moment the world knew there was more to this woman than a piano, persona, and good voice — rather mad talented. A Star Is Born [2018] Lady Gaga followed up with "Joanne" a more personal album that achieved mild success. Two years later she was reborn as the leading lady in the remake of the movie classic "A Star Is Born" opposite Bradley Cooper. The movie opened to rave reviews and its lead single "Shallow" (a duet with Bradley Cooper) reached #1 on the Hot 100 chart. In 2015 her live performance at the Oscar's singing a medley of songs from the "Sound of Music" soundtrack, generated rave reviews because it showcased her vocal diversity like no other. The woman is truly a force within the industry. Chromatica [2020] With the release of the stellar "Chromatica," 2020 has been a stellar year of Lady Gaga with the return to her dance roots which generated one of the biggest songs of the summer, and the year "Rain On Me" with Ariana Grande. Personal life
177:05 9/24/20
Katy Perry 2020 | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b423e786 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b423e786 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b423e786"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b423e786"); } Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson known professionally as Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter, and television judge. Katy is no stranger to the Diva Hall of Fame and unless you've been living under a rock for the past 13 years — the woman has been a force in pop music with nine number-one singles and has sold 18 million albums and 125 million singles worldwide. Katy Perry was lit voice for a generation of millennials with massive hits like "I Kissed A Girl," "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream," "Firework" (a massive gay anthem), "Roar," "Dark Horse," and more. Her highly anticipated big-budget videos like "Roar" and "Dark Horse" were the first of any artist to reach a billion views. This was proof that MTV may be dead but the art of video making was not, where YouTube and Vimeo picked up the slack generating millions for artists and music publishers. As with many artists of her era — her fans grew up, got jobs, and settled down with families of their own. As such, her music has continued to mature while retaining that goofy, playful persona we've all come to love about her. With a new marriage to hottie Orlando Bloom and baby appropriately named "Daisy," it may be time for her music to transition into the young admirable adult she's become because I think her fans will continue to follow her. Even though her excellent release "Smile" received a lukewarm reception from critics, there's plenty of evidence that the transition is already occurring. That being said — I feel there's an elephant in the room that she smartly addressed with a potential collaboration with the Korean pop group Blackpink. This group has already gained superstar status around the globe and is finally making inroads into the U.S. market with their recent "How You Like That." But, their recent collaborations with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Selena Gomez (all Diva Hall of Fame inductees) have raised the question as to whether these ladies (see their management and label) are more interested in promoting themselves by poaching established artists and their fan base. None of these collaborations have yielded a major hit but have generated millions of views (read ad revenue) and streams. It's unknown what the deals entail but I suspect they highly favor this group who has yet to prove their value in the U.S. market. Look no further than the "Sour Candy" duet with Lady Gaga where she doesn't come in until halfway through the song. It appears Katy has picked up on this and likely knows something I don't but given her recent remarks about a potential collaboration: Speaking specifically about BLACKPINK, Katy shared with The Standard, "To be honest,
167:32 9/20/20
Dua Lipa | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b423fab8 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b423fab8 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b423fab8"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b423fab8"); } Party Favorz is closing out this section of the Young Divas with quite possibly the most gifted and entertaining artists to blast onto the pop scene since Rihanna. That woman is the one and only Dua Lipa. Dua Lipa is an English model turned singer and songwriter who signed with Warner Music Group in 2015 and released her self-titled debut album in 2017. Her debut album featured the beautiful "Be The One," (a personal favorite), "IDGAF," and the worldwide smash "New Rules." Shortly after she paired with Calvin Harris for the massive "One Kiss" and Mark Ronson & Diplo a.k.a. Silk City for "Electricity." FUTURE NOSTALGIA With a whirlwind of attention surrounding this new artist — Lipa dropped her critically acclaimed follow-up "Future Nostalgia" in March 2020. That album showcased a new direction by pulling from past musical influences from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and was the album that everyone but me didn't know they needed until now. While Disco, 80s Dance, and 90s House music have been making inroads for a while now — it was going to take a major artist to propel it back into worldwide conciseness. It's the carefree attitude that allows us to forget all about our miserable lives at a time of great uncertainty and Lipa has tapped into that. Whether intended or not — the timing of "Future Nostalgia" couldn't have been more perfect. There is a crazy-cool vibe about this woman that frankly no one can touch. She has an amazing low register sultry voice and an easy-going personality with a serious work ethic. Folks, we are looking at the next global superstar who undoubtedly will be at the upper echelons of stardom sooner than not. CLUB FUTURE NOSTALGIA: THE REMIX ALBUM This Friday the 14th Dua Lipa will be dropping the lead single from her upcoming remix album "Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album" "Levitating" with "The Blessed Madonna" remix featuring Madonna and Missy Elliot. It's also been announced that Mark Ronson will produce a remix of "Physical" with Gwen Stefani. The album — which is expected to drop on August 21st — ups the ante for club music and is "an eclectic and euphoric mix of the past and present, it’s a celebration of musical worlds coming together, with 90’s house blending seamlessly with 2020’s finest pop and remixers, a splash of 80’s soul and a few noughties musical gems added to the blend.” Party Favorz is excited about this new release as it will also feature previously unreleased tracks (hint: there's a rumor that she finished work on a new collab with Miley Cyrus but it's uncertain as to whether that song will make the final cut or not.) GLOBAL SUPERSTAR IN THE MAKING
