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@530 on Main

@530 on Main is a community conversation on design and spacial experiences with collaborators EXTEND GROUP and VPS Architecture. The two teams converge their separate expertise—with EXTEND GROUP as an expert in the digital space and VPS Architecture an expert on physical space—into one podcast experience.


The Necessity of Sharing Experiences with Abraham Brown 62:50 10/05/2021
Learning from Challenging Times with Daniela Vidal 58:31 09/21/2021
Youth Experiences with Ron Ryan 67:41 09/07/2021
Connectivity & Community Experiences with Lorie Ann Van Hook 65:04 08/24/2021
Building Positive Community Experiences with Jennifer Evans 61:12 08/10/2021
The Youth First Experience with Julie Hoon 61:23 07/14/2021
Virtual vs. Face-to-Face Experiences with Mike Davis and Shawn Collins 67:24 04/07/2021
Improving Our Communities with Lynn Miller Pease 72:15 12/16/2020
Shared Experiences with Matt Wagner 56:45 12/02/2020
The Importance of Change and Strong Foundations with Jean Reising 57:32 11/18/2020
The Evolution of Air Travel Experience with Nate Hahn 53:29 11/04/2020
Innovations in Technology with Richard Clements 50:22 10/21/2020
The Human Element and Technology with Mike Thissen 73:16 10/07/2020
Keep Rolling with DeAndre Wilson 65:51 09/23/2020
Experience is a Feeling with Leslie Eades 43:38 09/09/2020
What it Means to be a Servant Leader with Sean Georges 62:37 08/19/2020
Improving the Downtown Evansville Experience with Josh Armstrong 59:36 08/12/2020
Authentic Messaging with Amelia Roberts 47:50 07/22/2020
Experiences that Promote Healing with Tara Blessinger 72:09 07/15/2020
The Transformation of User Experience with David Meyers 75:28 06/17/2020
The Evolution of Commercial Construction with Matt Theby 59:56 05/20/2020
Guitar Design and Experiences with Jacob Harper 44:56 04/14/2020
Converging the Old and the New with Jason Shelley 43:54 04/07/2020
The Transformation of Healthcare Design with Lisa Feeley & Sarah Schuler 40:31 04/01/2020
The Pilot with Shawn Collins & Mike Davis 59:06 03/24/2020