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Step into the transformative realm of spiritual awakening with Kate and Amanda, your guides on a profound journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. In their captivating podcast, these two dynamic hosts engage in soul-stirring conversations that delve deep into the intricate process of spiritual awakening. Through intimate dialogues with each other and compelling interviews with guests, they navigate the realms of consciousness, shedding light on the mysteries of the human experience. From personal anecdotes to profound insights, every episode provides a rich tapestry of wisdom, offering listeners a roadmap to navigate their own spiritual awakening path. Embark on this enlightening journey and unlock the secrets to a more profound connection with yourself and the universe.


017. SaraMae’s NDE - From Losing Her Legs To Learning To Love Herself
SaraMae Hollandsworth shares her incredible story of awakening through a near-death experience and the loss of her legs. She always had a knowing that she was here for a purpose and spent her life seeking knowledge and personal growth. However, there were times when she turned off that knowing and faced the consequences. Eventually, she found herself in a toxic relationship that led to her physical decline and near-death experience. During the two weeks in a coma, she experienced intense battles and tests of her soul. When she woke up, she had to make the difficult decision to amputate her legs. Through this journey, she learned to love and accept herself fully. SaraMae Hollandsworth shares her journey of healing and self-discovery after a near-death experience. She discusses the process of letting go of coping mechanisms and learning to honor herself. SaraMae emphasizes the importance of surrender, trust, and faith in navigating life's challenges. She also highlights the connection between the mind and body, and how our thoughts and emotions can impact our physical well-being. Through her story, SaraMae inspires listeners to embrace growth, cultivate self-trust, and find redemption in their own lives. Takeaways Having a knowing of our purpose from a young age can guide our life's journey Ignoring our inner knowing can lead to negative consequences Toxic relationships can have a detrimental impact on our physical and mental well-being Near-death experiences can serve as a wake-up call and reminder of our life's purpose Self-love and acceptance are essential for healing and moving forward Letting go of coping mechanisms and external sources of validation is a crucial part of the healing process. Surrendering to life's challenges and trusting in the guidance of the universe can lead to liberation and growth. The mind-body connection is powerful, and our thoughts and emotions can impact our physical well-being. Navigating difficult experiences with presence and trust can lead to a sense of peace and resilience. Embracing growth and cultivating self-trust can lead to redemption and a deeper sense of purpose in life.
58:50 7/9/24
016. The Power of Plant Medicine: Healing, Awakening & Spiritual Insights - Amanda's Transformative Journey
In this conversation, Amanda shares with us her experiences with various plant medicines, including bufo alvarius, ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote, cannabis, and rapé. She shares how each plant medicine has its own unique properties and effects.  Amanda shares insights and lessons she experienced through these medicines, such as the dissolution of the ego, the importance of surrender and letting go, and the healing of relationships.  For those considering plant medicine as part of their healing journey, Amanda emphasizes the need for a safe and supportive environment, the importance of the facilitators intentions, set and setting, and working with experienced guides when using these medicines. Amanda also highlights the role of integration and the importance of having established practices like meditation, yoga and a relationship with your breath to support yourself through these journeys.  Amanda also shares her experiences with Icaros, the healing songs sung during ayahuasca ceremonies, and the profound impact they had on the journey. Takeaways: Plant medicines such as bufoalvarius, ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote, cannabis, and rapé can be powerful tools for healing and self-discovery. Each plant medicine has its own unique effects and lessons, and it is important to approach them with intention and respect. Working with experienced guides and in a safe and supportive environment is crucial when using plant medicines. Plant medicines can help us connect with our bodies, release stored trauma, and gain insights into our patterns and behaviors. Plant medicines can facilitate healing in relationships and provide insights and changes in one's life. Tending to oneself is crucial for personal and collective healing. Ancestral healing is a significant aspect of Amanda's journey with these medicines. Healing generational trauma is an important aspect of personal growth and can be facilitated through plant medicine journeys. Integration is a crucial part of the healing process and involves incorporating the insights and lessons from the journey into daily life. Following dietary guidelines and working with experienced facilitators can enhance the effectiveness of plant medicine journeys. Icaros, the healing songs sung during ayahuasca ceremonies, have a profound impact on the journey and can activate deep healing.