85:28 8/10/20
Camila Cabello | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4240cfc = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4240cfc = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4240cfc"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4240cfc"); } Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. She rose to prominence as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, formed on the USA version of The X Factor in 2012. Camila remained in the group for one extended play and two full albums. The group gained notoriety with the release of their third single "Worth It" from their debut album "Reflection" and blew up with the release of "Work From Home" off their second full-length album "7/27." It was during this period that Camila Cabello began working outside the group with other artists. She had a duet with teen heartthrob Shawn Mendes and a  massively successful collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly on "Bad Things." Having finished and helped promote the successful "7/27" album — it was clear that Cabello was the stand out from the 5-girl group. Not unlike previous diva's in our Diva Hall of Fame (Diana Ross and Beyoncé among others) — Cabello's departure from the group was announced at the end of 2016. Girls gotta do what a girl has gotta do. In early 2017 she released her debut album with the lead single "Crying In the Club" featuring a sample of Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle." She followed up with the massive best-selling song of the year "Havana" and the Top 10 hit "Never Be the Same" (a personal favorite). Her follow-up album "Romance" featured the #1 duet with Shawn Mendes "Senorita" and the #12 hit "My Oh My" (with DaBaby). During this period — Cabello has already branched out into acting with the Disney re-adaption of "Cinderella," which is scheduled for release in 2021. Party Favorz celebrates strong women who take control of their career and make all the necessary moves to ensure their voice is rightfully heard. Taking advantage of a situation when it's presented to you isn't backstabbing — it's understanding your worth by seizing the moment and we applaud her moves no matter how calculated they may appear. Cabello's solo work as well as her work with Fifth Harmony has been remixed and translated well to the dancefloor. This tribute set pulls from her work with the group as well as her solo material and collaborations to give a better overall picture of where she's heading and how the electronic dance music community has fully embraced her. We're looking forward to hearing more from this fledgling artist in the years to come. It's for these reasons and more that Party Favorz inducts this up-and-coming artist into the Diva Hall of Fame. ENJOY! Album : Camila Cabello | The Diva SeriesGenre : Dance-Club, House, EDMYear : 2020Total Time : 01:44:27 1. Don't Wanna Dance Alone (Cole Plante Remix) [with Fifth Harmony] 2.
104:27 8/8/20
Halsey | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4241f33 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4241f33 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4241f33"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4241f33"); } Ashley Nicolette Frangipane known professionally as Halsey is an American singer, songwriter, and activist. In just 5 years — Halsey has managed to achieve what many bedroom singer-songwriters could only dream of. She's truly a product of the social media generation (YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud) that was an organic success at a time when labels were scouring for new untapped talent on these platforms. Much of Halsey's music pulls from personal relationships and the lives of other women. Halsey is biracial, bipolar, and bisexual all of which likely contribute to her masterful songwriting and storytelling. She is also an activist championing multiple causes from LGBTQ rights, climate change, women's rights, and suicide prevention. All worthy causes but one has to wonder how she finds the time to juggle so many passions. While Halsey is her own person, If she were to be compared to anyone — that honor would go to the recently inducted Ellie Goulding. Both are Indie darlings with unique voices that have embraced electronic dance music as an alternate source for their output and have frequently crossed over into mainstream success. Halsey is definitely one to watch and with so many accolades heaped on her (not without occasional missteps) and one of the best albums of 2020 (Manic) — there's literally nothing to stop her from being one of this generation's most visible and influential artists. The Diva Hall of Fame is designated to women and gay men who have heavily contributed to dance music in its multiple forms as represented here. It's not intended to substitute for the original works these remixes are based on — rather recognize the contributions and importance these artists as Halsey have made to the scene. It's with great pleasure that Party Favorz inducts one of several burgeoning new ladies into the Diva Hall of Fame. We look forward to even greater things from her in the future. Album : Halsey | The Diva SeriesGenre : Dance-Club, House, EDMYear : 2020Total Time : 01:07:39 1. New Americana (OLWIK Remix) 2. Hurricane (Arty Extended Mix) 3. Still Learning (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) 4. Bad At Love (Barry Harris House Mix) 5. Strangers (Mitch Collinge Remix) 6. Alone (Calvin Harris Extended) 7. Now Or Never (Joe Maz Remix) 8. Ghost (Lost Kings Extended) 9. Him & I (Amice Remix) [with G-Eazy] 10. You Should Be Sad (Tiesto Remix Extended) 11. Graveyard (Colin Jay Club) 12. Be Kind (Denis First Remix) [with Marshmellow] 13. Colors (Sam Feldt Extended) 14. Trouble (Kleinenberg Extended Mix) 15. Eastside (Charlie Lane Remix) [with Benny Blanco and Khalid] 16. Without Me (Danny Dove Remix)
