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Dive into the “00s Dance Music Classics” channel and relive the best beats of the millennium. From the deep, progressive rhythms of the early 2000s to the high-energy Electro House that took over clubs later in the decade, we’ve got it all. This channel mixes up the decade’s standout dance songs, giving you a taste of the diverse House Music scene that kept our feet moving. Tune in for non-stop hits that defined a generation of dance.


Progress House Classics & Other Millennial Favorites: BackSpin Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b09592777 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b09592777 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b09592777"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b09592777"); } Have you been scrolling through TikTok lately, searching for the next big thing in club music? You might be encountering a surge of tracks labeled "Afro House." But hold on a minute – isn't that what Progressive House used to be called? This trend of rebranding classic genres isn't new. Remember when Deep House morphed into commercial House, then Future House? Great music deserves recognition on its own merits, not through constant relabeling. Speaking of great music, the recent TikTok wave has unearthed some fantastic reworked Progressive House classics. Think genre pioneers like John Creamer & Stephane K, Deep Dish, Scumfrog, and artists who masterfully used heavy percussion – Chus & Ceballos, Oscar G & Ralph Falcon, Friburn & Urik, Peter Rauhofer, and many more. Tracks like Rui Da Silva's timeless "Touch Me" are getting a fresh spin for modern dance floors, and the results are phenomenal! Back to the Future: Revisiting Millennial Dance Music The cyclical nature of dance music trends is undeniable. Right now, the spotlight's on late-90s and early 2000s classics, with artists sampling or revamping entire tracks. It's a trend we wholeheartedly support, and you can expect to hear these gems showcased in future Club Fusion and Peak Hour sets. This trend sparked a trip down memory lane for us here at Party Favorz. Remember our BackSpin series from way back in our early years? Last year, we aimed to revisit the glory days of 2000s dance music, following up on our popular Ultimate 90s House Classics series. We started with a Millennial Dance Classics series, but the sheer diversity of the decade made it tough to curate a cohesive set. After all, massive hits often land in our Top Dance Songs of the Year anyway. So, we decided to resurrect the BackSpin series! This allows us to delve deeper into specific genres that defined the 2000s dance music scene. Each BackSpin release will focus on a distinct genre, with a sprinkle of Trance and Electronica thrown in for good measure. These sets will typically span a five-year period, featuring a mix of crowd-pleasing favorites and some hidden gems ripe for rediscovery – think "It's Love (Trippin')" by Goldtrix and Andrea Brown or "Addicted To Bass" by Puretone featured in volume 1. For those seeking classic remixes by the likes of Thunderpuss, Hex Hector, and Victor Calderone, fear not! We've already covered those in our Classic Circuit Anthems series from 2014. The BackSpin Reboot: A Journey Through Millennial Dance Music Genres The rebooted BackSpin series will explore the vast and vibrant landscape of Millennial dance music, beyond the big remixes.
196:01 4/13/24
Top 2000s Dance Music Classics Volume 3 [2003 — 2004]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b09593fa7 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b09593fa7 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b09593fa7"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b09593fa7"); } Dive into the captivating era of dance music with Party Favorz's final volume of the 'Top 2000s Dance Music Classics' series, covering iconic tunes from 2003 to 2004. This collection showcases some of the biggest dance hits and hidden treasures that defined this pivotal period in dance music. Among the influential contributors of this period were Gabriel & Dresden, whose transition from progressive to trance remixes provided a darker edge to club music. Their remix of Jewel's "Intuition" still ranks high among the Top 2000s Dance Music Classics. Jewel, known as an alt-folk singer, proved that thought-provoking lyrics could coexist with pop's perceived superficiality by transitioning into pop music. Mainstream hits of this period include Christina Milian's "Dip It Low", Janet Jackson's "All Nite (Don't Stop)", and Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body". These songs not only dominated pop charts but also set dance floors on fire, particularly Sander Kleinberg's progressive house mixes, a distinctive part of the Top 2000s Dance Music Classics. Lesser-known but equally impactful tracks such as Nina Sky's "Move Your Body" and Mylo's "Drop the Pressure" gained classic status in this era and received renewed interest with remix treatments in 2022. This period also saw ONO, John Lennon's widow, venture into dance music. Her abstract poetry, turned into dance remixes, was a successful experiment, with "Walking on Thin Ice", remixed by Pet Shop Boys and Danny Tengalia, topping the club charts. An unforgettable entry to our Top 2000s Dance Music Classics is the Heaven & Earth remix of "Clocks" by Coldplay. Despite not being an official release and charting low, its profound impact on club music was later acknowledged by Coldplay itself. For a comprehensive list of the best dance tunes from this era, explore our Top Dance Songs for 2000 — 2009, focusing on the 2003 and 2004 releases. Stay tuned for our regular programming next week. Meanwhile, prepare to be transported back to the millennial dance music era with the 'Top 2000s Dance Music Classics'. And as always...ENJOY! Album: Millennial Dance Classics [2003 — 2004] Vol. 3Genre: Electro House, Progressive House, House MusicYear: 2023Total Time: 03:19:52 1. t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said (Extension 119 Club Vocal Mix) 2. Nina Sky - Move Ya Body (Kurd Maverick Main Vocal Mix) 3. Raven Maize - Fascinated (Joey Negro Club Mix) 4. Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Future Funk Squad Remix) 5. ONO - Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Extended Dance Mix) 6. Robbie Rivera - Which Way You're Going (Wally Lopez Remix) 7. Milk & Sugar feat. Lizzy Pattinson - Let The Sun Shine (Terrace M...
199:52 5/13/23
Top 2000s Dance Music Classics: Volume 2 [2003 — 2004]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b09595305 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b09595305 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b09595305"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b09595305"); } Get ready to immerse yourself in the golden era of dance music with Party Favorz's Volume 2 of the 'Top 2000s Dance Music Classics'. A rich compilation of some of the biggest dance hits from 2003 to 2004, this offering is a must for any dance music enthusiast, featuring unedited epic tracks allowing you to relive the era of massive remixes. One standout DJ/producer from this era encapsulated in this Top 2000s Dance Music Classics collection is Dave Audé, a preferred choice for remix production. With an abundance of rock remixes from artists like Jacques Lu Cont, Thin White Duke, Les Rythmes Digitales (a.k.a. Stuart Price), Jason Nevins, and Lindbergh Palace, this set offers a diverse mix of genre hits. Interestingly, all these remix artists have worked with Madonna at some point, with Stuart Price being instrumental in producing "Confessions On a Dance Floor" and leading her "Confessions Tour". This Top 2000s Dance Music Classics volume also showcases other noteworthy DJ/producers like Gabriel & Dresden and Junkie XL, recognized for their progressive remixes that harmoniously blend Trance music with rock-dance. The period also saw the rise of Electro House, with Benny Benassi's remix of Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine" and his debut single "Satisfaction" pioneering the genre into mainstream popularity. While Electro House was gaining prominence during this period, Party Favorz hasn't overlooked the underground hits from genres like Trance, Progressive House, and House music. However, most of the mainstream hits are reserved for our 'Top Dance Songs of the Year' series. We are geared up to release Volume 3 of the Top 2000s Dance Music Classics mid-week, followed by a final volume next weekend. Expect some Disco House and Peak Hour tunes to keep the party vibe alive. So, don't wait! Dive into the memorable sounds of 2003-2004 with Party Favorz's 'Top 2000s Dance Music Classics' Volume 2! Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Millennial Dance Classics [2003 — 2004] Vol. 2Genre: Electro House, Progressive House, House MusicYear: 2023Total Time: 02:55:32 1. Seal - Get It Together (Bill Hamel Vocal Mix) 2. GusGus - David (Tim Deluxe Mix) 3. Annie Lennox - Wonderful (Dave Audé Extended Vocal Club) 4. Armand Van Helden - My, My, My (We Deliver The Remix 001) 5. George Michael - Amazing (Full Intention Club Mix) 6. Ashanti - Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Pound Boys Remix) 7. Groove Armada - Easy (Original Mix) 8. Ghostface feat. Missy Elliott - Tush (Nevins' Porno Club Mix) 9. Enrique Iglesias feat. Kelis - Not In Love (Dave Audé Remix) 10. Venus Hum - Montana (New Ground Remix) 11. Junior Jack feat.
