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CPACA - Big Ideas

Welcome to “Big Ideas”! A podcast series put on by The CPA Consultants Alliance – a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to further leadership within the CPA Profession.


Sarah Elliott: Understanding & Supporting Others Through Change 15:38 04/14/2020
Tamera Loerzel: Leadership - What NOT To Do 19:03 04/14/2020
Jeff Phillips: Hiring Remote Talent 13:39 04/14/2020
Roman Kepczyk: Cloud Collaboration & Remote Access 21:05 04/14/2020
Adelaide Ness: Emotional Intelligence 16:34 04/14/2020
Jennifer Wilson: Outdated CPA Firm Strategies & How to Shift Them 20:13 04/14/2020
Carrie Steffen: Understanding Client Needs 13:54 04/14/2020
Matt Solomon: Process to Attract High-Profit Clients 21:46 04/14/2020
Angie Grissom: Gaining Buy-in for Change Initiatives 13:59 04/14/2020
Sarah Dobek: How to Transition 13:56 04/14/2020
Arianna Campbell: How to Generate Capacity for People to Elevate Their Roles 16:03 04/14/2020
Sandra Wiley: Importance of Thought Leadership 19:16 04/14/2020
Gary Adamson: Critical Components of an Internal Succession Plan 13:56 04/14/2020
Terry Putney: Impediments to Building a Team to Manage Internal Partner Succession + Growth Culture 13:31 04/14/2020
Renee Moelders: Succession Planning - Transition 16:18 04/14/2020
Bonnie Buol Ruszcyk: Marketing and M&A 21:14 04/14/2020
Adelaide Ness: Business Development in Times of Social Distancing 15:44 11/01/2020
Angie Grissom: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 06:01 11/01/2020
Arianna Campbell: Three Opportunity Areas for Continued Firm Success 16:24 11/01/2020
Carrie Steffen: The Importance of CPAs as Business Advisors: Present and Future 15:51 11/04/2020
Gary Adamson: Preparing Your Partners for the Shift to Consultative Services 12:02 11/04/2020
Jeff Phillips: Getting Results and Staying Sane While Working Remote 12:07 11/04/2020
Jennifer Wilson: The Case for Anytime, Anywhere Work 17:08 11/04/2020
Matt Solomon: How to Grow your Revenue During a Pandemic 10:34 11/04/2020
Roman Kepczyk: Post COVID-19 Remote Security 13:21 11/04/2020
Renee Moelders: KPIs for the Firm of the Future 13:09 11/04/2020
Terry Putney: M & A in the 2020 COVID-19 Economy 13:01 11/04/2020
Roman Kepcyzk: Importance of the Tech Stack in your Firm's CAAS Transformation 10:46 11/04/2020
Sandra Wiley: Attributes Needed to Move from Technical Advisor to Consultant 11:38 11/04/2020
Tamera Loerzel: Addressing Racism at Work: Start with Microaggressions 16:26 11/04/2020