78:05 7/1/24
015. Cultivating and Trusting Intuition - Clairsenses, Guided Insights, Belief, Practice, and Following Intuitive Nudges
In this conversation, we explore intuition, something we’ve spoken to and about in multiple episodes thus far. We share about each of our journeys in learning to listen to and trust the messages that we’ve received. We touch upon how our intuitive guidance has shaped our lives in both big and small ways and how we can each receive this guidance. The conversation delves into the exploration of intuition, empathic abilities, and the development of discernment. It highlights the challenges of recognizing and trusting intuitive abilities, the impact of trauma on intuition, and the importance of setting boundaries. The discussion also emphasizes the role of belief, practice, and following intuitive nudges in developing and harnessing intuitive abilities. Takeaways Intuition and discernment are personal qualities that can be developed and trusted as guiding forces in life. Receiving guidance can come in various forms, including signs, symbols, and intuitive knowing. Exploring the significance of repeating numbers and the different types of clairsenses can deepen our understanding of intuitive abilities. Cultivating and trusting intuition is essential for making confident and aligned choices in life. Recognizing and trusting intuitive abilities can be challenging, especially when influenced by trauma and the lack of boundaries. Belief, practice, and following intuitive nudges are essential in developing and harnessing intuitive abilities. Empathic individuals may need to establish boundaries and differentiate between their own emotions and those of others to work with their empathic abilities effectively.
49:08 6/25/24
014. Family Constellations with Johanna Lynn - Healing Trauma & Family Dynamics
In this conversation, we talk to Johanna Lynn a therapist specializing in Family constellations; powerful modality that helps individuals understand and heal the dynamics within their family system.  Johanna shares with us how this process allows for the exploration of hidden patterns and traumas that may be influencing our current relationships and behaviors. She explains how the work bypasses the story and focuses on the energetic and subconscious level, providing profound insights and healing. Johanna highlights how these group constellations offer a safe space for sharing and healing, as participants can relate to and learn from each other's experiences. And how by uncovering and healing family dynamics, individuals can create healthier and more fulfilling relationships.  And to close, we discuss the impact of healing work on future generations and Johanna offers a personality profile to help listeners explore their family imprint. Takeaways: Family constellations can provide insights and resolution by exploring the systemic dynamics within our families. The work focuses on the energetic and subconscious level, bypassing the story and providing profound insights and healing. Group constellations offer a safe space for sharing and healing, allowing participants to relate to and learn from each other's experiences. By uncovering and healing these dynamics, individuals can create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Healing is an essential part of the awakening journey and can have a profound impact on our relationships and overall well-being. Acceptance and understanding of our parents' experiences can lead to healing and a shift in our relationship dynamics. Healing work can have a positive impact on future generations by breaking patterns and creating a healthier family system.
56:35 6/18/24
013. Ayu’s Galactic Awakening - Healing Childhood Trauma, Awakening To Connections with Extraterrestrials & Other Interdimensional Beings
In this episode, Ayu Sophia shares her cosmic awakening story and her experiences with extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings. She explains the concept of the soul and the soul group, and how her particular soul group comes in during times of great transition to help awaken and guide others. Ayu discusses the importance of understanding the bigger picture and our relationship with Mother Earth. She also talks about her early spiritual experiences and her journey of self-discovery, which included out-of-body experiences and encountering beings in different dimensions. Ayu then delves into her cosmic awakening, where she connected with ETs and learned about the true nature of humanity and the planet. She emphasizes the importance of healing and activating our DNA to fulfill our potential as a species. Ayu concludes by sharing a channeled message from the Arcturians about the ongoing ascension process.TakeawaysThe soul is part of a soul group that comes in times of great transition to help awaken and guide others.Understanding the bigger picture and our relationship with Mother Earth is important for our awakening and evolution.Early spiritual experiences can be confusing, but they can eventually make sense and lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world.Exploring different perspectives and listening to other beings can provide valuable insights and help us reconsider our beliefs.We are in a critical window of opportunity to raise our frequency and shift into a new level of light for the next cycle of energy. Spiritual awakening can happen at a young age and lead to encounters with beings in different dimensions.Disillusionment with mainstream media can lead to a deeper spiritual path.Cosmic awakening involves connecting with ETs and learning about humanity's true nature and potential.Healing and activating our DNA are essential for our individual and collective evolution.The ongoing ascension process involves shifting our vibrational frequency and embodying more light.