175:32 5/6/23
Top 2000s Dance Music Classics: Volume 1 [2003 — 2004]
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b09596678 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b09596678 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b09596678"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b09596678"); } Are you ready to go back in time to the early 2000s when DJs ruled the dance scene? Party Favorz is back with the long-awaited continuation of our Top 2000s Dance Music Classics series, featuring some of the biggest hits from 2003 to 2004. Get ready to relive the golden era of dance music, with tracks like David Morales feat. Lea-Lorién's "How Would U Feel," The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena's "Never (Past Tense) (DJ Tiësto Remix)," Elton John's "Are You Ready For Love (Mylo's Road Map To Peace Remix)," Kurtis Mantronik presents Chamonix's "How Did You Know (77 Strings)," and Felix Da Housecat's "Silver Screen Shower Scene (Thin White Duke Mix)." This period was a time of transition, with progressive and electro house emerging as popular genres while DJs like Thunderpuss, Victor Calderone, and Hex Hector became household names. While some of the top songs of the time had a darker sound, this series focuses on the alternative versions of the dance hits and an emerging sound that would inspire a whole new group of superstar DJs in the near future. This series runs adjacent to Party Favorz's Top Dance Songs of the Year from 2000 - 2009 companion series, showcasing the diversity of dance music that was not always present in what promo services were promoting to DJs. With gems both big and small, the Top 2000s Dance Music Classics series is a must-listen for anyone who wants to take a trip down the not-so-distant past. So, let's go back to the early 2000s and relive the sounds that got us to where we are today. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Millennial Dance Classics [2003 — 2004] Vol. 1Genre: House Music, Progressive House, TranceYear: 2023Total Time: 02:56:47 1. Sting feat. Mylène Farmer - Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (Dave Audé Extended Mix) 2. Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix) 3. Tiësto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Original 12 Inch Version) 4. Plummet - Cherish The Day (Sorrentino Remix) 5. David Morales feat. Lea-Lorién - How Would U Feel (Extended Mix) 6. The Scumfrog - Music Revolution (Extended Version) 7. Delerium & JAEL - After All (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) 8. DJ Dan - That Phone Track (Original Mix) 9. Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For (Jacques Lu Cont Thin White Duke Mix) 10. Lee Cabrera feat. Alex Cartana - Shake It (Move A Little Closer) (Extended Vocal Mix) 11. George Michael - Flawless (Shapeshifters Remix) 12. Simply Red - Sunrise (ATFC Morning Glory Remix) 13. Jewel - Stand (Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix) 14. The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense) (DJ Tiësto Remix) 15. Dido - White Flag (Beginnerz Remix) 16.
176:47 4/29/23
Top 2000s Dance Music Classics: Volume 2 (1999-2002)
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959794e = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959794e = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959794e"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959794e"); } Welcome to another exciting Saturday with Party Favorz, as we present Volume 2 of the 'Top 2000s Dance Music Classics' series, featuring some of the most popular dance anthems from 1999 to 2002. In our previous post for Volume 1, we discussed how many of these iconic 2000s Dance Classics have become foundational in today's club scene. Hits like ATB's "9PM (Til I Come)", Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone", and ATC's "Around the World (La La La La La)" have been reimagined into chart-topping hits recently. Moreover, the track "Blue (I'm Good)" by David Guetta & Bebe Rexha, which samples Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Be Dee)", also known as "Blue (I'm in Need of a Guy)", is a key feature of this set. This collection also includes Afro Medusa's "Pasilda" and Earth, Wind & Fire's "September", tracks that have seen countless reworks since their release, with the Phats & Small 1999 remix starting the trend. Some of my personal favourites from this era, like Rui Da Silva's "Touch Me", Puretone's "Addicted To Bass", and Pete Heller's "Big Love", are also part of this collection of 2000s Dance Music. This set is packed with diversity, ranging from House to Trance and Progressive House, and includes works from several high-demand DJs of the era such as Knee Deep, Robbie Rivera, Roger Sanchez, and Illicit. These artists, still relevant today, continue to show their mastery of the craft. As we enjoy the cool days following the sweltering heat, stay tuned for the heat to return with our annual HW series next week. Until then...ENJOY! Album: Millennial Dance Classics [1999 – 2002] Vol. 2Genre: House Music, Progressive House, TranceYear: 2022Total Time: 05:43:02 1. Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Original Mix) 2. Daft Punk - One More Time (Select Mix Remix) 3. The Ones - Flawless (Phunk Investigation Vocal Mix) 4. Earth, Wind & Fire vs. Phats & Small - September '99 (Mutant Disco Vocal Mix) 5. Beatchuggers feat. Eric Clapton - Forever Man (How Many Times) (Original Mix) 6. Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Knee Deep Mix) 7. Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You) (Maurice's Carnival 2000 Mix) 8. Onephatdeeva - Bad Habit (ATFC Club Mix) 9. Chicco Secci & Robbie Rivera - Let's Get Together (Main Club Mix) 10. Jamiroquai - Canned Heat (Futureshock Mix) 11. Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (DJ Ponte Ice Pop Mix) 12. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Vocal Club Mix) 13. DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do - Heaven (S'n'Y Mix Extended) 14. Ian van Dahl feat. Marsha - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) 15. Olive - I'm Not In Love (DJ Skribble & Anthony Acid Trance Club Mix) 16. Funky Green Dogs - You Got Me (Burnin' Up) (DJ Asle Extended Mix) 17.
