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Jaded HR is comedy podcast about the trials and tribulations of life in a human resources department….or just a way for HR Professionals to finally say OUT LOUD all the things they think throughout their working day.


Warren & Feathers Share Fries and Fries with Negative Nancys While Job Hopping 38:42 11/25/2021
Keynote Speakers, Brandon and other Obtuse People 39:26 11/12/2021
Curl Into a Ball and Pretend We Are Flowers Opening 36:04 10/28/2021
Three Stories to Make you Shake Your Head 35:26 10/14/2021
Jan Janerson from @NOTSHRMAPPROVED chats about the SHRM Conference and the Not SHRM Approved Conference 47:13 09/30/2021
Jon Hyman Talks to Us About Vaccine Mandates 40:26 09/16/2021
We Lose Yet Another Potential Sponsor 30:16 09/02/2021
Steel Toed Flip-Flops and Dress Code Violation Blues 33:17 08/19/2021
The Evil HR Lady and Jaded HR Talk Mask Guidelines 43:48 08/05/2021
Breaking Into HR with a TikTok Resume Unless You're Jaded 39:55 07/22/2021
Make Sure Your Seats Are in the Full Upright and Caucasian position 29:55 07/08/2021
Losing Lawsuits in Spectacular Fashion 42:16 06/24/2021
A High Prevalence of Dark Triad Traits? 27:59 06/10/2021
@notshrmapproved Teaches Us About Duck Butter 44:19 05/27/2021
Policies Your Company Needs 31:27 05/13/2021
Liar, Liar You're Effn Fired! 37:49 04/29/2021
Failing Through the Hiring Process 49:07 04/15/2021
What a Year! Our 1st Anniversary Episode! 44:28 04/01/2021
Friday Monday Leave Act and Bad Gifts 25:26 03/18/2021
Suck on Eggs ... and Some Snails 40:18 03/04/2021
Jaded HR on Rebel HR on Jaded HR 48:45 02/18/2021
Don't Get Your Sex Where You Get Your Checks 33:32 02/04/2021
The Viking Beard Co is NOT One of the Worst Employers of 2020 38:07 01/21/2021
New Year Resolutions and Pants are a Good Thing 37:03 01/07/2021
Warning!!! This episode will make your ears bleed. 36:16 12/11/2020
Gobble Gobble Breast Practices 37:35 11/25/2020
Boom Boom on Zoom Zoom 36:10 11/13/2020
Spooky HR Spooky Spooktacular 43:31 10/30/2020
Marketing to Dead People 35:57 10/15/2020
Fantasy Football Layoff Snacks 36:26 10/02/2020