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For nearly 30 years, you’ve known School Transportation News magazine and as the premier sources of pupil transportation news and analysis. Now, join the School Transportation Nation podcast, as STN Publisher Tony Corpin and Editor-in-Chief Ryan Gray discuss the day’s pertinent issues and talk with guests about the business of getting children safely to and from school and related activities throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Utilize Your Tools: STN Rising Superstar Leads Texas District With Insight 39:34 10/19/2021
Spotlight on Safety: Student Wellbeing Requires Driver Training & Public Awareness 26:31 10/12/2021
Conversations at STN EXPO Indy 2021: Indiana District Stays on the Cutting Edge 27:23 10/06/2021
There’s A Lot To It: Solutions Proposed to the School Bus Driver Shortage 32:42 09/29/2021
Back to School Efforts: National Guard Drivers, Vaccine Mandates 33:34 09/22/2021
Strategic Student Transportation: Responding to the Pandemic & Driver Shortages 49:32 09/14/2021
Industry Buzz: Excitement for Electric School Buses & Driver Shortage Solutions 29:44 09/08/2021
A Complicated Start: Managing School Bus Ops Amid Confusing Mandates 32:08 08/31/2021
Passion for Kids, Respect for Drivers: Tips for Safe, Smooth School Bus Ops 36:34 08/24/2021
Discussions Continue: Mask Mandates, COVID Precautions & A Return to School 32:52 08/17/2021
Uncertainties Persist: School Bus Ops Cope With New COVID-19 Delta Variant and Mechanic Shortages 25:39 08/10/2021
All Hands on Deck: Leverage Technology & Partnerships to Prep for New School Year 38:03 08/03/2021
Female Initiative: Emphasizing Driver Training & Electric School Bus Use 43:32 07/27/2021
Shiny New Tech: Using Federal Funding to Support School Bus Ops and Student Success 34:17 07/21/2021
One Super Story: Transformational Transportation Leadership From Indiana to Vermont 31:46 07/13/2021
Coming in Hot: Serving Students With Onboard Wi-Fi and Clean Fuel School Buses 37:22 07/07/2021
The Clock is Ticking: Feds Spotlight School Bus Safety, Funding & Driver Training 26:34 06/29/2021
Electrifying News: New ZEV Offerings & How Student Transporters are Responding 40:52 06/22/2021
Getting Up To Speed: Prepping School Bus Ops For the 2021-2022 School Year 35:33 06/15/2021
Can’t Go Back to the Old Ways: Post-COVID-19 Ops, Summer School & New ZEV Players 39:55 06/08/2021
Getting Back to In-Person: Tracking Decisions on Student Vaccinations, School Reopening 24:38 06/02/2021
Be At Your Best: Prioritizing Student Learning & Staff Mental Health During COVID-19 41:00 05/25/2021
The Same But Different: Student Transportation After the COVID-19 Pandemic 35:06 05/19/2021
Do This The Right Way: Electrifying New York City’s School Buses 26:09 05/11/2021
Summer Hopes: In-Person Classes Resume But Bus Contractors Await Funding 34:22 05/06/2021
Careful Consideration: Why Planning Ahead is Key for Operational Optimization 29:59 04/27/2021
Green School Bus Buzz: LIVE From the Green Bus Summit 34:06 04/22/2021
Staying Positive & Mindful: Tips for Busy Transportation Professionals 26:44 04/13/2021
Think Outside the Box: School Bus Challenges & Opportunities of COVID-19 37:45 04/06/2021
Flip the Script: LIVE From the STN Transportation Director Summit 31:26 03/30/2021