343:02 10/15/22
Top 2000s Dance Music Classics: Volume 1 (1999-2002)
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b09598cd9 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b09598cd9 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b09598cd9"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b09598cd9"); } Party Favorz is back with one of our bucket list items that move us from the Ultimate 90s House Classics into the millennium with the Top 2000s Dance Music Classics. I took a different approach to this series, which immediately becomes obvious with the title. First, I started with 1999 because it is possibly one of the best years in dance music history. Many of today's biggest hits have reworked samples that have been turned into massive anthems for a new generation of partygoers. Everything from the late Paul Johnson's "Get Get Down," "Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo," "9 PM (Til I Come)" by ATB to "Around the World (La La La La La)" by ATC and "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eifel 65 have been plucked from the dance music annals breathing new life into the originals. Heck, even our lady Bey's smash album "Renaissance" is packed with samples from bygone eras. The other thing you'll notice is that this first set spans 4 years. The millennium was a great time for the evolution of dance music from Progressive House which began in the mid-90s and exploded by the end of the decade, to Trance, Techno, Hard Dance, French House, Filtered House, Funky House, Electro House and music that combined elements of all these genres. Of course, the advancement of technology had a lot to do with the abundance of offerings but it was human ingenuity that pushed the boundaries of what House Music could be. Needless to say, it's difficult to focus on just the hits because there were so many memorable underground hits as well depending on where you lived and the bars you frequented. If you're looking for the big room progressive sounds by Hex Hector, Victor Calderone, Peter Rauhofer, Thunderpuss, Junior Vasquez, or Jonathan Peters — you're better off revisiting our Top Dance Songs of the Year series, which starts in 1996 but it's 1999 and beyond you're after. Frankly, 1999 needs to be expanded but I haven't gotten around to it. Equally, five out of the six DJs mentioned have their own Legacy series linked in this article. Depending on what decisions are made with the future of Party Favorz next year — I may go back and do a series with just the big room progressive house anthems featuring these DJs and others. That could be a lot of fun. However, for this series — they were not included. I wasn't sure how this would turn out but this and the upcoming volume 2 have been on repeat in my car for several weeks now as I worked out the final track selections and I'm pleasantly surprised. There is a good deal of House Music styles here with some more Progressive House as it got redefined along with some long-lost gems that even I had completely forgotten about.
249:53 10/9/22
Happy House Classics from the Millennium Volume 4
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959a027 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959a027 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959a027"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959a027"); } I was going to post a fifth volume of Happy House Classics from the Millennium but decided to update an older Diva Hall of Fame entry for the ailing Aretha Franklin. The woman is an icon and one of the greatest female singers of all time. While it's too soon to write her obituary, I truly adore this woman and all that she has contributed to popular music. In the interim, please enjoy this fourth set of Happy House Classics that pretty much covers a little from 2007 but predominantly from 2008. While all these songs appear across a multitude of older sets from the era, I've taken great pains to pull out my favorites and compiled them into a comprehensive set. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Happy House Classics vol. 4Genre: Funky, Soulful, House MusicYear: 2018Total Time: 02:15:09 Robin Thicke feat. Mary J. Blige - Magic (Moto Blanco Club Mix) Marco Demark feat. Casey Barnes - Tiny Dancer (Moto Blanco Club Mix) Sara Bareilles - Love Song (Hommer House Remix) Eyereel Allstars feat. Lucy Clarke - Get It On (Soul Seekerz Old School Remix) Milk & Sugar - Higher & Higher (2007 Club Mix) Reanimator feat. Big Daddi & Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (7th Heaven Mix) Tognarelli & Bertani - I Get Power (T&B Club Mix) Fudge feat. Ann Yung - Fruitcake (Stonebridge Club Mix) The Saturdays - If This Love (Moto Blanco Club Mix) Bryn Christopher - Smilin' (Moto Blanco Club Remix) Stephanie Mills - Rush On Me (Moto Blanco Mix) Dawood & Knight feat. Jodie Connor - Love Of My Life (Wideboys Club Mix) Dervish feat. Mike Davis & Inaya Day - Blessed (Majhong Extended Mix) Illusive - Make A Difference (Original Mix) Hanna Hais - I Love America (DJ Meme Main Club Mix) DJ Dervish & Charlie Edwards feat. Patricia Golly - Lonely People (Original Mix) Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn (Moto Blanco Club Mix) Luke Lawson feat. Big John Whitfield - All Night Long (Falko Niestolik & JK David Mix) Inaya Day & Nick Jay - All I'm Sayin (Just Hold On) (Brett Austin Re-Rub) Kathy Brown - Sound Of The City (Soulshaker Club Mix) JCA pres. Solaphonics - Total Love (Main Mix) Revolution feat. Maduvha - Light Of My Life (Extended Mix)
135:09 8/15/18
Happy House Classics from the Millennium Volume 3
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959b07a = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959b07a = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959b07a"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959b07a"); } Album: Happy House Classics vol. 3Genre: Funky, Soulful, House MusicYear: 2018Total Time: 02:24:38 1. Ron Gelfer feat. Tiger Lily - Your Beat Sounds Like (Disco Lips Remix) 2. Laurent Wolf feat. Soni Dee - Sunshine Paradise (Hott 22 Club Mix) 3. Malibu Sneakers - Get Down Again (Raul Rincon Vocal Mix) 4. Cindy Mizelle - That Man Of Mine (Disco-O-House Mix) 5. No Halo - Put Your Hands On (Warren Clarke Remix) 6. Axwell feat. Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (Axwell Vocal Mix) 7. Beatz Kinetic - Push The Fader (Earnshaw & Jones Remix) 8. Firefox - Pull My Trigger (Soul Tornado Remix) 9. The Allstars Collective feat. Jocelyn Brown - All About The Music (Bassmonkeys Mix) 10. Moony - I Don't Know Why (Viale & DJ Ross Remix) 11. Change - Angel In My Pocket (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) 12. Seamus Haji feat. Doug Lazy - Head To Toe (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix) 13. Redsoul feat. Andrea Love - Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Redsoul Club Mix) 14. Will Smith - Miami (Laidback Luke Bootleg) 15. Antigone - More Man Than Man (Bassmonkeys Club Mix) 16. Love To Infinity feat. Kelly Llorenna - Keep Love Together (Moto Blanco Remix) 17. Solange Knowles - I Decided (Moto Blanco Club Mix) 18. Loveshy - AM To PM (K-Klass Remix) 19. Tristan Garner feat. Akil - Give Love (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 20. Groove Armada feat. Candi Staton - Love Sweet Sound (Mark Knight & Funkagenda's A.H.B Mix) 21. SeSa feat. Sharon Philips - Like This Like That (Extended Vocal Mix) 22. Mary Mary - Get Up (George Mena & Frankie Estevez Fuzion Remix) 23. Quentin Harris feat. Jason Walker - Can't Stop (Joey Negro Remix) 24. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
144:38 8/14/18
Happy House Classics from the Millennium Volume 2