67:39 8/7/20
Demi Lovato | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b42430e2 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b42430e2 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b42430e2"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b42430e2"); } Demetria Devonne Lovato (born August 20, 1992) — better known as Demi Lovato — is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Like many other Diva Hall of Fame recipients, she is a product of the Disney juggernaut and rose to fame starring in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam where she teamed up with Joe Jonas for a duet on the Billboard top ten hit "This Is Me." Like many Disney child stars, she got a record deal and released albums with songs that skewed toward a younger audience. As her audience matured — so did her music. Demi Lovato managed to achieve several top-ten pop hits all going gold or platinum. 2015 growth and maturity as an artist and singer By 2015, Lovato had finally arrived with her biggest album to date "Confident." The bi-curious lead single "Cool For the Summer," which was frequently criticized for mimicking if not sounding much like Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" (both produced by the powerhouse Max Martin), went on to become the song of the summer that year and was in most year-end top ten lists. The song is also was also embraced by the LGBTQ+ community and is considered a modern-era gay anthem. 2 years later, "Tell Me You Love Me" was released and the lead single "Sorry Not Sorry" was her biggest hit to date selling over a million copies and reaching #6 on the Billboard Top 100. While putting together this tribute set to Demi Lovato — one of the most gifted singers in pop music at the moment — you will hear elements of Kelly Clarkson (one of her idols) Katy Perry and others. This isn't intended to detract from her output but does showcase where musical styles were at as she rose to fame. Her most recent non-album singles "Sober," "Anyone," and "I Love Me" are her most personal to date and frankly would be massive hits if they were released just ten years ago. The first two are re-framed in Dubstep, while the third was given a Future House rework. These stellar songs are so relatable on a multitude of levels that they reflect what many people have experienced at one point or another in their life struggles. [youtube v="jW3aJ-3SEVU"] Continued evolution with a promising future Clearly, the woman has continued to evolve and has partnered with other artists (Clean Bandit, Jax Jones, Cheat Codes, Fall Out Boy, Sam Smith, and even Brad Paisley) stretching her credentials that only further solidify her achievements as a true artist. Of course, the focus of all the entries into the Diva Hall of Fame is their contributions to the dance floor. Demi Lovato has embraced much of the EDM and House Music scene so she would be a natural fit for our newest induction.
118:14 7/21/20
Miley Cyrus | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b424443c = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b424443c = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b424443c"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b424443c"); } dsMiley Ray Cyrus (born Destiny Hope Cyrus; November 23, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and television judge. Her music spans a range of styles, from pop and country pop to hip-hop. Cyrus' personal life, public image, and performances have often sparked controversy and received widespread media coverage. Most folks know through her highly successful turn on Disney's "Hannah Montana" series and subsequent movies. Not unlike previous Disney prodigies (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato) — Miley grew up in front of the public view and slowly began to move away from the good-girl image that was created for her and it showed in controversial live performances and her music. Controversy and pearl-clutching moms Truth be told, her audience was growing up with her, and the subsequent lashing out by "moms" was more about them than their children who related to her antics. Often these antics came across as awkward and frankly — not as overly sexualized as the pearl-clutching mothers would have you believe. That mantle still belongs to Christina Aguilera who by her second album shed all pretenses when she dropped the video for her first single off her second album entitled "Dirrty." While Cyrus came out swinging with several hit singles from her first two albums — after reprising her role as Hannah Montana for the movie, later that year she dropped "The Time of Our Lives" featuring the smash hit "Party In the U.S.A." By the time "Can't Be Tamed" she was breaking free from her ties to the wholesome character she portrayed for so long. Grown-ass woman makes good on her promise as an artist After taking several years off — she returned in 2013 with the massively successful "Bangerz" featuring some of her best work to date including the hit singles the Trap influenced "We Can't Stop" and beautiful "Wrecking Ball." Miley had finally arrived on her terms. With a diverse catalog of musical styles and her embrace of dance music and being a powerful ally to the LGBTQ+ community — Miley was an obvious choice for inclusion into our Diva Series. Frankly, I wasn't certain how this set would work but it just fell together with ease and is something I've had on repeat for over a week. It is my greatest pleasure and fawning admiration that Party Favorz officially inducts Miley Cyrus into the Diva Hall of Fame. ENJOY! Album : Miley Cyrus | The Diva SeriesGenre : Dance-Club, HouseYear : 2020Total Time : 01:32:32 1. We Can't Stop (DJ Laszlo Downtempo Mix) 2. 7 Things (Eric Kupper Remix) 3. Party In The U.S.A. (Cahill Club Mix) 4. Malibu (Amice Remix) 5. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Division 4 & Matt Consola...
