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"Eventful Endeavors" is your all-access pass into the heart of America's most enchanting wedding venues, guided by the very people who know them best: the venue managers. Each episode of our podcast is a journey into the art of making weddings magical, with insider tips, best practices, and heartwarming stories that showcase not just the beauty of these spaces, but the passion and creativity that transform them into perfect settings for saying "I do." Brought to you by the dynamic dueling piano players of Felix and Fingers, who light up hundreds of events every year with their electrifying performances, "Eventful Endeavors" is more than just a podcast. It's a celebration of love, commitment, and the extraordinary places that host these moments. As entertainers who've been part of countless special days, we bring a unique perspective to the conversation, exploring what makes each venue and their management teams tick. Dive into the world of "Eventful Endeavors" and let us be your guide to the hidden gems and spectacular settings where dreams come true. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or RSS feed today and become part of a community that cherishes the joy and beauty of weddings. Whether you're planning your big day, dreaming about it, or just love a good love story, our podcast promises to enlighten, entertain, and inspire.


Sydney Wilton: Innovations in Wedding Planning with My Event Buddee
Learn more about My Event Buddee here: Join us in this episode of Eventful Endeavors as we delve into the magical world of wedding planning with Sydney Wilton, the award-winning Certified Wedding Planner, CEO, and owner of My Event Buddee. Sydney shares what sets her business apart, why she loves her job, and how she balances work with being a mom. Tune in to gain unique insights into modern wedding planning, enjoy an exclusive podcast discount, and learn how you, too, can create unforgettable events with My Event Buddee. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
24:41 4/10/24
The Harmony of Family and Business with Deborah Lynn
Learn more about The Broz here: Join us today as we dive into the fascinating life of Deborah Lynn, the dynamic force behind 'The Broz'. With a background as diverse as coaching multiple sports teams and directing Children's Ministry, Deborah will share how her rich tapestry of experiences shaped her business approach. We'll explore a day in the life of a wedding planner and discuss the beautiful chaos of raising nine children while running a successful company. Don't miss this exciting episode jam-packed with stories of resilience and love both at home and in the workplace. Plus, listen till the end for a special offer exclusively for our listeners! Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
20:41 4/10/24
The Art of Creating Unforgettable Weddings with Marsha VanArk
Learn more about Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events here: In this episode, host Michael Sherman sits down with seasoned wedding event planner Marsha VanArk, the founder of Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events. Marsha shares her journey from restaurant management to wedding coordination and the common misconceptions couples have about weddings. Learn how Marsha's company undercuts stress and confusion by offering full-service planning, allowing couples to focus on the joy of their special day. Dive into an insightful discussion on brides and grooms as both hosts and honored guests, and how a dedicated team like Distinctly Yours Weddings & Events can make that possible. Get ready for an inspiring session filled with wisdom from two decades of wedding planning experience. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
25:38 4/5/24
Wedding Wisdom with Jenna Buenger: First Responding to Love
Learn more about Mitch & Jenna Weddings here: Join us in this episode as we welcome Jenna Buenger, co-founder of "Mitch & Jenna Weddings". Listen in as she shares her and her husband's unique journey from hospital and fire station to the wedding aisle. Jenna discusses their passion for creating memorable weddings that build a strong foundation for marriages, as well as the meaningful connections they've made working with first responders and healthcare workers. You'll leave understanding why at "Mitch & Jenna Weddings," your marriage is more important than your wedding day. Visit their website and get to know more about their special discount for first responders, military personnel, and healthcare workers. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
16:07 4/5/24
A Hole in One: Stacy Krick's Journey into Country Club Events
