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An industry-related podcast, where Event Pros share their stories about the past, present, and future. Grab your Backstage Pass, and come take a peek into the most interesting world you’ve never heard of. Join your host, 30-year Events Industry Veteran, Terri Walters as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.


EY 25 YAK OUT (For Now) with Terri Walters
Episode Highlights: Meeting a milestone, Episode #25! Taking a holiday PAUSE from Event Yak. Political turmoil – win or lose, I’m hopeful both sides can dig deep and find grace. In the spirit of the holiday season … reflecting on what I’m thankful for and having perspective. Thanks for taking the Event Yak ride with me and my fantastic guests! Lessons in the rear-view mirror. And remember … Standby to Standby!   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:  
19:46 11/11/20
EY 24 KEEPING VIRTUAL REAL with Tiffany Green
In this episode, we speak with Experiential Marketer and Events Producer, Tiffany Green and ask her what makes for a memorable experience, and how brands can leverage events to push their messages forward. Other topics include the art of Collaboration; what elements help to make virtual events more engaging; and what virtual events might look like once IRL events come back.   Tiffany Green Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @xoxoTGreen   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 24 By the Numbers: 04:04 | Terri Walters Meet Tiffany Green: Director of Production, Industria Creative.   05:40 | Tiffany Green Working a myriad production jobs within live theatre, in-between pursing my acting career, was my unexpected entrée into the Events Industry.   08:48 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green Defining the biggest buzz word in the Events Industry: EXPERIENTIAL.   11:20 | Terri Walters What’s the power of EXPERIENTIAL as it relates to Brand Marketing?   13:25 | Tiffany Green Our 360 degree perspective of events means virtual was an expansion, rather than a hard pivot, from IRL (In Real Life) – we’ve always been interested in putting more people in the (virtual) room.   15:24 | Tiffany Green New thinking: How can we challenge the platforms that are currently available to us to really bring some of those successful IRL techniques into the virtual space? How can this new medium work?   16:48 | Terri Walters What are some of the elements that make virtual events more engaging? How do you image it, from the beginning?   21:05 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green The key to an engaging event is to meet your guests where they’re at.   24:59 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green Because “out of your control” variables can be exponential in the virtual event world, time is your only friend.   31:39 | Terri Walters Have we pushed the creative limits on virtual events, or is there more head-room?   32:36 | Terri Walters Will IRL Events become exclusive in the future?   35:18 | Terri Walters / Tiffany Green On providing strategies for making ZOOM-level content more engaging for your audience.   39:12 | Terri Walters How long does collaboration last in a program? Does it have to end?  
45:59 10/25/20
EY 23 CONTENT IS STILL KING with Kyle Morris
Sometimes, the path that you choose puts you right where you’re meant to be. That seems to be the case with Kyle Morris. His past experience has positioned him uniquely to ford the current stream of virtual events. In this episode, we discuss having the guts to take the virtual leap very early in the COVID crisis, how content is STILL King, some common misconceptions about virtual events, key differentiators for success while using virtual platforms, and how pros w/in the production industry must continue to evolve.   Kyle Morris LinkedIn: Email:   NMR Events Website: Facebook: Twitter:   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 23 By the Numbers:  00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Kyle Morris: Vice President, Business Development at NMR Events.   04:15 | Kyle Morris My very early start in the production and events business – learning that content was, and still is, KING.   07:44 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris The key to good content is knowing your audience and knowing how to speak to them.   08:49 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris The journey from hands-on production to sales and business development: Knowing your strengths.   12:38 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris A COVID-19 silver lining: How NMR made the leap into virtual and built their unique business model.   16:26 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris On how NMR takes it to the third-level (almost live) event experience.   23:12 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris Did having a “gear-centric company” with the right engineers already in place help you make the virtual leap in such short order? On making an incredible well-engineered solution for virtual events.   25:12 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris On how to think about virtual events – gear, people, execution and budgets. Really, nothing has changed.   28:23 | Terri Walters How are clients reacting to this new virtual forum? Challenges, failures and successes.   33:12 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris How do you manage the “misconception” that virtual events should be virtually free? Educating clients to help them see the missed potential in their DIY events.   37:58 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris What are some of the misconceptions clients might have about doing a virtual event?   40:50 | Terri Walters / Kyle Morris On a macro-level, how do you see COVID shaping the future of events? Timing, safety, and the hidden benefits of hybrid events.   45:42 | Terri Walters What advice can you offer people in our industry who are still struggling?  
51:14 10/10/20
Mike Aug is an amazing example of resiliency. As a Project Manager and a Production Manager, you have to be. In this episode, we talk about COVID-19 Compliance, and what film and event locations might look like in the coming months. We also discuss courses you can take to get certification as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer, and talk about who pays for your quarantine time, as well as the value and fun of re-inventing yourself in a niche business.   Mike Aug LinkedIn:   Concert Shop: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:   Chicken Scratch LLC: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:   Behind the Scenes Foundation:   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 22 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Mike Aug: Event Production Manager, Certified COVID-19 Compliance/Safety Officer, Entrepreneur and Gadget Geek.   04:05 | Mike Aug Why I stepped off after 22 wonderful years at a staff position.   09:37 | Terri Walters / Mike Aug On being a teacher/staffer vs. being an owner, the challenges of working for yourself, and the key to surviving.   12:36 | Terri Walters Is there a difference between working corporation gigs vs. outdoor, festival-type events?   16:33 | Terri Walters / Mike Aug A COVID-19 silver lining – safety first!   22:49 | Terri Walters What surprised you the most during your COVID-19 safety compliance training?   24:39 | Terri Walters / Mike Aug What happens when an event professional has to quarantine after traveling to an event? Who pays for your mandatory “down-time?” What does the new work model look like?   31:48 | Mike Aug A new niche? The COVID-19 Compliance Officer (CCO) creates an entre for people wanting to get into production.   35:06 | Mike Aug The Gadget Geek takes over and creates the “Concert Shop Store” – everything a black shirt (and dirty handers) needs on-site!   43:45 | Mike Aug Charity Giving with the Behind the Scenes Foundation – helping entertainment technicians in need.  
