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Modern Mindset investigates how our beliefs, values, and psychology influences our modern life and emotions. From business and finance to relationships and communication, Adam talks to experts from around the world to provide practical ways in which psychology and mindset give can you the edge in the minefield of modern life.


475 - Luke Dominique Warner on Self Sovereign Identity and the Vitruvian Epoch
Adam is joined by Luke Dominique Warner for a fascinating conversation about the nature of identity in a world of increasing artificial entities and what is the ikigai when it comes to business and technology.  For more information visit:  More info on Luke: 
45:36 2/14/24
474 - Julie Spinks and Jerry Whiteley on Brits Using Unqualified Plumbers.
Adam Cox is joined by Julie Spinks and Jerry Whiteley from WaterSafe to explore recent research findings indicating that more than half of Brits are not engaging approved plumbers, posing risks to the proper execution of plumbing tasks and the safety of their drinking water. The discussion focuses on guiding individuals in ensuring the selection of reliable plumbers and empowering the public to maintain their plumbing effectively. Julie and Jerry offer advice on preventing expensive callouts and share insights into addressing smaller plumbing tasks at home.
08:35 2/5/24
473 - Paul Saroya on Equity Release.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Paul Saroya from Viva Retirement Solutions, delving into the topic of equity release and its nuances. Together, they explore the evolving landscape of equity release, considering its transformations over the years. The discussion extends to alternative solutions that individuals should ponder before making a decision. Paul offers insights on identifying the suitable candidates for equity release and emphasises the importance of thorough research before opting for this financial strategy.
09:20 2/1/24
472 - Lucy Standing on Career Progression for the Older Generations.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Lucy Standing, a chartered psychologist and the founder of Brave Starts, addressing the widespread problem of age discrimination within the UK workforce. Together, they delve into the challenges encountered by individuals over the age of 45 in their job searches and explore strategies for employers to make job opportunities more inclusive for older individuals. Lucy also sheds light on the repercussions of the absence of older workers in the UK workforce and provides insights into Brave Starts, outlining its mission to assist individuals over 45 in advancing their careers.
15:03 1/31/24
471 - Alison Bull for Family Mediation Week.
In this episode, Adam Cox is joined by Alison Bull, a Family Mediator and Lawyer from Mills & Reeve, to delve into the objectives of Family Mediation Week and its intended outcomes. They explore the advantages of opting for a mediator over the traditional court process, offering insights for couples seeking legal guidance while aiming to avoid courtroom proceedings. Additionally, the discussion provides advice for individuals looking to navigate settlements independently, without the involvement of a solicitor or mediator.
12:06 1/25/24
470 - Rob Sherry and Katie Smith on Changing Careers and the Digital Skill Shortage.
Adam Cox is joined by Rob Sherry and Katie Smith, the Co-founders of The Jump Digital School, to explore the potential for a lucrative and fulfilling career in the tech industry, emphasising its accessibility to individuals regardless of their current skill level or background. The discussion delves into the feasibility of individuals without existing digital skills becoming successful software developers and the diverse career paths that retrained individuals may pursue. The trio also sheds light on optimal approaches to learning software development and outlines the qualifications one might consider pursuing to advance their career in the field.