Learn more about White Manor Country Club here: In this episode, Nate Rodriguez welcomes Stacy Krick, the talented Event and Membership Director at the luxurious White Manor Country Club. With over three decades in sales and service, Stacy shares her surprising shift from healthcare information technology into the world of country club event management. Hear about how she turned her top-notch customer service skills into a successful career, increasing department revenues by an average of 30% and earning the title of the number 1 sales person at each club she's been employed at. Stacy also reveals how she tailors special offers and events to suit the unique needs of her clients for a truly bespoke experience. Whether you're considering a membership, planning an unforgettable event, or simply interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of a country club, this episode is a must-listen. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
15:20 4/3/24
Bringing Visions to Life: An Uptown Chat with Jeremy Rossi
Learn more about Uptown Social here: In this episode, host Michael Sherman sits down with Jeremy Rossi, the industrious Chief Operating Officer of Uptown Social, a premier social spot in Michigan City. Michael gets an exclusive insight into the operations of this thriving business and explores Jeremy's journey from a Ball State University alumnus to becoming the 2023 Young Professional of the Year. The conversation touches on Jeremy's focus on high performance, innovation, and growth, his approach to transforming an historic landmark into a vibrant social hub, and how his recent engagement is shaping his approach to event planning. Tune in for a fascinating discussion on business, personal growth, and the art of bringing visions to life. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
36:15 3/29/24
Creating Magic with Rebecca Grant: A Deep Dive into Wedding Planning & Venue Ownership
Learn more about New Creations Weddings here: In this special episode, join our host Shawn Grindle as he sits down with Rebecca Grant, the tenacious owner of New Creations Weddings and Twin Willow Gardens Event Venue. Having filled the calendars for her venue years in advance, Rebecca possesses a wealth of expertise that makes her uniquely qualified as a planner and venue owner. But her life doesn't just revolve around nuptials; listen in as they discuss her varied interests, from backyard bees and bats to figure skating lessons, not forgetting her beloved Golden Retrievers. Plus, Rebecca has a generous offer for our listeners, so tune in and gain insights into the world of wedding planning that could make your special day unforgettable. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
31:08 3/22/24
Savoring Urban Sophistication: The Unique Charms of First Batch Hospitality
Learn more about First Batch Hospitality here: Join host Michael Sherman as he reconnects with Michele Grasser, an events industry veteran with 20 years under her belt. In our enriching conversation, you'll get to learn about Michele's journey, array of partnerships, and how she prides herself in representing the stellar venues of First Batch Hospitality as their Events Marketing Manager. We dig into what makes an 'Urban Winery', the unique attributes of their three venues in Chicago, DC, and Brooklyn, and unravel the mystique behind a 'full-service' venue. Michele also shares an exclusive offer for our listeners! Tune in to discover a world of refined events and spirited wines. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
20:00 3/18/24
A Peek into the Future: Wedding Trends and Tales with Hannah Swanson
Learn more about The Standard on State here: In this episode of "Eventful Endeavors", our host Michael Sherman sits down with the lead wedding and event coordinator of The Standard on State, Hannah Swanson. With over 100 weddings coordinated and an incredible journey from assistant to leader, Hannah spills the beans about her inspiring voyage into the world of wedding planning. Listen as she forecasts captivating trends for the 2024 wedding season. Plus, don't miss out on an exclusive discount offer for our listeners who plan to book with The Standard on State. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
22:58 3/18/24
Bridging the Gap: Unveiling Hidden Wedding Needs with Nicole Peters
Learn more about Polly Knows Best here: In this insightful talk, join Shawn Grindle as he engages Nicole Peters, event planning guru from Polly Knows Best, on the overlooked but crucial aspects for couples planning a wedding. Nicole's wealth of experience in the event industry from corporate to large scale fundraising events and weddings offers valuable insights into the wedding industry's biggest unmet needs. Expect to gain innovative wedding solutions and some helpful tips on planning your special day. Don't miss out on Nicole's special offer for our listeners, valid only with the unique code SMARTPLANNING. Tune in now for an eventful discussion! Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
34:21 3/18/24