48:50 9/27/20
EY 21 ON PROPERTY with Sarah Thompson CMP
Hyatt Alum, Sarah Thompson takes time to talk with us in this episode about what guests should expect upon check-in, new positions evolving within the Hotel industry, creative new approaches to filling venues, the value CMP designation, and how working at Hyatt is a lot like having an extended family.   Sarah Thompson, CMP Email: LinkedIn: @SarahThompsonCMP -   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:     Episode 21 By the Numbers:  00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Sarah Thompson, Certified Meeting Professional (CMP): An Alum of Hyatt.   03:29 | Sarah Thompson Hooked on Hyatt – starting from the ground up!   05:45 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson Internships – the power of learning the nuts & bolts of an company and industry.   09:24| Sarah Thompson The challenging road to obtaining a CMP designation.   13:22 | Sarah Thompson Why I built my career at Hyatt.   15:40 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson Hyatt in the time of COVID … how will they survive? What can guests expect today?   20:25 | Terri Walters How can we do events again? Or will we?   22:35 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson COVID-Secure-Weddings? Vertical Concerts? Outside Comedy Shows? Creating new ways to gather in hotels.   32:00 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson Big city unrest around Hyatt city properties: Challenges and opportunities for hoteliers.   34:13 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson On the future of hospitality.  
41:39 9/11/20
EY 20 PICTURE THIS with Adriana Boring
What’s the one thing every successful presentation should have? Find out in this week’s episode where I speak with Graphic Designer and Technical Guru Adriana Boring. We discuss the finer points of budgeting, the importance of the message and content, what skills and traits make for the “ideal graphic designer,” and hear the one piece of advice this seasoned graphics tech has for all presenters. Adriana Boring Email: Instagram: @AdrianaBoring - Instagram: @hummingbirdphx - Website: LinkedIn: Adriana Boring - Facebook: @hummingbirdphx -   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 20 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Adriana Boring: Graphics Op, Co-founder & Owner, Hummingbird.   02:49 | Terri Walters GRAPHICS – where the rubber hits the road.   04:27 | Adriana Boring How I got hooked on graphics.   07:10 | Terri Walters / Adriana Boring Freelancing keeps you young!   08:23 | Terri Walters What’s makes an ideal graphic designer? The art of talking three languages: Creative, Tech, and Client-Speak.   10:34 | Terri Walters / Adriana Boring Creative and tech skills are givens, but grace under fire will carry the day.   13:28 | Terri Walters / Adriana Boring Hummingbird – the backstory, the chemistry, and creating a stress-free, graphics-capable road model for events. Show ready in 20 minutes!   18:38 | Adriana Boring / Terri Walters Content is (still) king – don’t lose sight of the most important thing … THE MEETING MESSAGE.   22:45 | Terri Walters / Adriana Boring The COVID Crash – harsh realities, business adjustments, and new opportunities.   28:53 | Terri Walters / Adriana Boring Designing for a the new virtual world – a steep learning curve, challenges and unknowns.   35:20 | Adriana Boring My single best piece of advice to presenters – rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.   37:06 | Terri Walters What is the ONE THING (or two or three) every presentation should have?    
41:54 8/27/20
EY 19 HE'S A MAGIC MAN, MAMA with Mike Duseberg
In this episode, I speak with Entertainer, Mike Duseberg about the importance of creating connections through shared experiences. We discuss the significance of entertainment as it relates to corporate events, in both Live/Live and Virtual/Live, how great entertainers are able to “not cross the line,” and the evolution of everyone’s home studios.   Mike Duseberg Website: LinkedIn: Mike Duseberg -   An article by Mike we didn’t talk about on-air, but I thought was interesting and relevant:   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 19 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Mike Duseberg: Entertainer, Magician, Mind-Reader, Marketer and all-around nice guy!   02:36 | Mike Duseberg The magic of connecting people, building relationships and creating networking opportunities through entertainment and engagement.   03:30 | Mike Duseberg Falling into magic – seeing the future at a very young age.   08:12 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Doing virtual magic in a COVID world – challenges and opportunities.   10:32 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Defining the purpose of “Entertainment”– to command attention and transport the mind elsewhere – and how it applies to any speaker who needs to deliver a message on stage.   14:10 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Is “Entertainment” really necessary? Entertaining and engaging audiences, virtually – building connections and common ground to create memorable experiences.   17:23 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Working with corporate insiders to deliver the right sale & marketing messages for the client.   23:47 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Is FUN “taboo” these days? How do we get back to having some normalcy, and human connectivity, in our lives? How does “fun” feed into creativity and help corporations grow?   27:39 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Walking the entertainment line … how do we talk to each other, without offense, in a world that many might consider hyper-sensitive?   29:30 | Terri Walters / Mike Duseberg   Tech talk – what works? Taking baby steps, building home studios and learning when and how to jump into the virtual work world.
