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Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental

A podcast featuring experimental, genre-defying music makers in the South


004: Belly Full of Stars
Welcome to Episode 4 of Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental! Our special guest this hour is Kim Rueger aka Belly Full of Stars. As Belly Full of Stars, Kim often blends FM synths and granular vocals with sundry field recordings and modular processes, improvising textured compositions that veer ambient, with hints of glitch. In this hour, […]
52:22 6/14/24
002: Michael Hix
Welcome to Episode 2 of Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental! This hour features the music and story of guest artist Michael Hix. Michael Hix is a composer whose music  incorporates synthesizers and electronics to build dynamic structures that evolve over time, delving into the human condition and the metaphysical dimension. His work draws upon classical minimalism, […]
57:06 6/14/24
001: Dream Chambers
Featuring guest artist Dream Chambers sharing her experience in the Nashville underground scene. Plus creative influences Pauline Anna Strohm, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Suzanne Ciani, Eardrummer
52:33 6/14/24
Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental, Season 1: Nashville
Join Carissa Stolting for a series of interviews pairing experimental electronic musicians with like-minded classic composers all across the South. While generally known for country and bluegrass, Radio Resistance explores the idea that the South has a rich community of creators creating some of the most compelling compositions this side of Berlin.
01:18 6/7/24

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