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Empowered Voice Podcast - A Dentist turned Career Growth Explorer's Guide to Exponential Growth

Hi, I'm a Dentist turned Empowered Voice Coach. After graduation, I realized smelling people's breath isn't really something I'd like to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to achieve something big, using the gifts from the Gods and use it to make this world a better place, doing things that I love the most. This Podcast is a Documentation of the same! You will witness free flowing thoughts, observations, of my day to day life, the learnings, the perspectives, the "what,why,how,when" of things, eventually culminating to Growing Exponentially in Your Career. All you have to do is immerse!


How am I getting started from scratch: Mission Restart!
In this Episode I dive deep into the ways in which we can leverage a skill, what really holds us back, and the action steps we all want to take, but why we fail to! I go deep, on how to make the most of this experience, how I plan to share my learnings consistently, one step at a time. Join the VIP WhatsApp Group: Stay updated on our weekly workshops every Sunday at 11 am IST. Join the VIP Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network. Sign Up for the "Make Speaking a Career Live Cohort": Limited to 15 seats per batch – don’t miss out! Connect with Me Personally: Schedule a one-to-one call to discuss your journey and aspirations. If you want to Hire Me as a Speaker, please fill up this form
10:15 6/8/24
The power of consistency
I left work, joined a new work! Decided to start with something special and unique. It includes setting up life heads up. UXrnZVARzxlY5wqy0Vek
03:37 12/19/23
Diwali is a Curse, here is why!
After 5 days of procrastinating, finally out with actionable! I go deep into why we do what we do here! Celebrating a painful diwali!
04:42 11/14/23
The strategies of Starting Up!
Had no clue what to speak about! So focused on the importance of starting afresh! Inspite of fever, showing up! Giving my heart and soul!
10:42 11/8/23
How to use the Feedback in your Career?
In our office meetings, we often get into a very weird setup where we tend to defend the mistakes we make. Surprisingly it is from the mistakes that we learn the most. So here are 5 steps that I follow every single time I get feedback! Let me know your views in the comments
08:57 11/7/23
5 steps to heal from a Career Setback?
I went through a low today! Down and out emotionally, cried a lot! Thia episode is all about how to get out from it! Taking it one step at a time! Showing up!
08:31 11/6/23
How to go ahead when you feel like NOTHING?
Weekends are for the weak! The way the world is designed, we recharge on the weekend! So I wanted to open up on the struggles of this!
06:08 11/5/23
Career Excellence through Website Building!
While planning a great Leap in the journey unfolding today we took up a headstart in the form website! Now this turned out to be a big challenge, eventually we decided the other around, leading to a single page website that gets the work done! Let's find the elements below
08:47 11/4/23
How "work" halts our Career!
Does it? Or it challenges us to master other skills, and grow! Controversial right!? That's exactly what we unfold in today's podcast! Going really deep into the setbacks and how to overcome them Not to forget the action steps I'm taking!
10:20 11/3/23
How to shape up your Career through its Categories
In this episode we dive into the headstart we are going through. Moving deep , this episode turned out to be much deeper than what we thought!
20:50 11/2/23
The power of Choices, Decisions and Actions!
This is a very deep episode into how I wasn't really able to do the things that I always wanted! πŸ† Dr. Surya has been trained by the greatest revolutionaries namely Tony Robbins, Siddharth Rajsekar and Jordan Belfort. He is also a very proud student of Mindvalley. ❀ Follow Dr. Surya πŸ“² Facebook - πŸ“² LinkedIn - πŸ“² Instagram - Love and Abundance, Dr. Suryadeep ❀🌞
09:40 11/1/23
Why are we stagnating in our Career and How to Come out of it?
The first episode is always very special! In this episode we go deep into the reasons why we are not doing what know we are supposed to! A very special guest! A very special song! Some deep ahhaaa moments waiting for you! Drop in your love in the comments!
12:10 10/31/23
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