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Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

You know what's long, tedious and boring? Surgery. You know what isn't? This new podcast! Join Scrubs co-stars and real-life best friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a weekly comedy podcast where they relive the hit TV show, one episode at a time. Each week, these BFFs will discuss an episode of Scrubs, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and reminiscing on some of their favorite memories from filming. They’ll also connect with Scrubs super fans and feature beloved show cast members for exclusive interviews.


709: My Dumb Luck
On this week's episode, JD and Turk out solve Cox's medical mystery while Carla and Elliot try to save Kelso's job. In the real world, we missed y'all and got extra goofy on the mic. Strap in for a double length episode. See for privacy information.
88:53 1/17/23
Real Friends Classic - 314: My Screw Up with Joshua Radin
On this weeks episode, Cox has a hard time saying goodbye to his best friend. In the real world, Joshua Radin joins Zach and Donald to discuss how his first song rocked the world through Scrubs, and he plays that song live in studio for you.  See for privacy information.
108:58 1/10/23
Real Friends Classic - 425: My Changing Ways with Sarah Chalke and Amanda Kloots
On this week's episode, the crew complete their internships and their lives begin to take divergent paths. In the real world, Chalke is back and she's mastered her recording equipment. We're also joined by Amanda Kloots, who just released her book "Live Your Life," honoring her late husband Nick Cordero.   Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
82:17 1/3/23
Real Friends Classic - 111: My Own Personal Jesus
We're off for the holidays, but we wanted to remember one of the great Scrubs Christmas episodes. Turk questions his faith after a tough Christmas in the ER. In the real world, Zach and Donald recount the inspirations behind one of the best dream sequences in Scrubs' history.See for privacy information.
74:18 12/27/22
708: My Manhood
On this week's episode, Cox and Turk question JD's manliness. In the real world, we define the lines of our manliness with brave phone calls to the Celtics and childhood dream camps. See for privacy information.
78:09 12/20/22
707: My Bad Too
On this week's episode, Turk learns Spanish for Carla! In the real world, we try to imagine a more romantic gift THAN LEARNING ANOTHER LANGUAGE FOR YOUR PARTNER! See for privacy information.
64:44 12/13/22
706: My Number One Doctor
On this week's episode, JD is voted the number one doctor at Sacred Heart, and Elliot must make a big decision about her favorite patient. In the real world, we kick back with more of your show pitches and podcast directions. See for privacy information.
78:26 12/6/22
705: My Growing Pains
On this week's episode, Cox challenges everyone to grow up but forgets the joy of nurturing his inner child. In the real world, we could never forget our inner children. See for privacy information.
62:48 11/22/22
704: My Identity Crisis
On this week's episode, the entire hospital suffers an identity crisis. Does Cox enjoy his free time or his family more? Is Carla losing her identity as a Latina? Is JD the janitor now?! In the real world, the whole team is back. See for privacy information.
60:33 11/15/22
703: My Inconvenient Truth
On this week's episode, Ted and Janitor decide to make the hospital a green space and Dan returns to tell JD to grow up. In the real world, we refuse to grow up, and continue to have a blast despite missing Danl. See for privacy information.
73:10 11/8/22
702: My Hard Labor
On this week's episode, Cox doesn't want his daughter to associate him with pain, Turk learns his wife is a vide game master, and JD welcomes a son. In the real world, we learn what everyone did on the break. We're back baby!See for privacy information.
78:27 11/1/22
A Zach's Mom Classic
This week, we're revisiting one of our most heartfelt episodes - when Zach's mom dropped by to talk about her new book and give some parenting advice. See for privacy information.
66:00 10/21/22
A Shea Serrano Classic
Revisiting Shea's first appearance on Fake Doctors. Mmm. So much basketball talk. Delicious. Welcome NBA fans. See for privacy information.
94:41 10/12/22
A Sarah Chalke Classic
This was recorded two full years ago AND Sarah Chalke came to visit. Talk about a classic. See for privacy information.