19:17 1/17/24
469 - From Air Force to Crypto Force: Siam Kidd on the Future of Trading
In this captivating episode of Modern Mindset, host Adam Cox is joined by the renowned Siam Kidd, also known as The Realistic Trader. Siam's journey is nothing short of extraordinary, transitioning from a disciplined life in the air force to becoming a trailblazer in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Siam shares his intriguing story, revealing how the skills and discipline he acquired in the air force have played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to trading. He dives into the intricacies of the crypto world, discussing his strategies, insights, and the pivotal moments of his trading career. The conversation takes an exciting turn as Siam delves into the realm of Proof of Work and KASPA, illuminating why he believes these elements will be game-changers in the upcoming bull cycle. His analysis and predictions are bound to surprise and educate even the most seasoned traders and crypto enthusiasts. Adam, with his insightful questions, brings out the best of Siam's expertise, making this episode a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency. Whether you are a novice in the crypto realm or a seasoned trader, Siam’s insights offer valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of digital currencies. For listeners eager to learn more about Siam Kidd's journey and to gain further insights into his trading philosophies and predictions, visit
56:51 12/23/23
468 - Sammy and Greg on One Year No Fear and The 12 Fears of Business
In this invigorating episode of Modern Mindset, host Adam Cox welcomes Sammy and Greg Gerrity, the dynamic authors of the groundbreaking book, "One Year No Fear." Together, they delve into the intriguing concepts laid out in their book and explore The 12 Fears of Business that they have uncovered through their extensive work with entrepreneurs. Join us as Sammy and Greg unravel the psychological barriers and fears that frequently hinder business owners and discuss innovative strategies to overcome these challenges. They bring to light how fear can often be the biggest obstacle to success and share personal anecdotes and insights from their journey in guiding entrepreneurs towards fearless business practices. Adam, known for his profound questions and insightful commentary, steers the conversation through the various fears, from the dread of failure to the fear of success, and everything in between. Sammy and Greg provide practical advice and steps that any entrepreneur, whether a seasoned business owner or a budding startup enthusiast, can apply to conquer their fears and thrive in the business world. This episode is not just a discussion; it's a masterclass in understanding and overcoming the psychological blocks in business. Whether you're looking to start your entrepreneurial journey or seeking ways to elevate your current business, this conversation with Sammy and Greg Gerrity is a must-listen. For those who want to dive deeper into the world of fearless entrepreneurship, visit for more information about "One Year No Fear" and to learn more about The 12 Fears of Business.
46:16 12/22/23
467 - Nigel Brookes on Keeping Businesses Facilities Healthy Over the Christmas Period.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Nigel Brookes of Dyno Rod, delving into strategies for businesses to sidestep Christmas closures by maintaining effective drainage and plumbing systems. Together, they examine prevalent factors leading to blocked drains, offering insights on proactive measures to keep them unobstructed. Nigel emphasises the significance of having a dependable plumber readily available for emergency situations.
06:59 12/21/23
466 - Liam Randall on the UK's Growing Debt Problem.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Liam Randall, the Head of Strategy, Insights, and Systems at Debt Free Advice. Together, they delve into the revelations of a recent report shedding light on the severe debt issues prevailing in the UK. Liam sheds light on the prevalent types of debt observed by the service and identifies the demographic most susceptible to these financial challenges. The conversation also touches upon the impactful assistance provided by Debt Free Advice to individuals in 2023.
07:53 12/18/23
465 - Kathleen Ramon - The Stay Sober While Traveling Summit Adam talks to Kathleen Ramon as part of an interview for The Stay Sober While Traveling Summit as Adam discusses his role as a hypnotherapist in helping people change their relationship with alcohol and his own decision to quit drinking more than 5 years ago. For more information click the link above or below.  🌟This time of year can be a challenge if you don’t drink or are struggling with alcoholism. Staying connected to like-minded people is the solution to not feeling alone and staying sane! I have put together an awesome group of expert interviews to help you through the winter months. Sign up to receive one interview emailed to your inbox per day from December 5th through the 25th. It’s like your own personal sobriety advent calendar focusing on staying sober while traveling during the holiday season. Check us out, it’s going to be fun! #soberholiday #sobertribe 👉Register now: 
64:05 12/5/23
464 - Anish Mehta on the Digital Tax Transition.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Anish Mehta of APARI to explore the prolonged journey of the tax world into the digital era. Together, they delve into the ways software can ease the burden on individuals during the tax return season. The discussion addresses the reasons behind the procrastination of many in completing their tax returns and identifies the specific individuals who must closely heed the forthcoming changes in tax rules.