92:32 7/19/20
Ellie Goulding | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b42456b4 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b42456b4 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b42456b4"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b42456b4"); } Elena Jane Goulding better known as Ellie Goulding (born 30 December 1986) is an English singer and songwriter. In 2009, she met a couple of record producers picked up a manager, and was signed to Polydor records. She released an "extended play" that same year (I'm guessing an EP) and the full-length debut album "Lights" the following year and the rest is history. Goulding had a fairly normal upbringing and frankly, there is nothing remarkable about her early beginnings other than she started writing her songs in high school at age 15 and likely led a normal life. She does suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but let's face it — who doesn't these days? With so little written about her to the point that most of her story feels like filler — she has had remarkable success as an artist and quickly made that leap from Indie darling to commercial success on a massive scale in virtually a nanosecond. Nothing but praise Don't think I'm dissing Ellie because I adore this woman and her music. It's just that it's rare these days to just kinda fall into a career everyone would dream of without any type of struggle or at least going on some reality singing competition, which seems to be the norm these days. That is unless it's "The Voice" because nobody ever becomes famous off that long-running show. Goulding first came to America's attention with the single "Lights" which reached #2 on the Billboard Top 100. What's odd is that so many of her hits like "Burn," "Love Me Like You Do," "On My Mind," "First Time," and "Close To Me" is so memorable on the dancefloor — it's a wonder they weren't even bigger hits at radio because these songs are permanently etched into my musical memory. New album and the road ahead Other favorites like "Army" is just so perfect that it appears she's already being pushed into the "old singers" category like so many other millennials. "Slow Grenade" (with Lauv) is her latest single from the forthcoming album "Brightest Blue" and a current personal favorite. [youtube v="Lt7EtplY2Zs"] I could see her just doing her own thing by keeping everything on the Indie level and forget chasing after the "youth" market. Many artists of her caliber are still releasing great music but everything is ranked by Spotify, YouTube, and single sales — the latter of which are rapidly going out of favor. That leaves the first two to easily manipulate the charts with armies of young fans no matter what Billboard says. She's a talented woman and I'll let her sort it out. For now — Party Favorz is honoring Ms. Goulding with her induction into the Diva Hall of Fame for her massive contributions to the dance floor.
