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Beyond the Chart with Dr. Dash

Join Stanford cardiologist, Dr. Rajesh Dash in discussions with experts dedicated to exploring big ideas in data science and innovation in healthcare.


Episode #4: Transforming Pharma: Innovation, Decentralization, and Patient-Centric Care with Dr. Michael Devoy, Bayer
In this episode of Beyond the Chart, Dr. Dash sits down with Dr. Michael Devoy, Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Medical Affairs of Pharmacovigilance at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Devoy underscores the shift towards more patient-focused solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. They also discuss the importance of designing clinical trials that are not only scientifically rigorous but also more practical and sympathetic to patients' needs. This approach aims to accelerate the delivery of effective therapies while ensuring patient safety and comfort.
41:10 5/22/24
Episode #3: Next-Gen Healthcare: Harnessing Technology and Evidence for Better Medicine with Niraj Sehgal, Stanford Health Care
In this episode, Dr. Rajesh Dash, PhD, MD, hosts Niraj Sehgal, MD, MPH, the Chief Medical Officer at Stanford Health Care. During their conversation, Niraj reflects on how he leaned into a leadership role during the pandemic to inspire interprofessional teamwork and multidisciplinary partnerships across the Bay Area. He shares his commitment to the development of physician leaders, emphasizing the importance of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and outlines his bold vision for incorporating machine learning and automation tools into clinical care, integrating clinical trials and real-world evidence into the standard of care, and enhancing the accessibility and equity of healthcare services, irrespective of where patients live.TOPICS DISCUSSED INCLUDE:Implementation Challenges in Clinical Guidelines: Discusses the challenges of translating clinical research into practice, highlighting gaps between recommended and actual practices in medicine.Advancements in Real-World Evidence: Explores how real-world evidence is becoming a crucial element in the evolution of medical guidelines, potentially speeding up the process of their adoption in clinical settings.Technological Innovations in Medicine: Examines the role of new technologies in improving clinical decision-making, including the development and use of clinical decision support systems.Health Equity and Inclusion: Addresses initiatives to improve health equity and inclusion within clinical care and research, emphasizing the importance of involving underrepresented groups in clinical trials.How do you change the culture of healthcare practice?Harnessing machine learning and automation tools to proactively identify and manage patient risks and conditions.Integrating clinical trials into routine clinical care.
50:27 4/25/24
Episode #2: The Role of Technology in Health Care: Real-World Evidence & Systemic Collaboration in Healthcare with Bethany Kalich, Amgen
In this episode, Dr. Raj Dash, speaks with Bethany Kalich, a clinical pharmacist and the U.S. Cardiovascular Medical Director at Amgen. The episode centers on setting ambitious health goals and the collaborative efforts needed to achieve significant improvements in cardiovascular health by 2030. It emphasizes the role of technology, real-world evidence, and systemic collaboration in healthcare.TOPICS DISCUSSED INCLUDE:Ambitious Health Goals for 2030: The podcast discusses the target of cutting cardiovascular events in half by 2030, emphasizing the necessity of system-wide collaboration across healthcare providers and pharmaceutical partners to achieve this goal.Increasing LDL Testing Rates: There's a focus on doubling the LDL cholesterol testing rates as a critical early milestone, acknowledging its importance as a modifiable risk factor in cardiovascular health.Implementation Science and Quality Measures: The episode highlights the role of the Lattice consortium in advancing implementation science to improve LDL testing and goal achievement, and setting quality measures to ensure enhanced care across the system.Addressing Disparities in Healthcare: It discusses efforts to ensure equitable access to healthcare interventions, particularly focusing on groups that traditionally face higher burdens of cardiovascular disease.
42:33 4/25/24
Episode #1: Cardiology Today: Bringing Innovation and Equity in Heart Health with Brendan Mullen, American College of Cardiology
In this episode, Dr. Raj Dash, speaks with Brendan Mullen, the Senior Executive Vice President of the American College of Cardiology. They discuss the challenges and innovative approaches within the healthcare sector, particularly focusing on cardiology and integrating technological advancements and real-world evidence into clinical practices.TOPICS DISCUSSED INCLUDE:Gap Between Best Practices and Actual Clinical Performance: Discusses observed discrepancies between established best practices in cardiology and actual practices, highlighting areas like anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation and beta-blockade post-MRI.Implementation of Real-World Evidence: Explores the role of real-world evidence in shaping clinical guidelines, overcoming the limitations of traditional clinical trials, and the slow pace of guideline adoption in practice.Technological Impact on Clinical Decision-Making: Considers how new technologies, particularly clinical decision support systems, can enhance clinicians' intuition and workflow, ensuring no gaps in patient care are missed.Focus on Health Equity: Addresses efforts to improve health equity in clinical care and research, emphasizing the need to include underrepresented populations in clinical trials and the broader medical conversation.
47:40 4/25/24