36:41 8/13/20
EY 18 YAK TALKS BACK with Terri Walters
Event Yak Host, Terri Walters reflects on her 17-week live event-related podcast journey, including discussions about technical challenges and advancements, for both, herself, and the industry at large. She also shares what she’s learned about the people she’s interviewed, how she feels she has evolved personally and professionally, and what both she, and the people within the industry must do in order to soldier on and create the future of events.       Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:      
22:24 8/6/20
EY 17 WALKING ON A CLOUD with Geoff Butler
Working in the cloud and over the ether have always made me a little nervous as it relates to live production. But, Geoff Butler is creating a production world where that’s the new normal; and it works. In this episode, we talk about Cloud and Remote Production, the future of Sports and eSports, and what production peeps need to do in order to reinvent and move forward.   Geoff Butler LinkedIn: @GeoffButler - Website:   Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 17 By the Numbers:   00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Geoff Butler: Technical Producer, CGE at Electronic Arts (EA)   05:53 | Geoff Butler How I, accidently, found my life in TV & Technical Production, and about seeing the future of remote and virtual.   10:00 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler Chatting on Cloud Production: Adapting, failing, learning, and advancing the ball down the court every single day.   12:40 | Geoff Butler A new normal – collaboration between companies and competitors to advance the industry for all.   14:17 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler Gadgets, gear and garages – how we’re adapting and building out our home studios control rooms.   16:49 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler The Remote Production Model – the future is here. Where will the new control rooms be built? Marrying-up topnotch people with new, cheaper locations.   21:46 | Geoff Butler An inside peek into the Pac-12 Network.   24:20 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler The business of eSports and my gig at Electronic Arts.   28:55 | Terri Walters How do you “Direct/Call” gameplay or an eSport event?   33:50 | Geoff Butler Getting to “Best Practices” in a rapidly evolving cloud-based production business.   35:00 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler eSports vs. “conventional” sports: Evolving, managing and merging two worlds. What’s the future?   39:34 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler Why would anyone ever want to watch anyone else play a video game?   41:28 | Terri Walters Will Cloud Production cross-pollinate into the Live Sports Events World?   42:46 | Terri Walters / Geoff Butler What do you say to people in the Live Events Industry who need to transition into a new way of working? What are the hopes and challenges? How to entrée into Cloud Production.  
48:03 7/30/20
EY 16 MAKING BROADWAY'S MAGIC with Liza Luxenberg
Working on Broadway is a dream for a lot of folks. In this episode, I speak with Production Manager, Liza Luxenberg about Broadway’s close-knit family, and how that family is dealing with the effects of social distancing and COVID-19, and how might it re-start once we are able to. We also discuss the differences between Broadway and Tours, the role of the Production Manager, and how she, and the people at Aurora Productions, bring Broadway to life.     Liza Luxenberg Email: LinkedIn: @LizaLuxenberg -   Aurora Productions Website:     Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:     Episode 16 By the Numbers:   00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Liza Luxenberg: Theatrical Production Manager, SVP, Aurora Productions. And how she got her start.   06:30 | Liza Luxenberg How Aurora Productions brings Broadway to Life.   10:49 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg What shows have you recently managed? Pulling from experience to make the magic.   12:37 | Liza Luxenberg Producing tours vs. producing Broadway: Challenges, Conditions, Carpenters, Crews. The weirdest encounters on tour. Setting the stage in different venues.   19:08 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg A peek inside the amazing Broadway Family. The impact from COVID-19. How it differs from the 911 shut-down. How and when does Broadway reopen? How will things be different?   28:06 | Liza Luxenberg What people in the theatre are doing to keep busy and cope during this time.   30:14 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg How will Broadway restart if actors and crew are scattered or displaced from NYC?   31:07 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg Live vs. virtual Broadway.   36:00 | Liza Luxenberg My fondest show, and why.   37:19 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg Women working on Broadway – still an uphill climb.   39:45 | Liza Luxenberg Teaching the Production Management Business: Lecturing, Course Work, Recruiting, Mentoring, Interning.  
47:00 7/23/20
EY 15 FUNNY BUSINESS with Terry-Ann Zander
Join Stand-Up Comedian Terry-Ann Zander and I as we discuss the business of Comedy. How and why did she decide to become a comedian? What’s the path to achieving your dreams, and how do you employ the art of networking to further that dream? What’s the impact of Social Distancing and Zoom, and how is that helping or hurting live comedy events? PLUS, we have a very special announcement regarding a new podcast, coming soon to a PodCatcher near you!     Terry-Ann Zander Comedy Hotline: 201-874-5971 Facebook: @Terry-Ann Zander -     Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:     Episode 15 By the Numbers:   00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Terry-Ann Zander: Comic – need we say more?   05:47 | Terry-Ann Zander   From my day job(S) in Marketing Communications and my latest Entrepreneurship Venture to the Comic Side of life – it’s all about the journey.   07:56 | Terri Walters How important are relationships and networking to breaking into the stand-up comic business?   09:38 | Terri Walters / Terry-Ann Zander Why comedy now? How life experiences and perspective plays an integral part in comic inspiration – finding the funny in everything.   14:52 | Terry-Ann Zander Virtual comedy in the corporate world.   17:14 | Terri Walters / Terry-Ann Zander Talking challenges to comedians operating in the new COVID-world.   20:31 | Terry-Ann Zander Working with big names in comedy.   24:38 | Terri Walters / Terry-Ann Zander The hard work of fun.   30:48 | Terri Walters What’s your favorite topic that you can’t talk about these days?   33:00 | Terry-Ann Zander Talking my brand of comedy.   34:01 | Terri Walters Is there a glass wall for women in the comedy business?   39:19 | Terri Walters / Terry-Ann Zander Talking show structure.   41:52 | Terry-Ann Zander Building my brand – TAZ Comedy. Murder-Mysteries and more.   46:23 | Terri Walters / Terry-Ann Zander We’re launching a new Podcast! “Some Kind of Comedian.” Get ready to pull back of the curtain and hear from the most interesting and smartest comics of the day. Stand by!    
