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Decoding AI for Marketing

Many speculate that marketing is the business realm poised to be fundamentally reshaped by Artificial Intelligence. However, the pressing issue is the prevalent lack of technical acumen and basic AI understanding among many marketers. Decoding AI for Marketing (DAM) aims to mend this informational void, delivering insights for the technically adept and beginners alike. We demystify AI’s intricacies and furnish hands-on, applicable marketing approaches from those leading the charge. DAM will host profound conversations with top marketers and foremost AI experts, all endeavoring to decipher AI’s potential to amplify marketing’s significance and influence, and presumably, their own efficacy and organizational productivity. It’s going to be a whole new world, but not one without serious risks. Your hosts are the well-respected international marketing & AI experts Greg Stuart (CEO, Author, Investor, Speaker) and Rex Briggs (Founder/CEO, Inventor, Author, Speaker). Brought to you by MMA Global, the non-profit industry body ‘architecting a new future of marketing’ for the world’s smartest CMOs.


Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Building a Smart AI Marketing Roadmap
While many are enthusiastic about AI, few companies have a smart roadmap in place for its development and implementation. Instead, many people either start from scratch and try to build the capability internally from zero, or buy up other AI companies without much of a plan.Jim Lecinski’s approach, outlined in his book "The AI Marketing Canvas: A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing," emphasizes the need for a structured and informed strategy. In this episode he elaborates on what that entails and how organizations can approach AI implementation in an informed way to ensure success for their business. Lecinski is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, he previously spent 12 years at Google. For Further Reading:,survey%20by%20Gartner%2C%20Inc
40:58 2/13/24
How AI Startups Can Show Us What’s Next in Marketing
What does the Empire Strikes Back and the Flux Capacitor have in common? They are both analogies that Tom Chavez uses when he talks about just how exciting and challenging this moment is in AI and marketing right now. Chavez previously sold two startups - one to Microsoft and one to Salesforce - but today is doubling down on AI as the technology to push marketing forward. He explains his work at super{set}, dealing with the deprecation of cookies, experimenting across channels, and the roles startups can play in the ecosystem. For Further Reading:
34:22 1/30/24
The AI Takeover and Why Creative Matters More Than Ever
If everyone has access to the same powerful tools, where can marketers stand out? It comes from the inputs, and the thoughtful creative behind the assets. Alex Collmer is the founder and CEO at VidMob, a creative performance platform for marketing. In this episode, he chats with Greg and Rex about the ways they are using AI to better analyze data and adapt content to audiences. He shares insights on how his team gets the best inputs for AI, and how they can continue differentiating themselves in an infinite content market. For Further Reading:
39:03 1/16/24
Designing Effective AI Tests at Ally (and Measuring Results the Right Way)
It’s not enough to just be testing out AI on various teams and seeing what might stick. The best organizations are pulling together an AI strategy, designing careful tests across all parts of the company, and gathering data on the results to implement at scale where it makes sense. At Ally, Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer, Sathish Muthukrishnan, works closely with the company’s CMO to ensure that the right tests are being built, tracked, and scaled up - all in a tightly regulated industry.For Further Reading:
41:30 1/2/24
Is AI The New Bar to Clear for Creative?
AI is already being used by marketers in campaigns they create, but today’s guest, Carlo Maria Ferrari, Global Content & Creators Lead at Sanofi, says the best creative will still be made by humans. Hear why he sees GenAI as a way to check your brainstorms and make sure your ideas are truly original: in a sense, making AI the new bar that great creative needs to clear. Ferrari leads the Global Content team at within a heavily regulated industry, but he’s still aiming to push the boundaries of how AI can be leveraged.For Further Reading:
31:34 12/19/23
AI Will Infinitely Improve Localization
Artificial intelligence has been used in both marketing and in the travel and hotel industry for years, but gen AI is a game changer in a number of ways. In this episode, we speak with Michael Menis, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at IHG Hotels & Resorts, about two trends he foresees will change the game in his industry: the ability to localize content at scale in a way never before seen, and the restructuring of the marketing function at global organizations in the travel industry and beyond. For Further Reading:
41:41 12/5/23
Quick Take: Sam Altman, OpenAI, and Board Drama
It’s been a whirlwind week for Sam Altman at OpenAI - where he was removed by the board and has now been reinstated. It’s the biggest news in artificial intelligence this week, and hosts Greg Stuart and Rex Briggs give their takes and share their past experiences with boards making decisions like this.
08:36 11/23/23
Are You Leading an AI-Ready Marketing Organization?
What can marketers learn from digital transformations in the retail space?Ratnakar Lavu became the first ever Global Chief Digital Information Officer at Nike - a job that he took on during the height of the pandemic. Today, he advises startups and brings in his years of experience including his time as CTO at Kohl’s to help think about the future of business - and how AI is a part of that. He shares how to think about your AI ecosystem and remain focused on the needs of customers, even in the midst of transformation. For Further Reading:
40:26 11/21/23
Why Marketers Have a “Seat at the Table” in the Growth of AI
Been hearing a lot about AI but think it’s more something for the CTO to worry about? Think again.Janet Balis is the marketing practice leader at EY Consulting. Hear why marketers, and especially marketing leaders,  are poised to play a pivotal role when it comes to how organizations integrate AI into their businesses to gain a competitive edge. It starts, she says, with clean and organized data as the foundation.“Imagine you've got the best recipe in the world and your ingredients are stale in your refrigerator or you got them from a bad grocery store. You're not going to get the right result,” Balis says. She explains that analogy and more of what she’s seeing as she consults with some of the world’s best companies and marketing departments.For Further Reading:MMA Study: Study: AI’s Act Two from Sequoia Capital: 
32:59 11/21/23
Introducing: Decoding AI for Marketing
AI is moving fast, and one of the places it’s most quickly becoming a necessity is in the marketing space. But a lack of basic AI understanding and a lack of the necessary technical acumen is holding many marketers and organizations back. On this show, marketing and AI experts Greg Stuart and Rex Briggs help demystify the intricacies of AI, through conversations with marketing industry leaders and foremost AI experts. Tune in to learn about AI’s potential to amplify marketing’s significance and influence, and risks to watch out for.  Decoding AI for Marketing is brought to you by MMA Global, the non-profit industry body architecting a new future of marketing for the world’s smartest CMOs. New episodes drop Tuesdays. 
01:25 11/8/23