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959c063 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959c063 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959c063"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959c063"); } To be honest, I created the Happy House Classics for myself and was using it as a stop-gap between posts. However, the traffic numbers on the volume 1 episode are through the roof! I look at Google traffic, Podbean, Apple Music, and Google Play stats to paint a full picture and it's outstanding. I guess I wasn't the only one that needed a boost of sunshine. It's a good thing I made two of these to maintain the high. Party Favorz has a big week in store for everyone. Rick is heading out of town for company training so I'll have a lot of time to myself (barring the needs of our children; Kirby, Jackson, and Katherine our two dogs and cat). I plan on posting the Jocelyn Brown Diva Series I teased a week ago and part 2 of the Winter Edition which has come out better than expected. Be on the lookout for those to drop soon. In the meantime, pop on this two-hour set of sunshine and have a fantastic weekend. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album: Happy House Classics vol. 2Genre: Funky House MusicYear: 2018Total Time: 02:00:37 Bob Sinclar feat. Gary Pine - Love Generation (Full Intention Club Mix) Cerrone vs. Katherine Ellis - Laisser Toucher (Justin Shave Club Mix) Cahill feat. Nikki Belle - Trippin On You (Extended Mix) Robin S - Show Me Love 2008 (Soulshaker Remix) Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite (Moto Blanco Club Mix) David Morales feat. Tamra Keenan - Here I Am (Full Intention Vocal Mix) Belezamusica - Inside Out (DJ Meme Remix) Pimp Jam feat. Norma Lewis - Feel U Feelin Me (Starlett DJ's Disco Mix) Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough 2009 (Original Vocal Club Mix) Shape UK - Back To Basics (Nocturnal Mix) Solu Music feat. Kimblee - Fade (Grant Nelson Big Room Mix) Robbie Rivera & Axwell - Burning (JJ's Remix) Michael Moog - That Sound (Full Intention Club Mix) Buzz Junkies feat. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (Club Mix) Bart B More vs. Oliver Twizt - Finally (Simmons & Christopher Extended Mix) 49ers feat. Ann - Marie Smith - Let The Sunshine In (7th Heaven's Back In The Day Mixshow) Warren Clarke pres. Jonni Black vs. Shena - Bitch Is Back (Main Vocal Mix) Fierce Collective feat. Soraya Vivian - You Know How To Love Me (Bassmonkeys Magic Spanx Mix) Pulse feat. Antoinette Roberson - The Lover That You Are (Marlon D. & George Mena Remixes) (Marlon D.& George Mena Club Mix) Mary J. Blige - Family Affair (Spanish Fly Remix)
120:37 2/3/18
Happy House Classics from the Millennium Volume 1
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959d0bd = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959d0bd = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959d0bd"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959d0bd"); } When I first sat down to compile the tracklist and then create Happy House Classics, I was more than pleased with the final output. When I went back and listened to it, I realized that I had created yet another Pride Classics set which heavily overlapped with previous efforts. Other than the weather being horrendous with temperatures in the low teens, overcast, drizzling and miserable, it's not clear where my head was at; so I hit the delete button and started from scratch. I poured over all of my sets from the early 2000's through 2011 and uncovered a whole host of gems. Some were used on my Millennial House Classics and even on my recently reworked and remastered Deep & Funky Year-end Edition 2007 so I tried to limit any overlap or used alternate versions of the songs. The final output is something worth enjoying because these songs consistently put a smile on my face even on the shittiest of days. Some songs were big hits while others were limited to dance floors and never made it to radio. Having such a massive output over the years, it's easy to forget a lot of these songs until you pop them on and get absorbed by the hook. I plan on uncovering a lot more obscure and long forgotten tracks for another two-volume set sometime in the summer. For now, allow these sets to get you through the final weeks of winter. I'll be back tomorrow with volume 2. Until then...ENJOY! Album: Happy House Classics vol. 1Genre: Funky House MusicYear: 2018Total Time: 02:12:42 Praise Cats feat. Andrea Love - Shined On Me (Bini & Martini Re-Vocal Mix) Danielle Bollinger - When The Broken Hearted Love Again (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) Georgie Porgie - Lift Your Voices (Wideboys Anthemic Club Mix) Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson - Love On My Mind (Club Mix) D.O.N.S. vs. Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy 2009 (Club Mix) Quentin Harris feat. Margaret Grace - My Joy (Todd Terry 12'' Vocal) Modjo - Lady (Harry ''Choo-Choo'' Romero's Original Recipe) Speakerbox feat. Michelle Shaprow - Time (Wideboys Remix) De'Lacy & Marco Gee - Bodyswerve (Soulshaker Remix) Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (Vocal Club Mix) Ultra DJ's feat. TQ - Must Be The Music (Montoja Remix) Fierce Collective feat. Soraya Vivian - If You Could Read My Mind (Degrees Of Motion Mix) Mark Picchiotti pres. Basstoy feat. Dana Devine - Turn It Up (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Mix) Craft B. feat. Nica Brooke - Summer Voyage (Cover Me) (DJ Rudd Full Vocal Edit) Soul Conspiracy feat. Ja'Quita - Life (Original Mix) Sosua Mad - Supaconstellation (Club Mix) Syke 'N' Sugarstarr - Release Your Mind 2008 (Richard Earnshaw Remix) Alibi vs.
132:42 2/2/18
00s Dance Classics: Addicted To Bass
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959e16d = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959e16d = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959e16d"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959e16d"); } If you're feeling nostalgic for the time when dance floors pulsated with the kinetic energy of early 00s Dance Classics, Party Favorz has your fix. Continuing the soul-stirring journey through our Backspin series, we've curated the "Addicted to Bass," a spiritual successor to our earlier set. Dive into the abyss of hypnotic beats and reverberating basslines that shaped the turn of the millennium. The tracks we've handpicked for this installment are timeless, remaining as invigorating today as they were at the peak of their popularity. Let's delve into some of the gems this episode has to offer. Puretone's "Addicted To Bass," is a track that cascaded through speakers with an almost hypnotic allure, here spiced up by Differentgear's unmistakable flair. Then you've got Celeda's "The Underground," an edgy staple of the early 00s, retouched by none other than Peter Rauhofer. This one's a primal call to the dance floor if there ever was one. If you're seeking more cerebral thrills, Kosheen's "All In My Head" gives you that introspective vibe, enhanced by Planet Funk's creative reimagining. Of course, who can forget Fragma's "Toca's Miracle"? No Backspin collection would be complete without this pulsating anthem. This extended mix requires no tweaking—it's a masterpiece in its own right. Then you have the sensual "Dove (I'll Be Loving You)" by Moony, given an exotic layer by Stephane K. & John Creamer, and Rui Da Silva's "Touch Me," featuring Cassandra, which is amplified by Double 99's touch. Cassius's "The Sound Of Violence" takes an invigorating turn with Narcotic Thrust's intense club mix. And if you're in the mood for a twist, you'll appreciate Daniel Bedingfield's "Gotta Get Thru This," spruced up by Passengerz. Don't think we're done with surprises. Ever heard rock blended with dance? Check out Coldplay's "Clocks," which Heaven & Earth Division remix into a dance floor revelation. Then there's the whimsical yet poignant "They Say Vision" by Res, given a suave revamp by Robbie Rivera. These early 00s Dance Classics offer a snapshot into an era where genres blended and musical norms were subverted. Whether it was the influence of DJs, who often took these tracks and turned them into transcendental experiences, or the original pulsating beats that made them classics, each tune in this Backspin episode speaks to a time of musical exploration and freedom. So there it is, another enriching trip down the musical avenues of the past, serving both as a reflection of where we've been and an enduring testament to the staying power of quality dance music. Until the next time...ENJOY!
