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The Game Changers

Sport has the power to transform people’s lives, both on and off the field and women's sport has the extra ability to knock down barriers and challenge the status quo. The Game Changers podcast will give you the chance to sit down with some of the biggest names in women’s sport as they talk frankly about their historic careers, what drives them and how they’ve dealt with some of the toughest challenges they’ve faced. You may be surprised at what you hear – you’ll certainly be inspired. You can find out more at The Game Changers podcast: Fearless Women in Sport


Sue Anstiss: On the unstoppable rise of women's sport 48:29 10/22/2021
Katarina Johnson-Thompson - When your role model becomes your biggest rival 27:19 07/06/2021
Laura Woods: Climbing the career ladder whilst staying authentic 56:04 06/22/2021
Pippa Grange: Understanding the role of fear and how to combat it 47:39 06/15/2021
Carol Bates: Inspiring the 'missed generation' of women's football 41:37 06/08/2021
Francesca Brown: Empowering young women through sport and education 42:09 06/01/2021
Fleur Robinson: Putting football at the heart of the community 29:02 05/25/2021
Anita Asante: The fight to make football more inclusive 45:52 05/18/2021
Kelly Cates - Maintaining a career at the forefront of football broadcasting 46:56 05/11/2021
Fara Williams: Extraordinary success in the face of adversity 48:06 05/04/2021
Lucy Bronze: Overcoming obstacles to become the best in the world 36:37 04/20/2021
Amanda Vandervort: How social media is a driving force for fans of women's sport 55:59 04/13/2021
Maria Bobenrieth: How active girls can transform communities 48:41 04/06/2021
Jess Fishlock: How female athletes are using their platform for social justice 49:53 03/30/2021
Julie Welch: What makes a great football writer 38:32 03/23/2021
Manisha Tailor: How role models can inspire South Asian women in sport 36:08 03/16/2021
Dawn Scott: How we enhance the performance of elite female athletes 44:08 03/09/2021
Jessica Creighton: How the media's lack of diversity drives her to do more 45:08 03/02/2021
Trailer: We're back with series 7 05:04 02/23/2021
Ian Wright: The importance of being a male ally 25:30 02/16/2021
Jill Scott: The pressure facing experienced players 41:38 12/22/2020
Jane Purdon: How leadership in women's sport is changing 47:08 12/15/2020
Sian Massey-Ellis: What it takes to be a female match official 46:40 12/08/2020
Mary Harvey: Why sport can’t ignore human rights 49:58 12/01/2020
Shelley Kerr: Why listening is an under rated skill 44:32 11/24/2020
Gail Newsham: Why women's football was banned for 50 years 38:13 11/17/2020
Rachel Yankey: What's stopping the progress of elite female coaches 61:21 11/10/2020
Gabby Logan: How nothing beats presenting live sport 50:24 11/03/2020
Trailer: Series 6 of The Game Changers 03:15 10/29/2020
Jessica Ennis Hill: On being the poster girl at a home Olympic Games 44:06 10/27/2020