71:25 6/11/24
012. Gurus, Guides & Outsourcing Your Power - Importance of Self-Responsibility & Discernment
In this conversation, we discuss the topic of Gurus, Guides, and Outsourcing Your Power. In May 2024, an article was released about a spiritual cult known as Twin Ray and through the lens of this story, we discuss the importance of self responsibility, discernment and questioning everything as we navigate our spiritual paths.  We discuss the dynamics of codependency and the victim oppressor that can play out in the spiritual and healing realms when we abdicate our power and look to others for all of our answers.  We discuss the energetic imbalances that take place, and how we can empower ourselves by doing the inner healing work to become aware of our wounding and patterns before we seek external guidance.  We close our conversation with a discussion on the cultivation of inner knowing and the role of intuition in navigating the spiritual journey. Takeaways Be discerning when seeking guidance on the spiritual journey and question everything Avoid giving away power to external authorities and cultivate self-direction and self-responsibility  Trust your own inner wisdom, intuition and discernment when seeking guidance and healing on the spiritual path. Do not give away your personal power to others; remember that true healers are there to assist, not to heal you. You have all the resources within you to navigate your path. Seek those that help you gain access to that so that you are the leader of your life.
64:03 6/4/24
011. Helen’s Awakening Journey - Miraculous Healing & Activation of Gifts
In today’s episode, we are joined by Helen Fletcher, an energy healer and spiritual guide. She shares her journey from being a research nurse to embracing spirituality after a profound awakening experience.  She recounts her experience of healing her beloved cat, Mac, from a tumor, sparking her curiosity and leading her to explore the world beyond the physical. Helen's life transformed as she delved into spirituality, energy healing, and developing her intuitive abilities. Helen shares the challenges and lessons she has learned through her awakening journey, including her recent experience with her energetic and mischievous puppy, Murphy. She emphasizes the importance of cultivating a holistic approach to healing and understanding the power of our thoughts and beliefs in creating our reality. Takeaways Profound awakenings can lead to a complete shift in perspective and a deep exploration of spirituality. Challenges and obstacles are often opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Pets can serve as spiritual teachers, bringing up our shadow aspects and helping us confront and heal unresolved issues. Embracing spirituality and personal growth can bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose to life. Awakening experiences can lead to a deeper understanding of spirituality and the integration of science and spirituality. Cultivating intuitive abilities and healing skills is a practice that can be developed over time. A holistic approach to healing involves integrating Western medicine with complementary therapies. Our thoughts and beliefs have a powerful impact on our reality and can be harnessed for healing and personal growth.
64:23 5/28/24
010. Spiritual Ego & Bypassing -  Post Awakening Traps & How To Work With Them
In this conversation, we explore the topics of spiritual ego and spiritual bypassing and share our own personal experiences to help highlight these common traps and challenges that can arise after a spiritual awakening.  We discuss the importance of recognizing and working through these patterns, while also cultivating compassion for ourselves.  We explore the concepts of humility, paradox, and the need to embrace both the light and shadow aspects of the spiritual journey.  And we discuss in depth the tools, modalities, and practices that have helped us each to heal egoic identity structures and thought patterns and develop the skills and abilities to be with our difficult emotions and grow through the experiencing of them.  We hope you find this episode enlightening and valuable. Takeaways Spiritual ego is the identification with spiritual ideas and beliefs, leading to a sense of superiority or separation from others. Spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual practices to avoid facing unresolved emotional issues or psychological wounds. Both spiritual ego and spiritual bypassing are common experiences on the spiritual journey and can be overcome with self-awareness and compassion. The spiritual path involves embracing both the light and shadow aspects of oneself and recognizing the paradoxes that arise. Perfection is not the goal of the spiritual journey; instead, it is about cultivating a sense of wholeness and embracing the challenges and growth opportunities that arise. True self-love comes from doing the inner work and healing egoic identity structures and thought patterns. Navigating life's challenges requires developing tools to manage difficult emotions and not bypassing them. Acceptance is key in the spiritual journey, understanding that not every week will be awesome. Offering spiritual truths to others requires sensitivity and respect for their feelings and experiences.