10:07 12/5/23
463 - Luke Dominque Warner on AI Apps and Vitruvian Spirit NFTs
Adam is joined by Luke Dominique Warner for a fascinating conversation about AI and the value of art in a world of AI generated art.  For more information visit: 
49:55 12/4/23
462 - Guy Smith on Upcoming Changes to Tax Legislation Around Digital Income.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Guy Smith from Independent Tax, exploring the legal obligation for digital platforms like Airbnb, Etsy, and Vinted to report their sellers' earnings to HMRC starting January 1, 2024. The discussion delves into the specified thresholds for reporting income and the retrospective assessment period that HMRC can undertake. Additionally, Guy provides insights into the steps the public can take if they have concerns about potential tax liabilities or unreported earnings.
08:07 11/27/23
461 - Lavanya Bhandari on Mycelium, the Potential Solution for Plastic Pollution.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Lavanya Bhandari, the founder of Ecoroots, delving into alarming data indicating that the average person now consumes 100 microplastics in each meal, a consequence of the significant presence of macro and microplastics in our water sources. Lavanya sheds light on Mycelium, an alternative material, and elucidates the advantages of opting for it over traditional plastic. Additionally, she discusses why the brand is actively seeking more farmers to contribute their agricultural waste to support their cause.
12:12 11/23/23
460 - Giles Dickson: Restrictions on Onshore Wind Energy are Contributing to a Rise in Electricity Bills.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, exploring the connection between onshore wind restrictions and the escalating electricity bills. The discussion delves into the potential economic advantages of easing these restrictions and examines the associated environmental implications. Giles provides insights into how wind energy can contribute to meeting environmental targets and outlines the necessary steps for the UK to align with these goals. Additionally, the conversation explores the prospect of international collaboration for offshore wind development.
17:25 11/13/23
459 - Kirsty Anderson on Household Financial Discussions for Talk Money Week.
Adam Cox is in conversation with Kirsty Anderson, M&G Wealth's Pension & Saving Specialist. They delve into the findings of a recent M&G Wealth-commissioned report that underscores a noticeable decrease in households engaging in financial discussions. The conversation revolves around the crucial financial topic's families should be addressing, emphasising the significance of having these conversations at the present moment. Kirsty sheds light on the barriers hindering open discussions about finances within families and offers valuable tips on fostering openness among loved ones regarding money matters.
12:00 11/10/23
458 - Matt Dronfield for Talk Money Week.
Adam Cox is joined by Matt Dronfield from Debt Free Advice to discuss the charity's pop-up advice centres throughout the capital, offering practical money tips as part of Talk Money Week. They delve into the current debt crisis in the UK, discussing its scale and the key contributing factors. Matt also sheds light on Talk Money Week's purpose and guides individuals on where to seek help if they are concerned about their financial situation.
08:55 11/7/23
457 - Rob Nezard on How Brits Can Heat Their Homes Efficiently and Safely This Winter.
Adam Cox and Rob Nezard from UK Radiators explore recent research revealing that over two-thirds of Brits are worried about heating their homes in the upcoming winter. They deliberate on the Prime Minister's decision to delay the gas boiler ban, discussing its pros and cons, while addressing the necessary steps before the transition to heat pumps can occur. Additionally, Rob highlights ways to enhance efficiency, reduce heating bills, and advises consumers on avoiding the purchase of unsuitable radiators.
15:25 11/2/23
456 - Chand Chudasama on the Future of AI Tech Investments.
Adam Cox is joined by Chand Chudasama from Price Bailey Chartered Accountants to explore the issue of the unclear extension of the sunset clauses for EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and VCT (Venture Capital Trust) schemes. These schemes have played a crucial role in fostering the growth of the UK AI Tech industry. Chand sheds light on the concerns that might arise if these schemes were to come to an end and why there's hesitancy in announcing extensions, which is already impacting investments. Additionally, they delve into the potential long-term economic implications of this situation.
13:59 10/20/23
455 - Rob Sherry on the UK's Digital Skills Gap.