112:54 7/18/20
Donna Summer | The Ultimate Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b42468d6 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b42468d6 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b42468d6"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b42468d6"); } Much ink has been spilled over the Queen of Disco that it doesn't bear repeating. Donna Summer is an icon who laid down the path for future artists like Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and many others to use their sexuality and create their own brands on their own terms. Regardless of the much-hyped manipulations behind the scenes, she was a willing participant and took full advantage of her success up until the point she wrestled herself away from Neil Bogart's Casablanca records leaving a legacy that up until that point — no other female artist had achieved. Today, Donna Summer has a legion of fans both young and old, and serves as an inspiration to many would-be female artists who whether they realize it or not — are deeply indebted to her trailblazing career. The Queen of Disco is no stranger to Party Favorz, who ranks her at the top of our leading ladies along with Diana Ross and Cher. This tribute set focuses on her work in the 90s through the early millennium and takes a deep dive into updated versions of her back catalog. If any of these tracks are unfamiliar to you or your era was the 70's — look no further than the Casablanca Years set I put out in 2015. There you will find all of her radio and club hits in probably one of the best tribute sets ever laid down honoring the Queen. When the word "Ultimate" is dropped into the title of one of these series — it's because it's comprehensive and really long. Leaving no stone unturned, I poured through countless bootlegs and official remixes to put this thing together. Many of the songs on here may be new to even her most ardent supporters. This past couple of Diva Series I've put out has been a bitch to mix and this one was no exception. There's a vast array of styles here from modern-day electro-pop to circuit tribal house and straight-up funky house. Yet, it all feels cohesive and frankly — just works. Without further ado, ladies and queers, I present to you...Miss Donna Summer! ENJOY! Album : Donna Summer | The Ultimate Diva SeriesGenre : Circuit, Funky HouseYear : 2020Total Time : 03:27:33 1. Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper As Director's Cut Signature Mix) 2. Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix) 3. Love Is In Control (Chromeo & Oliver Club Mix) 4. I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró) (Rosabel Main Vox 12") 5. The Power Of One (Jonathan Peters Ultimix) 6. Stamp Your Feet (DJ Escape & Collucio Club Mix) 7. On The Radio (Thee Werq'n B!tches TGIF Mix) 8. I Got Your Love (Eddie Baez Vocal Anthem Mix) 9. MacArthur Park Suite (DJ Meme Remix of Epic Proportions) 10. I'm A Fire (Ranny Extended Remix) 11. This Time I Know It's For Real (DJ Amanda Moto B...
207:33 4/25/20
Dido | The Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b4247c2b = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b4247c2b = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b4247c2b"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b4247c2b"); } Last week, I was catching up on the Hulu limited series "Little Fires Everywhere," a show set in the late 90's about the intertwined lives of a white and black family that touches on the lived experiences of both groups while adding in enough suspense to keep viewers engaged week after week.  Like all period pieces, the music in the series is lifted straight from that time but also features songs re-recorded likely due to rights issues. One of those songs was the excellent "Here With Me." Enter Dido into my collective consciousness from stage left. DEBUT ALBUM AND SUCCESS In 1999, "Here With Me" was the first single from Dido's debut album "No Angel" and was a mild hit in the US but one of those songs that teenagers and young adults gravitate towards because of whatever emotional torment is going on in their angst-ridden romantic lives at that moment. It wasn't until Eminem, who was recording his album at the same time heard "Thank You," where he sampled the first verse for his song "Stan," which became an international hit. Dido's label subsequently released the original version, which went on to become a  #1 hit for the young singer propelling her debut to sell 21 million copies worldwide. Not unlike her earlier contemporaries, Dido sang about love and happiness but her strength is in songs of emotional despair that tear at the heart. I'd compare much of her work to three other Diva Hall of Fame inductees — Jewel, Robyn, and Sarah McLachlan, especially the latter. Jewel and McLachlan are both singer-songwriters, while Robyn writes pitch-perfect pop songs while embracing darker elements and experimental electronic sounds by working with alternative acts. Much like McLachlan, it's not a coincidence that her music was ripe for Trance remixes at the time of their release. Her wispy vocals with tales of heartbreak and fortitude were ripe for the genre. Her brother is Rollo Armstrong, one half of the electronic dance group Faithless, who co-wrote and co-produced many of the songs on her first three albums. FOLLOW UP TO A BLOCKBUSTER ALBUM After touring for nearly two years supporting "No Angel," Dido took some time off and her next album "Life For Rent" didn't come out until 2003. In the music world, that was an eternity between albums but it was equally successful with the massive "White Flag," which is a personal all-time favorite. "I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door. I'm in love and always will be" The lyrics to this song alone are worth the price of admission into Dido's world. I will go down with this shipAnd I won't put my hands up and surrenderThere wi...