51:50 7/16/20
EY 14 PUTTING IT TOGETHER with Jeremy Thom
Adapt or die seem to be the words of the day. Join Show Designer, Jeremy Thom and I as we discuss adaptability – on so many levels. We also talk about how the show business has evolved over the past couple of decades, where AR, VR and Gaming fit in, and how to help clients manage through the abstract into reality.   Jeremy Thom LinkedIn: Email:   Jeremy Thom Designs Website:     Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:     Episode 14 By the Numbers:   00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Jeremy Thom: Production Designer, Builder, Adapter.   04:10 | Jeremy Thom   From Rock n Roll to Industrial Theatre to Summer Stage, NYC – the evolutionary career of designing stages and events at the apex of the practical and theatrical.   12:00 | Terri Walters How can we nudge clients into becoming more creative in their stage reveals?   17:43 | Terri Walters / Jeremy Thom Keys to … Collaboration, Creativity, Adapting to the Production Team, and Assessing the Team Dynamic.   20:30| Jeremy Thom On the ground – managing the logistics of building the bones.   26:25 | Jeremy Thom Doing Rock ‘n Roll.   34:28 | Terri Walters How do you see the set & design as a character during the show?   36:52 | Terri Walters / Jeremy Thom Live vs. Virtual/AI/Gaming: What’s the future of reality? What experiences are you trying to achieve?   46:17 | Jeremy Thom What the event world might look like coming out of COVID-19.    
55:13 7/9/20
EY 13 WHAT THE TECH? with Matt Ward
EY 13 WHAT THE TECH? – with Matt Ward   With Technology evolving before our very eyes, it was awesome to speak with WorldStage’s Chief Technologist, Matt Ward. We talked about adapting technology to create something new, collaboration and competition w/in the industry, what Producers can do to embrace the tech, and the evolution and incorporation of AR, VR, and XR into the events world and beyond.       Matt Ward LinkedIn: Email:   WorldStage Website:     Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:     Episode 13 By the Numbers:   00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Matt Ward: Chief Technologist, WorldStage.   05:43 | Matt Ward On being a Chief Technologist – adapting technology to create something new.   12:45 | Terri Walters What’s the process and timeline for bringing a new technological idea to fruition?   19:07 | Terri Walters / Matt Ward On managing and interacting with creative teams.   22:52 | Matt Ward Gaming platforms/engines are the operating system for what’s coming next: AR, VR, XR, Mixed Reality … What’s the digital future? What’s the compelling, interesting middle ground between Zoom and an XR production?   26:10 | Terri Walters What can the general, event-goer public expect coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown?   30:35 | Matt Ward The roots of my inspiration. My journey of becoming uninhibited by technology.   33:40 | Terri Walters What can Producers do to embrace new technology? How can they best deal with their clients’ technological needs. 40:57 | Matt Ward How to operate in a zero-collaboration-industry, that’s now changing.    
47:36 7/2/20
EY 12 LOVE, BY DESIGN with Tara Consolati
She never thought she’d actually BE a Wedding Planner, but now there’s nothing she’d rather do. Tara Consolati and I discuss the art of Destination Weddings, in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. We talk about Style, Destinations, Networking, Social Media and what it takes to be a boss Destination Planner.     Tara Consolati LinkedIn: Email:   Tara Consolati Events Website: Facebook: Instagram:   Wedding Planning Coach Course Website:   The Berkshire Wedding Collective Website:     Terri Walters Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 12 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Tara Consolati: Destination Wedding Planner – Escape Weddings in The Berkshires.   03:55 | Tara Consolati On becoming a reluctant Wedding Planner.     06:05 | Tara Consolati Trends? Pins? Art? Furniture? Food? What do you love? How I capture you style and personality to meet you expectations.   09:15 | Terri Walters / Tara Consolati The Berkshires – the inland Newport. An escape destination of natural beauty, history, and culture located half-way between NYC & Boston.   11:35| Tara Consolati Founding the Berkshire Wedding Collective. Networking, Cross-Promotion, Building Relationships   16:20 | Tara Consolati Engaging on social media: Platforms, Strategy and Finding a Fit.   18:31 | Tara Consolati Berkshire Wedding Collective: Attracting the destination wedding market, and creating an escape for your guests.   21:39 | Terri Walters What special skills are needed for a Destination Wedding Planner? 25:15 | Tara Consolati Reflecting the couple in creating a “Signature Affair,” with a tiny bit of Southern charm throw in for good measure.   28:26 | Tara Consolati Reminiscing about my favorite couples, families, and designs.   34:35 | Terri Walters / Tara Consolati Gracefully navigating the mix of family dynamics, personalities and varying needs of the whole group.   39:40 | Terri Walters Why doesn’t everyone hire a wedding planner?   41:27 | Tara Consolati Introducing … The Wedding Coach Course: The tools, the checklists, the insider information to make your wedding planning life easier!    