Adam Cox is accompanied by Rob Sherry from the Jump Digital School to delve into the digital skills gap in the United Kingdom and the potential ramifications it carries. Together, they explore strategies for tackling these challenges and emphasize the significance of equipping young individuals with digital proficiencies. Additionally, Rob sheds light on the diverse range of courses available at the Jump Digital School.
23:36 10/12/23
454 - Jason Graystone on the Quest for Financial Freedom
Adam is joined by Jason Graystone, an investor, trader, and serial business owner who went from a crime-ridden council estate to being financially free.  Jason is a podcaster and for more information check out his podcast here:  
48:02 10/3/23
453 - Steven Blake on How to Release Chronic Pain and the Evolution of OldPain2Go
Adam is joined by therapist and creator of OldPain2Go - Steven Blake.  For information on Steven and his work visit:  Steven Blake is a hypnotherapist and the developer of the OldPain2Go protocol, which is a therapeutic approach aimed at helping individuals reduce or eliminate chronic pain. This protocol is based on the premise that the brain can sometimes continue to send pain signals to the body even after the physical cause of the pain has been addressed or resolved. The OldPain2Go protocol involves a series of techniques and conversations with the client that aim to reprogram the brain's response to pain. The process typically begins with a discussion to understand the client's pain history, triggers, and their perception of the pain. During the session, the therapist uses various hypnotic and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to communicate with the client's unconscious mind. The goal is to help the client's brain reassess the need for ongoing pain signals, essentially convincing it that the pain is no longer necessary for protection. OldPain2Go does not claim to be a miracle cure, but it has gained attention for its potential to significantly reduce or eliminate chronic pain in some cases. However, it's important to note that individual results can vary, and not everyone may experience the same level of relief. It's recommended that individuals interested in OldPain2Go seek out a qualified therapist who has been trained in this specific approach to pain management.
55:40 9/18/23
452 - Gerry O'Prey on New Research Exploring the UK's Understanding of eSIMs.
Adam Cox is joined by Gerry O'Prey of to delve into recent research findings aligning with the forthcoming iPhone 15 launch. The research underscores that a mere 17% of the general population comprehends the inner workings of eSIMs. During their conversation, they explore the fundamentals of eSIM technology, shed light on the public's lack of preparedness for this technological shift, and Gerry elucidates the advantages of eSIMs in comparison to conventional SIM cards.
12:38 9/14/23
451 - Will Polston on The Power of North Star Thinking
Adam talks to business strategist, performance coach, and author  of his new book North Star Thinking, Will Polston. They discuss the inspiration for the book and Adam and Will share the trigger that enabled each of them to discover their own North Star.  His new book can be found here:  As a child, Will witnessed his father's daily struggle with his job, which left him stressed and miserable. He eventually quit to start a business with one of his wealthy uncles, hoping for a better life. However, his dreams were dashed when the business didn't materialize, and he fell into what Will Polston perceived as a deep depression. As an observant child, Will Polston tried to connect the dots. Uncle Mark was wealthy and happy. Uncle Steve was well off and content. When his dad worked in London, he'd been stressed and tired but a lot happier than when he wasn't earning. To a 10-year-old Will Polston, it became obvious – money must equal happiness. Acting on that belief, Will Polston became a very young workaholic. He had multiple paper rounds, bought and sold things at school, washed cars at the weekends, and even got a job at 14 working as a pot boy in a bar. At 18, just as he started working in financial services, he stumbled across personal development and tried to become a better, wealthier, and therefore happier version of himself. While working in investments and running a division of a stock brokerage in London, he made a lot of money, but he still wasn't fulfilled. He was 23 and had spent the last thirteen years chasing money as happiness. So, why was he tired, unfulfilled, and wanting more? One day he went to an event being held by personal development guru Tony Robbins. That workshop led him to a life-changing realization – his lightning bolt moment – it was never really about the money. He realized his belief that money equals happiness wasn't true, and it had never really been about the money. In fact, his drive to make money was fueled by something much deeper. What it was really about was his dad and his perceptions of what he could have achieved so much more, because his potential was huge. His perception of him not achieving his full potential not only impacted him but his mum, him, and the rest of his family. He cried for fifteen minutes in the aftershock of this understanding. It was a huge release from a core belief that had been weighing him down. This is what he called his lightning moment. FINDING THE NORTH STAR In this moment of deep clarity, he found his North Star – his purpose in life. He wanted to empower people to unlock their full potential and create a life they love. Since then, he has embarked on that mission with his coaching and training business as well as multiple running other businesses that help fulfill his North Star including owning a medicinal mushroom supplement company, a marketing company, a small private equity company that invests in construction professional services such as his mechanical, electrical, public health design company.
