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Building the Premier Accounting Firm

A show dedicated to helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth. Each episode is conversational with tips and tricks to help you apply the principles of M.A.P. as they relate to starting and building a successful accounting business. Topics include Marketing, Lead Generation, Ideal Clients, Pricing, Price Strategies, Accounting Services, Value Added Services, Workflow, Practice Management, Staff Training, Client On-boarding, Client Relations & Retention, etc. This podcast will help you become an Accountrepreneur, to work ON your business with advice from the experts.


Let’s Get More Referrals w/ Stacey Brown Randall 48:57 12/01/2021
Breaking Free From The Imposter Syndrome w/ Trokon Pope 32:54 11/24/2021
Begin With The End In Mind w/ Tyler Otto 40:08 11/17/2021
Quantifying the Client Experience, the 5 Star Rating w/ Tyler Small 33:56 11/10/2021
R&D Tax Credits for Clients w/ Adam Farnsworth 44:31 11/03/2021
From Cab Driver to Successful Tax Professional w/ Steve Moskowitz 46:19 10/27/2021
Going Beyond Bookkeeping Services w/ Shannon Beck 39:55 10/20/2021
Embracing Life’s Challenges w/ Lindsay Kline 38:51 10/13/2021
This Week on BPAF : Lindsay Kline 00:31 10/11/2021
Applying Lessons from Military Service In Business w/ Richard Crawshay 50:15 10/06/2021
What Story Are You Telling? w/ Aleya Harris 43:53 09/29/2021
Yep, from Bartender to Tax & Accounting Specialist w/ Alyssa Lang 45:45 09/22/2021
Helping Business Owners Go From A Job To A Lifestyle w/ Ken Mann 42:10 09/15/2021
Payroll, a Profitable Service That Is Often Overlooked w/ Scott Nelson 43:54 09/08/2021
Leveraging Our Passion In Business w/ Katie Swanson 28:35 09/01/2021
5 Skills to Be Successful w/ Rob Brown 48:42 08/25/2021
What Is A Business Really Worth? w/ Bharat Kanodia 48:31 08/18/2021
Offering 1031 Exchanges To Our Accounting Clients w/ Jeffrey Bangerter 41:23 08/11/2021
Not Finding Validation, Time To Do This On My Own! w/ Teena Chandler 43:27 08/04/2021
From Mom to Enrolled Agent w/ Jenny Beynon 46:15 07/28/2021
Soft Skills Matter In Your Business w/ Lara Squires 46:15 07/21/2021
The Paranoia Starting The Business w/ Bob Wheeler 46:53 07/14/2021
From Mother & Housewife to a Thriving Accounting Business w/ Ashley Schmitz 45:53 07/07/2021
Earn That Trusted Spot Online As The Accounting Solution w/ Chris Siebeneck 42:06 06/30/2021
From Accountant & CPA to Entrepreneur w/ Fred Hunzeker 43:53 06/23/2021
Niching? How about Cannabis, CBD & Hemp? w/ Andrew Hunzicker 42:58 06/16/2021
A Healthy Relationship With Money w/ Greg Kesten 32:35 06/09/2021
Doing More With & For Your Clients w/ Laura Elkaslassy 38:59 06/02/2021
Leveraging Testimonials To Get More Clients! w/ 'TC' Teresa Clark 42:59 05/26/2021
The Journey Into The Unknown as an Accounting Professional w/ Ken Boyd 48:33 05/19/2021