Culinary Waves in Maui: Lee Anderson’s Eventful Journey
Learn more about Sugar Beach Events here: In this can't-miss episode, host Jake Carter sits down with Lee Anderson, Executive Chef and owner of Sugar Beach Events, a renowned oceanfront catering venue in Maui, Hawaii. Anderson shares how she shifted from the corporate world and embarked on her culinary journey—from Wolfgang Puck's restaurant to launching Aloha Events and finally establishing Sugar Beach Events. Get an inside look at her passion for creating inventive, fresh, local food and her commitment to keeping up with global trends. Prepare to be inspired by her dedication to constant learning and unwavering enthusiasm for delivering unique meals to her clients. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
35:35 3/15/24
Creating Magic with Pretty Little Events featuring Sally Shin
Learn more about Pretty Little Events here: Join host Shawn Grindle in a heartwarming conversation with Sally Shin, the mastermind behind Pretty Little Events. Dive into Sally's illustrious journey in the hospitality industry, having worked with giants such as Disney, Four Seasons Hotel, Neiman Marcus, and Starbucks. Learn more about how Pretty Little Events marries bespoke design with precise coordination to create unforgettable celebrations. Sally also shares her future aspirations, including her exciting new venture, The Anerton Warehouse. And don't miss her special exclusive offer for 'Eventful Endeavors' listeners. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
35:09 3/15/24
From Pinterest to Perfection: Wedding Planning with Lauren Tarnacki
Learn more about To Gather In Grace here: In this exciting episode of Eventful Endeavors, our host Andrew Dethloff goes candid with Lauren Tarnacki, the passionate soul behind 'To Gather In Grace'. A self-made wedding planner who started her journey after having her first child at 21, Lauren shares about her humble beginnings, watch-and-learn experience, and the drive that made her pursue a career in wedding planning. Tune in as she answers some intriguing questions and hear her most embarrassing moments, favorite parts of a wedding day, and how one might land a bad planning experience. Not only that, Lauren is generously offering a special discount to our listeners. This is one fascinating episode you wouldn't want to miss. Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here: For more tips and updates, follow us on our social media accounts:
29:08 3/8/24
Wedding Planner Insights with Chelsey Morin
Join host Shawn Grindle as he sits down with Chelsey Morin, co-founder of Double Blessing Events, to discuss common bridal mistakes, unique offerings for couples, and Chelsey's favorite wedding planning experience. Get exclusive wedding planning tips and insights from this seasoned expert in the industry. Don't miss out on this eventful episode!
30:44 3/5/24
Island Insights with The Gypsea Traveller
Join host Jake Carter as he chats with travel expert Libbi Roed, also known as The Gypsea Traveller, about the best islands to visit, top resorts recommendations, and the ideal timing for your next getaway. Explore the world through Libbi's extensive travel experiences and her passion for making bucket list dreams a reality. Don't miss this enriching conversation filled with valuable travel insights! Don't miss out on exclusive content. You can read, listen and subscribe to our podcast here:
26:50 3/5/24
Discover Maui: Essential Tips from The Hawaii Concierge
Dive into Maui's wonders with 4th generation resident and hospitality expert, Iris Jarnesky from The Hawaii Concierge. Learn top attractions, must-do activities, and insider secrets for your ultimate island getaway. Email to plan your dream vacation today! Discover more at
27:22 2/26/24
Building Vibrant Nightlife: Brandon & Myline Dahle of Da Playground
Join host Jake Carter as he sits down with Brandon and Myline Dahle, the dynamic duo behind Da Playground Maui. Discover their journey from dreamers to successful bar owners, the keys to creating a top nightlife spot, and their vision for providing positive experiences for all visitors. Get inspired by their passion and expertise in sales, marketing, and operation management. Don't miss this insightful episode packed with valuable insights and exciting stories from the minds behind the vibrant nightlife scene in Maui.
37:05 2/23/24
Wedding Tales with Steve Young
Join host Jake Carter as he chats with Steve Young, the mastermind behind Dream Weddings Hawaii. Steve shares captivating wedding stories and insights from his journey in the industry. Don't miss this delightful episode!
36:07 2/22/24
Engaged With Nora: Wedding Wonders Unveiled
Join host Tina Naponelli as she interviews Nora Culley Tuck of Engaged With Nora on unraveling wedding drama, investment areas, upcoming trends, and trends to bid farewell to in this insightful episode!