55:45 9/12/23
450 - Richard Dennis for Organic September.
In this episode, Adam Cox is joined by Richard Dennis, one of the co-founders of Terra Organica, to unveil research released for Organic September. Richard provides insights into the concept of organic wine and its environmental advantages compared to conventionally produced wine. They further explore the intriguing disparity between British knowledge of traditional wine and their limited awareness of organic wine. Additionally, they offer a glimpse into the future prospects of the organic wine industry.
09:26 9/8/23
449 - Steffan George on Rogue Locksmiths.
In this episode, Adam Cox is joined by Steffan George, who serves as the Managing Director of the Master Locksmith Association. Together, they delve into the concerning increase of rogue locksmiths, posing a threat to the security and financial well-being of British individuals. The discussion revolves around the complicity of search engines in enabling these unscrupulous locksmiths to advertise their services, ultimately leaving unsuspecting homeowners vulnerable. Steffan sheds light on the tell-tale signs of rogue locksmith advertisements, offering valuable insights into this pressing issue.
08:56 7/11/23
448 - Dr James Martin on the Investing Psychology of Dentists Who Invest
In this captivating episode of Modern Mindset, renowned hypnotherapist and investor Adam Cox delves into the fascinating world of investing psychology with Dr. James Martin, a former dentist who has transformed his passion for finance into a thriving platform and educational community called Dentists Who Invest. Join Adam and Dr. James Martin as they explore the unique mindset and approach to investing that dentists bring to the table. Drawing from Dr. Martin's personal experiences as a dentist turned investor, they uncover the psychological factors that influence dentists' investment decisions and the strategies they employ to grow their wealth intelligently. Discover how dentists navigate the financial landscape, balancing their professional careers with the pursuit of financial independence. Adam and Dr. Martin share invaluable insights on overcoming common investing challenges faced by dentists, such as managing risk, building a diversified portfolio, and making informed decisions in uncertain markets. Throughout the episode, listeners will gain profound insights into the psychology behind investing, learning how mindset, emotions, and past experiences shape dentists' attitudes towards financial growth. Whether you're a dentist looking to expand your investment knowledge or an aspiring investor curious about the unique perspective of dental professionals, this episode will captivate and inspire you. Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation between Adam Cox and Dr. James Martin, and unlock the secrets of investing psychology as they discuss the journey of Dentists Who Invest.  Adam Course Hypnotic Wealth is available here: 
54:12 6/24/23
447 - Kelly Saudackas for World Continence Week.
Adam Cox is joined by Kelly Saudackas, the Pelvic Health Guru, to delve into the issue of incontinence and other bladder and bowel-related problems. Together, they explore the reasons why bladder issues, particularly incontinence, disproportionately affect older women. Kelly sheds light on effective treatment methods and preventative measures that can be employed to address and mitigate the challenges associated with incontinence.
13:49 6/23/23
446 - Cat Jones on Flight Free Holidays.
Adam Cox is accompanied by Cat Jones, the Founder of Byway, for a conversation exploring the distinctions between flight-free holidays and conventional vacations, as well as the rising appeal of the slow travel concept. Together, they examine the accessibility of multi-stop and airplane-free slow travel holidays, along with the existing obstacles that individuals encounter when embracing this form of travel.
12:30 6/22/23

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