48:12 6/25/20
EY 11 BIRDS OF A FEATHER with Michelle Newbon
A first-ever, on Episode 11, Michelle Newbon debuts her playful, industry-related poetry! Michelle and I talk about the inspiration of her poetry, and about the state of the events industry in general. We also yak about the value of having a Content Manager on your next show, the importance of processes and managing content, the key attribute successful Content Managers must posses, Yea or Nay on Google Docs, and, oh yeah, did I mention some groovy poetry!   Michelle Newbon LinkedIn: Email: Website:    Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters - LinkedIn: @TerriLWalters - Email:   Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak - Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd.: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative - Email:   Episode 11 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet, Michelle Newbon: Events Industry Content Manager, Poet.   03:11 | Michelle Newbon Musings from an unemployed Lives Events Producer. “Production Blues” by Michelle Newbon.   04:55 | Michelle Newbon Event Poetry? Here’s what I know.   08:58 | Michelle Newbon On what individuals in the Events Industry are doing to adapt to this unprecedented disruption in the Events Industry. Will it ever be the same?   14:33 | Terri Walters / Michelle Newbon Talking content! “Content Ditty” by Michelle Newbon.   17:04 | Michelle Newbon The mechanics and evolution of Event Content Management.   24:18 | Michelle Newbon Google Docs? The pros and cons of events tools & technology – establishing how the team works best.   29:18 | Michelle Newbon The key to being a great Events Content Manager… and my best single piece of advice! 37:09 | Michelle Newbon Loving the Industry. “Flying High” by Michelle Newbon.   39:01 | Terri Walters / Michelle Newbon Where is the Events Industry going from here?   45:59 | Michelle Newbon “Looking Ahead” by Michelle Newbon.     All poetry, printed with permission, by, Michelle Newbon From: Musings from an unemployed live events producer...   Production Blues Screeching to a halt with the sound of big thunder. We’re all wondering… how do we not go under?   At first, they were saying maybe by summer? Consensus now is 18 months, Dang, what a bummer.   This whole thing is seriously $%^#’d. 6 feet apart onsite Yeah right … and good luck.   I go on Linked In ‘cause I know that I should, perusing it all, until I don’t feel good.   There are all these things that I’m supposed to do… programs as acronyms to brighten the view.   The PPP and the EIDL. the SBA and oh what the hell! I applied and submitted and am standing by, but have no idea if I should rejoice or just cry.   I make a checklist at the start of each day to make me think that I’m well under way…   But then I’m all done and it’s eight-thirty-two, no emails to answer, and nothing to do.   There are webinars and zoom calls with industry experts! I can learn all day long But why does my brain hurt?   I’ll try not to think about it. until this thing passes. I’ll work on my hobbies, but I feel like molasses.   Just get ahold of yourself, it’s a brand-new day! Drink your half capp, It’ll all be ok!   But why do I feel that I’m so under gunned? Cuz it’s a global pandemic and this ‘aint no fun.   It’s been my way to end on a good note but all I can say is that’s all she wrote!     Content Ditty The world of live events is its own kind of beast. A ubiquitous allure, Sucks you in to say the least.   Now add in the Content and consequences rise. You think you got this thing? Success or just demise.   No one wants to do it way too many details. At first it seems so easy, and then it’s off the rails.   With themes and creative, Writers and graphics Strategizing nightly, Its mental gymnastics.   Too many files with all the wrong names Drowning in word docs They all look the same.   What do we name it? And where does it go? Email it or post it? No one seems to know.   Put it on Drop Box Someone made some folders Stick in the root, look for one called “older”.   Pre-pro’s gaining steam as we lay down all the tracks, gonna’ do this thing Vegas and we won’t be looking back.   Check in and set-up and see what’s transpired is my inbox intact or is it on fire?   Then there are rehearsals and all that that entails… go grab all the files you don’t want to fail.   “That’s the wrong version! We wrote it last week!” The tension’s so strong You’re all up a creek.   But prompter is on it and graphics is too. Its correct after all… The production team knew.   The talent is late and catering’s a mess the PA’s stuck in traffic, but now I digress…   The CEO is here with a brand-new script She says no to full-frame Only wants to PIP.   “And oh by the way, …in the DSMs Current and next please and some green M & M’s.”   “My slides are in progress … 4:3 on white …with a few animations Just to give it a bite.” “Oh and one more thing if I do recall… there might be 2 demos or likely none at all.”   And so it goes… Kindling to flames, Heads are gonna roll, And someone’s taking names.   But no matter what We all do take our cue. The show it turns out flawless Thanks to the entire crew.     Flying High I have no regrets about wondering if… I appreciated enough what’s gone over the cliff.   I always knew how special it was to be part of it all… the production team buzz.   How we’d come together and put on a show. We’d build that car as it drove down the road.   The stress of it all has always been rife, but I never imagined not wanting this life.   The rewards run deep because of us all… heeding the siren and answering the call.   The friendships we’ve made are like family indeed The alchemy onsite forging our creed.   To sit here now knowing what will not be is to experience grief and melancholy.   We all understand that virtual is the way But we’ll never forget what we had in the day.   You can’t get there from here without being together We all know that, we are birds of a feather.     Looking Ahead Stopped in time and standing still. Seeking the view that’s over the hill.   It’s not written and we don’t know, what’s ahead and how to go.   “The show must go on” has always been the way. We won’t go down. We’ll have our day.   We’ve been working since this whole thing to carve a new path and make it sing.   It’s hard to see through the clouds right now But I’ll be damned If we can’t figure out how.   Suffice to say We’re a hardy lot. We don’t give up, and we give all we’ve got.   It’s a big F-U to what’s gone down but we’ll ride that emotion to bring it around.   And I guarantee and pinky swear that the show’ll go on, that’s a truth … and a dare.