43:05 2/21/24
Curtain Call with Lin McEwan
Join host Jake Carter as he sits down with Lin McEwan, the Executive Director of ProArts Playhouse, to discuss how they serve the community and get a sneak peek at their upcoming shows. Discover Lin's journey from New York City to Maui and how she combines her passion for arts with giving back. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with storytelling, community impact, and the power of the performing arts.
29:55 2/21/24
Designing Your Dream Wedding with Vine & Branch
In this episode of Eventful Endeavors, host Shawn Grindle interviews Tatiana Czerwiak, founder of Vine & Branch Wedding Co. They discuss what sets Vine & Branch apart from other wedding planners, their commitment to intentional design, and their experience organizing weddings in different states and countries. Get inspired and learn how to turn your wedding vision into a reality with their expert advice. Don't miss it!
27:53 2/19/24
Dreams to Reality: Building One Sweet Day Events with Courtney Haynes
Join host Shawn Grindle as he delves into Courtney Haynes' inspiring journey from construction project manager to successful wedding planner at One Sweet Day Events. Courtney shares her passion for planning, design, and making dreams come true in this engaging episode. Website:
32:50 2/19/24
Inside Castle Green: Unveiling the Secrets
Join host Shawn Grindle as he sits down with Tatiana Joyet, the Event Director at Pasadena's historic Castle Green. Explore the fascinating history of this iconic building and discover its unique story. From its origins to its role in modern events, Tatiana shares her insights and experiences of working with couples to create unforgettable weddings and events. Don't miss this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Castle Green.
32:57 2/16/24
Empathy & Inspiration: OSO IN LOVE Wedding & Event Curators
Join host Jake Ashey as he sits down with Rob Anderson, owner and operator of OSO IN LOVE Wedding & Event Curators. Rob shares the story behind the name OSO IN LOVE and discusses the importance of empathy in the wedding industry. Discover how Rob's background in higher education administration has influenced his wedding design and coordination. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with a seasoned professional in the industry.
35:12 2/16/24
Unveiling Wedding Planning Myths
In this episode of Eventful Endeavors, host Shawn Grindle sits down with Stephanie Wooding, the founder of Best Day Ever Weddings, to debunk common misconceptions about wedding planning. Stephanie shares her expertise on "day of" and "month of" wedding planning, clarifies the role of wedding planners in budget management, and discusses her contributions to the community. Don't miss this engaging and informative conversation with Stephanie, a seasoned wedding planner with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences.
33:38 2/14/24
Unveiling Wedding & Event Planning Secrets with Mackenzie Stokx
Join host Shawn Grindle as he dives into the world of wedding and event planning with the talented Mackenzie Stokx from Stoked Weddings. Discover the latest wedding trends and get a behind-the-scenes look at Mackenzie's journey from college grad to successful entrepreneur. Don't miss out on this exciting episode filled with expert advice and insights!
34:35 2/14/24
From Blooms to Love: Katrina Allen on Evolving Love Bloomsedding services, love blooms facebook, love blooms instagram
Katrina Allen, the owner of Love Bloom events, was interviewed by Shawn Grindle on the eventful endeavors podcast. Katrina shares her journey into the events industry and how she found her passion for wedding planning. After experiencing terrible bosses while working her way through nursing school, Katrina decided she didn’t want to work for others anymore. She wanted to be her own boss. With a recent wedding planning experience under her belt, she saw an opportunity to start her own business. Despite having no formal training or experience, Katrina believed in her ability to plan weddings and decided to take the leap. Katrina started her business with minimal startup costs. She created a website using Wix and signed up for a wedding show. She also promoted her services on Craigslist. Initially, she did a couple of weddings for free to gain experience, followed by a few weddings for $100. Through trial and error, she learned the ins and outs of the industry and steadily increased her rates. In addition to starting her own business, Katrina changed her major to business to gain a better understanding of the entrepreneurial side of things. She enrolled in a program catered towards working adults and proved herself worthy, despite being the youngest in her class. With the business prerequisites from her previous nursing studies, Katrina focused solely on business courses. Love Blooms has since become a successful wedding planning business, known for its attention to detail and personalized service. Katrina’s journey from nursing school to wedding planner showcases her determination and passion for creating memorable events. If you’re in need of a passionate and experienced wedding planner, be sure to check out Love Blooms. This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.