66:28 5/21/24
009. Owning Our Weird - Honouring our true selves & living our design
In this conversation, we discuss the importance of embracing our authentic selves, owning our unique qualities, and celebrating our weirdness.  We share our personal experiences of feeling different and trying to fit in, and how astrology, human design, and gene keys have helped us understand and accept ourselves.  We touch on the limitations of the traditional education system and the potential for alternative models of learning. And explore the idea of success and how societal programming can make us reject parts of ourselves that don't fit the mold and emphasize the importance of recognizing and honoring our innate abilities and finding our own path to fulfillment. Takeaways Embracing our authentic selves and owning our unique qualities is essential for personal growth and fulfillment. Astrology, human design, and gene keys can provide valuable insights into our innate abilities and help us understand and accept ourselves. Societal programming often makes us reject parts of ourselves that don't fit the mold of what is considered 'normal' or 'successful'. Success is subjective and varies for each individual. It's important to define success based on our own values and desires. Recognizing and honoring our innate abilities can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.  Break free from societal expectations and live according to your own desires and values Question the limitations of the traditional education system and explore alternative models of learning Celebrate your weirdness and embrace your authentic self
64:51 5/14/24
008. Nadine’s Awakening - Embracing The Divine Feminine
In this episode, we are joined by Nadine Reader who shares with us her path of awakening.  Nadine’s journey took her from living life in the masculine energy and hustle culture to deeply embracing the feminine and discovering what true self-love is.  In our conversation, Nadine shares with us the moment of crisis and self-reflection that led her to ask deeper questions about her life and she speaks to the importance of self-responsibility and taking ownership of one's choices.  Finally, she emphasises the significance of embracing our individual journeys and finding our unique paths to self-discovery and encourages listeners to tap into their own magic and embrace their true essence. Takeaways Living in authenticity requires courage and the willingness to embrace the challenges that come with it. Moving through grief and embracing the feminine are important aspects of the awakening journey. The awakening journey brings gifts such as deeper self-love, connection with nature, and a sense of presence. Self-responsibility with self-compassion is key to embracing one's true essence and living a fulfilling life.
60:22 5/7/24
007. Fruzsina’s Awakening - Activation Through Energy, Movement & The Body
In this conversation, we are joined by guest Fruzsina Szemzo who shares her fascinating journey of spiritual awakening that happened during a deep meditation. This experience was both a deep healing and an activation of her intuitive gifts.  We discuss the importance of working with the body in the awakening process and how movement can help us process and release limiting beliefs and stagnant energies and create space for us to experience something new.  We also go deep into what it really means to live authentically post an awakening, the ego deaths that take place so that we can stand in our truth, and the importance of learning to let go. And so much more. This is an episode that covers a lot of interesting ground. We hope you enjoy it. Takeaways The body plays a crucial role in the awakening process, and movement and music can be powerful tools for shifting energy. Ego deaths are painful but necessary for growth and transformation. Letting go is a continuous process that involves releasing attachments and facing the shadow aspects of ourselves. We are in a pivotal time of building a new world, and those who hold the sacred knowledge and are committed to their soul purposes are creating a stronger foundation.  Self-acceptance and releasing judgment are key to personal growth and spiritual liberation. The healing of the masculine energy is crucial for the well-being of men and society as a whole. Owning your truth and living with integrity is essential for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Being a wayshower and going first requires courage and a commitment to authenticity. Embracing your unique path and expressing yourself freely can lead to personal fulfillment and empowerment.
57:32 4/30/24
006. Navigating The Challenges of Awakening -  How Dark Times Hold Our Greatest Potential
In this episode, we have an open, honest, and candid conversation about the challenges of the awakening process. We share our personal experiences of navigating a world filled with fear and how to be with what is while keeping our hearts open to the full potential that challenging times truly offer and the power that we have to effect that change.  We dive into understanding consciousness and the ascension process and how we can use what triggers us to help us transform and heal.  We also explore the themes of moving from victimization to freedom, reclaiming our power, seeing the truth in others, and the importance of love, compassion, and self-discovery in our awakening journey.
58:36 4/23/24
005. The Soul, Soul Family & Intuition with Vanessa Smith - The magic that brought us all to this particular conversation in space and time
In this episode, we are joined by Vanessa Smith to discuss the concept of the soul and its importance in our awakening journeys. We explore the idea that we are not just human beings with a soul, but rather our soul has a human experience. We dive into the concept of the soul family and use tangible and current examples from own relationships to illustrate how our lives guide us to connect and collaborate with those we made agreements with on a soul level.  The importance of following intuition and creating new paths is also discussed, along with the impact of intuition on personal and collective growth. The episode concludes with an introduction to the Energy Guide program, which supports individuals in expanding their intuitive gifts and navigating energy. Takeaways Our soul has a human experience, and the soul is a unique creative expression of all that is. Soul family members are part of our soul group and can support and activate our healing work. Following our intuition and connecting with our soul family is essential in navigating our awakening journeys. Soul families are energetically connected through a golden thread of light, and shifting within the soul family web can create changes in our lives. Healing and awakening journeys impact the soul family experience, and recognizing commonalities within the soul family can lead to deeper connections. Soul mirroring is a powerful tool for growth and transformation, allowing us to see ourselves reflected in others and experience a different kind of intimacy. Intuition is evolving and becoming more accessible, and it is important to trust and follow our intuitive hits. Relearning where to look for answers and cultivating a relationship with our intuition can lead to a more aligned and fulfilling life.