49:29 6/18/20
EY 10 IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY with Trish Simitakos
In episode 10, I talk with my new old friend, Trish Simitakos, of DC’s Trish Star Events, AND of Trish.O Show Fame. We discuss how COVID has us walking similar paths and sharing similar growing pains; using technology boldly and not letting perfection stand in the way of progress, and embracing Social Media to propel your brand and yourself to stardom!   Trish Simitakos LinkedIn: Email: Twitter:   Trish Star Events Website: LinkedIn:   Trish.O Show (Live, 12pm Eastern Time) Facebook: YouTube:     Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Email:   Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd.: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email:   Episode 10 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet, Trish Simitakos: Founder, Trish Star Events; Host, Trish.O Show.   05:57 | Trish Simitakos An Events Web Show, with a niche, is born! A show for those who lightly touch the events industry.   8:37 | Terri Walters / Trish Simitakos   Talkin’ tech; the evolution of becoming an Events Planning Expert; and not being afraid to let the Brand be about the Journey.   17:30 | Terri Walters How did you build and evolve the depth of your social media presence?   20:59 | Trish Simitakos Understanding your ideal client. Developing creative content. On building skills through necessity.   23:15 | Trish Simitakos The incarnations of Trish Star Events. Branding, branding, branding!   34:42 | Terri Walters Keeping in mind the Trish Tag: “You Will Love Your Event as Much As You Love the Reason for It” how do you make the planning process easier for your clients?   38:10| Trish Simitakos On working with corporate clients vs. wedding clients.   42:00| Terri Walters / Trish Simitakos Managing clients by offering structure.   44:00| Terri Walters How do you spark your creativity? How do you recharge? Where do you find your inspiration?            
52:03 6/11/20
In this episode, I speak with long-time friend, Bruce Wood of Hi-Tech Staffing in Louisville. We discuss the challenges COVID-19 is throwing at the technical people in the Events Biz, the power of word-of-mouth advertising, work ethics, the importance of treating people right, and being ready when the live events world starts up again.    Bruce Wood LinkedIn: Email: Phone: 502.558.0339   Hi-Tech Staffing Website: LinkedIn:     Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Email:   Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd.: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email:   Episode 9 By the Numbers:  00:00 | Terri Walters Meet, Bruce Wood: Founder & Owner, Hi-Tech Staffing.   06:05 | Bruce Wood An epiphany! The seed is planted for a new endeavor in the heartland – local labor and production management for screen & stage productions.   11:03 | Bruce Wood Treating clients like individuals, assessing their needs and managing all the moving parts.   14:08 | Terri Walters How do clients find you? Discussing the power of word-of-mouth.   15:42 | Terri Walters / Bruce Wood Managing the TECH for Hi-Tech Staffing, and sourcing staff to make a show run flawlessly.   17:44 | Bruce Wood Hi-Tech’s claim to fame – vetting staff.   22:24 | Terri Walters / Bruce Wood On working both sides of the equation – as a vendor and an employer. The power of pre-production, being prepared and, ultimately, taking a leap of faith.   27:29| Terri Walters / Bruce Wood How has COVID-19 impacted the live events industry? What are customers, labor and business leaders saying about a path to recovery? How is the industry moving to digital? What do home-studios look like? Where do we go from here?   33:08| Terri Walters / Bruce Wood How do we replace LIVE? What’s the evolution? The importance of staying active and creative during this massive disruption in the industry.   40:17| Bruce Wood On taking the pulse of the hi-tech community, staying ready, and the evolving labor and client pools.   48:10| Happy National Craft Distillery Day from Louisville!
50:30 5/28/20
EY 8 THE STORYTELLER with David Landgraf
David Landgraf is a storyteller, and if you have an event, he wants to tell your story. In this episode, we discuss the importance of getting those stories right. We also discuss the unique ability to see the details while not losing site of the big picture, staging in NYC, and we wrap with a topic near and dear to David’s heart: Sustainability.   David’s “4 E’s” – Excite, Empower, Educate and Entertain Our newly-created “hashtags on the fly” – #Community, #EventsUnite, #DetoxToRetox   Organizations we discussed regarding sustainability: City Harvest NYC: God’s Love We Deliver:   Organizations that support Event Planners: MPI (Meeting Planners International): ILEA (International Live Events Association:   David Landgraf Make It Happen Management Website: Twitter: @makeithappenmgm LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Email:   Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd.: Website: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email:   Episode 8 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet, storyteller extraordinaire, David Landgraf: CEO and Founder, Make It Happen Management.   03:58 | David Landgraf A silver lining emerges from the shutdown … enter Chill & Connect. The keys to event success: The FOUR E’s: Excite, Empower, Educate and Entertain.   08:18 | Terri Walters What does MAKE IT HAPPEN mean to you?   10:22 | David Landgraf   How David’s former spy life created a solid foundation to springboard into creating exciting and engaging events.   13:29 | Terri Walters What makes you DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, SPECIAL?   15:56 | David Landgraf On telling the client’s story.   16:53 | Terri Walters / David Landgraf What are some of the challenges of staging in NEW YORK?   21:57| David Landgraf The ultimate wedding planning story.   26:46 | Terri Walters What surprises you? What’s your creative process? How and where do you find inspiration?   33:25| David Landgraf On mentoring, nurturing minds and giving back to the industry and to the community.  
45:11 5/21/20
Chief Bobby Halton is nothing if not authentic and genuine. I speak with the Education Director of FDIC, one of the biggest Fire and First Responder events in the world, about how he prepares for a week-long odyssey, from a city-wide takeover with real hands on training, to a monster-large exhibition, to preparing for and rehearsing for his part in Opening Ceremonies, Bobby provides a lot of punch in this hour.   Bobby Halton Twitter: @BobbyHalton LinkedIn: Email: Personal Website:   Fire Engineering Magazine Website:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Email:   Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd.: Website: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email:     Episode 7 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Chief Bobby Halton: Education Director and the Face of FDIC (The Fire Department Instructors Conference); Editorial Director, Clarion Fire Rescue Group.   06:37 | Bobby Halton The evolution of FDIC and communication … 1928 onward.   13:57 | Terri Walters Paint a picture for me of the amazing FIDC Conference Experience: Pre-Con, Workshops, Hands-On-Training, The EXPO, and The Main Stage.   16:49 | Bobby Halton How FDIC rolls … from the PRACTICAL, to the POMP, to the PRAYER, to the FIGHT. We do Objective Reality. We do LIFE and DEATH. Finding meaning in finding meaning.   27:39 | Terri Walters The importance of the emotional connection. How do you become the BEST PREPARED speaking in the industry?   34:24 | Bobby Halton Who we are in the Fire Service … dealing in the real world.   38:51 | Bobby Halton 10,000 people, listening as one.   40:13| Terri Walters / Bobby Halton Engaging emotionally with the audience and Unplugged Politics. 45:23 | Terri Walters / Bobby Halton The pillars of speaking success: Preparation, Discipline, Practice. And R-E-S-P-E-C-T for you audience.   49:46 | Bobby Halton Becoming a public speaker. Own it. Be the legend.      