86:21 6/20/15
The Allure of Early Millennial Dance Classics: Feels So Good
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b0959f3a5 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b0959f3a5 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b0959f3a5"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b0959f3a5"); } Hey dance enthusiasts, we've cooked up something you won't want to miss—a new set of BackSpins infused with early Millennial Dance Classics that still resonate today. Originally hailing from the zenith of dance music between 1999 and 2003, these tracks offer a cocktail of nostalgia with a dash of contemporary flair. Initially, the plan was to package this sonic experience as a single set. But let's be honest, when you're dealing with early Millennial Dance Classics that exude both melodic depth and rhythmic complexity, it's hard to limit yourself. So, we decided to let the beat breathe and split it into two incredible sets. Whether you were grooving to these beats back in the day or are a newcomer to the genre, these selections offer a timeless journey worth embarking upon. Now, let's dig into the essence of this set—its remixes and re-works. Take, for example, the version of "Breathe" by Telepopmusik. The mix we've featured here isn't your typical extended cut; it's a deftly crafted re-work by Sarlotte. This iteration preserves the essence of the original while enhancing it with a novel intro and outro. For those who seek both familiarity and a fresh spin, this one's a keeper. But the set doesn't stop there. Goldtrix and Andrea Brown's "It's Love (Trippin')" receives the Original EPTN Mix treatment, adding a robust layer to an already captivating track. Or take the case of Chicane's "Saltwater" featuring Maire Brennan; the Tomski vs. Disco Citizens Remix takes the listener on a euphoric expedition across sonic landscapes. Moreover, the enduring "Get It Together" by Seal takes on new heights courtesy of the Bill Hamel Vocal Mix. Here, Seal's soulful vocals are further amplified, making the track a noteworthy inclusion in the pantheon of early Millennial Dance Classics. And speaking of vocals, Frou Frou's "Breathe In" is enriched by the Watkins Vocal Mix, offering a textured ambiance that both captivates and intrigues. Other gems in the mix include Beginerz's "Reckless Girl", Simply Red's "Sunrise" remixed into an ATFC, and Layo & Bushwacka!’s “Love Story” accentuated by Tim Deluxe Remix. A special nod goes to the Narcotic Thrust with Yvonne John Lewis's "Safe From Harm," with the K-Klass Off Limits remix adding an extra layer of intrigue. So, what's the verdict? These early Millennial Dance Classics prove that well-crafted dance music ages like fine wine. Whether it's the upbeat vibe of Dido's "White Flag" given an edge by the Scumfrog Extended Mix or the haunting allure of Sono's "Keep Control" under the Terry Lee Brown Jr's Vocal Mix, each track offers something unique while echoing the zeitgeist of a bygone era.
82:33 6/19/15
Break-up Dance Classics: Crying on the Dancefloor
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a060b = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a060b = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a060b"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a060b"); } Life throws curveballs, and relationships are no exception. After a 14-year journey with Rick, we've decided to part ways. It's a challenging moment, yes, but it's led to something emotionally raw yet cathartic: a compilation of early break-up dance classics. Party Favorz offers this unique set to accompany the myriad feelings a break-up evokes—be it sadness, anger, regret, or even empowerment. Given the life transitions, including a move away from Atlanta, pardon the somewhat less polished mix set this time around. Despite this, I'm convinced that the collection will resonate with many of you, perhaps even offering a semblance of solace. This one's filed under our beloved Backspin category. Now, let's delve into this stirring collection of songs that capture the complexities of ending a relationship. The Groovefunkel New Disco remix of Gloria Gaynor's seminal "I Will Survive" transforms this gay anthem of empowerment into a dance-floor-ready battle cry. Another standout is Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together," presented here in the Atlantic Soul Vocal Remix. This version adds a danceable twist to Mariah's poignant lyrics about love and loss. Toni Braxton's soul-wrenching "Un-Break My Heart" finds a new context in the Franktidrama Mix, while Amy Winehouse's "Tears Dry On Their Own" offers a fresh perspective via the Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Mix. Celine Dion's "All By Myself," remixed by Tracy Young, and Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" in the Hex Hector remix, add layers of emotional depth to these early break-up dance classics. For a modern touch, Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" receives the Ralphi & Craig remix, weaving a tale of assertiveness amidst sorrow. Further, Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" is transformed into a house epic by the Downtown London remix, adding sonic dimensions to the grief and anger the original so perfectly encapsulates. Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone,” Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” remixed by the Italian Dandies, and Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave Me” in the Digital Dog remix also find their way into this cathartic dance set. Each track serves as a pillar of solace, standing strong amidst the chaos of human emotions. As I embark on a new chapter in my life, it's uncertain how soon Party Favorz will be back in full swing. However, rest assured that our mission to bring rhythm and beats to life's ups and downs remains steadfast. Until the next time...ENJOY! Rick and I moved back in together at the beginning of 2016 starting a new chapters in our lives. It's now 2023 and we're still together and plan on marrying soon. Thanks to all the Party Favorz followers for your well-wishes.
103:13 5/8/15
00s House Music Classics Volume 6: Movin’ Too Fast
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a18df = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a18df = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a18df"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a18df"); } Step into the crescendo of our 00s House Music Classics series with "Movin' Too Fast," a meticulously assembled podcast that pays homage to the groundbreaking house anthems that defined the early millennium. In this sixth and final installment, we leave no stone unturned, spotlighting every shimmering gem that contributed to the genre's evolution. The podcast opens with Spiller's "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)," a track that became synonymous with the dawn of a new house music era. The Extended Vocal Mix, in particular, laid the groundwork for many vocal-centric tracks that followed. Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining" gets a modern twist, thanks to Funkstar De Luxe's Rainbow Mix. This rendition transforms a reggae classic into a pulsating house masterpiece, infusing a new layer of auditory richness to the original composition. Artful Dodger's "Movin Too Fast," featuring Romina Johnson, is a garage House song that balances melodic piano riffs with sultry vocals, encapsulating the distinct British 2-step sound that dominated the era. It's impossible to ignore Todd Terry Allstars' "Get Down," featuring Tara McDonald. Warren Clarke's Club Mix of this track serves as an anthem for dancers who live for the uplifting, rhythmic pulse of house music. And let's not forget Aaron Smith's "Dancin'," featuring Luvli. The JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Remix takes us on an exhilarating journey through lush synths and hypnotic beats, proving that house music isn't just about the sound—it's about the emotional lift it provides. Coming soon, we have the re-induction of Miss Barbara Tucker into our Diva Hall of Fame. But for now, immerse yourself in this lush landscape of 00s house brilliance. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album : Movin’ Too Fast | Millennial House Classics v6Genre : House ClassicsYear : 2014Total Time : 02:10:07 1. Spiller - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Extended Vocal Mix) 2. Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Rainbow Mix) 3. Praise Cats feat. Andrea Love - We Got Love (Main Mix) 4. Georgie Porgie - Life Goes On (Richard F's Le Spank Remix) 5. Michael Moog - That Sound (Full Intention Club Mix) 6. Chanel - Dance (Fish & Chips Remix) 7. Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden - What You Need (Full Intention Power Mix) 8. Moony - Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (Full Intention Vocal Mix) 9. Sounds From the Ground feat. Colein - Lean On Me (Mauve's Dark Vocal Mix) 10. Artful Dodger feat. Romina Johnson - Movin Too Fast (Extended Main Mix) 11. Junior Jack feat. Shena - Dare Me (Eric Kupper's Chunk Mix).wav 12.
