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Welcome to the Clarity with Charlene™ Podcast, where transformative conversations go down. Join your host, The Brand Misfit™, aka Charlene Brown, as you go on a journey to uncover the power of clarity in life, careers, and businesses. Through engaging discussions, you'll gain insights not only into the freedom of finding clarity but also discover the unique and inspiring journeys of amazing Misfit Entrepreneurs™ who've harnessed clarity as their secret weapon for success. Tune in to explore the profound impact clarity can have on your life and the incredible stories of those who've walked this path. Meet The Brand Misfit™: Founder and Lead Strategy & Tech Consultant at Bklyn Custom Designs℠, Charlene empowers booked-out women coaches + consultants to develop evergreen opportunities without having to post to social media every day or struggling with tech + brand overwhelm. With over two decades deep in the tech trenches, she's more than just a website developer; she's a seasoned technology and creative director. Charlene's passionate about Clarity, Tech, & Brand Strategy as the basis for all she does. From startups to Fortune 500 corporations, her diverse range of experience has honed her ability to amplify brands, demystify technology, and strategize for growth. Her mantra? Transform clicks to profit. Learn more about her: Learn more about the podcast: Work with her:


Impactful Design: Amplifying Your Brand feat. Michelle Barzallo
Michelle brings her expertise to the table, emphasizing the significance of brand identity, solidifying your message, and the vital role that copy and visuals play in effective storytelling. Michelle also opens up about the challenges she faced in balancing work and self-care, and how she's learned to prioritize her well-being while running her design agency. So, grab your fave drink, get comfy, and get ready to dive into this captivating and insightful conversation. Don't forget to connect with Michelle on LinkedIn as Michelle Barzallo, and on Instagram and Facebook as Mommy Works Design Studio. As always, thank you for following the Clarity with Charlene™ Podcast. Now let's uncover the secrets to creating visually stunning designs that leave a lasting impact!
37:12 11/16/23
Clarity in Diversity: Building Impact & Setting Boundaries
In this episode, we have the amazing Marie Deveaux joining us to discuss the topic of "Clarity in Diversity". Marie is all about visioning and making plans. She shares her journey of creating her own business and the importance of finding clarity before diving into a niche. We'll also dive into the struggles people face when it comes to sitting in discomfort and being patient with themselves. Marie emphasizes the significance of questioning obligations and realizing that most things are not urgent or life and death. Together, we'll explore the power of setting boundaries and how it can lead to guilt-free enjoyment of life and the ability to say no. Get ready for an episode full of insights, practical tips, and empowering conversations. Let's dive in!
47:14 11/10/23
Clarity Managing People & Expectations
This episode is all about Clarity Managing People & Expectations. We are joined by a very special guest, Sara Scharlau, a seasoned creative director and art director with over 15 years of experience. Sara shares her insights on how to navigate the world of management, from building trust with teammates to setting clear expectations and providing effective feedback. We get into the importance of vulnerability and continuous improvement, as well as the challenges of upskilling individuals to become managers and the impact of mentorship in today's world. Sara's expertise in human-centered design principles brings a fresh perspective to the conversation, as we discuss the need for clarity and support in the creative industry, and the power of creating a welcoming environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking guidance. So join us as we explore the world of management, debunk myths about bad management, and embrace collaboration and understanding of objectives. As always, we want to give space for our listeners to be heard and seen, so make sure to visit, where you can find more information and connect with Sara. Also stay tuned for some special surprises in this episode, including a Q&A session plus a poll to gather your feedback and questions. It's all about clarity and empowering you to excel in managing people and expectations. Let's dive in!
44:40 11/2/23
Changing the Game with Clarity
Welcome to the Clarity with Charlene™ Podcast, where clarity is not just a word, but the secret to your success! I'm your host, the Brand Misfit™, Charlene Brown, and I'm here to guide you through transformative and thought-provoking conversations that dive deep into the soul of clarity. In this exciting journey, we'll explore why clarity is vital in our lives, brands, businesses, and careers. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, we've got something for you. Join me every Thursday for actionable takeaways, fresh ideas, and valuable insights to equip you in thriving in this digital age. Together, we're about to change the game. Mark your calendars and get ready to light up your path, elevate your brand, and thrive in the world of clarity!
02:06 10/6/23