63:44 5/14/20
EY 6 EVENTING A NICHE with Mary Adams, CMP
Mary Adams of Event Consulting Group (ECG) seems to have found her niche…or maybe a couple of them. I speak with Mary about event planning and the value and benefits of focusing in on a specific sector. Mary also gives this introvert a few solid tips about how to get the most out of networking.    Mary Adams, CMP Twitter: @confproducer LinkedIn: Email:   ECG (Event Consulting Group): Website: Facebook:   Bergen County Professional Women’s Network: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Email:   Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email:   Moonfish Production, Ltd.: Website: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email:     Episode 6 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Mary Adams, CMP, President of ECG (Event Consulting Group) and Creator of the Bergen County Professional Women’s Network (BCPWN). Niche Event Marketing in the Financial Sector.   03:55 | Terri Walters Tell us about the Bergen County Professional Women’s Network (BCPWN) and how it operates.   08:08 | Mary Adams Talks about how people connect differently.   10:05 | Terri Walters How would you advise people to be better networkers? What’s the best approach?   15:49 | Terri Walters/Mary Adams The evolution of niche marketing into the Financial Services Market and becoming a strategic trusted partner.   20:11 | Terri Walters How has COVID-19 impacted the Financial Sector and what’s the near-term outlook?   22:29 | Mary Adams Niche marketing adds an additional value set for clients.   24:47 | Terri Walters What does Return on Investment (ROI) look like in 2020?   28:18 | Mary Adams On approaching events to ensure success.   30:25 | Terri Walters How do you get clients to focus and create a “call to action?” Do you ever just walk away from a client?   35:28 | Mary Adams   The events future of the Financial Sector. How to position for the future. Life around zoom.   40:28 | Terri Walters Will the future of events be digital, live or some hybrid?    
44:48 5/7/20
EY 5 VIRTUALLY THERE with Kyle Bondo
Kyle is a (maybe not so?) rare combination of IT systems and web guru, prolific content creator, and gritty outdoor sports enthusiast. Put those things together, and you come up with a world of events where virtually, nothing is impossible.   Kyle Bondo: Twitter: @MerchantsOfDirt LinkedIn:   Co-Founder – Gagglepod Website: Email:   Co-Host and Co-Creator – Podwrecked Podcast Website:   Host and Creator – Not Easily Squished Podcast Website:   Host and Creator – Merchants of Dirt Podcast Website:   Founder and Creator – Reckoneer Website:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn:   Moonfish Production: Website: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email: ​ Event Yak: Website: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email: ​​ Episode 5 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Renaissance Man, Kyle Bondo: Former, U.S. Naval Military Intelligence Technician; Web Developer; Electrical Mechanical Engineer; Co-Founder: Gagglepod, Founder: Reckoneer, Podcaster: Merchants of Dirt. 07:28 | Terri Walters What’s a Gagglepod? 08:04 | Kyle Bondo Gagglepod … Teaching The Art of Podcasting. A.K.A. How to Build Your Tribe. 13:18 | Terri Walters Break down for us your vast Podcast realm and your recent restarts in response to COVID-19. 14:56 | Kyle Bondo Kyle talks about his evolution from Blogging to Podcasting, about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW to create Endurance Sports Events. Welcome! Reckoneer and Merchants of Dirt Podcast. 19:30 | Kyle Bondo From the Navy to Mountain Bike Racing to Racing Clubs and the birth of Reckoneer and Merchants of Dirt Podcast. From Race Director, Participant and Coach to Virtual Racing – Kyle walks us through his competitive team evolution and the birth of Virtual Racing. 25:15 | Kyle Bondo COVID-19 implodes LIVE RACING EVENTS. 26:30 | Terri Walters So, what’s the future of LIVE RACING EVENTS? How do Racers Race without Racing? 26:49 | Kyle Bondo Enter A.C.E - Asynchronous Competition Events! How we save the industry by going virtual. 36:14 | Terri Walters Is there any formal education available out there for the LIVE RACING Industry? What are the struggles and opportunities? How does A.C.E. potentially evolve into a new forms of competitive outside activity or exercise? 45:35 | Kyle Bondo   Kyle dives into new technology that’s changing the RACING landscape. 50:49 | Terri Walters What’s the future for A.C.E. models? Virtual Tradeshows and Conferences? Events within Events?  