130:07 11/20/14
Millennial House Music Classics Volume 5: Can’t Get Enough
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a2bf5 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a2bf5 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a2bf5"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a2bf5"); } Step back into a time capsule of Millennial House Music Classics with Volume 5 of our unforgettable series, "Can't Get Enough." This latest installment is an homage to a decade when House music set its roots deep into the cultural landscape. If you've got an ear for seminal tracks that not only made you move but also left an indelible mark, this compilation is your go-to playlist. Delving into the tracklist of "Can't Get Enough," one finds several landmarks in the House music terrain. Take "Golden Cage" by The Whitest Boy Alive, transformed into a pulsating soundscape by the Fred Falke Remix. Or consider "Here I Am" by David Morales with Tamra Keenan, which takes on a fresh identity with the Kaskade Remix. Remember Steve Mac vs. Mosquito's "Lovin' You More (That Big Track)"? The Freemasons Remix of this classic has been a linchpin in numerous DJ sets, adored for its sonic complexities and nostalgia-inducing chords. "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight, in its Danny Tenaglia Vocal Club Mix, is another exemplar of what made this era in house music so rich and enduring. Not to be forgotten is Soulsearcher's "Can't Get Enough." This iconic track featuring Thea Austin epitomizes the emotive vocals and captivating rhythms that became synonymous with millennial house music. And for those who have a penchant for under-the-radar gems, "77 Strings" by Kurtis Mantronik and Chamonix stands out as a club classic that has made a lasting impact, enduring in sets and playlists to this day. Whether you're a devoted house-head or someone just starting to explore this vibrant genre, this compilation captures the essence and the pulsating energy of Millennial House Music Classics. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album : Can’t Get Enough | Millennial House Classics v5Genre : HouseYear : 2014Total Time : 01:18:54 1. The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) 2. David Morales With Tamra Keenan - Here I Am (Kaskade Remix) 3. Belezamusica - Inside Out (DJ Meme Remix) 4. Steve Mac vs. Mosquito feat. Steve Smith - Lovin' You More (That Big Track) (Freemasons Remix) 5. Soulsearcher feat. Thea Austin - Can't Get Enough (Vocal Club Mix) 6. Shape UK - Back To Basics (Main Vocal Mix) 7. Pimp Jam feat. Norma Lewis - Feel U Feelin Me (Starlett DJs Disco Mix) 8. Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight - Finally (Danny Tenaglia Vocal Club Mix) 9. The Wideboys feat. Clare Evers - Bomb The Secret (Moto Blanco Club Mix) 10. Cahill feat. Nikki Belle - Trippin On You (Extended Mix) 11. Buzz Junkies feat.
78:54 11/12/14
00s House Music Classics Volume 4: Get Up n’ Dance
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a3df6 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a3df6 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a3df6"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a3df6"); } Party Favorz is back to gift your ears with another sonic journey through the realm of 00s House Music Classics. If you're hankering for that blend of melodious nostalgia and floor-filling beats, Volume 4 of this series titled "Get Up n' Dance" has got you covered. Let's not waste time hyping up what's already iconic; if you're not familiar with the tracks listed here, perhaps this compilation isn't tailored for your musical taste. But for the connoisseurs of this golden age of house music, this compilation is essentially a time capsule. We kick off with Sean Biddle's "Get Up 'n' Dance," masterfully remixed by Alex Romano, which energizes the set right from the get-go. Remember Mylo's "In My Arms"? The King Unique Re-Edit revitalized this classic, ensuring its legacy within the genre. Speaking of legacy, Earth, Wind & Fire vs. Phats & Small's "September '99," boasting the Mutant Disco Vocal Mix, needs no introduction. It's a track that encapsulates the fusion of past and present, traditional and modern. Then there's "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige where Moto Blanco brought R&B and house together in an unforgettable manner. On the same note, Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love," also given the Moto Blanco treatment, found its footing not just in pop charts but also in dance clubs around the world. Not to overlook the international influence, Afro Medusa's "Pasilda" in its Illicit Mix and Bob Sinclar's "Love Generation" featuring Gary Pine in a Full Intention Club Mix, underscore the global palate this genre catered to during its heyday. The times had undeniably changed; yet, the essence of these tracks, as captured through various remixes and edits, reverberates in today's dance culture. Whether it's a Mac Project Club Mix of Laura Izibor's "From My Heart To Yours" or the ATFC Club Mix of Onephatdeeva's "Bad Habit," featuring Lisa Millett, the impact is palpable and enduring. So, if your playlists have been feeling a bit stale lately, here's your chance to imbue them with some time-honored vigor. Stay tuned to Party Favorz as we unfurl more from this treasure trove of 00s House Music Classics. Until the next time...ENJOY! Album : Get Up n’ Dance | Millennial House Classics v4Genre : HouseYear : 2014Total Time : 01:18:30 1. Sean Biddle - Get Up 'n' Dance (Alex Romano Remix) 2. Mylo - In My Arms (King Unique Re-Edit) 3. Olav Basoski - New Day (Extended Mix) 4. Earth, Wind & Fire vs. Phats & Small - September '99 (Mutant Disco Vocal Mix) 5. Sosua & Mad - Supaconstellation (Club Mix) 6. Laura Izibor - From My Heart To Yours (Mac Project Club Mix) 7. Mary J.
