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Welcome to “Between the Lines with Janneke,” the podcast where we unravel the secrets of grabbing and holding attention through storytelling within the world of entrepreneurship and business. Join host Janneke on a transformative journey that delves deeper into the narratives that drive success, growth, and fulfillment in the business world. In every business journey, there’s a unique story waiting to be uncovered – a story that holds the key to taking your dream business to new heights. Whether you’re starting a venture, looking to boost your business, or aiming for substantial growth, the power of storytelling is your secret weapon. Through insightful expert interviews, real-world success stories, and thought-provoking discussions, we explore the untold tales that often remain “between the lines” – stories that can change your perspective, your approach, and ultimately your business game. Discover how to craft compelling narratives, overcome self-doubt, and align your mindset for success. Explore the hidden narratives that can make or break a business. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, business owner, or a professional seeking to excel in the world of business, this podcast is your guide to master and own your story. Are you ready to explore the transformative power of storytelling in business? Join us for “Between the Lines with Janneke” and uncover the stories that can reshape your business journey. Connect with janneke on: Linkedin: Instagram: Website:


A jewel of a business gift
🎙️ Welcome back to “Between the Lines with Janneke,” where we explore the transformative power of storytelling for business growth. In this captivating second episode, I share a profound encounter with a jewelry business owner navigating the complexities of online growth and authority building. 🌟 Segment 1: Setting the Stage Join me as I reflect on a hectic week, taking a break from the chaos to delve into a powerful conversation with a business owner facing the challenge of balancing multiple roles. We explore the struggle to create without succumbing to external pressures and the quest for control amidst constant innovation. 🍷 Segment 2: The Story Discover the magical moment when a deeply personal story unfolds, revealing the business owner’s father’s harrowing escape during wartime. The tale becomes the catalyst for a unique and meaningful signature piece for her jewelry business, illustrating the transformative power of personal narratives in business strategy. 💼 Segment 3: In the Business Challenge conventional thinking with me as we discuss the cognitive dissonance between data-driven approaches and the power of authentic, original storytelling. Learn why being a leader requires breaking free from the mold, embracing your unique narrative, and building a legacy beyond mere efficiency and data analysis. 🔄 Segment 4: Conclusion In the final segment, witness the conclusion of this inspiring journey as the business owner commits to creating a jewelry piece infused with her father’s story. Understand the profound impact storytelling can have on a business, setting it apart and leaving an indelible mark. 🌈 Why Listen? Uncover the courage it takes to explore the impassable roads of your own narrative. Janneke shares insights into her coaching program, “Blue Lotus,” designed to help entrepreneurs discover and leverage their unique stories for authentic leadership and business success. 🎁 Special Offer! Ready to step into your authentic leadership and elevate your business offer? Janneke is offering a 20% discount on her one-week “Blue Lotus” coaching program with the code: Fall23. Act fast; this exclusive offer won’t last long! 🌐 Connect with Janneke Visit to explore Janneke’s coaching programs, connect with her, and become a part of her storytelling family by subscribing to the newsletter. 👋 Until the Next Episode! Join us in the next episode for more captivating stories and insights. Ciao! 🎧✨
14:02 11/11/23
Pilot: Scary stories sell
What can we learn from scary stories? It’s Halloween and everyone is excited to celebrate. But what is the story behind Halloween, and what are the takeaways to use scary stories for your business? Find out in this episode. Connect with janneke on: Linkedin: Instagram: Website:
18:15 10/31/23