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The official podcast of the Ella Baker Center, a nonprofit based in Oakland where everyday people organize every day to win change and build opportunities to make our communities safe, healthy and strong.


The Organizing Power of a Stamp
For more information:Ella Baker CenterStamps Campaign
20:00 6/7/22
Safety Beyond Police, Prisons and Punishment
If you’re interested in holding a Night Out for Safety and Liberation event in your neighborhood next August, and for more information, go to
35:20 8/18/21
Mutual Aid in Oakland
For more information:Ella Baker CenterRestore OaklandCausa Justa/Just Cause 
14:38 4/16/21
Defund Fear
To buy Defund Fear and support your local bookstore, order a copy on follow our guests:Rinku Sen from the Narrative InitiativeDevone Boggan from Advance PeaceJeannette Bocanegra from Justice For FamiliesDanielle Sered from Common Justice
48:47 4/6/21
Who Was Ella Baker? pt. 1
Follow Dr. Barbara Ransby on twitter.Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement: a Radical Democratic Vision is published by the University of North Carolina Pres.Phil Hutchings page on SNCC Digital Gateway.Alfredo Lopez' wikipedia page and his current project, May First Movement Tecnology.Visit our website at
57:34 12/13/20
Voting for Justice and Preparing for a Coup
Read the Ella Baker Center 2020 voter guide.VOTE November 3rd!Count Every Vote: Defend Democracy rally in Oakland is on November 4th. More info on the Facebook page.Visit our website at
57:38 10/31/20
Jails, Prisons and the Pandemic
For more information and to get involved, go to Decarcerate Alameda County and #StopSQOutbreakDemands or #StopSQOutbreakEmails.
106:41 8/18/20
Housing is a Human RIght
Learn more about the Ella Baker Center's work to decriminalize Oakland's unsheltered residents. Visit the Village in Oakland  and support #NoVacanacyCa, the effort to create immediate shelter for unhoused seniors, families with children, and unsheltered with serious pre-existing medical conditions in hotels. Watch the video of OPD's attack on The Village in Oakland outreach workers.  
41:55 6/22/20
Life is More Sacred Than Property
Watch Zach's KRON interview.Watch Ella Baker's full speech "The Voice that Says Life is More Sacred Than Property Must Be Heard!" For information on upcoming protests in Oakland and the Bay Area, make sure to check the Ella Baker Center Twitter and Facebook pages.And if you are participating in actions, we encourage you to take all safety precautions recommended by public health officials.
27:19 6/8/20
The Looming Crisis Inside Santa Rita Jail
For information about community efforts to decarcerate Santa Rita Jail, go to: more about Human Impact Partners' Health Instead of Punishment Project. Lukas Guilket made a documentary about Barabara Doss' fight to learn what happened to her son inside Santa RIta Jail, go to What Happened to Dujuan Armstrong? to watch the trailer.
46:04 4/27/20
COVID-19 vs. Tough On Crime Rhetoric
Read James' piece "A Plea to Governor Newsom" at The Appeal Reduce CA's prison population #LetThemGo: tweet @GavinNewsom @CAgovernor, call (916) 445-2841, email: letters, drawings and words of encouragement to folks inside: money to help incarcerated folks purchase extra food and hygiene items: the Ella Baker Center website at
24:18 4/14/20
Solution Salon: Community Safety and COVID-19
Links to the resources Reduce CA's prison population #LetThemGo: tweet @GavinNewsom @CAgovernor, call (916) 445-2841, email: county funds in health, not jails: call Alameda County Board of Supervisors President Richard Valle, 510-272-6692. Release folks from Santa Rita jail: call District Attorney Nancy O'Malley, (510) 272-6222Stop the sweeps, provide housing for all unsheltered Oaklanders: call your Oakland City Council member, Send letters, drawings and words of encouragement to folks inside: Donate to support EBC’s movement work: Send money to help incarcerated folks purchase extra food and hygiene items:
46:36 3/30/20