78:30 11/10/14
Millennial House Music Classics Volume 3: Release Your Mind
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a4fff = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a4fff = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a4fff"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a4fff"); } When it comes to Millennial House Music Classics, it’s essential to delve into the transformative tracks that not only ruled the dance floors but also signaled shifts in the genre. Take for instance Agnes’s “Release Me,” a pulsating anthem that propelled the reputation of the dance production team Cahill while heralding a fresh era for house music. There’s an interesting tale behind how I acquired the first three tracks on this volume. Rewind to 2006, where Tower Records on Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta was the go-to hub for house music aficionados like me. Amidst a landscape that was morphing at warp speed—thanks to file-sharing platforms like Napster and WinMX—that brick-and-mortar store was the relic of a bygone era. The mail-order dance labels like LA’s Perfect Beat and eBay's bootleg promos were the alternative channels, but nothing beat the physicality of holding that CD in your hands. Fast-forward to today, and it’s not just the music but the medium itself that has changed dramatically. Steve Jobs redefined how we consumed music with the introduction of iTunes and the iPod. Online platforms like Beatport, Traxsource, and JunoDownload capitalized on this shift, evolving into formidable businesses catering to a dedicated niche of house music lovers. The influence of UK-based labels like Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi cannot be underestimated in the Millennial House Music Classics scene. But times have changed; US-based Ultra Records and Spinnin' Records have stepped in to fill the void, stretching its influence into mainstream genres. The growth of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in recent years, often seen as the heir to house music, has reshaped the industry landscape even more. Don't be fooled into thinking that Millennial House Music was all produced in high-end studios. The democratization of music-making, facilitated by advancements in technology, means that aspiring artists can now generate professional-level tracks from the comfort of their bedrooms. With smartphones now more powerful than the original iPod, our music libraries have become as mobile as we are, available for streaming anytime, anywhere. So, let’s release our minds and dive into the tracks. From Soul Avengerz and Angie Brown's "Sing" to Grant Nelson's remix of Negrocan's feel-good "Cada Vez," each tune encapsulates a moment in the Millennial House saga. Blaze's "Most Precious Love 2006," featuring Barbara Tucker and remixed by Freemasons, is a shimmering epitome of vocal house. Then there's "MyMyMy" by Armand Van Helden feat. Tara McDonald, remixed by Stonebridge—a track that encapsulates the fusion of electronic elements and soulful vocals. Lastly,
77:13 9/18/14
00s House Music Classics Volume 2: Turn It Up
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a625f = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a625f = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a625f"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a625f"); } When we talk about "classics," we often think of tracks that not only gained widespread popularity but also stood the test of time. But in the vast realm of early 00s House Music Classics, it's crucial to look beyond just the chart-toppers. We shouldn't overlook tracks that might not have conquered the Billboard Dance chart but resonated deeply on local dance floors. After all, history isn't solely written by the victors; it's also penned by those who challenge norms and make lasting contributions, however underground or "fringe" they may be. Take, for instance, the influential settings of Studio 54 and Paradise Garage during disco's prime. While Studio 54 catered to a mainstream audience, Paradise Garage served up less commercial sounds that were just as vital to the genre's ecosystem. Such lesser-known tracks often inspire the samples in today's music, proving that the line between mainstream and obscure is, at best, a blurry one. That brings us to the essence of this early 00s House Music Classics collection. It's an amalgamation that celebrates both giants and underdogs—tracks that you've danced to for years alongside tunes you might be hearing for the first time. Tracks like Deep Dish's "Dreams" by Stevie Nicks in the Miami Calling Remix remind us that house music can be as atmospheric as it is danceable. Then there's the iconic "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" by Modjo, which, in its Extended Mix, encapsulates the fusion of nostalgia and freshness that marked the turn of the millennium. In this period, up-and-coming talents like Freemasons and Seamus Haji were remixing house with fresh perspectives. Their works, like the Full Intention Club remix of "Love On My Mind" with newcomer Amanda Wilson, or Moby's "I Love To Move In Here" in the Seamus Haji Remix, reflected a generational shift in dance music. These artists were leveraging new technology to draw inspiration from multiple decades—be it '70s disco or '80s new wave—creating a sonic tapestry that was both diverse and cohesive. The early 2000s were a transformative phase for house music. Advancements in technology democratized the production process, resulting in a creative explosion that blurred the lines between sub-genres. Artists weren't just paying homage to their roots; they were stretching them in exhilarating new directions. This dynamic era, one of technological strides and aesthetic evolution, is where our early 00s House Music Classics series finds its true essence. So as you groove through this collection, let it be a journey that educates, captivates, and perhaps even sparks your own creative projects. This is more than a setlist; it's an audible snapshot of an era,
71:18 9/11/14
Millennial House Music Classics Volume 1: Let’s Get Busy
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a75a6 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a75a6 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a75a6"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a75a6"); } Earlier this year, I embarked on a deep dive into the first decade of the 2000s, unearthing the gems that make up early Millennial House Music Classics. Having completed the project a few months back, I've decided it's time to bring it into the spotlight. Unlike its 90s predecessor, Millennial House Music marks a period of intriguing transitions and expansions, tracing the genre's evolution from its classic and disco lineage to a more varied soundscape. The first decade of the new millennium was a formative time for house music, steering it into various sub-genres and stylistic flourishes. Sure, industry stalwarts like Eric Kupper, David Morales, and Full Intention continued their contributions. But this era also welcomed new talents like Freemasons, Seamus Haji, Moto Blanco, and Bob Sinclar, who offered fresh perspectives and interpretations for a new wave of dance music aficionados. This collection, the first of a multi-series set, aims to provide valuable insights into the house music landscape from 2000 to 2009. Packed with tracks that span the breadth of stylistic approaches of the time, you'll find a lot here that'll transport you back to simpler, perhaps more rhythmic times. Let’s delve into some featured tracks. Praise Cats and Andrea Love comes in hard with "Shined On Me," graced by a Bini & Martini Re-Vocal Mix. The song carries the timeless house element, presented with a new millennial charm. Clubland's "Let's Get Busy" features Sami Dee’s Classic House Remix, a track that has succeeded in encapsulating the energetic spirit of early millennial house music while keeping its roots firmly implanted in the burgeoning House scene from the late 1980s. Barbara Tucker featuring Darryl D'Bonneau gives us "Stop Playing With My Mind," rendered in Full Intention's unmistakable style. Meanwhile, Armand Van Helden’s "I Want Your Soul" serves as a rhythmic manifesto of what house music had become at the turn of the millennium. Moloko’s iconic “Sing It Back” finds new life in the Boris Musical Mix, offering an idyllic blend of retro and contemporary sounds. Another standout, Bob Sinclar's "I Feel For You," brings out a touch of romantic nostalgia that so often accompanies dance tracks. Further spicing up this compilation are tracks like Haji & Emanuel’s “Weekend” in the ATFC Wet Weekend Mix, and David Guetta’s collaboration with Estelle on “One Love,” extended into a multi-minute audio experience that captures the wide-ranging dynamics of early Millennial House Music Classics. So, if house music is a passion you share or even an interest you’re keen to explore, you’re in for a delightful journey.
