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Big Al's Rockin' Podcast

Hosted by Allen "Big Al" Tate, Big Al's Rockin' Podcast brings you interviews with musicians from multiple genres, book authors, comedians, actors, and other forms of entertainment. Along with interviews, he will also offer occasional reviews of concerts, books, newly released albums, and more.


EP000: Big Al's Rockin' Podcast Introduction
My name is Allen Tate and I'm pleased to be introducing my new podcast, Big Al's Rockin' Podcast. Don't let the name of the podcast fool you, there's more to this podcast than just rock music. This podcast will bring interviews to you from people from multiple musical genres, comedians, actors, artists, and anyone else that I find interesting. You can find information about me, this podcast, my radio show, and more at Thanks for giving me some of your time.
03:17 8/25/23