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The True Crime Reporter™ podcast takes its audience behind the yellow crime scene where few podcasters dare to go.  The Dallas-based podcast takes listeners on a journey into darkness guided by Peabody Award-Winning investigative reporter Robert Riggs. Everything is bigger in Texas, and crime is no exception.  The 2021 Webby Awards named the True Crime Reporter™ podcast among seven honorees, including Dateline NBC and BBC Sounds for “Best True Crime Podcast.”  Hailed as the Internet’s highest honor by The New York Times, Claire Graves, Executive Director of the Webby Awards, praised Riggs’ podcast,  "Honorees like Robert Riggs and the True Crime Reporter™ podcast are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet. It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the nearly 13,500 entries we received this year from 50 states and 70 countries." A leading television streaming channel is currently producing a five-episode news documentary based on Riggs’ first season about serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff. Bill Johnston, a decorated former federal prosecutor, joined the True Crime Reporter™ podcast in 2021 as Riggs cohost. This Texas duo has been up close and personal with the worst of the worst criminals, including serial killers, mass murderers, and sexual predators. You name it, and they’ve seen it from the crime scene to the courtroom, from maximum-security prisons to death row.  Their real crime stories are stranger than fiction.  True Crime Reporter™ produces three types of episodes.  True Crime Reporter™ Extra - features highly produce narrative storytelling about criminal cases. It blends Robert Riggs’ writing/narration with his interviews of investigators, crime victims, forensic experts, convicted criminals, music, and natural sound. True Crime Reporter™ Confidential - conducts a classic “police procedural.” Riggs and Johnston weave compelling stories during an interview-style/talk show. Think of them as the “Larry King’s” of True Crime. They interview investigators, crime victims, forensic experts, members of the judiciary, even convicted criminals about criminal cases.  True Crime Reporter™ Texas Ranger Files - features unique access to the case files of one of the worlds’ most legendary law enforcement organizations. Riggs and Johnston interview Texas Rangers about their most unusual investigations. These officers work murders in the wild frontier of Texas.  True Crime Reporter™ tells epic and heroic stories about the Rangers that most people have never heard.  Our mission is not only to entertain but also to educate. The episodes on True Crime Reporter™ discuss means and motives. We want listeners to come away with insights about crime prevention and self-protection. The criminal justice system has recognized Riggs and Johnston for their sensitivity to crime victims. Bill Johnston received the “Victim Advocate of the Year Award” for bringing the nation’s first prosecution under the Violence Against Women’s Act. Three weeks after its enactment, Johnston utilized the new law to prosecute a man who sent a twenty-pound pipe bomb to his ex-wife in an attempted murder plot.  The American Bar Association has honored Riggs with its Silver Gavel Award for investigative reports that exposed corruption in Texas’ parole and prison systems.  The Dallas Crime Commission, in conjunction with the FBI, awarded Riggs its first-ever Excellence In Reporting Award for his investigation of teenage heroin deaths in Plano, Texas, and a landmark series on identity theft. The first season of True Crime Reporter™ broadcasted a 17-episode series about the corrupt release of serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff from prison by the Texas Parole Board. Bill Johnston organized and led the successful manhunt for McDuff.  Following Robert Riggs’ news investigation about parole selling, Johnston prosecuted the Texas Parole Board Chairman who had released McDuff.  


A Woman's Head Is Found Floating In A Lake...Who Did It? 21:42 01/18/2022
Protect Your Self From Sexual Predators - Have A Plan Because They Do 43:51 01/10/2022
Surrounded by Psychopaths With Author Thomas Erikson 59:00 01/03/2022
"Best of True Crime Reporter™ 2021" -- Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff 25:12 12/27/2021
The Devil Lovers - The Satanic Cult of Meth & Murder 36:52 12/20/2021
Murder, Mayhem, & Meth -- The Real Breaking Bad In Texas Badlands 37:00 12/13/2021
The Day The Last Texas Ranger Died - Saving A Two-Year Old Girl 32:22 12/06/2021
Texas Rangers Brave Bullets and Flames To Rescue 13-Year Old Girl From Kidnappers 40:02 11/29/2021
The Mind Of The Murderer - What Makes A Killer? 56:47 11/22/2021
The Ghastly Story Of A Mother Who Murdered Her Children 40:57 11/15/2021
Criminal Intel: What Officers Learn About Crime From State Jails 53:50 11/08/2021
How Cold Case Detectives Solved A 46-Year Old Murder 62:47 11/01/2021
Inside The Police Beat Covering One Of The U.S. Worst Serial Killers 40:44 10/25/2021
The Minister Who Almost Got Away With Murder 62:07 10/18/2021
Don't Fence Me In - Why No Texas Prison Could Hold This Inmate 46:17 10/14/2021
"Free To Kill" Inside The Minds Of Serial Killers Kenneth McDuff & Ted Bundy 81:12 01/04/2021
"Free To Kill" These Wounds Don't Heal: The Living Hurt Forever by Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff 45:31 12/29/2020
"Free To Kill" Mysterious Secrets About Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff 27:24 12/21/2020
"Free To Kill" Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff Is A Dead Man Walking 26:04 12/14/2020
"Free To Kill" How A Throbbing Toothache Made Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff Talk 17:53 12/07/2020
"Free To Kill" Face-To-Face With Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff On Texas Death Row 17:12 11/30/2020
"Free To Kill" A Serial Killer Is The Only Man In Texas To Receive 3 Death Sentences 19:32 11/23/2020
"Free To Kill" How A Serial Killer's Prison Pals Received Get Out Of Jail Free Cards 14:31 11/16/2020
"Free To Kill" Dirty Little Secrets About The Parole Of Texas Worst Serial Killer 14:38 11/09/2020
"Free To Kill" My Little Gangster Spills The Beans About A $25K Bribe 25:08 11/02/2020
US Marshals Launch Nationwide Dragnet For Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff 14:23 10/26/2020
"Free To Kill" Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff's Accomplice Confesses -- It Is A Journey Into Darkness 25:57 10/19/2020
"Free To Kill" The Pistol Packin' Mama -The Making Of A Serial Killer 15:12 10/12/2020
"Free To Kill" Bodies Start Turning Up 20:49 10/08/2020
"Free To Kill" An old-style Texas Posse Trails Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff 17:21 10/05/2020