61:47 4/30/20
In this show I yak it up with Seattle-based Austin Beaver. We talk about the challenges of launching a new endeavor during a crisis, and how he thinks the events industry is going to roll out of this COVID thing. We discuss working both corporate and personal events for his clients, his current favorite productivity app, and we dip our toes into East Coast vs. West Coast approaches to production. Austin Beaver: Founder – EXP Events Co-Founder – Benchmark Shop Owner – Benchmark Production Company Website: LinkedIn: Austin’s App du jour: Trello:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn:   Moonfish Production: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative ​ Event Yak: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email: ​​ Episode 4 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters From a West coast perspective, meet Austin Beaver: Benchmark Productions and EXP Events.   03:13 | Austin Beaver On the evolution of his business model and his strategy for building a successful production company.   09:22 | Terri Walters How do you “walk the line” when doing both corporate gigs and private estate events for the same executive? How do you transition between those two worlds?   16:00 | Austin Beaver The creative space of the DJ World. Creating staging moments – setting yourself apart from the pack. How strong teams make the difference.   24:28 | Terri Walters How do you talk with you clients about how & why to bring your core team on-site? How do you become a vendor-partner?   26:50 | Austin Beaver On the importance of mentoring. Remembering it’s show-BUSINESS.   29:21 | Austin Beaver Education clutter. Technology over-think. Live vs. “Zoom Live” delivery, and the boomerang effect on the future of the Live Events Industry.   34:25 | Terri Walters What do you see as the roll-out plan for the Live Events Industry post COVID-19? Which segments of the industry might come back first? What will that look like? Will there be shake-out?   43:10 | Terri Walters What’s the one gadget, app or process you can’t do without?   46:04 | Terri Walters East Coast vs. West Coast personalities, mentalities, environs, and how to get the work done.    
56:31 4/23/20
EY 3 LOVING WHAT YOU DO with Eileen Valois
In this interview, we speak with Eileen Valois. Eileen talks about the reason she works at Production Resource Group (PRG), and chats about her involvement with Sports Innovation Hub, Stadia Ventures. She then brings us up to speed on the Live Events Coalition, including its mission, goals, their current initiatives, and the significant traction, AND membership, it's gained since its recent founding. Eileen Valois: Senior Vice President – Strategic Initiatives, Sports & Fan Engagement, PRG Twitter: @EileenMValois LinkedIn: Instagram: Email: Production Resource Group (PRG): Stadia Ventures: Live Event Coalition: Live Events Coalition Facebook Group: Petition:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Twitter:   Moonfish Production: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative    Email: ​ Event Yak: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email: ​​ Episode 3 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Meet Eileen Valois: Advisor, Stadia Ventures; PRG; Executive Committee/PR Chair, Live Events Coalition.   05:07 | Eileen Valois Eileen illuminates us to the world of Stadia Ventures – the SHARK TANK of the sports & Esports ecosystem.   11:54 | Eileen Valois The heart of the matter – staying active, connected, learning, mentoring, and growing.   16:50 | Terri Walters Mentoring, encouragement and learning in the events industry. How are we doing? What’s your legacy?   21:00 | Eileen Valois Innovating at PRG. Evolving the event experience. Creating amazing events. Engaging audiences.   24:08 | Terri Walters As a Producer, what’s your Value Proposition?   27:50 | Eileen Valois PRG re-tooling to help save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.   29:23 | Eileen Valois COVID-19 quickly and thoroughly devasted the Live Events business putting 10 million jobs at risk. Enter: Isaac Rothwell, Founder, Live Events Coalition (LEC). How do we pull together like never before to save our industry?   44:42 | Terri Walters How can people get involved, help, support and utilize the Live Events Coalition?   50:14 | Eileen Valois Live Events Coalition creates the “Faces Behind Events” campaign. Bringing typically “behind-the-scenes” event pros to the fore to create awareness about the people who make the industry run, and the needs of a devasted industry in the wake of COVID-19.   54:00 | Eileen Valois The National Live Events Coalition moves into local Chapters to better serve their business communities.  
58:40 4/12/20
EY 2 FLYING AT 30,000 FEET with Bob Bierman
In this interview, Bob Bierman provides a 30,000-foot look at what the future of events looks like, how to cultivate and prepare your event talent, and the importance of trying new things, and possibly failing. We talk about the impacts COVID-19, as well as how the industry in general, is evolving.   Bob Bierman: Twitter: @BobBierman LinkedIn: Email: G100 Network:   Terri Walters: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Twitter:   Moonfish Production: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email:   Event Yak: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email: ​​ Episode 2 By the Numbers: 00:00 | Terri Walters Bob Bierman: Convener, Catalyst, and Job Creator.   04:00 | Bob Bierman The impact of COVID-10 on Live Events. Will they come back? How will things change?   09:45 | Terri Walters The Live Events industry has come to a grinding halt before, after the dot-com bubble, 911, and the 2008 Great Recession. How does the industry need to evolve this time? How do we, as professionals, support each other and keep moving forward?   13:03 | Terri Walters Bob Bierman’s career evolution and on delivering C-Suite, high-value conferences around the world.   18:30 | Bob Bierman On delivering value in the new event paradigm: The Membership Model.   26:14 | Bob Bierman The Media Event World: The now and future customization of the audience-driven business.   33:15 | Terri Walters Commoditizing Networking at Events. Where do we go from here?   37:14 | Terri Walters The Main Stage: How do you cultivate dynamic live content?   44:28 | Terri Walters Especially now, how do you encourage people to try new things?   46:24 | Bob Bierman On building world-class teams, taking risks and carving out new adventures.  
58:47 4/12/20
EY 1 Welcome to Event Yak
In this episode of Event Yak, Terri tees up the show, and tells you why she decided to launch an Event Industry podcast.  Terri's Socials: Twitter: @TerriLWalters LinkedIn: Twitter:   Moonfish Production: Facebook: @MoonfishCreative Email: ​ Event Yak: Facebook: @TheEventYak Email: ​​ Episode 1 By the Numbers:   01:08  Terri discusses the “What, How and Why” ​ 02:03  Why launch a podcast now? ​ 06:03  This is not our first rodeo, y'all! We’ve been through the Tech Wreck, 9/11, The Great Recession, and now this. ​ 12:08  We live in our own, separate silos, and we need to come together for each other. ​ 14:19 This is something I was meant to do. ​  
15:31 4/6/20