136:26 4/19/20
Diana Ross | The Ultimate Diva Series
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b42494bc = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b42494bc = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b42494bc"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b42494bc"); } Diana Ross is quite possibly the most perpetual force in music history to outlast all of her contemporaries. Whether as part of The Supremes in the 1960s or as a solo artist from the 1970s through today — the woman is a tour de force in an industry that was built by men on the backs of artists like herself. Yet, she's still here banging out remixes of her back catalog and racking up #1 Dance Club hits 60 years later. The woman is like an "aching in my heart" that won't go away. Years ago, Party Favorz had attempted an ultimate remix series for Miss Ross that many of you loved but I was never happy with. Then the Almighty remixes dropped featuring many unlikely high-energy remixes of songs like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Touch Me In the Morning" that I put together a tribute set that was worthy of her highness. Fast forward to today and many of her past hits (with legendary Eric Kupper at the helm) have been remixed for today's dance floors, which have generated four #1 Billboard Dance Club hits including ANMHE, "Upside Down/I'm Coming Out," "The Boss," and "Love Hangover." On May 29th, Diana in conjunction with Motown Records will release her 2nd remix album featuring these tracks plus "Surrender," "No One Get's the Prize," "It's My House," "Touch Me In the Morning," and "Remember Me" all with Eric Kupper performing the remix honors. The digital version will be released on May 29th, while the CD and crystal-clear vinyl editions will follow on June 26th. You can pre-order them here. While there have been many remixes of her songs over the years, fans continue to create modern-day remixes, which are featured in this tribute set, which includes the Almighty remixes but also remixes by Barry Harris, Dirty Disco, Jet Boot Jack, Thee Werq'n B!Tches among many others. So as not to preempt the sales of her forthcoming remix set, Party Favorz only included one remix by Eric Kupper. It is with much love, devotion, and sincere admiration of one of the most prolific if not crucial musical artists of this century, Party Favorz proudly presents the Ultimate Diva Series honoring the fabulous Miss Ross. Enjoy!  Album : Diana Ross | The Ultimate Diva Series   Genre : Dance Music Year : 2020 Total Time : 2:35:05 1. I Will Survive (Jet Boot Jack 2020 Disco Dub) 2. The Boss (Dirty Disco Classic House Remix) 3. Chain Reaction (Dewey B & Spike Remix) 4. You're Gonna Love It (E-Smoove & Steve Silk Mix) 5. Missing You (Edgar Dekay Remix) 6. Until We Meet Again (Love To Infinity Master Mix) 7. Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand) (Alimighty 12'' Mix) 8. Remember Me (Almighty 12'' Anthem Mix) 9.
155:05 4/18/20
Madonna | The Immaculate Bootleg Collection Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b424ab4d = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b424ab4d = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b424ab4d"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b424ab4d"); } Party Favorz has been working up to the last minute this morning putting the final touches on what is going to be one of the most epic collections of Madonna bootlegs ever assembled into a non-stop party mix of fan favorites reworked for today's dancefloors in "Madonna | The Immaculate Bootleg Collection Volume 1". The Immaculate Bootleg Collection closely mimics the original greatest hits put out by the Queen of Pop and contains modern-day reworks of her biggest hits and more. The main focus of volume 1 is from the beginning of her career with "Physical Attraction" through "Rescue Me" — the final single from her eponymous collection of hits. I'm shocked at how well these tracks have stood the test of time and the amount of talent that went into the updated versions. Marco Sartori (who you will see a lot of in these three volumes), Luca Debonaire, and Maxim Andreev take the top prize for their re-interpretations. Granted, some of the songs were more difficult to update as in the case of "Material Girl." Here, we find Lukesavant on track for an excellent update but his release feels more like an unfinished demo. It's almost like he gave up and decided to put it out and then move on. Not trying to be critical because it's a difficult track to modernize but he really was on to something and frankly had the best version I had heard. On that same note, Jetpack recently reworked "Like A Virgin" keeping the same bouncy pop feel of the original while adopting a happier shiny house version to accompany it making this a winner. Still yet, "Open Your Heart" only had a couple of entries that missed the mark completely leaving me with no option but to go with the Ultimix version, which I edited down from the typical 80s-style production to keep it succinct.  Junior Vasquez still takes the prize for his house take on "Crazy For You," which has a happy-house vibe running through it and still holds up to this day. Another surprise rework was "Live To Tell" by Luca Debonaire who takes the original slow-tempo number and updates it with an infectious Deep House groove that fits perfectly. I really like Maxim Andreev's rework of "Like A Prayer" even though it feels more like a dub using minimal vocals at the beginning. Not sure why he decided to go this route but its hands down the best of the multitude of versions of this track with Marco Satori coming in a close second. Leo Frappier a.k.a. Division 4 recently dropped his take on the track but only released the radio edit version that has a fade. The track is really good but overcompressed and a bit pitchy. I managed to tone it down and added a little bass and then mashed it up with Maxim's version...