36:59 2/13/24
Inside the Thrilling World of Event Planning with Alyssa Gottberg
In this captivating episode of Eventful Endeavors, host Shawn Grindle sits down with Alyssa Gottberg, the dynamic founder of WOW! Events, a renowned event planning company. Join them as they dive deep into the ever-evolving landscape of event planning, discussing the latest trends taking the industry by storm. Discover how WOW! Events has consistently delivered unforgettable experiences with their unique WOW factors, leaving guests in awe. From lavish product launches to heartwarming celebration of life events, Alyssa shares inspiring stories and highlights one of the most extraordinary WOW factors she's witnessed. Tune in as she opens up about the challenges faced during the pandemic and reveals how WOW! Events successfully adapted to the changing times. Get ready for a fascinating and insightful conversation that will leave you inspired to plan your next remarkable event. Don't miss this episode of Eventful Endeavors with Alyssa Gottberg of WOW! Events!
31:57 2/13/24
Wedding Planning 101: From Day of Coordination to Full-Service Planning
Azurae Shults, owner of Ciel Bleu Events, a wedding and event planning company in Paso Robles, was interviewed by Shawn Grindle on the eventful endeavors podcast. In the interview, Azurae shared her journey into the world of wedding planning and how she found her passion for creating memorable events. Growing up in Templeton on the Central Coast, Azurae always had a knack for planning parties and being involved in various leadership projects. While initially considering a career in wedding photography, she ultimately realized that her skills were better suited for planning weddings. She decided to move back to her hometown of Paso Robles to explore the wedding industry and quickly became immersed in the area’s booming wine scene. Azurae’s timing couldn’t have been better, as Paso Robles and the surrounding counties were experiencing a surge in popularity as wedding destinations. With its breathtaking scenery and abundance of wineries, the area became the perfect backdrop for couples looking to tie the knot. Azurae capitalized on this opportunity and focused on building her business, Ciel Bleu Events. Throughout the interview, Azurae emphasized the unique experiences that San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County have to offer for weddings and events. She expressed her love for the area and how it has allowed her to create truly unforgettable experiences for her clients. For anyone considering a wedding in Paso Robles or the surrounding area, Azurae highly recommends it. The region’s scenic beauty and diverse range of wineries provide the perfect setting for a dream wedding. As the first wedding planner to be featured on the podcast, Azurae’s expertise and passion for her work shine through, making this interview a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of wedding planning. To listen to the full interview, visit [Ciel Bleu Events]( This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.
36:45 2/6/24
From Pageant Queen to Events Maven: Thriving in Seattle’s Hospitality Industry
Kimball Gainor, the event manager at the iconic Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington, joined Shawn Grindle on an episode of Eventful Endeavors. Kimball shared her journey from studying broadcast journalism to finding her passion in event management. After working at a radio station affiliated with ABC, Kimball realized she felt disconnected from the community and wanted to be more involved in creating moments and connections. She transitioned into the event world by volunteering and eventually got a job at Seattle Met Magazine, where she worked in the event department. Kimball found joy in being on-site, connecting with people, and building relationships. She realized that events and hospitality provided the opportunity to connect with others, which became her driving force. Kimball’s love for people and relationship building led her to focus on business development in sales. In the interview, Kimball also mentioned the challenges of working in the event hospitality industry and how she persevered through them. The eventful and fast-paced nature of the industry requires hard work and dedication. Despite the challenges, Kimball found fulfillment in her role and continued to grow professionally. As the event manager at the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass, Kimball is responsible for managing private events at both properties. The Space Needle is an iconic landmark, offering breathtaking views of Seattle, while Chihuly Garden and Glass showcases the stunning glasswork of renowned artist Dale Chihuly. Kimball’s journey from journalism to event management highlights her passion for creating connections and engaging experiences. Through her work at the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass, she continues to bring people together and create memorable events. This interview was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos.
38:05 1/22/24