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@530 on Main is a community conversation on design and spacial experiences with collaborators EXTEND GROUP and VPS Architecture. The two teams converge their separate expertise—with EXTEND GROUP as an expert in the digital space and VPS Architecture an expert on physical space—into one podcast experience.


On And Off The Track
The owners of local Evansville simulator arcade, Fastest Lap, swapped in the VR headsets for headphones in favor for a podcast session- rather than a virtual racing session. Caitlin and Jeremy detail their journey to first time business owners, their passion for what they do, and their approach to having a successful organization.
70:41 7/28/23
Podcast University
The members of the Young Girls of Color Leaders join the show after their crash course in podcasting from our host Shawn Collins, and discuss the relevance and intrigue of documented media to the younger generation- and the representation it gives to communities. To learn more go to
44:55 6/13/23
Cultivating A World Of Learning
From the fields to the classroom- the superintendent of Mitchell Community Schools Dr. Brent Comer shares how his 26 year teaching journey influenced him to optimize the learning experience for students in his community.
59:13 5/8/23
The Art of Experience
From the stage to the studio, The School of Ballet Indiana's Artistic Director Kerri Lambert shares how she danced her way to a successful ballet career, and how she's guiding the next generation of performers.
64:02 4/11/23
A Vault Of Experiences
Join us in this episode of 530 on Main as we sit down with the President of First Bank, Nikki Roser, to discuss her views on the importance of experience and opportunity for all. With ample experience in the banking industry, Nikki shares her thoughts on the significance of relationships and communication for the integrity of any brand or company. In this insightful conversation, we explore how her personal values have influenced her leadership style, and how First Bank is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and beyond.
64:02 3/6/23
Unsung Heroes
The man in charge of making sure your home is safe to build, your office building won’t collapse, and the road you take to get there is safe, joins us in a very entertaining recording of 530 on Main. Jarvis Jointer, the owner and founder of the civil engineering firm JQOL, enlightens us with his journey of rising through the field of civil engineering- and how he discovered his passion for it. Listen in for his insights on why experience is so valuable, and how healthy workplace cultures can maximize a team.
52:24 12/5/22
Nutrition For The Soul
In a motivating story about her journey to business ownership and a positive work-life balance, the ever-so-inspiring founder of Plank Nutrition Bar, Nicole Burk, joins us for this recording of 530 on Main. Make sure to have your protein shake made and listen in now!
68:38 10/17/22
On the shoulders of giants with Jeremie Kubicek
In what made for an absolutely unforgettable morning, the 530 on Main podcast went live for an entertaining conversation with Jeremie Kubicek. The GiANT executive chairman was on location for an informative discussion about his incredible company as well as the valuable leadership tools it provides. Listen now!
57:39 9/26/22
Coffee for the People with Nate Templeton
Grab a cup of cold brew and join us for this great conversation with our neighbor downtown, Joe Brewski. You'll hear the story of how Nate Templeton imagined the roasted coffee experience should be and how you can enjoy his brew without being an expert. Listen in now.
46:30 8/23/22
A Photogenic Experience with Chris Berneking
On this episode of @530 on Main, we welcome Chris Berneking of Chris Berneking Productions into the EXTENDsion Studio. Chris is an Evansville native who traveled to the west coast to find his picture-perfect photography education and begin his commercial photography career. Chris discusses his love of the photography experience and how technology has revolutionized his once-exclusive profession.
55:04 7/12/22
Adversity Turns to Youth Racing Education with Preston Lewis
We are excited to have Preston Lewis, Executive Director of OMYF (Off-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation, as our guest for this episode of @530 on Main. Preston explains how his adversity inspired him to educate youth in the racing industry and all the different experiences available to them.
65:14 6/6/22
The Faith in Their Why with Amanda and Bryan Bishop
In this episode of @530 on Main, we meet Amanda and Bryan Bishop, the Founders of LawMan Tactical. We learn about their family, what brought them together in their early years, and their love for our community. We discuss their passion for bringing their vision of a place where the community can come together to celebrate faith, family, country, and courage during our hour-long conversation.
61:20 5/24/22
Culture of Excellence with Christian Mocek
We welcome Christian Mocek, President of Reitz Memorial High School, as our guest for this episode of @530 on Main.
68:42 5/9/22
The Homeless Experience with Zachary Heronemus
Zac Heronemus of Aurora Evansville has joined us for our next episode, listen to an in-depth discussion the importance of experiences today.
64:52 4/25/22
Innovation and the Experiences of Change
Our guest for this episode of @530 on Main is Drew Peyronnin, who is passionate about a lot of things such as the culture of innovation.
64:08 4/11/22
The Power of the Wish with Maria Quinton
We welcome Maria Quinton into the EXTENDsion Studio. Maria is the Advancement Officer with Make a Wish of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana
51:59 3/28/22
Wishes GRANTED with Susan Washburn & Jeff Purdue
GRANTED is a community–based nonprofit in Evansville, IN with a mission to grant wishes for local children with life-threatening or terminal conditions.
65:02 3/15/22
The Value of Relationships with Matt Hadley
Our guest for this episode of @530 on Main is Matt Hadley, Director of Business Development for AP Engineering & Consulting in Indianapolis.
58:04 2/22/22
Teamwork and Collaborations with Joe Gries
We welcomed Vanderburgh County Health Department Administrator Joe Gries to the podcast studio for a conversation on experiences.
61:33 2/8/22
Community of Caring with Jason Emmerson
For our first podcast episode of 2022, we invited Executive Director of United Caring Services, Jason Emmerson, to the mic.
77:40 1/25/22
Supporting Local Youth Sports Programs with Ryan Berger and Tracy Archuleta
@530 on Main wraps up 2021 with a unique podcast conversation with Tri-State Hot Stove League President, Ryan Berger, and USI Baseball Coach, Tracy Archuleta.
59:49 12/28/21
The Music Experience in Evansville with John McMullen, Joshua Britton, and John Michael O’Leary
For our 29th episode of @530 on Main, we packed the podcast studio with three guests: Joshua Britton, John McMullen, and John Michael O’Leary.
66:39 12/14/21
The Wesselman Woods Experience with Robin Johnston Deem
Robin Johnston Deem joins us in the podcast studio for a conversation on experiences and community collaboration.
57:20 11/30/21
The Necessity of Human Connection with Andrew Backes
We invited Andrew Backes to the podcast studio for a conversation on youth experiences and community connection.
74:17 11/16/21
The Evolving Higher Education Experience with Christopher Pietruszkiewicz
Tune in to a discussion on how the college experience has evolved over the years and shifting away from an academia-focused mindset.
64:13 11/2/21
Serving the Community with Andrea Hays
Andrea and our hosts discuss the word experience and the impact COVID has had in our community.
79:39 10/19/21
The Necessity of Sharing Experiences with Abraham Brown
Abraham is a passionate community advocate whose mission is to enhance the Latino community’s experiences in the Tri-State area.
62:49 10/5/21
Learning from Challenging Times with Daniela Vidal
For this episode of @530 on Main, we invited the Chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College Evansville, Daniela Vidal, to the studio.
58:31 9/21/21
Youth Experiences with Ron Ryan
Ron Ryan, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville, joins us in the podcast studio for a unique discussion on experiences.
67:40 9/7/21
Connectivity & Community Experiences with Lorie Ann Van Hook
In episode #21 of the @530 on Main podcast series, we invited Lorie A. Van Hook to join the discussion on experiences.
65:04 8/24/21