141:07 9/8/19
Madonna | The Immaculate Bootleg Collection Volume 3
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b424be64 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b424be64 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b424be64"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b424be64"); } I missed my deadline for releasing volume 3 of Madonna's Immaculate Bootleg Collection — all I'll say is that good things come to those who wait. Over the past 10 years — Madonna has had a hard time breaking the Top 10 in most countries. Not since the massive "Hung Up" and "4 Minutes" with Justin Timberlake has she had a Top 10 hit. I find this confounding and frankly think it has more to do with ageism than anything else. I'm sitting here listening to a lot of the singles released and many that are fan favorites and find myself scratching my head. Why? Because many of these tracks are well-crafted pop songs that didn't get near the attention they should have. Of those, "Heartbreak City," "Nothing Fails," "Ghosttown," "Masterpiece," "Miles Away," "Devil Pray" and, the recent "Crave" are outstanding milestones in her career. I'll wager that if "Crave" were handed off to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, or Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, or Shawn Mendez and released today, it would be a massive hit. The writing, the hook, and the pop-sensibilities are all there. Maybe she should start sending these songs out for consideration by modern-day artists and collect royalties that way. She's got the catalog and writing skills to do it. So if it's in fact ageism that's preventing her from having another massive hit — I'd like to make a suggestion. Go back to your roots. Nothing is hotter at the moment than 80s dance, 70s disco, and 90s house in the pop landscape. Taking it back to her roots with less than serious writing but fun hooky tracks could very well deliver her own over 60 "Believe" much like Cher did back in 1999. That music is where she came from and there is no reason to follow the worn-out reggaeton trend as she did with "Medellin." Though, I'll admit that the Stormby remix featured here gives it that special lift making it fun to listen to. I spent a great deal of time pouring through hundreds of mixes for these tracks and want to give a special shout-out to the "Official Madonna Remixers United" group without whom none of this would have been possible. Special consideration goes to Marco Sartori, Maxim Andreev, Lukesavant, Dubtronic, and Idaho for making this series truly special. If the modern-day versions are not your cup of tea please visit the Madonna page that is dedicated to all of the sets I've ever created for her. Be sure to click on the "load more" button at the bottom of the page because there's a lot to sift through. While this has been a labor of love — it's consumed my every waking hour to put it all together. Often tracks needed to be remastered to bring out the sound — while others needed to be edited to make them more ...
170:25 8/18/19
Madonna | The Immaculate Bootleg Collection Volume 2
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b424d28c = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b424d28c = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b424d28c"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b424d28c"); } After the release of  The Immaculate Collection featuring the biggest and most iconic hits of Madonna's repertoire from the 80s through 1990 — it became clear she was on a different trajectory with her music. Final hits like "Vogue" and "Rescue Me" showed her not only embracing the underground House Music movement of the late 80s but bringing it mainstream — while "Justify My Love" employed the underground sub-genre Trip-Hop. These musical styles were subsequently employed to greater effect in subsequent releases, which ultimately led to the album often considered the pinnacle of her career "Ray Of Light," which leaned heavily towards the exploding Trance sound with a dash of psychedelia while retaining its pop sensibilities. There was no genre that Madonna wasn't willing to dabble in and deliver with mass appeal. The 1990s through 2001 featured Madonna's most ambitious musical output as her live concerts had already turned into masterful art shows since "The Blonde Ambition Tour" making her the most profitable marketing machine and performer of the 20th and 21st century — literally. These performances have often been imitated (see Beyoncé) but never fully duplicated. Volume 2 of the Immaculate Bootleg Collection features the biggest dancefloor and pop radio hits of this period as envisioned by modern-day DJs who have breathed new life into these tracks. There are two exceptions in that I used the original Richard "Humpty" Vission remix of my least favorite song of hers "American Pie" and stuck with the Junior Vasquez remix of "I Want You" as the other remixers didn't do these songs justice. Other than that — expect to be blown away by these reinterpretations. I've been stuck in Windows hell for the last 24 hours setting my timetable back for releasing the final volume of this series. I even canceled a much-needed MRI and pushed it off to next month to get the final volume out by Friday. That's my current goal but it may not make it out of the gate until Saturday. It just depends on how much work I can get done today. As you can see — I take this annual event very fucking seriously. Madonna's birthday only happens once a year and I'm here for it! Until the next time...ENJOY! This set has been updated from the original release by removing "Bedtime Story (Lycan's Dreams Matter Mashup)" which was of unacceptable quality and already present with the excellent version by the Cleitus T Late Dance Remix 2015. Additionally, American Life and Die Another Day have been removed as they will reappear in volume 3 of this series where they belong.  Album: The Immaculate Bootleg Collection vol. 2Genre: Dance,
