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Stack of Dimes headbutts the internet with shows about movies, junk food, the 80's and 90's, childhood memories, and JCVD. We are the official podcast for all of your guilty pleasures.


You Blu It #97: China O'Brien
Roden and Thunder watch a Cynthia Rothrock masterpiece!
71:55 6/6/24
SOD #459: Fast and Casual
JD and Thunder get angry about food trends.
48:37 5/23/24
You Blu It #96: Swamp Thing
Roden and Thunder immerse themselves in some 1980's swampy comicbook action!
78:53 5/17/24
SOD #458: Hijinks and Tomfoolery
JD and Thunder talk about the awful schoolyard grab-ass that used to happen when they were kids.
46:47 5/10/24
SOD #457: Virtual In-sad-ity
Roden and Thunder share their VR journeys. Feel free to unsubscribe.
51:19 4/24/24
SOD #456: Stinky Memories
Roden and Thunder talk about all of the disgusting changes their bodies have gone through over the years.
52:26 4/11/24
You Blu It #95: Road House 2024
Roden and Thunder find out if pain don't hurt.
58:04 3/29/24
You Blu It #94: Star Crash
Roden and Thunder do some star crashing.
79:11 3/8/24
SOD #455: Cranky Crustos
JD and Thunder decide to complain about everything. 
64:37 2/16/24
SOD #454: Gem Mint Turd
Roden and Thunder talk about all of the crazes that have come and gone during their lifetime. 
83:57 2/10/24
You Blu It #93: Over the Edge
Roden and Thunder take a trip over the edge!
74:48 1/20/24
You Blu It #92: Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire
Roden and Thunder decide to watch Zack Snyder's latest joint during "Dry January" and Thunder loses his sh*t.
87:34 1/12/24
SOD #453: Bubblegutsgiving 2023
It's that magical time of year where Roden gives a play-by-play on how bad his Turkey Day dinner was.
38:59 12/15/23
SOD #452: Cocoon Goons
JD and Thunder talk about the return of John Woo and vanishing digital content.
44:11 12/9/23
You Blu It #91: The Sword And The Sorcerer
Roden and Thunder ride into a mystical magical land thanks to legendary low-budget director Albert Pyun!
68:22 11/23/23
SOD #451: Halloween Hootenanny
JD and Thunder discuss various Halloween events they've been apart of over the years.
53:14 10/31/23
You Blu It #90: Friday the 13th, Part 3 in 3-D
Roden and Thunder hang out with Jason in a barn in the woods.
67:10 10/25/23
SOD #450: Friday Night Fever
Roden and Thunder have their parents drop them off at the Roller Rink.
52:36 10/13/23
SOD #449: Eating Sh*t
JD and Thunder talk about how they recently ate sh*t on electric recreational personal transporters.
54:23 10/6/23
SOD #448: Getting Schooled Again
Roden and Thunder go back to school!
73:48 9/19/23
You Blu It #89: The Wild Life
Roden and Thunder discover it ain't that fun living 'The Wild Life'.
72:20 9/7/23
You Blu It #88: Class of 1999
Roden and Thunder find out what post-apocalyptic Seattle would look like.
65:04 8/12/23
SOD #447: Billionaire Troglodytes
JD and Thunder talk about what they would do if they were billionaires. 
52:35 7/27/23
You Blu It #87: D.C. Cab
Roden and Thunder take a ride in 'D.C. Cab'.
51:35 7/20/23
SOD #446: Dry Rubbed
Roden and Thunder share their hot tips for the 2023 barbeque season.
45:24 7/3/23
SOD #445: Under Pressure
JD and Thunder talk about the things their parents did, that they now do.
53:56 6/22/23
SOD #444: Unfinished Business
Thunder and Roden talk about all the projects they have a hard time finishing. 
45:39 6/10/23
You Blu It #86: Hard Target
Roden, JD and Thunder celebrate JD's birthday by watching his favorite JCVD film: Hard Target.
58:53 5/31/23
SOD #443: Double Your Fun
JD and Thunder talk about how awkward it was to have a crush on a high schooler when you were a kid.
41:20 5/17/23
You Blu It #85: Career Opportunities
Roden and Thunder learn how to become night clean up boys and fall in love, all thanks to Mr. John Hughes.
64:47 5/10/23