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In today's world and in the online entrepreneurial, everyone thinks of online course creation as just another "passive income stream." which led so many online entrepreneurs to lose excitement about creating courses and to somehow forget that creating online courses is way bigger than just the income side of it. This podcast is the place to help get that excitement and motivation back and make creating online courses fun, enjoyable, fulfilling, and exciting!


What would I do if I had to start over with just $100
Tune in to know how I would use that $100 then end up with: A way to get discovered online A way to create courses to both build my audience and make money A way to nurture my audience A way to have my content spread over more than one channel
13:47 4/2/24
if you haven't made any money from your business in the last 6 months, this is why and how to fix it
If you you've been in the online space for the last 6 months and haven't made any money from your business yet, this is why and how to fix it
26:52 4/1/24
Your offers are limiting your creativity as a digital's how to change that!
Your offers are limiting your creativity as a digital's how to change that! If you're creating offers that everyone else is're missing the point don't be afraid of putting in the effort to create something new and explain it to your people...this is a great way to stand out and win their heads and hearts If you're allowed to have more fun...what would you create?
07:54 10/7/23
What is the best type of content to create as a course creator?
1- Behind the scenes: Show people you walk your talk! share the ugly things everyone else is tryibng so hard to hide! 2- Stories (but not the salesy ones!) stories of things that happened along your journey! people you met, lessons you learned, challenges you faced and failed...challenges you won, what makes you YOU! This is what really makes you both stand out AND enjoy your business at the same time! What will be the first story you'll tell? what real & raw behind the scenes will you share?
07:34 10/6/23
How to become better than an expert
If being the "expert" in your business scares you, take a listen! You'll love this!
05:07 10/5/23
When to actually give up
- someone once said: "You learn so much more from failing than you learn from success"...can you relate? - Every mistake, every challenge, and every failed project taught you things about life, business, and yourself - You actually are allowed to give up...when something isn't aligned with who you are today! "if it's not aligned, we leave it behind" - It's not giving's's exploring more's keeping this life an adventure... - What do you need to give up today?
05:12 10/4/23
How do you measure your course success
How do you measure your course success? Define what success means to you Understand what you can and can't control can control: course quality can't control: students taking action can control: course pricing can't control: people's opinions about pricing can control: adding more updates and extras to your course can't control: people's reviews Are you chasing sales, fame, impact, or all? and which one is the most important one? Your course is your way of sharing your magic, uniqueness, and skills with the world....and actually creating it is success!
08:45 10/3/23
What do I do with all these course ideas inside my head?
I have millions of ideas for courses, which one should I create? 1- Your ideas are your magic, but you don't have to make all of them happen 2- Your course needs to deliver a transformation to your people in the shortest amount of time possible 3- You can use your ideas in other ways and still feel great about them
05:16 10/2/23
The real reasons you're over thinking your course ideas
The 3 real reasons why you're overthinking your course idea and why you shouldn't let them stop you!
08:45 10/1/23
3 things I failed at in 2022 that didn't hurt my business growth and what skyrocketed my growth instead
In this episode I share with you the 3 things I failed at in 2022 that didn't hurt my business growth. And the 3 things that actually worked like magic!
13:07 1/2/23
My 10-minute course adventure and why you should trust your crazy ideas!
In this episode, I share with you the story of my 10-minute course adventure and the lessons I learned from trusting my crazy idea, and why you too should consider trusting your crazy ideas more.
14:40 1/2/23
Unlearning what I was taught about course creation & passive income
In this episode, I share with you what I'm Unlearning about what I was taught about course creation & passive income How it started - big expectations, bigger frustration! Lesson: There are way more ways to build a course business than what you're being told. Lesson: Passive income takes time to build, and takes time and energy to maintain, and you will have income dips no matter how you grow, and that's all ok Lesson: Less expectations, more experimentation
12:47 12/7/22
3 things I would change if I had to start over as a course creator
In this episode, I share 3 things I would change if I had to start over as a course creator What would I change if I had to start over: 1- My expectations: Following, Money, Reviews, social media 2- My mindset: I wouldn't doubt what's already working for a shiny object. 3- My Course type/format - software based courses. (my biggest mistake when I started) The key to setting your business up for success is to take the first step...even if you can't see the rest of way now. Get my free workshop: The MAGIC way to build a wildly successful course business without relying on paid ads or social media
11:06 12/7/22
I'm taking a stand - Pilot
It is time to bring back the excitement and fun to online course creation. It is time to stop making it all about the money. It is time for your inner magic to shine!
03:31 10/16/22