139:53 8/14/19
Kim English 2019 | The Definitive House Sessions
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b424e620 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b424e620 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b424e620"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b424e620"); } In furtherance of our Legacy series that honors the late Kim English, I wanted to cover the flipside of Kim's career. Ms. English was originally from Chicago and like many famous artists that preceded her, has roots in her hometown church singing gospel. House music's roots are embedded in gospel music and Kim — with her smoky alto — was a natural fit. Her voice is very much reminiscent of Toni Braxton and Anita Baker. She re-recorded "Been So Long" from Anita's Grammy-winning album "Rapture" — and a remix by Wamdue is included here. Her original recording of "Nite Life" with Ten City is what got her noticed. The song is a classic staple in the House Music annals and has been reworked a multitude of times over the years. With interest from Masters at Work (Louie Vega and Kenny Dope), Nervous Records picked the track up and signed Kim to a recording deal. Throughout that deal, Kim English had a total of eight #1 club hits on the Billboard charts. On one end, you had the circuit-driven throbbing beats from some of the biggest names in DJ production such as Razor N Guido, Michael T. Diamond, Hex Hector, Junior Vasquez, Thunderpuss, Tony Moran, and more. On the flip side, she was remixed by some of the most prominent House Music producers as well including David Morales, Masters At Work, Todd Edwards, John Cutler, Mousse T., E-Smoove, ATFC, and more. These remixes are the primary focus of this second set. With so many mixes to choose from, I took this set towards a heavier house sound than my previous effort. It begins with a couple of Soulful House tracks and then escalates from there. If you want her true Soulful House experience, then the original House Sessions I created for her are still up on the site. It is with love and respect that Party Favorz honors the late Kim English in this final set. Given the evolving nature of club music today, her talent will be sorely missed. RIP. Album: Kim English 2019 | The Definitive House SessionsGenre: House MusicYear: 2019Total Time: 02:01:29 1. It Makes A Difference (Kyle Smith Soulful Vox Club Mix) 2. Been So Long (Wamdue Remix) 3. Time For Love (David Morales Club Mix) 4. My Destiny (DJ Exacta Club Mix) 5. Unspeakable Joy (Osio Club Mix) 6. Jumpin' & Bumpin' (Zack's Original Mix) 7. Missing You (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix) 8. Tomorrow (Todd Edwards Extended Club Version) 9. Natural High (Midnight City Club Mix) 10. Nothing's Impossible (ATFC Main Mix) 11. Treat Me Right (John Cutler Vocal Mix) 12. Nite Life (Bump Edit) 13. Everyday (Maurice Joshua Club Mix) 14. Supernatural (Mousse T's Discoid Club Mix) 15.
121:29 4/10/19
Kim English 2019 | The Circuit Anthems
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_66437b424f88d = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_66437b424f88d = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-66437b424f88d"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-66437b424f88d"); } I'm sad to announce that one of the most prolific and talented divas Kim English has passed away at the very young age of 48. With a total of 13 top 10 Billboard Club/Dance tracks and 8 that reached #1 on the chart, the self-penned tracks spoke of her sincerely held religious convictions with themes of joy, empowerment, and personal relationships provided the soundtrack to many in the gay community. Hits like "Unspeakable Joy," "Everyday," and 'Treat Me Right" live on in our memories of what real house music was all about. After the release of her third album "My Destiny," Kim gave an interview where she admitted that it was difficult to reconcile her differences between her faith and the gay community. This statement alone had a significant impact on her career in which her label — the infamous Nervous Records — withdrew future support for her album. I tend to look at this through the lens of what happens when our idols prove to be less than our preconceived notions and the pedestal we place them on. Michael Jackson and Donna Summer had similar issues during the latter part of their careers. I suggest we set aside the negative from the positive aspects of their music. Their impact on culture is so significant — we should separate their beliefs and actions from the timeline of memories they provided us. These 18 tracks stand as a testament to the power of Kim English's work and what it represented to us at the time of their peak popularity. Most of these tracks clock in anywhere from 9 - 12 minutes. I went through the list and heavily edited them to maintain their energy without losing the integrity of the originals. Since Kim English was multi-talented in Soulful House Music with a Jazz sensibility, I  plan on working out a second set featuring the same tracks that will have a different overall feel that is closer to her house music roots. I was never thrilled with her first induction into the Diva Hall of Fame, but this allows me to correct that wrong. In short, I worked this mother out! It is with much love, admiration, and respect that Party Favorz re-inducts Kim English into the Diva Hall of Fame while simultaneously entering her into her rightfully earned place in our Legacy series.  ENJOY! Album: Kim English 2019 | The Definitive Diva SeriesGenre: Dance, Club, CircuitYear: 2019Total Time: 02:03:28 1. Missing You (Razor N Guido Twilo Mix) 2. Supernatural (Michael T. Diamond Remix) 3. Treat Me Right (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) 4. Nite Life (Rivera & Trattner Remix) 5. Everyday (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix) 6. Bumpin' & Jumpin' (Michael T. Diamond Club Mix) 7.
123:48 4/6/19

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