62:08 4/16/24
004. Kate’s Awakening Story - Ego Death & The Dark Night of the Soul
In this episode Kate shares her awakening journey, which began with the realization of her ego and its unhealthy impact on her life. She shares with us how the events that followed sparked an intense ego death and dark night of the soul that completely transformed her life.  In this conversation we explore the healing power of nature, how awakenings deepen our connection with our authentic selves and the importance of trusting, surrendering, and embracing the human experience.  We reflect on our own journeys of awakening and how every moment of our lives, is leading us to lessons, growth edges and experiences our soul wants us to have so that we can live into our full potential.  And finally we delve into understanding how to heal the unhealthy ego, our limiting beliefs and stories by cultivating compassion for it, so that we can live our lives as our authentic, soul selves. Takeaways Recognizing and taking responsibility for our unhealthy ego expression is a crucial step in personal growth and self-discovery. Nature can be a powerful healer and teacher, reminding us of our connection to the world and the truth of who we are. A deep sense of presence, inner peace, and connectedness are some of the gifts of the awakening experience.  Learning to trust and surrender to the force of life that is guiding and supporting us is made easier through our awakening Developing compassion for the ego and approaching it with love can allows us the fully understand and heal our limiting beliefs and stories
62:53 4/9/24
003. Amanda’s Awakening Journey - Making peace with death to live more fully
In this episode, Amanda shares her personal journey with awakening, which was triggered by her mother's passing. She reflects on the impact of her mother's death and the questions it raised about the purpose of life and her own existence.  Amanda discusses the process of recognizing that she has had many awakening experiences and the importance of seeking guidance to navigate awakening and our own self-exploration. She shares the various modalities she has explored, including energy medicine, sound healing, plant medicine, meditation, and tarot, and how they have supported her personal growth and understanding of herself. Amanda also reflects on how her awakening journey has changed the trajectory of her life, bringing her more peace and acceptance.  She emphasizes the importance of trust and being open to new experiences as guiding lights for those who are beginning to awaken.  Takeaways Awakening experiences can be triggered by significant life events, such as the death of a loved one. Recognizing and understanding awakening experiences can lead to self-acceptance and self-responsibility. Seeking guidance and exploring various modalities can support personal growth and healing. Embodiment practices, such as meditation and energy work, can help individuals connect with their intuition and inner truth. Consistency in meditation practice can provide a foundation for personal growth and transformation. Awakening can bring more peace and acceptance into one's life. Trust and openness to new experiences are essential for those on the awakening journey. Synchronistic experiences can deepen our connection to the present moment and provide guidance. Life is constantly speaking to us, and being present allows us to listen and receive its messages.
60:58 4/8/24
002. What Is An Awakening? - Why so many of us are awakening at this time
In this episode of the Awakening Conversations podcast, we begin to unpack what an awakening is and what it means for us to awaken. The conversation explores many of the ways that awakenings can occur and how we can recognize the signs of awakening in our own lives. We discuss why more and more people are awakening at this time in human history and share how we as a collective are transitioning into a new paradigm and how our awakening plays a significant role in shaping the future. Takeaways Awakening is a process of questioning one's reality and beliefs, and realizing that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Awakening is a personal and collective journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation where we question existing structures and choose whether to continue giving power to them or create something different. More people are awakening at this time as we move from the old paradigm to the new and your awakening may play a role in shaping that new future Taking personal responsibility for our lives and healing is essential in the awakening process. The awakening process leads to a deeper connection with others and a sense of guidance. The post-awakening experience can be confusing and isolating, but also transformative and empowering.
64:17 4/8/24
001. Welcome to the Awakening Conversations Podcast - Supporting you through your awakening journey
In this episode, we introduce the Awakening Conversations podcast and share how the podcast came into being. We discuss the importance of having conversations about the awakening process and emphasize the rewards and challenges of living authentically. We encourage you, our listeners, to keep an open mind as you listen to the different topics the podcast will expose you to and suggest you revisit certain conversations as you navigate and grow through your own awakening journey. We also highlight the transformative power of awakening on both a personal and collective level and invite listeners to engage with the podcast to make the show a collaborative experience. Takeaways The awakening journey is about opening ourselves up to more of life and discovering our authentic selves. Living authentically can be challenging but ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. No two awakening experiences are the same, and as you listen to the podcast take what resonates with where you are and leave the rest. Awakening has the potential to transform not only our personal lives but also the collective experience.
25:32 4/8/24