120:00 9/30/22
A Johnny C. Classic
On this week's episode, we open the vault to a Johnny C classic. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
83:24 9/22/22
701: Own Worst Enemy Hyundai Drive-In Special
On this week’s episode, JD struggles with his life decisions when it comes to Kim. In the real world, Zach, Donald, and the gang head to a drive-in to watch the first episode of season 7! You can watch the episode in real time with us. It’s like an actor’s commentary! See for privacy information.
42:52 9/15/22
622: My Point of No Return with Bill Lawrence
On this week's episode, JD and Elliot realize they've backed themselves into a corner they no longer want to live in. In the real world, it's the season six finale, and we're going to take a brief break to recharge so we can come back and make more super awesome episodes for you. Plus, Bill Lawrence returns to his podcast!See for privacy information.
67:03 8/23/22
621: My Rabbit
On this week's episode, JD's consciousness shows up in a bunny suit, and the hospital staff learns the value of the word no. In the real world, we're so happy to be back together. We talk about everything from Batgirl to Industrial Light and Magic and more. Enjoy! See for privacy information.
81:14 8/16/22
Real Friends Classic - 206: My Big Brother with Tom Cavanagh
Remember when the dreamy Tom Cavanagh joined us. What a delight he was! Enjoy this recap of season 2 episode 6. See for privacy information.
93:35 8/9/22
Fake Doctors Classic - 123: My Hero With Brendan Fraser
On this week's show, we remember that time Brendan Fraiser spoke to us! What a magical day. See for privacy information.
102:28 8/2/22
620: My Conventional Wisdom
On this week's episode, JD discovers his ex, Dr. Kim, at a surgical convention and learns she's still expecting his baby. In the real world, when Joelle's away the guys get wild. See for privacy information.
75:48 7/26/22
619: My Cold Shower
On this week's episode, everyone is being rejected sexually and thus showers in "cold water" to starve off their desire. In the real world, we talk to a robotic surgeon and Zach explains what it's like directing superstar, Harrison Ford. See for privacy information.
70:25 7/19/22
618: My Turf War
On this week's episode, JD feels threatened by Elliot's college roommate and tries to sabotage their relationship. In the real world, the guys get a fun surprise call from an old friend. See for privacy information.
77:11 7/11/22
Off for the Holiday
Hello, lovely listeners. We are taking a brief break. We hope you enjoyed your long weekend. We'll be back next Tuesday! See for privacy information.
00:31 7/5/22
617: Their Story
On this week's episode, Ted, Todd, and Jordan take over JD's narrating duties. In the real world, we have another surprise Scrubs family guest! See for privacy information.
68:12 6/28/22
616: My Words of Wisdom
On this week's episode, after Laverne's funeral, the hospital staff tries to take the lessons she left behind and implement them into their own lives. In the real world, we're introducing a new segment where we call cast and crew from Scrubs to discuss their time on the series! Listen to find out who we called this week. See for privacy information.
83:03 6/21/22
Scrubs Austin Television Experience Panel
We took a break so the guys could go to Austin. So sit back and listen to the entire cast and Bill Lawrence discuss the history of our favorite show, Scrubs. See for privacy information.
82:16 6/14/22
615: My Long Goodbye
On this week's episode, the hospital staff learns how to say goodbye to Nurse Roberts. In the real world, Zach Braff was in a Star Wars and Donald Faison is more excited than anyone else on the planet. See for privacy information.
60:16 6/7/22
614: My My No Good Reason
On this week's episode, Laverne and Cox go head to head over chaos theory. In the real world, we're a little bit late to the party. But, better late than never. See for privacy information.
73:36 5/31/22
613: My Scrubs
On this week's episode, Kelso takes the fun-colored hospital scrubs away when he discovers the staff of Sacred Heart is stealing them, forcing everyone to wear drab brown. In the real world, our giant water bottles are back baby! PS - please don't send us poo picks. See for privacy information.
68:05 5/24/22