110:37 8/21/14
Back Spin Volume 3 | Electro House Classics Megamix
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a87dd = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a87dd = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a87dd"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a87dd"); } I logged into work this morning only to be kicked out, which left me scratching my head. I went back and checked my schedule and it seems my company went in and canceled my early hours this morning leaving me time to go ahead and post the next installment of Back Spin. I have to admit the response from Back Spin v2 has been ginormous and so it pleases me to send up v3 just before the weekend. Picking up where v2 left off, this set hits on those dance floor monsters in the mid-millennium that was the precursor to today’s EDM scene. No doubt, you will hear several very familiar tunes in this volume, even if you were just a casual club-goer at the time. I’ve got v4 set to go shortly but expect that one to take a whole new path or better yet, expect it to step back a decade earlier. So if you’re into that whole 90s energy based dance scene, that one will be for you with some companion sets slated for a future date. Until then …ENJOY! Album : Back Spin v3 Genre : EDM, Electro, House Year : 2013 Total Time : 1:43:26 Fedde Le Grand feat. Mitch Crown - Let Me Be Real (Extended Mix) Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (David Guetta Remix) Who Da Funk feat. Jessica Eve - Shiny Disco Balls (Original Extended) Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Klaas Vocal Mix) Camille Jones vs. Fedde Le Grand - The Creeps (Extended) Mish Mash - Speechless (Seamus Haji Re-Edit) Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Freemasons Club Mix) Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Seamus Haji Remix) X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne - Lazy (Norman Cook Remix) Shakedown - At Night (Original Club Mix) Ida Corr - Let Me Think About It (Fedde Le Grand Club Mix) Funkerman - Speed Up (Original Mix) David Guetta vs. The Egg - Love Don't Let Me Go (Joachim Garraud & David Guetta's F!@$ Me I'm Famous Mix) Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder) (Vocal Club Mix) Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (XXX Remix) Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik - It Just Won't Do (Club Mix) Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (DF's Attention Vocal Mix) Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Benny Benassi Sfaction Extended Mix) Basshunter - Now You're Gone (Fonzerelli Remix) Roisin Murphy - Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix) Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Eric Prydz vs. Retarded Funk Remix)
103:26 11/14/13
Back Spin Volume 2 | Electro House Classics Megamix
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095a98ca = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095a98ca = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095a98ca"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095a98ca"); } I finally had some free time to post some sets in the Back Spin series that I had been promising but sat on for several months. BS2 and the companion to this set BS3 track the mid to late millennium burgeoning underground EDM scene. Actually, it was the tipping point before the mainstream acceptance I had predicted on my first year-end post in 2007. The premise of that post was that music is cyclical, in that styles and sounds never go out of favor but after peaking in popularity typically go underground until the time is ripe to re-appear under a new moniker. Often, the new sound will brandish influences from generations past, while making its own stylistic mark for current dance music enthusiasts. Disco was later re-birthed as house, while EDM or electro is really a re-birth of the New Wave and the Punk scenes of the late 70s and 80s. Granted, technology allows us to take these influences further than previously imagined; so much so that the next DJ superstar is probably 13 years old and master his or her skills in their bedroom under their parent's roof, at this very moment. So, I’m here to present many of the sounds and DJs who are responsible for much of what you now hear on the world’s dance floors and for that matter, Top 40 radio. I’ll give EDM a few more years before people tire and EDM is forced back underground, where it will go through another evolutionary round before making inroads into the mainstream again. You’ll see a lot of familiar names on the next two sets, no need to mention them. Just sit back and listen to this musical journey from the not-so-distant past. ENJOY! Album : Back Spin v2 Genre : EDM, Electro, House Year : 2013 Total Time : 1:23:45 David Guetta feat. JD Davis - The World Is Mine (F!@$ Me I'm Famous Remix) Deep Dish - Flashdance (Guetta & Garraud F!@$ Me I'm Famous Remix) Axwell feat. Max'C - I Found You (Remode Mix) Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Stonebridge Vocal) Fireflies feat. Alexandra Prince - I Can't Get Enough (Ian Carey Remix) Dirty South feat. Rudy - Let It Go (Full Vocal Mix) September - Cry For You (Extended Mix) Sylvia Tosun - Underlying Feeling (Adam K & Soha Club Mix) Carl Kennedy vs. Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Original) Dave Spoon feat. Lisa Maffia - Bad Girl (At Night) (Club Mix) Chris Lake feat. Laura V - Changes 2006 (Full Vocal Mix) Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Club Mix) Cajmere feat. Dajae - Say U Will (Original Mix) Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education (Original Extended Mix) Chicco Secci & Robbie Rivera - Let's Get Together (Main Club Mix) Faithless feat.
83:45 11/13/13
Back Spin Volume 1 | Electro House Classics Megamix
Play Pause Support the PodcastDownloadShare var srp_player_params_6640b095aa9f0 = {"title":"","store_title_text":"","albums":[],"hide_artwork":"true","sticky_player":"true","show_album_market":0,"show_track_market":"true","hide_timeline":0,"player_layout":"skin_boxed_tracklist","orderby":"date","order":"DESC","hide_album_title":"true","hide_album_subtitle":"true","hide_player_title":"true","hide_track_title":"true","show_publish_date":"false","show_skip_bt":"false","show_volume_bt":"false","show_speed_bt":"false","show_shuffle_bt":"false","use_play_label":"true","use_play_label_with_icon":"true","progressbar_inline":"true","spectro":"","hide_progressbar":"true","main_settings":"||"} var srp_player_params_args_6640b095aa9f0 = {"before_widget":"","after_widget":"","before_title":"","after_title":"","widget_id":"arbitrary-instance-6640b095aa9f0"} if(typeof setIronAudioplayers !== "undefined"){ setIronAudioplayers("arbitrary-instance-6640b095aa9f0"); } After sorting through all the recent promos and moving them to their respective folder based on genre (most to the recycle bin) I have to say I was unimpressed.  So much so, there was no way I was going to eek out a decent Spring Edition so quick. So I decided to do something I never do; that is, go back and listen to some old sets for inspiration. From 2007 – 2009 I created a series called Deep Edition, which later evolved into System Edition. These sets were compiled of songs that I really liked but at the time didn’t quite fit into what I was doing. So, I’d throw them all together and create these eclectic mixes of house, progressive, tech, deep house, trance, you name it. To say the least, they were interesting if not downright strange in some cases. I focused on six sets of the System Edition from 2009 and start listening to them over several days and was blown away by many of the songs. Sadly, I did not keep the tracklist for each set so I had to Google lyrics to determine the original artist and title. Once found, I’d search my library to pull them out. There were well over a hundred songs on these sets, so this was tedious and time-consuming but ultimately well worth the effort. I pulled about 25 of the songs I wanted to use and then cut it down to nineteen based on what worked.  A couple of the songs were actually big hits while the rest were relegated to the underground scene, which makes this all the more interesting. I like this set so much, Back Spin could end up being the basis for a new series that focuses on past EDM hits and misses. Please take this for a spin and let me know what you think. I’ll go back sometime this weekend and re-listen to the songs I’ve already set aside for the Spring Edition plus some other new stuff that recently shuffled in. Hopefully, this little side step will give me a new perspective on a new circuit set so I can get that out to you soon. Until then, ENJOY! Album : Back Spin v1Genre : EDM, Electro, Progressive, HouseYear : 2013Total Time : 1:38:38 1. Hardrive - Deep Inside (Harry ''Choo Choo'' Romero's Bambossa Remix) 2. Infernal - Redefinition (Jack Dizzle Remix) 3. DJ Jean - Play That Beat (Extended) 4. Niels Van Gogh vs. Eniac - Pulverturm 3.0 (DJ Antoine vs. Yoko 2 Rockers On The Block Remix) 5. Angello, Axwell, Ingrosso & Laidback Luke feat. Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind (Original Mix) 6. AnnaGrace - Let The Feelings Go (Extended Mix) 7. The Ian Carey Project - Get Shaky (Vandalism Mix) 8. Vandalism - Bucci Bag (Original Mix) 9. Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (Prok & Fitch 'Original Rocks' Mix) 10. Mowgli - Pa Po Pon (Robbie Rivera Nasty Juicy M...
98:38 4/6/13