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Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt

Finding your sweet spot might be more about the journey than the destination. My hope is that you will be encouraged, empowered and maybe learn a lesson or two to better be equipped as you seek to discover your sweet spot in your business. My name is Jenni Hunt and I am a small business consultant guiding entrepreneurs to create multiple revenue streams from their passion.


Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 13
Listen in on my brainstorm with Ryan Reger from the Streams of Income Podcast as we discuss how we would monetize this handmade jewelry niche. What would you do with this niche? Follow Ryan at Join us for our FREE Facebook group for more training and the MPI (Master Plan of Influence) Blueprint - Build Your Income Streams here:  
16:40 6/18/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt -12
We jump into chapter 13 and the final thoughts in this episode where we talk about the value of looking back and remembering your journey.
14:36 6/11/20
Sweet Spot Revenue -11- with Jenni Hunt
We have been providing the audio for my book, Sweet Spot Revenue. This episode digs into chapters 11 and 12 where we talk a bit about fear. Fear is at the root of many things - and one of them is holding your business back.
10:09 6/4/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 10
In today’s episode we focus on competition… and what to do when you are face to face with others who are hitting the same audience you are.
13:04 5/27/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 09
As we continue with the audio of my book Sweet Spot Revenue - today hits a topic that is very near and dear to me. In fact, the more experience I gain in growing my business, the more valuable this particular topic is. If you can embrace this it will propel you forward leaps and bounds.
08:16 5/20/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 08
We have been providing the audio for my latest book, Sweet Spot Revenue and today we dig into chapter 8 where we talk about the need to grow with changing technology and tools. I share with you how I learned early on the need to learn new tools of the trade to better serve my audience… But, remember - this isn’t just about my story. At the end of each chapter there is a lesson for you too. You don’t have to learn the hard way.
12:57 5/13/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 07
Community, Connecting and engagement, relationships - all involve people… and if you are going to build a successful business, you need to serve your people in your niche or market. We’ve touched on the benefits of serving your community in a variety of ways and in chapter 7 we specifically dig into serving one to one vs one to many.
15:37 5/6/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 06
This chapter is about putting relationships above all else in your business. I invited my good friend and business partner Ryan Reger on the show as my first guest. I’ve worked with other people over the years and have built some incredible friendships and working relationships along the way… relationships I wouldn’t trade for anything. But, I think the story Ryan and I have in how we have partnered together is unique and I wanted to share a glimpse of that with you.
19:38 4/29/20
Sweet Spot Revenue - 05 - with Jenni Hunt
In this chapter we talk about software and the importance of having the right software. I share a story about the price you pay when you have the wrong software. I learn my lesson the hard way - and at the end of the chapter, there is a lesson for you as well so you can learn from my mistakes.
08:04 4/22/20
Sweet Spot Revenue - 04 - with Jenni Hunt
Today we are talking about what it means to listen to your audience… really listen. It’s an important skill to develop because it will help you build the best content strategy for your business. If you listen well - you will be able to serve well.
12:59 4/15/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 03
In the 3rd chapter of my book, Sweet Spot Revenue - we talk about the value of community. Relationships are the backbone of your business and more valuable than any skill or piece of information you bring to the table. Listen in as I share how I learned to seek, build and value community.
16:57 4/8/20
Sweet Spot Revenue with Jenni Hunt - 02
Knowing your audience allows you to grow your audience. As we dig into chapter 2 of Sweet Spot Revenue, we discuss how to define and know your audience well. This is the key to being able to serve effectively and have greater impact.
09:44 4/1/20
Sweet Spot Revenue - 01
As we listen to chapter 1 of my book, Sweet Spot Revenue, I challenge the way you may think of your business. We are talking about platforms we use in our business today - Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram and the mindshift needed to view them as TOOLS to grow your business.
12:59 3/18/20
Finding Your Sweet Spot - Introduction
LINKS: Sweet Spot Revenue by Jenni Hunt The Silent Sales Machine by Jim Cockrum
04:55 3/18/20